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4,444 Victims: Extent of Abuse in Catholic Church in Australia Revealed
#PIZZAGATE Updates Satanic-ritual-abuse-300x156
I may have just created a new category for my posts entitled “Pedophilia” as the volume of information now warrants it—and that’s a good thing.

Is it my imagination, or do the British press enjoy exposing the pedophilia/sexual abuse in Australia? Apparently it’s acceptable to them to ignore same in their own country—not only within the church, but parliament, law enforcement, the education system, etc.
Don’t they know people living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones? Their holier-than-thou attitude is off-putting, to say the least.

Right, then! The dirty laundry will soon be out on the line for all to see—whether the British press is on board or not. Just watch! 
And as we know from other sources, the inhuman acts are not limited to the Catholic Church. Anglican and others are implicated—right up to the Vatican. Houses of the holy in general are long time cesspools of depravity.
When the extent of the abasement is fully known, the reeling public will require significant healing. The figures below may be astounding to some, but on the grand scale pale in comparison.

I noticed this weekend that David Icke spoke out on the PizzaGate topic. His video contribution is here. 
For the reticent… I hope you’re getting the picture. The BIG picture.  ~ BP

4,444 victims: extent of abuse in Catholic church in Australia revealed

The Guardian

Seven per cent of Australia’s Catholic priests were accused of abusing children in the six decades since 1950, according to new data from the royal commission.
On Monday the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse released damning statistics on the scale of the crisis within the Catholic Church. The numbers confirm the extent of sexual predation already suggested by four years of royal commission hearings involving the church, which are now entering their final weeks.
Up to 15% of priests in some dioceses were alleged perpetrators between 1950 and 2015, with abusers most prevalent in the dioceses of Sale and Sandhurst in Victoria, Port Pirie in South Australia, and Lismore and Wollongong in New South Wales. The numbers were even worse in some national Catholic orders. By far the worst was the order of the St John of God Brothers, where a staggering 40% of religious brothers are believed to have abused children.

As Catholics, we hang our heads in shame
Truth, Justice and Healing council chief executive Francis Sullivan  

Twenty-two per cent of Christian Brothers and 20% of Marist Brothers, both orders that run schools, were alleged perpetrators. More than one in five priests in the Benedictine community of New Norcia were alleged perpetrators, while 17.2% of clergy were accused of crimes against children in the Salesians of Don Bosco order.
In total, between 1980 and 2015, 4,444 people alleged incidents of child sexual abuse relating to 93 Catholic Church authorities. The abuse allegedly took place in more than 1,000 institutions. The average age of victims was 10.5 for girls and 11.6 for boys. The overwhelming majority of survivors were male. Almost 1,900 perpetrators were identified and another 500 remained unidentified. Thirty-two per cent were religious brothers, 30% were priests, 29% were lay people and 5% were religious sisters.
The royal commission said 37% of all private sessions it held with survivors from all institutions related to abuse in the Catholic Church.

Farrell scandal puts Catholic church’s attitude to Australian law under the microscope

The disturbing figures were revealed by senior counsel assisting, Gail Furness, SC. She also revealed that the Holy See had refused to hand over documents involving Australian priests accused of abuse.
“The royal commission hoped to gain an understanding of the action taken in each case,” Furness said. “The Holy See responded, on 1 July 2014, that it was ‘neither possible nor appropriate to provide the information requested’,” she said.
Furness said the responses of Catholic diocese and orders across the country were “depressingly similar”.
“Children were ignored or worse, punished. Allegations were not investigated. Priests and religious [brothers] were moved. The parishes or communities to which they were moved knew nothing of their past,” she said. “Documents were not kept or they were destroyed. Secrecy prevailed as did cover-ups.”
The church’s Truth, Justice and Healing council, set up to coordinate the church’s response to the crisis, made an opening statement following the release of the data. Chief executive Francis Sullivan struggled with emotion as he spoke, saying the data without doubt “undermines the image and credibility of the priesthood”.
“These numbers are shocking, they are tragic, they are indefensible,” Sullivan said. “And each entry in this data for the most part represents a child who suffered at the hands of someone who should have cared for and protected them.
“The data is an indictment on the priests and religious who abused these children. It also reflects on the church leaders who at times failed to take steps to deal with the abusers, failed to call them to order and failed to deal with them in accordance with the law.”
Sullivan described the abuse as a “massive failure” of the church and as a corruption of the gospel.
“As Catholics, we hang our heads in shame,” he said.
Sullivan outlined the key programs of change undertaken by the church. That included the establishment of the professional standards body responsible for auditing and reporting on the compliance of bishops and church leaders with child protection standards. It also includes revisiting abuse claims, the push for a national redress scheme, the recruitment of new professional standards officers and the creation of stronger child protection policies and procedures.
Read more…

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Arrests imminent in PizzaGate scandal – Names named!
February 7, 2017

* PizzaGate is much bigger than anyone knows and It is About to Explode
* FBI Insider Exclusive! CA #PizzaGate Pedo-Rings under investigation Hollywood/NAPA Valley and More
* FBI: 30% of Washington DC part of Elite Pedo Ring   

Here Are The Names Of Prominent Politicians!
CES = Charles Ellis Schumer (D)
NP = Nancy Pelosi (D)
BF = Barney Frank (D)
MB = Michael Blumenthal (D)
TK = Tim Kaine (D)
DF = Dianne Feinstein (D)
JM = John McCain (R)
LG = Lindsey Graham (R)


Thanks to: https://iamamalaysian.wordpress.com


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#PIZZAGATE Updates Royal-commission-on-child-abuse-in-australia1


Over 4,000 Children were Abused by Catholic Priests in Australia since 1980

February 7, 2017 eClinik Learning 4 Comments

More than 4,000 children, mostly boys, were allegedly sexually abused by Catholic priests in Australia over decades, an investigation says, adding that since the 1950s some 7 percent of priests in the country were alleged perpetrators.
The report was released on Monday by the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
The commission will resume its public hearing into the current policies of the Catholic Church on Tuesday.
The investigation analyzed all types of claims of sexual abuse, including against former priests, “religious brothers or sisters, or any other person employed in or appointed to a voluntary position by a Catholic Church authority.”
“Between January 1980 and February 2015, 4,444 people alleged incidents of child sexual abuse made to 93 Catholic Church authorities. These claims related to over 1,000 separate institutions,” the report says.
The commission was established back in 2013 to investigate instances and allegations of child sexual abuse in Australia.
The majority of victims were male (78 percent) and 22 percent were female, according to the report.
The average age of the claimants at the time of the alleged abuse was 10 and a half for girls and 11.6 years old for boys. The average time between the actual abuse and the claim was some 33 years, it was reported.
The commission managed to identify 1,880 alleged perpetrators, who included 597 (32 percent) ‘religious brothers,’ 572 (30 percent) priests, 543 (29 percent) lay people and 96 (5 percent) ‘religious sisters.’ At least 90 percent of the alleged perpetrators were male, the report says.
The Royal Commission said that it “has made 309 referrals to police in all states and the Australian Capital Territory in relation to allegations of child sexual abuse involving Catholic Church institutions.”
“As a result of those referrals there have been 27 prosecutions. Seventy-five matters are currently being investigated. The victim or the accused has died in 37 cases and 66 matters are pending.”
The commission said it also surveyed 75 Catholic Church authorities with priest members, including archdioceses, dioceses and religious orders, “about the number of their members who ministered in Australia between 1 January 1950 and 31 December 2010.”
“[Between 1950 and 2010] 7.9 percent of diocesan priests were alleged perpetrators and 5.7 percent of religious priests were alleged perpetrators. Overall, 7 percent of priests were alleged perpetrators,” the report states.
The recent data shows “a massive failure” by the Catholic Church to protect children, Francis Sullivan, CEO of the Truth Justice and Healing Council, which is coordinating the Catholic Church’s response to the inquiry, said.
“These numbers are shocking, they are tragic and they are indefensible,” Sullivan told the commission. “As Catholics, we hang our heads in shame.”
Sexual abuse scandals have long dogged the Catholic Church. In 2014, the Vatican said 3,420 credible accusations of sexual abuse committed by priests had been referred to it over the past 10 years, and that 824 clerics had been defrocked.
In January Pope Francis called for “zero tolerance” towards sex crimes against children and condemned it as “a sin that shames” both the perpetrators of such offenses among the clergy as well as those who cover up such atrocities.

  • https://www.rt.com/news/376447-australia-catholic-child-abuse/

If the dictator and enforcer of moral values, i.e. the Vatican, is not capable of deterring heinous crimes within their own house, what other institution on earth is capable of doing so, to which the people could turn to in seeking redress?
Since 1980, where was the government all this time?
The only positive thing about this revelation is that, at long last, the Vatican Church is exposed for what it truly is, i.e. the beast from its own ancient book.

Thanks to: https://geopolitics.co


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Child Sexual Abuse involving Politicians and Holographic Simulated Realities

Posted on February 7, 2017 by omnipulse

This is possibly the most difficult subject for me. I have been through time, present at negotiations for the future between power groups, secret societies, breakaway civilizations and representatives of military forces and parallel shadow governments.
Everyone is used as a child for the sexual pleasure of politicians and this is a process that is used to ensnare the souls of the children as well as ‘initiate’ the politicians into groups that ensure their obedience as well as slavery to this spiritual mind control system.
Part of the idea is to make everyone a victim, that way there is really no one to blame.
They take the children and incorporate them into this control system to create the future controllers of society who are born into such a system and will not turn their backs. All the people who have money and are achieving power will be introduced to this system and if they turn their back they are either rendered powerless and financially weak or they are made to serve their masters in ways that are impossible to describe here for humans to understand.
The system goes into time and they set up simulated environments to keep the consciousness of people in as a kind of slavery system that they pull from as needed. The live in these simulated environments and the powerful and wealthy visit these like “Westworld” to play and murder and do whatever they please.
This is part of the control system as well as the parasite. They can conjure up any experience visceral or otherwise and as well they can literally combine multiple experiences.
So they pay to play for this and then they begin to combine the simulated experience of murder (recorded from the neurology of actual events) and sexual depravity, and this is all combined into one gushing, orgasmic, bloody, hot experience which gets their blood going and causes uncontrollable excitation.
The problem (beyond just the idea of it) is two fold here:
1) They believe because they aren’t actually killing the people right then and there, that this is just harmless fun.
2) When the ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ functions of pleasure, lust, murder, consummation, consumption, and fear are combined this literally over loads and rots the brain. The brain literally begin to warp and grow misshapen over time like that of a drug addict or a brain damage victim. This is like the cannibal disease, the same effect occurs just without the proteins causing it.
It’s from the combination and jumbling of the electromagnetic structures which normally create a congruent, proportional outline from higher to lower of various systems that manifest personality and consciousness.
These systems collapse entirely and become basically nullified over the same frequencies and a person literally become as a mentally disabled, perverted, brain damaged version of themselves.
This is the ‘scalar’ weaponry effect where the brain is basically scrambled by what in turn have been proven to be etheric parasites which literally move in to dissolve the physical being because the spiritual connection is leaving the body. There is no harmony in that process there is no stability which leads way to the original reasons and functions of consciousness, awareness, and self awareness it is like taking a chemical-electrical drug and making the person just an addict to the emotions and pleasures.
These are used for everyone in the industry, the entertainment industry, the politicians, they are all either being used by these power groups that consider themselves overlords or they are in on it themselves.
Before, I had come to accept my self as a mere service animal for the politicians. I was groomed from a young age and this was reactivated in me to the point where I became a child again remember the years of horrors and abuse and that becomes second nature like riding a bike once they flip the switch back using drugs, commands, flashing lights, ritual settings, and the same people that began the process many years ago.

Thanks to: https://augtellez.wordpress.com


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Serial child rape suspect is 'real life boogeyman,' DA says

ABC Chicago
Mon, 06 Feb 2017 21:20 UTC

#PIZZAGATE Updates 1740494_800x450
Police say they have arrested a suspected child rapist in Bucks County, and there are fears more victims may still be out there.

One detective said that the human race hasn't invented words yet to describe what they found in the trailer of 57-year-old William Charles Thomas.

He lives in the Midway Village Trailer Park in Morrisville, Pa. Investigators released multiple photos of him dating back almost a decade in hopes of helping victims identify him.

Police say Thomas is an independent contractor who is charged with the sexual assault of as many as six children, including a relative, over the last 40 years.

The victims range in age from two to 10 years old.


Society's Child

#PIZZAGATE Updates Bad_guys
Serial child rape suspect is 'real life boogeyman,' DA says

ABC Chicago
Mon, 06 Feb 2017 21:20 UTC

#PIZZAGATE Updates 1740494_800x450
Police say they have arrested a suspected child rapist in Bucks County, and there are fears more victims may still be out there.

One detective said that the human race hasn't invented words yet to describe what they found in the trailer of 57-year-old William Charles Thomas.

He lives in the Midway Village Trailer Park in Morrisville, Pa. Investigators released multiple photos of him dating back almost a decade in hopes of helping victims identify him.

Police say Thomas is an independent contractor who is charged with the sexual assault of as many as six children, including a relative, over the last 40 years.

The victims range in age from two to 10 years old.

Investigators say Thomas was a handyman at the trailer park where he lives. After working in one of the trailers, the new owner discovered a piece of plywood with intimate, hand-written details about the sexual assault of two children, ages three and 6 1/2. That discovery led to the investigation.

District Attorney Matt Weintraub said a search revealed more than 1,000 pieces of child porn and 1,000 pairs of soiled little girl's underwear.

"And these pairs of underwear were displayed almost throughout his mobile trailer home," said Weintraub.

"This was a perverse shrine to his criminal conquests, and we are merely scratching the surface of those conquests today," Weintraub continued. "To be blunt about it, this is a real life boogeyman."

"Try to come up with your worst scenario and times that by 10, and you'll get close to what we saw. It was horrific," said Lt. Henry Ward of the Falls Twp. Police Department.

Investigators say Thomas was a "monumental" trophy collector, and there fear is there may be more victims.

Police want anyone who may have hired him, operating under the business name of Thomas Construction, to contact the D.A.'s office or Falls Twp. police.

The fear is he would steal young girl's underwear while working in other people's homes.

Neighbors stunned

Several neighbors of William Thomas say the handyman was a nice guy who kept to himself and are stunned by his arrest.

"He acted funny he wouldn't let nobody in his trailer or anything," said Jessica Chobert. "I'm shocked, still in shock."

"I would never have guessed it of him, he was very helpful. He would fix stuff around my house and stuff. I had no clue he was a child molester," said Jim Errico.

"He was too nice of a guy and everything, or so I thought all these years. You know, I mean, I'm looking at a monster," said Jay Sofronsky.

Thomas could face life in prison.

Thanks to: https://www.sott.net


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Jeff Sessions to Authorize Arrests in Washington DC Pedo Ring [video]
#PIZZAGATE Updates Investigate-pizzagate-250x300
We’re seeing some good progress in the take-down of the pedophilia rings. We have to get the bad apples out of the barrel to end the blackmail and threats that have been manipulating politicians and other establishment figures for so long. Let’s get this DONE! 
I wouldn’t want to be Mr. Trump at this point, but I do believe he was meant to be where he is. He’s on a mission, and with Divine assistance will be of monumental assistance in our liberation.
The lamestream media attacks are relentless and it’s difficult to understand why Trump is doing what he is doing if you don’t understand that he is in the middle of two sides of the war—in the trenches.
Sometimes it’s easy to do what he wants to do—which is nail the dark ones to the wall—and sometimes he has to spike a few of their volleys onto our side of the net to stay in the game. We just need to remember that no matter how it looks, the Light is winning. 
Regardless of how they attempt to divide, The People are coming together GLOBALLY like we’ve never seen. The mass arrests are in progress and it’s all good.  ~ BP

#PIZZAGATE Updates Jeff-Sessions-FBI-300x150

Jeff Sessions To Authorize Arrests In Washington DC Pedo Ring

February 9, 2017
Following the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as the next attorney general, a series of mass arrests of politicians connected to a Washington D.C. pedophile ring is expected to begin in a matter of days. 
Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama was confirmed as the next attorney general following a 52-47 vote on Wednesday.
His swearing in on Thursday is expected to precede the mass arrests of high profile senior politicians connected to the ‘Pizzagate‘ scandal in Washington D.C.
This news confirms claims made by an FBI insider last week who said that at least 30 politicians and 40 others connected to a pedo ring in Washington D.C. would be arrested in a series of surprise raids in the very near future.
According to the informant, the FBI are waiting for the newly appointed Attorney General to sign-off on the raids shortly after he is sworn in on Thursday and briefed on the investigation so far.
In anticipation for the arrests, CNN are preparing to continue their shameless cover-up of ‘Pizzagate’ by suggesting that the arrests are a coup by Trump’s administration in order to distract the public from the President’s ties to Russia.
NN reports: CNN, along with other news agencies and high-level politicians, have desperately been trying to convince the public that the Washington pedophilia ring was nothing more that a wild conspiracy theory, but as the Pizzagate arrests now seem imminent, the conspirers begin scrambling to create another cover story.
According to CNN:
Our situation is different. Trump gained power legally but this week has provided many indications that his inner circle intends to shock or strike at the system, using the resulting spaces of chaos and flux to create a kind of government within the government: one beholden only to the chief executive.”
Strike at the enemy at a time and place or in a manner for which he is unprepared,” reads one US Air Force formulation of the old military doctrine of surprise. Trump has long been an advocate of this tactic and complained various times during the campaign that our armed forces were far too transparent about their planned operations.
Yet Bannon (Steve Bannon – Assistant to the President and Chief Strategist in the Donald Trump administration) is the mastermind of this takeover strategy as it’s been adapted to the domestic realm. Well-versed in military tactics and the history of the radical left and right, Bannon has repeatedly talked about “destroying the state” in the name of securing power for “an insurgent, center-right populist movement that is virulently anti-establishment.”
Besieging your targets until nothing makes any sense — giving them no time to absorb or recover from attacks — is a time-tested strategy in the history of war and authoritarian takeovers. One might cite what’s gone on in Turkey under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
It’s now being employed at the pinnacle of American democracy. It’s particularly useful in situations where the leader is vulnerable due to possible investigations, blackmails or other circumstances that close off gradualist approaches to implementing an agenda. With all the emergencies going on, who is bothered at the moment about those Trump tax returns or even his ties to Russia?
This strategy requires a two-pronged approach. First, the creation of a small group of loyal insiders, who take orders directly from the leader’s inner circle and are tasked with creating chains of authority that bypass those of the existing federal government and party bureaucracies. I was disturbed, but not surprised, when Conway said two days after the inauguration that “it’s really time for (Trump) to put in his own security and intelligence community.”
Second is the unleashing of the political purges that authoritarians so love.
Trump campaigned on a platform of unifying the nation, but by striking at the state he and Bannon intend to turn us against each other.
Their blitzkrieg not only throws us off balance but forces us to take sides.


Thanks to: http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.com


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#PIZZAGATE Updates Hqdefault

#PIZZAGATE - Please Sign This CHANGE.ORG Petition & Help Save Our Children We're HALF WAY THERE


Published on Feb 10, 2017


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