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Akhen-Aton/Mosses/Time Desplacement

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1Akhen-Aton/Mosses/Time Desplacement Empty Akhen-Aton/Mosses/Time Desplacement Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:54 am


Akhen-Aton/Mosses/Time Displacement

Seems like a good time to jump on the Akhenaton band-wagon while it’s in vogue. This is not an attempt to discredit history, for this I consider an individual process of awakening, which means if ones not ready to acknowledge variations which dramatically differ from academic perception, there’s no point in crying wolf. But before we begin, here’s a few earthling updates.

A discovery in Antarctica has caused a stir; at this point those who discovered it believe it to be an artificial Star-Gate. However that’s exactly what those who built it wanted its finders to believe. They may even have left a manual to make it all too easy, but the booby trap won’t be known until power hungry idiots breathe their last breath upon starting the device, which they most likely will!
It appears some local (non-human) race lines within our Solar System have agreed to help with  the Fukushima problem and discussions are underway. I doubt you will hear about this on CNN, but it sounds promising. Those who are hell bent on making matters worse are currently picking up the pieces of their beast machine in Alaska.

I think someone might be unwilling to wait for California to fall into the sea; for its obvious the recent onslaught of rain is anything but natural. The HAARP’s in Alaska had been cranking along with others in concert strategically placed to cause this phenomena some are calling the Arctic Vortex. Though they have lost some primary HAARP’s as a warning, the question is, will they heed said warning?  It wouldn’t surprise me if recent discoveries of air-born radioactive material has less to do with Fukushima and more to do with the detonation of nukes in the atmosphere.

Is Mr. Soros the anti-Christ? No doubt he profits at the losses of everyone else, loves to keep the wheel of chaos churning and won’t be happy until streets turn into rivers of blood. Come to think of it he even looks like evil personified, a perfect poster child for Satan’s son. But if God were one of; just a stranger on the bus, what would he do with such a wretch? Though stoning would be a good start it’s just too quick, perhaps if we take his wealth and give it to the poor he created around the globe and ship him back to Hungary with a Tattoo on his forehead which reads “Screw Hungary,” with a go pro camera sewn to his skull; now that would make for good reality TV! But why stop there, after the soul is recycled in rats, his body can be stuffed with his Uruguay trans-genetic cannabis and put in a museum with a sign which reads; “I was the man behind the curtain, for the promise of a shekel I made whole countries slaves, through a strumpets horn I could make them believe anything! Provided the news-caster is sexy in a red dress with contagious consternating compulsion, can spat adjectives of truth-less innuendo without blinking with gusts up to 250.
I have long been a believer that during brother Akhenaton’s reign something happened that would have been hard to prove even then, so we must commence in theory for ease of digestion. We can argue till were blue in the face about trivial matters, such as; the year his reign, the political landscape at the time and who was buried in King Tut’s tomb. But this won’t allow us to think outside the coffin. Many mysteries of ancient Egypt are hard fought for, even for those who spent time there, for the keepers of the secrets are quite stingy in regard to Egypt’s past.

For the record, those who were present in souly fashion during that period once again walk among you, and perhaps this article has them in heart and mind. In fact, this same group of souls have been bouncing in and out in regular fashion like a group of time travelers who have been fighting for the same issues over and over again, and more than often fighting between one another. One thing can be certain, in that, any period which can be even remotely considered a renaissance period will be shadowed by said group. However, if we consider this group to be of the positive persuasion, we must consider that there needs to be an equal and opposite negative persuasion, along with those who we can consider the fence sitters, or brokers without conscience. In a sense no lab experiment would be complete without all the elements in their respective places for conclusions worthy of investment.

During the Akhenaton period something happened (in theory) which was not part of the experiment. Let’s just refer to this as the Star-Gate incident, without getting into details, which have been elaborated by myself in The Sons of Aries and Voyagers II by Ashayana Deane (Mum); being explained from both sides of the coin. The theory has to do with the creation of a rather large time distortion field which came into being during the Star-Gate incident, which happened in the middle of Akhenaton’s reign. Of course our piece meal, spoon fed history can only help to hobble such theories, for even if all the facts were in place we would still be left with anachronisms beyond comprehension.

We’ve all heard the connections which contend that Akhenaton became Moses, but I would like to throw another wrinkle to this story. What if the Akhenaton/Mosses theory, did not happen in the accepted chronology. What if an Akhenatonite got bounced back in time a couple centuries to the end of the 17th dynasty? I know this is and will always remain more science fiction than fact, and will carry plenty of loose ends, but it may help to explain the Tuthmosis enigma which brought forth the 18th Dynasty which can help align the King David/ BethSheba/ King Solomon period as the Tuthmosis I, Hatshepsut, Senmut period which links Hatshepsut’s Temple with what is commonly referred to as King Solomon’s Temple, as elaborated in Sons of Aries.

I don’t believe the Time distortion field ended there, for the entire Troy episode stinks to high heaven of it, so it’s no surprise Brother Bacon reiterated it within the Shakespearian saga “Troilus and Cressida”(Latin euphemism), which is more Aeneid than Illiad, for Homer was telling the Greek version; a Trojan horse of its own. Brother Bacon was no stranger to the bleed. Many Shakespearian subjects mock the family I speak of, because of Mum. Most notably within the King John saga where Mum came in as Eleanor of Aquitaine, while the Baconator recants the life of the Bastard son of King Richard. Though Bacon skips over the Arthurian saga, Eleanor’s daughter Marie brings back the history under the guise of Chrétien de Troyes. Then we have the return of Mum as the 14th century Marie of Anjou, who wrote under the pen name Christine de Pisan (Pisan; fr., precocious Italian author) around 1400. While at La Fere, Mum, or Marie pumps out the volumes of some rather interesting subject matter which covers Arthurian and Trojan periods and some rather early pushes on feminism. Her son is Brother Perceval, bastard son of Enguerrand d’ Coucy VII; yes, another bastard. Perceval had his own pen names while at La Fere, and it’s reasonable to assume Anselm Turmeda and Hoccleve, once considered the poor man’s Chaucer were none other than Perceval d’ Coucy, Yet Bacon avoids this period? Probably because Mum was present as the Virgin Queen, and was no stranger to removing heads of insubordinate relatives.

Anyway, getting back to Akhenaton and his mysterious shadow; Moses.
Most of the Akhenaton period was buried by Brother Ezra at the request of Artaxerxes, who paid the bills, probably at the request of Mum (Esther). For both were involved in the Akhenaton saga, and wanted it off the books. So the new version was condensed and rolled into a Hebrew/ Hyksos version about King Ahab and Jezebel, as the new Old Testament was assembled from deteriorating Babylonian library records which were edited further over the centuries and much was lost to the Roman editors when they created the reader’s digest version called The Holy Bible.

 It should be no surprise that Mum was no fan of Nefertiti, during her stint as Ankhi (Kiya) the concubine of Akhenaton, who was kin to a splinter group of Amun sympathizers we shall refer to as the Mitanni, and hid the fact that she was pregnant with a male heir while trying to install her own son on the thrown whom she calls Sabatoth in Voyagers II. This young man was in fact Akhenaton’s younger half brother, sired by Amenhotep III while a young Ankhi volunteered to become part of the old perverts harem. Sabatoth was educated by the Amun Priesthood, his mentor was the second in command known then as Anen, biblically known as Elijah, while Sabatoth as his favorite became Elisha. It’s no secret that Elijah was an earlier version of Daniel, John the Baptist, Merlin, John Dee, etc., which would make it easy to see that Sabatoth was the Anunnaki half breed favorite we have come to know as Jesus; Sabaoth, lord of the hosts and his armies who defeated Baal and the worship of false gods (Aten)!
 I believe Sabatoth did ascend to the thrown after Brother Akhenaton’s demise for a short period, which could only have been the Smenkhkare period, when he marries Meritaton, Akhenaton’s elder daughter and becomes pharaoh. Which would not have occurred in Amarna (the biblical Samaria) where Nefertiti was being installed as the female pharaoh as Neferneferuaten, so the Sabatoth coronation was probably in Thebes or Memphis. By the time Nefertiti finds out, it’s too late, the Mitanni coup is almost complete. The Babe of Ankhi disappears from history and would have been too old to have been Tut, and the Ankhi incarnate (Ashayana) claims the child was murdered, but this is one cold case that is hard to figure, for if Akhenaton knew of a potential heir he would have protected it at all costs. If he had known about such a murder it would have been front page news with armies roaming the countryside. So something stinks in the town of Amarna.
Now Nefertiti was a crafty one and would not allow such a usurpation to pass lightly, so she makes a few dirty deals of her own with the corrupt Amun Priesthood who pull the reigns back on the blood thirsty general Haremhab (Jehu). The deal, which undoubtedly includes turning her back on the Aten faith and reverting back to the Amun faith, and the milking of people through pantheon. Then, the reinstating of the Akhenaton/ Sabatoth lineage via Meritaton’s child heir after the removal of Sabatoth/ Smenkhkare/ Ahaziah, son of Ankhi. Of course this is the move that brandishes Nefertiti as a traitor. Sabatoth is soon removed, but interestingly enough Meritaton holds her ground and the two queens are in competition for some time. The Biblical story claims Queen Athaliah (Meritaton) is assassinated in the 7th year of her reign, post Sabatoth who wasn’t removed until the babes birth, the 7 year old boy Tutankhaton becomes co-regent until his 14th year (biblical Jehoram). Tut is wed to Auntie Ankhesenpaaton (Ankhesenamun), who was getting up in her years. Of course the boy king resists the Amun priesthood upon learning the truth and is soon taken out by Jehu before he reaches 21. After a short stint with the aged Aten patriarch Ay who was also Nefertiti’s uncle, Ankhesenpaaton collects what’s left of her kin and some trusted followers and ships out, never to be seen again. Some claim she became Scota, the queen of Celtic mythology.
Nefertiti’s claims were void after the boy king was coronated, and if the Biblical version of her death proves correct at the hands of Jehu; Thrown from the wall and repeatedly run over by chariots and her corpse ravaged by wild dogs, I wouldn’t expect a great deal left for mummification if it happened at all. But if there are remains behind the wall in Tut’s tomb, they may be those of Meritaton as well, and possibly Kiya, though I doubt either, for I believe Kiya’s remains have already been found. And I also believe Tut’s burial chamber was not royal to begin with, but originally slated for Ay. Ay’s burial chamber was most likely originally reserved for the boy king.
When Haremhab (Jehu) finally made it to the throne, he was up in years, but wiped out what was left of Amarna from history in a bloody campaign of genocide. The Akhenaton/ Amenhotep line was obliterated; or was it?
If my time distortion field theory is correct, this would also be akin to bloodline distortion field, or perhaps battle field would define it best. Looking at both the Mosses Hyksos period (1625 BC) and the Trojan period (1225 BC), we see an intense seething animosity toward these groups and campaigns for extermination of pandemic proportion. Albeit the character roles are varied, it’s not difficult with a bit of research to see who’s who. Yet in all three cases the history was intentionally distorted as if to hide ET chess. To further the enigma; What were colossi of Memnon doing at the gates of the palace of Amenhotep III? Further; what did Tuthmosis IV, Heremhab and Agamemnon all have in common?
“For Hecuba! What’s Hecuba to him or he to Hecuba?” Hamlet
The main mission of Akhenaton (per Voyagers) was to Ascend a higher race line called Annu Melchizedeks via the Giza Star-Gate, because they had become infected by a genetic Templar Seal which began to spread through humanity. Such seals mutate the genome by shutting off resonant aspects of the DNA that allow for soul and soul family communication. Of course certain Anunnaki were not fond of the idea, because they were the cause of the seals to begin with and wanted to keep humanity enslaved. This is not to say that all Anunnaki are bad, but it is to say that their political parties lean toward a controlling demeanor with political objectives when it comes to humanity, so, any outsiders not with the program gest the boot. Or in Akhenaton’s case; the seal. Though Akhenaton would be stuck reincarnating until now, all of his incarnations were saddled by the old guard who disallowed any royal appointments (hence the bastard years), though they still wanted him close enough to ensure there were no surprises.
The Worship of the Aten in my estimation was far more diverse than what it appears. It not only provided a way to wean the public off demi-gods and idols, but offered a methodology for healing genetic mutations, while simultaneously creating a resurgence of the Ra teachings of the Law of One which appealed to Hyksos, Egyptians, Phoenician’s and Mitannians, who all still had existing cults still in operation. While metaphorically it represented the light of creation which stood in sharp contrast to the growing darkness within the Amun priesthood.
The Voyagers story paints a distorted picture of Akhenaton and even calls him an Anunnaki, because they are still sore at him for pulling the rug out from under them and spoiling their plans for taking over the Star-Gate once it was opened so they could make unsanctioned trips to worlds and timelines not keen on visits from genetically compromised race lines who are designed to spread their seed like Dandelions. Perhaps the damage which occurred at the Giza Gate was divine intervention. Perhaps the stranding of Akhenaton was not so accidental, for he did descend from a race line which maintain the ability to enter any time continua at anytime, but then what would be the reason for such and are we now within the period of said reason?
“Tis gone, we do it wrong, being so majestical,
To offer it the show of violence;
For it is, as the air, invulnerable,
And our vain blows malicious mockery.”     Hamlet
Val 3/1/17

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