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Return Of the Djedi

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1Return Of the Djedi Empty Return Of the Djedi Sat Jan 14, 2017 2:59 pm




There’s a Rune which describes what the Celts and old Norse referred to as Wyrd, and the well of wyrd, (Perthro), though not to be confused with weird. This Rune is more synonymous with fate, synchronicity and changing paths for the sake of destiny and lastly alternating perspectives and perhaps introspection. Some may call it karma, but wyrd is more along the lines of action/reaction rather than an energetic boomerang. But it also contains elements of play or horsing around which I believe helps loosen old energetic patterns. 2017 shall be a wyrd year, so one may want to brush up on their wyrdness.

Hollywood is no help when it comes to the true understanding of a Djedi, and I must admit, I too have struggled a bit to form an adequate conclusion of who these mysterious beings were. The fact that Mr. Lucas paints them in heroic context may hint that he himself was either a channel or as they say “blood.”
Lately this has been on my mind for reasons unknown, like a puzzle I have yet to unravel. I have never really considered myself to be a big fan of Star Wars, which could be related to the first time I was exposed to the film in 1977 as a teenager.
There was an incident which immediately followed us the moment we left that Drive-in; we were attacked at the very first stoplight by something that can only be described as a Terminator, years before we even knew what a Terminator was.
All I can say as that after that event we were all so shaken up that we remembered little of the movie. But was this part of the plan? It was shortly before this that I became aware of what I called the watchers, which was the literal interpretation simply because that’s what they did.
 I became a carpenters apprentice as a teen, converting old farm houses into massage parlors for the mob along the outskirts of Cook County (Chicago suburbs). A cash job that paid well, but waiting every Friday for a guy named Doc to drive up in his long red Caddie, top down, sunglasses on, at night, got old so I quit; but they didn’t. My old boss kept tabs on me for the remainder of the year, just sitting and watching every move I made for months on end and not in a shy way. But what’s a kid to do, this was the Mob, but what was it about the mob that few have eyes to see. Today, hidden elements within organizations are no longer a secret and often it’s a certain characteristic behavior that attracts these so called hidden elements as we know.
Though life was never without its challenges, it seemed to take a turn for the worse with these characters in the bush, who seemed to have the ability to mess with people’s heads without being present, it was one of those wyrd periods, but I’m getting off subject here, though I will say that whatever the watchers were like then, it was a picnic to what it’s like now.
Dan Winters, the Guru of the golden mean claims that Djedi are a contemporary phenomena, and that Djedi are able to throw their plasma around like Ninja do stars and can even steer tornado’s because they carry what Dan describes as charge inertia in their aura and phase coherence in their blood. He calls this plasma projection ability “The Shem Unto The Lord”. Dan gets technical calling the ways of Djedi implosive, right down to their DNA which causes a kind of centripedal force equal to a phase conjugate dialectric field which is akin to Orgon in essence.
I like Mr. Winter’s mind and kinda wonder if he might be blood, he’s still pumping out Youtubes aplenty. I met the man back in 97 at a Sacred Geometry conference in Boulder CO., he spied a set a plans I had for an implosive dwelling which came to me in a meditation some years prior. I built the solar temple a year later and have remained herein ever since. But one thing I remember about that weekend was that I almost didn’t make it because a huge snow storm made the highway a parking lot, which makes me wonder if certain forces were once again conspiring, for it was still October. While building said temple I experienced my first full blown Kundalini while I was actually erecting the forms of the foundation, or rather upon placing the very last form of the inner sanctum. Of course it was located over a grid crux which is what you want. Anyway, it was quite a confirmation which caused me to scream like a Highlander with raised hammer in lieu of sword.
Mr. Winters would probably just say; ET phone home, when it comes to placing such dwellings on grid points. He also believes achieving a bliss state can cause brain wave implosion making all potential Djedi Ninja by catching brain Phire!
I believe the Djedi were the first true freedom fighters of the Galaxy, though I believe it was within the 5th dimensional spectrum. And although I believe it to have been millions of years ago, time being what it is from a 3D perspective may prove me wrong. I once asked the elders if I was somehow associated with Djedi, but as usual the answer came as another riddle; “There are Djedi, and there are those who Djedi aspire to become!”
 I wondered if being A positive meant something, for surely ‘they’ were able to track potentials from birth, for much was learned during the fifties and records were no doubt kept. But from what I understand, the Djedi were not like traditional soldiers, running around with swords. They were the epitome of martial artists though rarely inclined to take life to accomplish their goals, for like the watchers they also influenced the minds of others, though not appealing to ones negative side, they appealed to ones positive qualities allowing nature to take its course. But they were master strategists, and it is for this reason that we can assume that here within our fold, they dwell.
Let us shift gears here; this Russian thing is wyrd, and now the old nexus of evil has ordered more troops to the borderlands over what can only be defined as an internet scam. Its laughable when we consider the tactics of the US alphabet boys over the last 60 years trying to topple half the governments in the world via insurgency amidst espionage. Such hypocrisy runs parallel with our bureaucracy!
Why send troops when a platoon of computer hackers could check such aggression at the door. Of course we all know it has less to do with techy rusky’s and more to do with old agenda’s.
Nobody wins in a war with Russia, but it’s a good way to get armaments across the borders for potential sales. And a good way to justify our bloated defense budget and hide black budget loopholes, because everybody knows polish bread is worth at least a grand a loaf. Meanwhile our boys are over there freezing their asses off for posterity’s principle.
For those who don’t know Putin and the gang have been working with the Galactic Coalition for Peace for over a year along with many other world leaders, so I’m pretty sure they’re not the problem, and membership has its privileges.
The Guardians claim last week’s meeting was promising; three chieftains of different race lines agreed to a pullout over the next 90 days under the condition that they would be allowed to leave unmolested. Which was a dramatic shift from the first meeting last spring where they made only unrealistic demands. So, much has changed for them to want only to leave with safe passage. No doubt there was much more going on, but this is all I know at this time, but it’s enough to say we are moving in a positive direction. There will still be hybrid issues here for some time and most likely they will be allowed to stay if they want, knowing only this existence opposed to an unknown future, though staying will also contain elements of the unknown. What made these illegal aliens so willing to go I can’t say, perhaps it was a combination of many things working against them at this time.
Even though this is a big win for humanity we are far from out of the woods, due to the vacuum such creates with their spawn who will be playing king of the hill until it’s undermined. And if there are a few Djedi reading these words, please be mindful of the prompt! There’s a lot of scuttlebutt out there these days so I like others needed some confirmation on a few headlines, but as if on que the turn of the year brings back all the old fire and brimstone BS about the end of the world and its getting old. But here’s an update for what its worth, but for reasons of plausible deniability we must have some sort of disclaimer so the guardians of the internet won’t rain on our parade. But I shall salt the meat with a bit of Woo-Woo for many these days need to loosen up.
So with that being said; I Val, heavily intoxicated with Woo-Woo (which I think is a new alternate plane of existence somewhere between heavily medicated and life in a cubicle), hereby acknowledge my mind may be seasoned with nanites and chipped from ear to ear rendering it programmed, jammed and spammed, so that the voices in my head may not be Galactic Gods, but coming from the Van parked on the curb with the satellite dish on top, or the great and powerful AI who has obliged me with this illusion called life in a hibernation zone called Earth in a pretend body called human. When I hear the term Guardians, I shall henceforth  think of Tree’s named Groot and talking Raccoons’, amen.
Julian Assange is no longer among the living and there is no clone! But it’s possible he now lives in a D-wave computer and surfs the web as a transcendent talking head.

Queen EL is also gone, though there is talk of Voo-Doo clones. The old saying “God save the queen” shall henceforth, only refer to Bee’s.

The Bunker under Denver airport was raided but only for search and seizure   regarding certain subjects and for the most part its business as usual.

The reason LA is all wet is because after several requests to stomp the Haarps causing drought, the guardians finally did just that. And yes, the Wall Street boys can actually get rich by buying derivatives; betting on crops to fail and both Haarps and C-trails hedge that bet. And as we all know California is a major bread basket and there are perhaps a couple of contenders who would like land for pennies on the dollar after the farms go bust, and another few who have dreams of selling the water left in reservoirs for obscene prices.

Antarctica holds histories of ancient civilizations beyond comprehension, but here’s the wub, they may or may not be of human origin. There has been a colossal ship found within the ice whose origin is even more enigmatic than this ancient sacred sight. Dissemination of such material may be so tricky that they may try and keep the lid on it for as long as possible.  
The Nazi super soldiers who inhabit the region were rumored to have been using Yeti to dig caves and were used as sex slaves which has led to a new specie called the Yatzi ;) Horny Nazi’s didn’t stop there, with the absence of female companionship and the threat of frazen foreskin the cuddly but stinky Yatzi Furbies became too irresistible leading to yet another new next of kin; the Schwabenese, code names; schwaby baby, schwaby booby & unt schwabeeny.
No doubt Disney is looking into the possibility of a theme park there, but for the average Joe we may be awaiting pole shift before we have a clue, which makes no sense. Surely there’s a crayon fisted remote viewer out there that can penetrate these icy caverns, and if the internet’s a bust by then we can always publish the artwork in the National Inquirer!
It has been said that higher benevolent race lines don’t intervene in the trivial affairs of humans, which is usually the case. However this has changed a bit, mainly because malevolent race lines chose to play Dungeons and Dragons with humanity. Let’s be honest, if we leave such measures to governments we the 99 % don’t stand a chance, so a little intervention is necessary. But what’s not necessary is for us to know about it. If you see a hurdle beyond your reach, its OK to ask for intervention, in fact it’s not a bad idea to have your facts in order to sell your reasoning like a bumper chasing lawyer. If it’s for the health and welfare of the innocent your words will be motivational, transformative and even a bit wyrd.

Val 1/14/17

2Return Of the Djedi Empty Re: Return Of the Djedi Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:55 am


Thanks Val

and Happy 2017 to you


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