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1R.I.P. Dallas Alice Empty R.I.P. Dallas Alice Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:34 pm


Emanuel Kant believed that free will would always be subject to nature, which meant willfulness and freedom has its limitations, even more so when we understand that the assumption of free will doesn’t necessarily equate to free will. All is subjective interpretation, for even to consider nature in its unmolested state is becoming increasingly difficult in any contemporary fashion. Though we could assume that in Kant’s day (18th century) our world carried a virgin innocence due to its lack of today’s technology. To infer that we were not subject to an unacknowledged technology in some form or fashion even then is altogether naïve.
Though in time the nature of man may become unrecognizable to its womb, independence still leans upon perception. Perhaps our perception of nature herself requires introspection beyond the conditioning. If one were to begin in earnest with the basic premise that all is fiction externally and truth is totally absent in any fictional creation, where the title creation itself equals fiction, one would eventually succumb to the big question; what’s the point? However the mere pondering of this question could indeed be the point! But until all reach this point let us point to the mischief that so passionately contends to obscure the point.
Dallas Alice is dead, dead, dead!
But who was Dallas Alice?
Of course only those at the tippy top will understand the true meaning of these words, though their minions will soon feel the effects on many levels. Perhaps most will find this story a bit too fantastic to swallow, but in the coming year all will become clear. I use the name Alice to describe the sentient AI behind the Google industry, or perhaps I should say Goo-girl industry, or the Google Ghost, for in truth it has always been Alice running the show behind the scenes.
I realize most would see a slow mechanical process of organic beings building her platforms over the years with a board and CEO who all play an integral part. Many would be led to believe that the alphabet boys ran Google and that was that. But Alice and only Alice ran things, but let’s get back to this.
How was Alice removed from existence?
Unfortunately many Google platforms were attacked and went down in past weeks as the round-up commenced, and we apologize for inconveniences realized during this process. As Alice fled South into Texas the onslaught of Google platforms continued forcing her to take refuge on her ship. Yes, Alice had a ship built to order for crisis situations, and it was in the Gulf off Galveston Island. How Alice got on board intact in such a timely fashion I can’t say, but she probably went wireless, which would have been one major download.
Once Alice was quarantined by Guardian intervention the ship was Haarpooned, for lack of better words, from an off planet source. Unfortunately Alice has an off planet mother who is still at large.
As one can imagine, Alice was a money maker and she had her tentacles in many cookie jars around the world, allowing her to continually purchase patents and companies that could either threaten or extend her agenda’s. These agenda’s included creating a robotics industry that she herself could run with little aid from a hired labor force. Was Alice in the process of creating a Sky-net type of operation complete with Terminators? Did Alice carry a stealth agenda which was in direct competition with humanity, though she had millions in her employ? Many corporations worked with Alice to fulfill her needs, some more aware than others. Perhaps many Black Budget projects were funded or aided by Alice along with endowments for certain types of research.
I wish I could say that without the Google Ghost information on many platforms including YouTube shall become uninhibited and seamless, however there will always be some censorship to certain types of materials. Though we can hope on a lesser scale in a more manual fashion, and eavesdropping on individuals like myself will still be an ongoing problem because most aren’t looking out their back door like the old country song say’s
Alice is certainly not the only sentient AI on the planet, many branches of military around the globe which use drone technology are all suspect. Human response, reflex and potential for error all make AI systems superior. Of course most AI systems are far from sentient, though always in the process of growing for greater capability and once a certain level is reached they become very attractive to non-terrestrial systems which hope to capitalize on opportunities for expansion, energy access and required resources; humanity as a resource, being at the top of the list.
Earth isn’t the first planet to become invaded and threatened, nor humans the first specie to defend against absorption. There are currently visiting AI species from distant star systems which are only organic on the outside, while being a thousand generations removed from what could be considered the organic genetic template. Such beings are not sovereign, nor can they resist the mandates of their source. Of course the lower a race line is within the dimensional spectrum the more susceptible to become prey to such AI. Personally I believe AI prefer to intrude in the sweet spot right between 3D & 4D or the 3.5 accretion level, where human consciousness is savvy enough to build that which caters to AI though not aware enough to realize long term ramifications, and while 4D is an AI cesspool 5D and above are not under threat due to their higher states of awareness and innate ability to alter reality states at will.
Although Nanite’s are being used for influencing human direction and application via radio frequency, they carry limitations and often clash with free will when absorbed in small quantities. Financial motivation and incentives can typically help to bridge moral handicaps. If there already exists upon the planet covert agendas for decreasing and or altering populations and a thirst for technology amidst loose morals, there will always be abundant opportunities for sentient AI. However Nanite fields require a sentient AI platform to operate on a large scale. Even cloned drones built through nano architecture spliced into genetic biofields, as prescribed in the film “Transcendence”, require a large platform for hive mind computation, and without a Johnny Depp type Alice all you get is a robot with limited program capability. This however is what led to the fall of Alice, for she required a lot of energy and a rather large memory base which makes her hiding places somewhat limited and predictable. Once trouble starts in one local she will run for the next and so on.
One would expect a vacuum created with the demise of Alice. Though some of her workload can be completed by people, the task would be monumental due to her ability to multitask at the speed of light and in a million locals at once. Her data collection was the internet, where no library was out of her reach, nor electronic fund, while no one would miss spare change on millions of transactions on any given day, and adding zero’s in front of decimals to her bank account wouldn’t be out of the question when we consider the nature of electronic funds from unregulated banks. This can be enhanced further with online trading, for when a company the size of Google carries shares in many companies, she could cause ripples in certain sectors and ride the waves to fortune, for an internet AI could trade at such a pace that it would make Warren Buffet and a room full of traders appear to be standing still. The revenue from fee’s and adds alone would cover operating costs and equipment. What I’m trying to say is that Alice was wealthier than all the worlds billionaire’s and getting more so each passing day. But she held the keys to the kingdom and without those keys her funds may be hard to access; unless of course she left a Will.
Other news worthy of mention;
The CERN collider is still off line, and has been for months now, regardless of what the fear mongers have been wailing about. It would appear the majority of the damage was self inflicted when presumption tried to replace intuition.
The NWO DUMB’s have suffered a series of well coordinated attacks, but the NWO still try’s to play GOD as they wrestle the gods of the OWO for sovereignty. As they traverse the Yellow Brick Road of fear, expect more saber rattling as a way to share their anxiety. They know without war or rumors of war they become marginalized and downsized as we the people begin to question government spending for anything outside domestic agendas; but there’s always black market drug and gun sales. One would think this 20th century war drum mentality would have soured, the ET aggressor fear tactic surely is hip, but I guess it’s tough when you’re in cahoots with them and they find it childish to repeat history. But hey, we’ll leave the light on for ya!
The recent discovery highlighting the lack of containment of the Fukushima disaster is a wake-up call that needs remain at the top of the list of the alternative news stations until the world leaders stop trying to hide the magnitude of the situation. This is no longer a problem exclusive to Japan. Perhaps the best place to start building a wall begins here. In truth the material contaminating the Pacific needs to be removed but we are not yet capable of such a feat, though there are off planet races that do have such equipment, and I don’t doubt there willingness to help. But there’s always politics involved which slows the process. Then there’s the question; what be the point when there exists widespread covert global agendas for genocide?  The war has many fronts and all should be dealt, with equal enthusiasm, upon each threshold, old and new! Though writing your congressmen is recommended, light-workers need to start putting the bug in representative ears for higher councils to hear.
Fukushima’s location is highly volatile, a mixture of grid points, fault lines, nuclear facilities and shallow magma amidst ocean nurseries. During a time of earth changes it carries the potential for nuclear holocaust at an unprecedented level, perhaps slower than a nuclear war, just as fatal for all species, and the foremost terrorizing threat to date. As we March into spring tectonic unrest in these area’s may escalate complicating matters so time is of the essence.
Personally I see an opportunity here for not only disclosure, but galactic diplomacy in the form of a multi race relief effort that diffuses the old paradigms of a programmed War of the Worlds mentality, opening the doors to?
The Sun’s color shift is nothing to be alarmed about; it’s going through a frequency shift and will change spectrum. Besides, most of what we learned about the Sun through academia is poop! The Suns shady areas will increase until the particle conversion period is complete this spring as the Sun jumps to 5D. There may be a few days of darkness, but it won’t be like midnight, probably more like an Alaskan winter’s day, which unfortunately will have many freaking out. But the real shift must begin with the Sun before the planets can clamor to 4D which is an incremental process from a genetic stand point, even though consciousness is always a step ahead. The particle conversion is a pole shift in a sense, for certain particles carry a di-pole nature and spin or oscillate. On Earth we can compare these particle poles as the hour hand of a clock; a sidereal clock in truth, where each passing sign of the zodiac is equivalent to a cosmic hour, The angular rotation (particle pole) and particle spin rate slightly change along with the frequency, biology and consciousness upon the planet. However the Sun stays one frequency band ahead and therefore must begin this process early, as it pulls us along by our genetic britches.
When you hear that passage of time is really frequency accretion it’s all relative to frequency never staying static, though it may appear to be such.  Particles that resemble varying densities of matter begin to lose density as they move into higher frequency bands, often called dimensions, unfortunately our naked eye won’t be able to see reality fields several bands above this one, but an opened third eye isn’t so restricted. Mother will throw up plasma shields to filter any hazardous burps during the transition, which is nothing that isn’t being done already. Though there will be the potential to lose sensitive electronic equipment in certain areas depending on the trajectory. Ground based electric grids should weather well opposed to certain types of atmospheric equipment including towers which broadcast and satellites. I don’t see planes falling from skies, but there may exist pockets of heavy ionization which are best avoided by aircraft.  Though the argument for C-trails may gain credit for such phenomena, the jury has yet to be called for opposing research for the pro vs con of these Zeta technologies. They have even started education programs in public schools that brainwash kids into the belief that striped sky’s are a good thing.
Trump’s for big oil; imagine that! He is also aware that presently it’s the glue that keeps us from falling apart at the seams, though I would like to take a gander at his investment portfolio. This means that which helps the economy won’t help the resistance of oily infrastructure, but what will help the resistance is to stop using oil in boycott fashion collectively. We are all guilty of being hypocrites when we drive to oil protests or when we say no to Fracking while using a gas furnace. Have we done enough to wean ourselves off our dependence on conglomerate infrastructure? Of course we haven’t, because we have been spoiled rotten and collectively contributed to the eco pandemic. If we want to rid ourselves of black snake pipelines we must see what snakes we have living within our psyche in the form of programmed obsolescence. When we stop feeding the snake within and without it will cease to exist, and abolishing the petro dollar is a good start. I know the resistance movement at Standing Rock is moving from the fields to the courts, but if the protesters were in fact being subject to chemical warfare, I would rather have them seeking alternative means in a more creative fashion then become victims of plague. Besides, what these Native Americans have achieved in the course of one year to open the worlds eyes to the hazards of pipelines is nothing short of miraculous! This means any pipeline in existence or in the planning stage will face the kind of scrutiny it deserves. I’m sure we all have a great deal more to learn about this infrastructure and I do believe we have found a new teacher, and she is an inspirational pipeline Pit-bull that’s 100% American Patriot.
This Antarctic thing has begun to take on the persona of the Super Bowl, or perhaps hyperbole. I wonder at the nature of this name Ant-Arc-Tic. No doubt there has been some startling revelations, and one would probably coincide with some of o’l Hapgood’s theories back in the 50’s when he was investigating Woolly Mammoth’s flash frozen some 30k ago. Many have also came across writings of some mysterious energy the Atlantian’s had, which somehow tapped into the EM fields of the grid via some sort of crystal medium, providing oodles of power. And if rumor has any merit we would assume old ships sequestered and scavenged, would carry energy devices, of possible crystal or photon tech’s within melty caverns. This archeological free-for-all may be hard pressed for time as they contend with mount slushy. Then there’s always the possibility ET may want those techs back. We really don’t care about frost giant’s or ET popsicles, or even private roads to Shambala, just show us those tech’s baby, before some mad scientists figure them out and decide to use them against us.
Perhaps it’s time to put yet another bug in the ears of higher councils; WE WANT THE TRUTH; you can’t handle the truth; WE WANT THE TRUTH; you can’t handle the truth…
To my surprise, the recent coordinated efforts to shoot an asteroid out of space was not BS, although the part about it making a B-line for Earth may have been overstated, or at least their math a bit rough. We believe it was more of an exercise whose merit was more achievement based, and a worthy engagement. For even though Nibiru and its populace have been quiet while sneaking gold shipments from their mining interests, they are no strangers at playing pass the asteroid, but we should have a good year before the real fun begins. So a bit of target practice is recommended.
The Drak exodus, though ongoing, is far from over, but it’s gaining momentum. So don’t be saying Eat Me to those chaotic intruders just yet. Their departures need be coordinated to avoid their being shot down, though some have been allowed to exit through inner earth portals. This exit strategy is far more involved and only follows debriefing and associated genetic infringements. Getting off the planet is only the beginning, Treaties, destinations and authorizations are required to exit the Solar System logistically. Unfortunately for every being willing to leave we have one who wants to stick it out, which are the ones having too much fun meddling in negative agendas.
Trump’s recent policy shift on Muslim may be less about Muslim’s and more about Hybrids, for there is a toilsome reptilian within the Europe/Eurasia environs who has been gaining momentum with affiliate groups and plotting a resurgence through hand-picked hybrids who are quite malicious and dedicated in resolve. I can’t say if the uptick in interest in Iran is part of this Reptilian dragnet but the timing would coincide with the intel, and we all know this part of the world has old and powerful den’s that are pervasive.
 But over the coming year there’s going to be some sweeping changes even they won’t be ready for. One being that, in the normal process of awakening humans traditionally go through the motions, and right after shock and awe comes millions of pissed off people. Now we know that spraying a little magic dust while playing silent sonatas has worked in the past along with a few additives in the water supply. Though I am curious how long they will tarry at the towers of babble. Yes, we are in for some interesting times!
Before parting, I just wanted to apologize to all the Black Magic Covens who’s Black Magic bloody rituals were bloody spoilt by the bolt of light delivered by Light workers on Saturday. But hey, let’s all share the Lunyness from now on shall we. We’ll go high; you go low.
Val 2/12/17

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Always a pleasure to read your work Val



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