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Elite Bloodline Ritual Abuse Politicians and Presidents

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Elite Bloodline Ritual Abuse Politicians and Presidents

Posted on February 17, 2017 by omnipulse


  • They were all involved, ritual trauma-based torture mind-control and sexual abuse, sacrificial ritual and hypnosis.
  • I was killed in 2010 with a gunshot to the head. My original body was destroyed and I was placed into a cloned body permanently
  • I was told that I was genetically engineered, this is a twisting of truth, the body I am now in was genetically engineered.
  • My bloodline was stemmed and basically “exterminated” from Earth as I will not be able to pass on any original genes and if I do I am passing on genes that have been modified and even inserted with elite bloodline royal genes so that their bloodlines are passed on no matter what happens.
  • I was forces to participate in sacrifices and rituals and this is after 20-30 years of militarization, mind-control and outright war including high-intensity battles and what could be identified as murder in any other situation using advanced-technology weaponry that can destroy a person’s body and mind very easily.
  • Many of the operatives were used on these ‘murder’ trains that would travel areas using advanced-technology, instantly, from place to place and assassinate wealthy individuals that were no longer of any use or who were not willing to align themselves with a plan. Sometimes we were told we were eliminating the ‘bad-guys’ who were attempting to kill off humanity and take over the world. I was between the ages of 9 and 13 for all of these and the majority was around the age of 9-11. I was placed into a cloned body and trained and conditioned for these experiences and spent years in this state.
  • There were also travels to societies without the same pain and suffering and a rescue by a civilization who did not carry the virus that seemed to cause the damnation, depravity and murder that was being caused in the MILABs groups. Solar Warden is an original resistance to this and have since changed title and parameters slightly. Part of that change is a result of my own use as an assassin within that group whereby my membership and clearance was used to hide the genetics of others who had obtained my genetics and operated through modified cloned bodies and holographic technology to obtain access to a starship (research James Casbolt)
  • These starships apparently existed before Human civilization existed and have watched over and protected human civilization the entire time.
  • The result of hi-jacking the starship by these ‘cosmic pirates’ Rothschild, Rockefeller, Windsor and the other Illuminati, elite, Satanic, occult ritual bloodlines is that they can introduce their own DNA which when activated becomes Reptiloid and Mantid amongst other kinds of greys that are taller and fairly demonic in appearance
  • I was given the choice of a “long and fulfilling” life where no one knows of this, or a “short and impactful” life where the truth comes out. So basically people with a combined wealth of 600,000,000,000,000 dollars who party all day and night and sold out humanity said they would torture me for 1,000,000,000,000 (one billion) years (research Scientology’s soul contract) until my soul is destroyed and I am no longer myself if I do speak out. Meanwhile:
  • My heart was stopped in 2010 as part of a 33rd degree Freemason ritual (not the usual version) where one sees the soul-farm from the perspective of the moon, with their own (spiritual) eyes and my sternum was broken in order to properly revive me after failed attempts and then I went under again as a result of the stress and having been starved for approximately 2 years before hand as a result of trauma-programming and being introduced to handlers in my daily life and being placed on a high-carb regimen as part of a mind-control torture process
  • I suffered an aneurysm and there was a surgery performed where I was given stents, little clips that wrap the vessel to prevent further rupture
  • I have congestive heart disease from these issues and abuses and so I am only able to move at a walking speed and sometimes I will begin to collapse and have to call an ambulance but this is also a trap because I have been tortured in many hospitals and doctors offices, even a dentist’s office where a ritual sex act was and conjuring was performed and all but a sacrifice
  • The original group was Majestic-12 and Majic was formed as disinfo and I have a suspicion that the ‘aliens’ themselves are holographic interpretations of activated DNA into a higher-dimensional level while everyone when transferred into the Earth plane without advanced technology would simply appear to be human.
  • This could be incorrect as I have seen Reptiloids, manufactured or genetically engineered Greys, non-manufactured Greys, Mantid or mantis type beings, cat, lion, and elephant humanoids (genetically engineered hybrids), however I was often being activated through many cloned bodies which contain brainchips that allow for technological holographic interfaces as well as these Teslian generator devices which can produce scalar waves that seem to interact with the mind as well as DNA to produce some kind of holographic activation effect where reality and mental perceptions become more physical
  • So regardless of whether these beings exist surely in this physical realm, they are producing holographic and hallucinatory representations of them, and whether or not this is related to DNA or simply holographic hallucinatory technology, people can merge their DNA back and forth and “transmogrify” into these beings and back into human form. The mantids run the reptiloids and the greys are some kind of intermediary worker that run the humans.
  • There is an AI that was developed long ago by these beings and an AI that was developed by the human resistance and these two are competing and as well there is a cosmic intelligence that has been here the entire time and is observing and interacting with the whole of the situation.
  • I was injected with many diseases and viruses in 2009 and 2010, some of which by the very hospital I was seeking help from who quickly made a Satanic gesture that only someone from the bases would know of and I realized they were who I had suspected.
  • In 2014 I received reconstructive surgery and awoke in surgery to a NAZI scientist maneuvering some kind of technology into my body on the opposite side of where the surgery was intended. They were using some kind of holographic scalar technology to move below the skin without leaving a mark.
  • There was an elite agent in the back using a podium like device to try and connect with my mind and draw me out of my body where I would be promptly sacrificed and made to look like I died in surgery from the multiple complicated infections that I had developed from the sexual trauma as well as poisoning and starvation. Because my inner spirit guided me not to, I was ultimately protected in this event.
  • I had been protected by ‘inner spirit’ or some kind of higher guidance from a benevolent force in the universe ever since I was a child and this is also connected with the other civilization, this seems to be some kind of civilization that carries positivity and healing through and around themselves and as a result they are at ends with another civilization that seeks to subjugate humanity and transforms into all those kinds of non-human beings and have a lust for blood or violence, sex and depravity
  • This subjugating race possessing people’s minds through a process called ‘droning’ whereby the individual’s consciousness is uploaded into a supercomputer system through these brainchips that allow a person to jump from body to body and achieve ‘technology-immortality’. These elite will then find a person they like and kidnap them and insert a brainchip into their head and use this person’s body by replacing the original consciousness with that of their own. There is also a process like this involving a genetically engineered or hyper-evolved subterranean race of reptiloid animals that were engineered and hyper evolved through powerful radiation emissions from these spatiotemporal generators that mutate DNA and developed an affinity for human bodies and minds.
  • This aspect could be a projection brought about by the supercomputer system to produce hallucinations where the underground societies of non-humans are completely interdimensional, or produced as a kind of powerful holographic hallucination that one would require a brainchip or some kind of mental merging with the technology or these beings in order to witness, however there are underground cities where these events take place whether they are entirely human or mixed with non-human entities.
  • Timelines have been altered to produce these effects where one society potentially merges with the other and the effects are undone and everything is repeated and altered as part of an ongoing simulation and experimentation to search for cures as well as weaknesses and uses in biological warfare
  • The ‘alien’ species have developed a kind of technological hive-mind apparatus that infects the brain and body similar to the previous method where the consciousness is replaced and some of the elite ‘droning’ is described to actually be saving people from this darker form of droning where a ‘black goo’ like technology substance is inserted into the body and this then proliferates and takes over the individual connecting them to a ‘hive-mind’ collective consciousness system that was supposedly designed by these interdimensionals, but could also simply be a distraction.
  • The source is questionable, however this technology is real and I have seen many people succumb to this.


  • All politicians and people of power in any group or industry are utilized in pay-to-play sexual abuse, child-sex slavery, sacrifice for these ‘interdimensional’ and technological ‘alien’ beings.
  • The Clinton foundation is one public front and all public fronts are no where near as powerful as the behind the scenes fronts. This group is being put out to dry by the originals and so if I am mentioning them it is just to bring a clarity to the depth of the situation, to go after them would be to miss the point that this entire civilization is built on this.
  • Hillary Clinton is being used by these non-terrestrial humanoids as part of this whole situation and she is imprisoned by her involvement and desire to attain power as well as having genetic connections to these original family bloodlines. This is not to condemn anyone, nearly everyone involved is just as imprisoned as I am, however I do not have a personal jet. I have a few pairs of pants that I wash regularly because my injuries are making everything all too difficult including washing and feeding myself.
  • Bill Clinton was present at my 2010 event, as was all that are named here. There were thousands of celebrities. I was told a war had broken out and this is an “Apocalypse” simulator, then myself and other operatives were convinced that we had to defend Earth from an invasion which, after the drugs and hallucinations wore off, I determined was simply surface level innocent human beings. However, the elite would say they are far from innocent because of their involvement with weakness and stupidity which endangers the entire human race
  • The former president Barrack Obama was present and he too is being imprisoned as he was focused on and targeted using the black-goo and scalar mind-control which endangers one’s consciousness. His children were there and part of what he was doing was to protect them. They are an ancient family who’s blood is from Egypt and was ‘technologically reincarnated’ to allow them to rule. He believes in the one God and the others do not hold these beliefs, believing in multiple demi-Gods and others in betweens to worship and produce magic through. His entire family was there, his children were extremely kind yet intellectually powerful and focused. They didn’t seem interested in the darker stuff, I felt similar to them, as those acts seem simply “boring” to someone who is interested in knowledge and internal power rather than external projections (illusion).
  • This is all part of an ancient process as due to my merging in 2010 and earlier, my original genetics were destroyed and I was merged with a genetic line that has been present since Egypt, making timeloops over and over through the entirety of human civilization and back. I have memories of certain inventor’s and artists, warriors and similar elite bloodlines since Egypt. These depictions above are only child’s play to what really goes on. These people rule over timelines and entire worlds, colonizing other areas of the universe through super-computer and teleportation technology.
  • Space is a kind of deception, however, these planetary environments may exist as a kind of holographic ‘local-environment’ within a larger cosmic mind and each outward ‘planet’ is actually connected to internal frequencies of the human soul-far


  • Current President Donald J. Trump was present as well. It’s funny, because saying his name gives me a few flash backs of the events and there is some hope there for me. He was not involved in the pedophilia, the crime-rings, the sacrifice, the torture. He was either protected by a higher-race of beings, a purer human civilization, or they were simply not torturing him so to produce the idea that he was protected. However, he did not torture myself or anyone else and was not involved in the depravity, he “said no to evil”, however, presidents are not permitted to make decisions without the support of the people. They cannot say, “well, I want change, so here it is”. The people are the true guides and as long as people listen to liars and fools they will not have any of their power.


I kept relatively short and will expand upon all parts in time to come. Please pass this along. I’m not sure how long my health will remain at this level, there was a quick and then slow decline starting around February of this year after my first public video and written release was made. There were many attempts on my life since then, such as waking up with a heart-rate of 200 BPM with no sign of sweat, or a nightmare, and simply feeling something technologically increasing my hear-rate to the point where I gave up on getting the phone ready to dial 911 and simply accepted that I have put out enough information to at least say I tried.
Now I feel I have to tell the truth, no matter what, my dreams, my ancestors, Earth, the soul and spirit of humanity, everything is guiding me to do this. The entire universe is pushing me. This is not for myself, however I am changed by this, this is for the people and children who are right now being tortured, trained, conditioned to kill, to maim others, to mind-control and mentally destroy others, to serve these human rapists and molesters, to submit and participate in sacrifices at the threat of being sacrificed themselves.

As a conclusory note, they do use cloning and technology that is thousands of year beyond the present public releases. I was sacrificed over and over again in 2010 in multiple cloned bodies and at one point I was transferred to multiple civilizations where I was apparently kidnapped as a child and brought into a ritual sacrifice situation and stabbed with a sacrificial dagger. This was to “remove” me from the timelines, from all of them, and “seal off” my blood from having access to Earth and humanity. If I die, then I am gone for good, never to return to this civilization. However, if I live, then I live in vain and my story dies with me.

Please share this.
Please share this. Research the videos I have released on YouTube under Aug Tellez, as well as the blog. James Casbolt, Max Spiers, Donald Marshall and others have all seen one or more parts of this. Casbolt also known as Michael Prince details the MILABs abuse and experimentation along with the late Max Spiers, Donald Marshall speaks out on the celebrity cloning, mind-control technology, ritual abuse and sacrifice and alien interactions in underground bases. Most everyone is given at least a slightly different story and experience however the truth can be found by research this information and cross-referencing against your own life-experiences.
This is humanity’s time of resistance of oppression and acceptance of true spiritual power or submission to the closest thing to “absolute evil” the human mind can comprehend.

Thanks to: https://augtellez.wordpress.com


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