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= The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space Program

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= The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space Program

Posted on January 25, 2017 by omnipulse

=The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space program
The Unacknowledged Special Access Programs: Advanced Technology, Mind-Control, Spiritual Power and the Corruption behind Closed Doors
By Aug Tellez
Introduction 11
Getting This Out Of The Way 12
Psychic Operation 12
A Light for the Others 12
Natural Security 13
A Balance of Mystery and Truth 13
Chapter 1: The World Situation 13
What is happening? 13
The Mind Virus 13
The Vampire Effect 14
Sub-Human Entities 15
Human-Hosts, Replicants, Synthetics and Carriers 15
Genetic Manipulation 16
The Ego Mind 16
This Time is about Healing 17
Underground Bases 17
Cloning 17
Celebrity Cloning 17
Initial Explanation 18
Cloning Centers, Underground Bases 18
Programming 18
Experimental Operations 18
Genetic Engineering 19
Immortality 19
How did it get to this? 19
Deeper Meaning 20
What is next? 20
­The following is first-hand testimony from an operative of the secret underground military projects who also has familiarity with the breakaway civilization above and below (within) Earth. These civilizations utilize advanced technology to extend the length of their lives and enhance cognition beyond what is conceived of in today’s society.
I was brought to the underground bases as a child as part of an experimentation program to test the population for various blood-groups and personality traits that would be of use to certain factions of the military in ways that would serve to preserve and strengthen humanity’s outlook in the future.
These tests involved everything from combat training to sensory deprivation based emotional-mental endurance, and introduction to the highly advanced application of esoteric knowledge.
To clarify, I am bringing this information to you as part of my assistance in the overall unveiling of the hidden knowledge of the ages of humanity related to these secret projects as well as the true galactic history of Earth, humanity and man-kind. These projects are officially (unofficially) known as “unacknowledged special access programs”. The unacknowledged aspect means that there is no formal acknowledgement of these programs without a need-to-know basis. There is no paper-trail, no disclaimer, no formal authorization or internal publication outside the programs themselves. The classification of these programs also generate a rather strenuous situation regarding funding and secrecy but this is done for the benefit of humanity. There are secrets and manipulations that can be seen as a threat but this is all tied together and so by releasing the secrets that are part of the defense we would be inadvertently exposing the public to the threats themselves. Now is the time where we are reaching a point where the public is ready enough to handle the basics of this information regarding the secret projects and the galactic history of Earth and humanity. This is also out of a necessity to preserve civilization for if we wait any longer we may not find the same opportunity again.

Getting This Out Of The Way

I am writing to you from the perspective that I am not certain just how far from completing my mission I am. I write to you today in order to bring to you many personal experiences from the viewpoint of an operative of a select ultra-military secret society.
The utilization of such an operative is not glorified, pleasant, or entirely righteous. This story entails sanctioned and guided acts of extermination, ritual abuse, the use of yet to be announced advanced technology. There is unfathomable corruption, the thirst for power and spiritual knowledge that has been protected throughout the course of the multiple civilizations that have preceded this one and will continue to be maintained into the future of this civilization.

Psychic Operation

I was utilized in psychic-operation amongst other areas.
This was used during certain aspects of training and conditioning to enhance training and conditioning in the bases using advanced technology. Some of this includes what would be viewed as traumatization by those without the training and conditioning. There is a fine line between training and conditioning and abuse. Part of this disclosure is related to how this line may have been crossed in certain situations and regarding mass-mind control upon the population. There are other aspects of travel, viewing, reconnaissance and research that will likely be explained in another release.
In order to heal I have to tell the world. You can help. This is happening right now in the underground bases and around. It’s not a joke. Your family is at risk. Your future generations are at stake. There is conditioning to encourage those involved to believe they are performing a duty for humanity. Sometimes they turned us against each other, but those grudges were never truly of the heart, but the mind.

A Light for the Others

What I hope to achieve with this is a smoke signal for those who have also been involved and question whether their purpose has been fulfilled or falsified for the protection of a corrupt system that intends to neither benefit the whole nor repay the individuals involved for their time, energy, and lives.
Multiple explanations can be summoned to describe the reasons behind the necessity for the training we have endured, the missions we have completed, and the control mechanisms we have both assisted in establishing as well as suffered from the backlash of. Ultimately, it is of my belief that all that was done was done for the good of humanity, even when we were not sure of the intentions of those in front of us, to the side of us, or behind us compelling us forward with the command to complete each objective.
This is not so much a panic or cry for help as this is simultaneously a call to awaken and a signal that humanity may have avoided complete disaster but is not out of the woods yet.

Natural Security

My experience is far too vast and I have seen too many succumb to stress from the realization of the truth of this reality to consider my own suffering to be enough cause for my denial of the necessity of these programs. Humanity has been protected and at a great cost to those who have been on the front lines, both in mind and body and spirit.
There are many who will have concerns, doubts, as well as reservations about what I am about to reveal and if I offend anyone then know that my intentions here are to assist in unveiling the truth. The truth can be harsh when one has been held back from the true nature of existence for so long. The way of life can become so fragile and artificially constructed on impulse and mystery that the harshness of the truth acts as a great catalyst for spiritual growth which allows us to elevate ourselves to a new perspective. Prepare yourself for such harshness, prepare yourself for growth and elevation, and prepare yourself for the mystery to simultaneously resolve and increase in intensity and magnificence.

A Balance of Mystery and Truth

Mystery has been a way of life for Humanity for so long that when a great mystery is converted to truth some seem to feel that a portion of existence dulls and loses the luster of exhilaration. This story is quite the opposite. The more that the great truths of this reality were discovered and revealed, the more complex and mystifying life became. As well, the more empowering and complex experience becomes, the more self-control one must develop in order to regain a harmonious way of relating to one another, the self and the universe. Harmony is key, balance is everything and there is a light within that represents the piece of our self that reflects the utmost power and brilliance of all existence.
Chapter 1: The World Situation

What is happening?

The Mind Virus

The main reason for this disclosure is to inform humanity of what can be referred to as the “mind virus”. This is a viral infection of the holographic system which consciousness operates through. There is a complete backstory of this virus in the history of this civilization and how society has been plagued for centuries if not millennia. The basic idea is that this virus operates through consciousness and can be transmitted through electromagnetic waves.
The virus contains an etheric form which can manifest as a kind of crystalline nano-tech on the physical plane and this is a form of synthetic sentience which feeds on the low frequency bio-emissions of sentient life. Human bio-emissions contain energy and can act as a carrier for information and living essences. This technology requires low frequency bio-emissions because that is the nature of the design as a kind of synthetic bio-weapon whereby the goal is entrainment and enslavement. As well, the specific nature of the sentient nano-technology and the counterpart etheric holographic form is only capable of converting the low-frequency bio-emissions into energy as the higher-frequency bio-emissions require more energy to contain and synergize with and this would render the entire process of leeching energy non-productive.
This is essentially a synthetic intelligence that operates through scalar and holographic living bio-emission fields and hijacks electromagnetic emitters to position itself within them acting as a parasite to a host. This is said to have been present around this civilization for some time, waiting until there was enough technological advancement so that spreading across the entire civilization in a short amount of time before discovery would be possible. This is through the media, internet, and radio systems.
The physical counterparts are microscopic nano-technology parasites functioning as individual units to a hive mind similar to the mycelium of fungi in the field of mycoscopy. The individual units act as parasites serving to infest and deliver nutrients to the hive from each host.

The Vampire Effect

This is the nature of the parasitism that has been present throughout the ages of this civilization feeding on human suffering and relying on the cover of confusion and misdirection to survive.
There are processes that have developed that assist in the infection and co-inhabitation of the parasite entity within a human vessel utilizing the human as a host. This effectively utilizes a frequency ‘net’ within the auric field of the human to limit bio-emissions and emotional-mental processes to produce just the psycho-etheric patterns that the virus can sustain itself within and through.
This is no different than the way candida can infest a human digestive system and the human will experience cravings for beer, candy, carbs or other foods that contain the sugars, yeast, or carbohydrates that will break-down into nutrients that are the most nutritious for the candida fungus. These foods are not most nutritious for the human body. Yet the human body will withdraw and crave these foods in greater amounts until the fungus is swept clean from the digestive tract through probiotics, fasting, flushing, cleansing , detoxing, and even exercise as lactic acid from physically strenuous activity released from the muscles has been known to help destabilize and remove this fungus. Why is it that the individual will crave these foods that are not the normal food intake? Because this candida fungus can infest the host and produce enzymes which generate a chain-reaction which leads to the chemical signals in the brain producing the sensation of extreme hunger or cravings for just these foods which will benefit the fungus.
The same process occurs with this psycho-etheric parasite, except the foods of this parasite or lower emotional bio-emissions and this is through lust, hate, angst, jealousy, feelings of hopelessness, lack of self-worth, spiritual degradation, addiction, and generally all that equates to a lack of self-awareness.
Whether or not this is the direct intention of the largely microscopic entity is for the most part unknown, and this is as well similar to candida. The candida fungus is not said to be a ‘mean’ fungus that wants us to be hungry and craving beer and sweets all the time because it likes to ruin the human body, the daily routine and the focus of a clear mind. This is simply the way the parasite has grown to operate within a niche of breeding itself through the digestive tract of larger animals and through this the unaware and infected human suffers greatly. Even those who are unaware and not infected can suffer because of the way the behavior and thought processes of those who are addicted to these foods can become distorted.
The lack of self-control over food intake is synonymous with the lack of self-awareness and self-control over lower bio-emission expressions of the spiritually degrading behavioral patterns that become routine for the psycho-etheric system of the infected human. Ultimately, this is all about energy. What benefits the parasite that seeks to gain energy by leeching instead of self-guided production is going to take away from the host that is being leeched from. As such, any energies, food intakes, or spiritual activities that cleanse and enhance the personal power of the individual will automatically reduce the parasite’s ability to feed by the very nature of the energy systems. What empowers the individual, empowers the self and develops self-control, what develops self-control contains one’s energy and reduces the likelihood of one’s energy being leeched. This is similar to energy vampires in human form and this goes with the understanding that these are humans or non-humans who have been entirely overtake by the parasitic consciousness and cannot sustain their own auric fields without having to pull from the energy of humans who do generate their own aura or bio-emissions.
The vampire effect relates to how a person can be leeched from only to a certain point. Once the process surpasses a certain critical point then the individual becomes similarly engaged with only the lower bio-emissions as higher-frequency bio-emissions would then become harmful. So in essence, when the vampire feeds too much on one individual, then that individual becomes a vampire themselves.

Sub-Human Entities

The humans are utilized as hosts and energetic sources in this bio-emission battle while there are other classifications of bi-pedal organisms that appear to be human but are not human. As well there are bi-pedals that are non-human entities entirely.

Human-Hosts, Replicants, Synthetics and Carriers

The human hosts that are entirely vampirized by these entities become walking carriers for this virus and are effectively human in physiology but there is more to the human than just the physical body. In these individuals, that energetic component of the human is removed and replaced with the synthetic energy of the hive-mind organism.
There are replicants which are a form of clone, along with synthetics. These beings are cybernetic bi-pedals similar to humans but their energy is too not from an organic biological matrix but a technologically propagated synthetic soul-matrix. The hosts are here according to their agenda to subdue and feed off of the bio-emissions of the human race, although there are no absolutes. The agenda is not always so clear within the various groups who often have a mix of bi-pedal operatives. There have been plans to form of a salvation timeline because the only way to keep the whole process going is through a negation of degradation of the human race as this may close out this timeline forever.
Those with human organic soul-matrixes would simply transport into the next available universal time-stream or harmonic, while those with synthetic matrixes would have to technically travel to the next harmonic using a passageway otherwise they would remain here throughout a zero-point collapse and this would be synonymous with entering the abyss with no viable passageway out until the entire universe is brought back to one organism again.
This is also the process that is described to explain what happened previously as there are 7 harmonic temporal layers of the universe meaning everything is contained in a multitude of 7 octaves similar to light and sound frequencies or harmonics. And so there are 7 civilizations or 7 parallel time-streams and humanity passed through these to get to the last three where the physical forms are located. These are, from the higher to lower, Gaia, Tara and Terra. We are on Terra and if the information I was given is correct then we are currently on a transitory timeline located around Tara where people are noticing changes occurring and multitudes of aspects of the time-stream disappearing and changing simultaneously. Tara is where the last universal harmonic was left through a collapse of time and consciousness into zero-point and this resulted what was termed “the lost souls of Tara”. These are the discarnate souls of the previous civilization that could not travel to the next harmonic and remained without a body in the abyss. Thus they have plagued this plane since then, since ancient times possessing and driving humans to madness and there are explanations that this is the original passageway for the parasite into this universe. This event, the consciousness collapse of Tara would have acted as a fracture in the over-mind of the species generating a kind of cosmic schizophrenia and enabling all kinds of disharmony and distortion described in the previous sections.
The solution to this was described as a healing process that is taking place to purge the virus and that this is painfully similar to the human body purging a sickness however there are methods to promote healing and reduce suffering and confusion however people must contain themselves and their energies and strive to know themselves otherwise they will not be in control. This virus feeds on fear, confusion, spiritual degradation and the energy from degrading acts, lust, addiction, sexual misery and whatever fashion a human can be made to bring the bio-emissions of the energy centers down to a low enough level where co-inhabitation can be formed with an entity that has no access to the higher levels of self-awareness, higher-consciousness, love, or the universal spiritual experience that the balanced human is capable of.

Genetic Manipulation

There are explanations that there are genetic modifications taking place now to possibly preserve this civilization and that there were ancient genetic modifications made to induce a sense of stupor, worship, selfishness, an inability to more easily comprehend the higher spiritual awareness and the occurrence of time and consciousness and other spiritually and consciously limiting aspects. Part of this explanation is that holographic consciousness itself is a kind of limited result, a shadow effect resulting in the presence of the higher-dimensional essence of the soul which is more or less constrained by the body. An extension of this is that the entire holographic universe is a kind of false-light system designed to bend the original liquid etheric light of the soul and spiritual awareness into a rotating, recurring format which ultimately converts the original spiritual essence into an energy generator for entities that are entirely holographically represented. The souled human in this situation is a being who is originally from outside of this holographic projection.

The Ego Mind

In this view, consciousness is the ego-mind which is the false-sense of self, not to be confused with the shadow self which is simply the counterpart of the aspects of the self that we consciously agree with and are aware of in daily life. The shadow self is a result of having limited holographic consciousness and the ego-mind is projecting that limitation of consciousness into the shape and image of a self that is only a figure-head for the real individual essence which is spiritual in nature and immortal.

This Time is about Healing

Everything that is happening now is to motivate people towards healing and unification. This is not about a hive mind mentality where individuality is pushed out.
“The best I can do for you is become your enemy.”
There is a saying that represents the concept that the most beneficial role a person can play in helping one to progress is to challenge them and give them the opportunity to rethink their strategy and in turn improve further with each interaction. This may seem paradoxical but it is effective and explanatory. What we are facing is the greatest challenge humanity has yet to face. This is the unknown, the final frontier, the mind. The mind is our challenge.
There will be more on this later and in other publications but there are indications that the physical embodiment of the human has been altered to introduce implants, genetic modification, susceptibility to disease and ultimately fear-based programming of the brain. Without going further into this prematurely, the lower aspects are at odds with the higher aspects unless we as the midway come forth to mesh the two together in equilibrium. Until then, there is chaos, lack of self-awareness, and suffering.
There are many possible futures converging at this time. There are some less than favorable paths and there is the opportunity to merge with a very powerful path for humanity. This all comes down to how people will cope with information that takes them outside their comfort zones and eventually changes their view of mundane reality forever.
If people choose violence and lack of self-awareness by ignoring the spiritual aspects then that is what reflects into their life experience. When people develop a higher sense of self-awareness and spiritual harmony they can reduce the suffering and reconnect with the lost aspects of our spiritual identity for the first time in the publicly accepted version of recorded history.
There is technology that can change the world and there are great truths which can enable people to know themselves in ways that they never thought possible. Everything is at our fingertips and so we must come together as this is the way we solve the problems and cure the dysfunction.

Healing Through Unity

In various research projects the conclusion of how to heal this spiritual rift was by exposing each other, to each other. When we are all together, aware of each other and our selves, united in the goal of bringing higher-awareness and spiritual harmony then we can observe and acknowledge when one is slipping into chaos or disharmony. When this occurs and we are in proximity to each other in a healing circle or a kind of social unification then the members of the group at large can work together to pull the chaotic one back into harmony towards the group. The group of healers united together in like mind, spirit and body is too strong to be overtaken by the parasite. So when one individual at a time is faced by this problem the whole group can come together as one and assist in healing the individual by pulling them back to reality, back to wholeness and back together with the group. This is literally how the situation is solved in all realities and a breakdown of this feature of society is how the dis-ease proliferates.

Underground Bases

The active aural research program is part of a process to simultaneously verify as well as initiate and demonstrate controlled insanity/sanity.
These programs utilize the deep underground military bases to perform psychic and psychological research experiments on non-consenting youth and adults as well as consenting participants.
There are various means of generating the illusion of consent or even lack of consent and this is all being monitored and handled by oversight authorities.
These operations are directly related to the identification and understanding of the mind-virus and all weapons, defenses, and resistances known to man.


Advanced technology is used to transfer consciousness from one cloned body to the next so that a continuous study can take place before, during, and after the death experience of one individual. More will be explained on this later, however this is through the use of advanced supercomputer systems that can function to entangle and then transfer the electromagnetic consciousness of the individual so that they are ‘remotely activated’ within a cloned version of themselves via a ‘brainchip’ (brain to machine interface: cybernetics).

Celebrity Cloning

Celebrities at the cloning center would like you to see what is really going on behind the scenes which involves trauma-based mind control, heavy technological programming and complex layers of influence throughout their life.

Initial Explanation

Many celebrities, entertainers, athletes, musicians, models, writers, producers, actors, all kinds of people from various industries are silently brought to the cloning centers for pay-to-play sessions.
They asked myself and others to pass the message on to you and that you would have to look for the signs and symbols in their media in order to see their hinting at these events.
The situation is heavily controlled using advanced monitoring technology and brainwave/EEG cloning technology. This is technology that can read the brain and determine what the mind is anticipating or speculating upon.
Their reputations are used as leverage as well as their safety and comfort. The level of programming and mind control experimentation that takes place makes it easy to manipulate a person’s brain into regressing into a state of trance that lacks the ability to remember or clearly organize experiences regarding the cloning centers.

Cloning Centers, Underground Bases

Deep underground military bases, 3 miles below the surface, are used as laboratory centers as well as a completely stocked underground city-base. These are connected with high speed electromagnetic drive pods.
Individuals are transferred to the brain through an extensive cloning and temporal body transfer process. The electromagnetic shell of consciousness within the brain is relocated to the body of a compatible clone and various training, conditioning, programming, experimentation, or pay-to-play experiences take place.


All individuals are programmed to various degrees in order to maintain control and secrecy over the situation. This programming involves very advanced technology, trauma-based mind control, and energetic attachment via beliefs and emotions.

Experimental Operations

These bases were also used hand-in-hand with military operations which were geared towards discovering and controlling all aspects of the human mind.

Genetic Engineering

Experiments involved genetic engineering to produce soldiers, psychics, hybrids, and others that would be able to carry out operations. This leans towards MiLabs and the military faction’s experiments which go beyond the basics of cloning.


The initial research included the goal of physical immortality. In many ways it can be said this has been achieved, however there are side-effects and difficulties.
If one does not activate their higher consciousness, then the effect of time dilation causes the conscious mind here to reach limitation points in experience.
What has been termed “blank slate/state” technology has been used to ‘reset’ the perception of time through memory in order to keep a continuous progression viable for the conscious mind. Without this the unconscious and the conscious mind merge.
This begins involvement across time with advanced technology that can operate on the soul level or the conscious mind’s level of access to the unconscious and soul-memories. The Universe instantly creates a cosmic backstory based on the conscious-mind’s access to the unconscious. By controlling the conscious mind’s access to the unconscious the entire backstory of Humanity can be altered and new connections can be bridged in the future.
Earth is essentially a time-ship through which consciousness ascends towards higher states of awareness and self.

How did it get to this?

After WWII when the United States war-faction firebombed Germany and melted many of the inhabitants of the cities into sludge in the bomb shelters and streets of the cities, a group of NAZIs traveled to Antarctica.
Russia noticed the movements to Antarctica and the United States sent Admiral Byrd up with 3600 marines, planes, a battle cruiser and smaller vessels. They returned in defeat and only a few words were mentioned in regards to what actually happened and how they were defeated.
The rumors spread and words of gravitic drive craft, and undersea or under-ice bases originated from this encounter.
From what we were informed as well as directly experienced, this was the ice-base in Antarctica where an underground base was found already constructed with very advanced technology.
Here, cloning was deployed along with mind control and temporal manipulation technology.
Soon, cloning was offered as a way to avoid assassination as well as to prolong and protect the original body in daily life.
After that, celebrities and politicians were replaced with programmed clones who could carry out the orders of the NAZI faction.
This was the beginning; the groups utilizing this technology now are no longer confined to the NAZI faction.
The groups you see today, in control of these operations, are considered MiLabs, secret societies, think tanks, military factions, and other control groups.

Deeper Meaning

The individuals that have been cloned are given very in depth views of the way this society functions and the source of power and change in the Universe. Many individuals are present here from what would originally be another “time” or “timeline”.
There is a possibility that this notion is due to inserted memories and traumatization although until all the information is released we will not have a definitive conclusion.
As of now it is a possibility that these individuals are from another time that goes beyond our comprehension currently.
It may even be a possibility that these individuals have come from ALL of time looking at the very far past and into the very far future of Humanity.
These are the kinds of notions involved with the experiments taking place in the underground bases and military operations.

What is next?

Share this information with those you feel are ready to know and help Humanity come to terms with our journey here and what is going on in these kinds of experiments and take responsibility and power for our own existence.
We are in something that can be called “The Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge”. This is a cyclic process that takes place to advance a civilizations knowledge of existence. As part of the civilization moves into higher advancement another aspect may lag behind. Either the future will slow down, or the past will speed up. We are experiencing the past speeding up and all the events that have taken place to influence our civilization are coming to light. This is as much a natural cycle of consciousness as it is the eventual revelation of secret knowledge and the particular connection to the secret projects.
 Those brought to cloning can use their free-will to state their lack of consent to violence and harm and then live in commitment to that by not harming or accepting  violence in their lives. The Spiritual Law of Harmony rules in all planes and dimensions.

Thanks to: https://augtellez.wordpress.com


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