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Massive Flooding Peru & Namibia

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1Massive Flooding Peru & Namibia  Empty Massive Flooding Peru & Namibia on Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:59 am



State of emergency declared: Peru floods update: Over Half Million Affected: 72,115 displaced: 110,094 homes affected: More rain on the way!

Massive Flooding Peru & Namibia  6a00d8341bffd953ef0120a8246255970b-800wi
Cave News
Torrential rains triggered flash floods in the Peruvian capital Lima, stranding thousands of people and forcing rescuers to find ways to evacuate them across roads turned to raging rivers.
The inundation came as the National Emergency Operations Center said at least 65 people have been killed in Peru this year in natural disasters, the latest being three deaths in a flood in the La Libertad region of northern Peru.
Two people were missing.
After weeks of heavy rain, some residents on the outskirts of the capital of 10 million people awoke Friday to the realization their bedrooms were filling with water.
Others found themselves cut off by mudslides that blocked portions of the main highway linking Lima to the center of the country.
In one dramatic scene, rescuers used zip lines to help residents of Lima's Huachipa neighborhood escape over the torrent of brown water that was once their street, as it swallowed up cars and trucks. The floods have been triggered by El Nino, a warming of surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean that wreaks havoc on weather patterns every few years.
This year it has hit Peru particularly hard. "It's a difficult situation, there's no doubt about it.
But we have the resources" to deal with it, said President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.
The government announced it would release 2.5 billion soles ($760 million) in emergency funds to rebuild affected areas.

Floods in Lima Region 
Around 100,000 people have been affected by the current flood event in Lima Region.
On Tuesday 14 March, the rivers Rimac, Huaycoloro and Huaicos all overflowed in different points of the capital affecting Chaclacayo, Lurigancho-Chosica, El Augistino and Punta Hermosa.
A bridge dramatically collapsed in Talavera, San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima Province.
Elsewhere in Lima region the Supe river overflowed, inundating nearby areas in Ambar District. Authorities report that Mala, Chilca and Cañete have also been affected by flooding.

Floods and Heavy Rain Since December
Over Half Million Affected Peru’s civil defence agency INDECI reported (pdf) yesterday
62 people have lost their lives as a result of the heavy rain, flooding and landslides.
At least twenty regions have been affected.
72,115 displaced
567,551 affected
62 dead
170 injured
12 missing
9,018 homes destroyed
8257 homes damaged (uninhabitable)
110,094 homes affected
1,231 km main roads destroyed
132 bridges destroyed


Another country crippled from drought suffering their worst flooding in living memory: 70 dead after worst flooding ever in Namibia

Massive Flooding Peru & Namibia  00170580-30a24acebd664f1ffeafe442bb8bba7d-arc614x376-w1200
Photo Allafrica.com
The flood situation in the Cuvelai catchment area has reached alarming levels and residents are being warned to take necessary precautions, in expectation of the worst possible flooding experienced here in living memory.
Over 70 people have so far drowned in Oshana, Omusati and Ohangwena regions in Namibia because of heavy downpours.
Over 60 schools in Omusati Region are also reported to have shut their doors, while about some 120 families consisting of 562 individuals have been displaced at Oshakati and temporarily relocated to Ekuku.
Heavy rainfall is forecast for the areas within the Cuvelai Basin, including Omusati, Oshana, Ohangwena, Kunene, Kavango East and West and the Zambezi regions and residents of those areas are advised to be on high alert for possible flooding.
 All institutions and sectors and relief agencies that normally participate in disaster management have been urged to activate their contingency plans for flood management in preparation for the potential disaster.
Communities are being advised not to cross rivers in the flooded areas and to take precautionary measures to avoid loss of life and damage to property.

Namibia which has been facing the effects of their severest drought in over a quarter of a century for the last four years.
Some 330,000 people in Namibia are food insecure, 14 percent of the country’s population.
Over 600,000 people in the Namibia Angolan border provinces of Cunene and Huila do not have enough food or water due to two consecutive years of failed rains

Astonishing turn around
Namibia is the fifth area to witness an astonishing turn around for drought crippled regions around the globe: California, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and Madagascar and now Namibia have had droughts wiped out!


Thanks to: http://www.thebigwobble.org


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