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"Max Spiers Update"

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Published on Mar 2, 2017
Please read my description below as I will be discussing my thoughts on the recent BBC on-line documentary on the Mysterious Death of Max Spiers during my interview with Conspiracy Or Not Here We Come in Google Chats on Friday March 3, 2017 at 7PM EST.

I am working on my final edit for the third part of my Trilogy on the Death of Max Spiers and as I was in the editing suite this past week we heard that BBC had released an on-line and avaialble only in the UK documentary on last summers death of Super Soldier Max Spiers. I have received new information over the past several month's from three very credible ladies who had ties and links with Max Spiers and I will be sharing our journey together in this next and my third video regarding the death of Max Spiers.

I have just finished watching the 4 part or 35 minute BBC documentary on the death of Max Spiers through their BBC news.com website and the things that I saw in this little BBC on-line documentary is - first-off - Miles Johnston really, really likes to hear himself talk, Watching Miles give the female BBC reporter the 'electro-rods' was freaky and had nothing to do with the story or Max's death.. in my upcoming video I discuss that 'scene' between Miles and the BBC field reporter. In the documentary we also learned that Max's former 'partner' Monika Duval still has not talked publicly regarding Max's strange death on her couch in Poland and finally the most notable person that I found interestingly missing from the conversation in this video was that BBC reporter never mentioned Max's former girlfriend and fellow 'Targeted Individual' Sarah Rachel Adams who was a large factor in Max's rise to 'Comspiracy Theorist' fame.

Of course the BBC avoids to mention that Max Spiers name came to the presses attention over two month's after Max's death when on October 8th, 2016 Max Spiers name was mentioned with the Wikileaks and Podesta Email leaks. Max was mentioned in emails with John Podesta who was wanting to know more about the 'alien agenda and UFO's'. If you recall Hillary Clinton had talked about releasing Top Secret US government files on UFO's and E.T's if she was to become President.

The BBC also failed to mention from Max Spiers last interview why Max had mentioned that he felt threatened by former US Military Top Brass and Church of Satan Leader Michael Aquino in this morbid final interview.

I still give kudos to BBC for reporting on this, but the sequence segments recorded with Miles Johnston were a little painful to watch and listen to.

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