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Brilliant Light Power SunCell Demonstration

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Video: Brilliant Light Power SunCell Demonstration, January 28, 2016
The SunCell® is described as a solid state "Sun in a Box", powering a concentrated solar PV panel to produce electricity. A 200 kW module would weigh around 250 pounds, with energy production cost being around 1 cent/kwh, so return on investment could be ten days. They are expected to be available commercially by Q1, 2017.
Brilliant Light Power SunCell Demonstration BrLP_light-demo_Daniel-Rodrigues_400
Engineer, Daniel Rodrigues demonstrates the SunCell®
Brilliant Light Power SunCell Demonstration Blank
by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

On February 4, Brilliant Light Power, Inc. (hereafter “BrLP”; formerly Blacklight Power) posted a video of the full presentation and question and answer period that followed Randall Mill’s presentation on January 28, 2016. It included about a 5 minute live demonstration of their present technology, showing that they have achieved solid state operation using an electromagnetic pump to spray the molten silver between the electrodes to produce the 2000/second continuous pulsing for continuous power production. The demonstration was behind a partition, since it would not be practical, nor safe, for all ~100 attendees, mostly in suits and ties, to be wearing welding goggles to protect their eyes from the blinding bright light. You could see the brightness of what was being shown live via camera, being reflected off the ceiling over where the demo was taking place.

Vlad from ZPEnergy.com gave the following synopsis yesterday:

On Thursday January 28th, Brilliant Light Power hosted an invitational public demonstration of its SunCell® technology. During the live demonstration Dr. Mills and his team of engineers successfully presented a working prototype SunCell® producing continuous high light power.

During the event Dr. Mills shared historical and current details about the design of the SunCell® and its operation.

The SunCell® is expected to be available for commercial use in 2017. Dr. Mills expects commercial units at volume to have a capital cost around $100 per kilowatt capacity. The units will use water as hydrogen fuel, resulting in an on-site, total generation cost of electricity of less than a cent [retail: 5 cents] per kilowatt-hour. The BrLP business plan promotes a leasing model for units under power purchase agreements. BrLP anticipates that SunCells® can be used to replace all power sources, such as stationary and motive sources.

Here’s the 2-hour video. Below, I’ll share some of the notes I took during the presentation and some observations by someone I spoke to that day by phone, who had helped pay for my trip (our fundraiser to reimburse that pulled in more than half of the total expense; we’d appreciate additional donations, if you feel so inclined). You can see me sitting on the front row about third over from the middle isle. I asked a few question during the Q&A.


After watching the video, G. wrote:
I have now seen part of the presentation online and understand better how the system works. Where I previously had thought that the dome that shielded the PV array was a transparent material meant to pass the light from the reaction, I now understand that the dome is the Black Body Radiator. It will be made of Tungsten or Carbon, or some other highly heat resistant material that will be heated to 3500K-3700K, depending on the spectrum response of the PV array. If I understand it correctly, this dome is in turn heated by the reaction, with the vaporizing silver providing the heat transport to the dome. The cooling is going to be tricky, so I can see why they are designing themselves. They have to keep the reaction chamber cool enough not to melt, while at the same time allowing the dome to heat to 3500K, with both parts being exposed to the same heated atmosphere of vaporized metal. They still have a ways to go.....

Chat with the Engineer

Before the demonstration, I was able to talk to Daniel Rodrigues for about 15 minutes, over by the apparatus that they were going to demonstrate. He’s the engineer who conducted the demonstration. Having been hired about 9 months ago, he said that he loves working there, and enjoys the passion that everyone has for what they are doing, especially Randall. “Things are moving at breakneck speed,” he said, marveling at how quickly they are able to propose new ideas and test them and problem-solve. He said there are about twelve people on the research and development team. He was especially excited about them now being able to operate in solid state mode.

Sun in a Box

Jan. 28 was the 2nd anniversary of the first light demonstration they did.

Randall said their goal is to go commercial and dominate the renewable energy sector, with a technology that produces no pollution of any kind, and which could be fitted to all forms of power need, including transportation, with no subsidies required to be economically feasible. He later said that the smallest it could be scaled to would be 25 kW. So other technologies like Orbo and ADGEX, will still be needed to power our portable devices without external re-charge required. But overall, Randall predicted that their solution has the capacity to solve the planet’s long-term energy needs.

He talked about the core science behind their technology, which is the “hydrino,” which makes up the dark matter of the universe. If I understand right, regular hydrogen is a higher energy form, and the hydrino is the lower energy form. BrLP uses water as the fuel source, which is stable, and inert, and converts this into the hydrino form, which liberates a very bright light, which can then be harnessed by concentrated solar PV panels. (Off-the-shelf technology, already developed, and being improved.)

“Sun in a box,” he called it. But that is actually an understatement, as the intensity of the light is the equivalent of 1000 suns. They’ve gotten it as high as 10,000 suns, or ~36 million watts per square centimeter. Generally speaking, using the BrLP process, “100 gallons of gasoline is roughly equivalent to the power of 1 gallon of water.”

The problem, which they have solved, is that the frequency range of the BrLP light emission, up in the UV and extreme UV range, is outside of the frequency range that solar panels are designed to harvest. The way they solve this is by emitting onto a black body surface (tungsten or carbon) that captures that energy and radiates in the frequency that the solar panel can harvest in the UVB region (280 nm – 320 nm). That portion of their development was not demonstrated. They were demonstrating the continuous light emission, without the blackbody absorber and solar PV panel present.

Randall said that their theory is supported by classical physics, but they take it to the next level by explaining the nature of the electron. Their model, therefore, has applications not just in their BrLP energy modality, but in all molecular modelling, as their “electron orbitsphere” gives better shape to the atoms that make up molecules, better predicting their size and bond angles.

The shift of the hydrogen to hydrino is an energy-accepting reaction, in which the energy transfer drops the electron to a smaller radius, forming a more stable H atom. He said that 99% of hydrogen in the universe is in the hydrino form. He also said that this hydrino has been identified clearly by more than twelve analytical tests.

A question I would have for him is if there is some process in nature, whether here on earth, or on the Sun, or somewhere that it would make the necessary “cycle of nature” closed, so that the hydrinos that the BrLP process is creating, by consuming the higher-energy form of H, are cycled back to the higher-energy form, so we don’t run into a “peak H” dilemma. Maybe he’s addressed that already. Let us know in the comments below.

A second problem that they faced and have overcome was that for this process to be feasible, they had to achieve a reaction rate of at least 1000 cycles/second. The previous method they had tried, of using counter-rotating discs, chewed up the discs.

In the demonstration on the 28th, the rate was 2000x/second. Someone asked what the sound was that we could hear. Randall responded something to the effect: “The frequency of the rate of reaction.” This is accomplished by running the stream of molten silver up between the electrodes, via an electromagnetic (EM) pump, which is solid state. (EM pumps are off-the shelf technology.) The molten and vaporized silver accumulate back in the bottom of the chamber where they can be pumped up again. He said that this method is capable of rates up to 10,000x/second. In the Q&A, Randall told me that there is only about $250 worth of silver in one module.

In the Q&A session, he told me that this would be impervious to the jostling from transportation applications, as long as the apparatus was on a gimbal and could be kept nominally upright. The spray of the silver stream by the EM pump has strong enough direction to not be effected by centrifugal forces of acceleration, deceleration, taking corners, and going over bumps. “This could power a fighter jet.”

He doesn’t see trying to harvest the heat the module produces as being economically feasible. “Just dump it,” he told me. Apparently heat isn’t a major product of the process, but more an issue that can easily be addressed.

He gave basically the same answer to a question I asked about how well the output could be governed to handle changes in load, up and down. While the rate of production can be modulated by the EM pump flow, for example, for the most part, the system would be run over what the load requirement is, and excess power would be dumped. “When you’re producing it so cheaply, why worry?” seemed to be the sentiment.

Another technical question I’ve thought of while composing this report regards the chemical balance inside the closed system. Water is being converted to hydrino and oxygen, I presume. What do they do to vent off that oxygen? I understand the reaction needs to take place void of air. That’s why their demonstrator is inside a chamber with inert Argon gas. How will this be managed in the closed system they are describing their modules to be? Maybe he’s addressed that already. Let us know in the comments below.

Business Model

The first likely size for a power module would be 200 kW, and would weigh around 250 pounds – much more compact than an internal combustion engine. These could be ganged together for megawatt level output, and could cover the gamut of scale, for example, to powering a 777 jet liner, or train, or cargo ship.

Because there are no moving parts, it’s conceivable that one of these power unit modules could last 20 to 30 years.

The power generating levelized cost is expected to be around 1 cent/kw-h, but in their power production scenario (their business plan calls for selling power, not devices), Randall is talking about a price of 5 cents/kwh, which is about half the cheapest grid power today in the U.S.

“It pays for itself in about ten days.”

BrLP presently has seven firms lined up with licenses for 8.75 gigawatts of power production (roughly equivalent to two nuclear power plants).

They plan to begin roll-out of product in the first quarter of 2017, moving to heavy production by the end of 2017, leasing equipment to produce power.

They are filing massive patent protection on the systems. He doesn’t see reverse engineering being a problem any time soon, probably because this is a process that is not easy to accomplish. He doesn’t see much of a precedent in the energy generation sector where energy technologies are pirated. “I don’t see anyone infringing energy technology.”

The reason I don’t have BrLP higher in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing, is because that list emphasizes nearness to or arrival in the marketplace. BrLP is still at least a year away, while others have arrived, or are closer to that point than BrLP. I need to create a second Top 5 listing that pushes back the arrival day by 5 years, to look at the most promising technologies to change the clean energy portfolio of the planet. BrLP would be in the top 3 in that category. ERR Fluxgenerator would be another one, as would E-Cat.

If you’ve found errors in my report, I welcome you to correct me.
# # #

Thanks to: http://pesn.com
and: http://www.philosophers-stone.co.uk


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