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Expand Your Energy Vibration to Connect with Spirit Guides

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Expand Your Energy Vibration to Connect with Spirit Guides

Posted on March 22, 2017 by David Nova 

Source: VitalityLink.com | by Margaret Jang
Expand Your Energy Vibration to Connect with Spirit Guides Spirit_guideToo Busy and No Time… After many discussions with others who seek to connect with the spiritual realm, I realize that many people do not feel that they have sufficient time to commit to a daily practice of meditation, journalizing and energy exercises.
With juggling careers, children and household chores, there isn’t much time left to connect with spirit.  Sadly, you find it frustrating because you desperately want to develop your psychic abilities for an assortment of reasons.
You may want to receive spiritual guidance, you may want to strengthen your spiritual connection to become a stronger healer, you may want to tap into higher consciousness in order to bring forth creative inspirations and higher knowledge, you may want to become a psychic or a medium in order to read professionally for others or you may just want to connect to universal wisdom.


For those who stubbornly insist that they will connect to spirit without incorporating a disciplined daily practice, I wish you good luck and I sincerely hope that you achieve your desire.  As for the rest of us, there are certain steps that need to be followed, although I am a firm believer that there are no set methods cast in stone – there is no right or wrong technique.
What I offer in this article are step by step suggestions that have been used and do work, but feel free to add your own or use whatever methods you find most comfortable to work with.  After-all, it is far better to use something, plus do something, rather than nothing at all.

Importance for Expanding Energy Vibration

So why do you need to expand your energy vibration?
Quite simply, the higher, lighter and purer your energy vibration frequency level resonates; it will allow you to attract the same vibration from the spiritual realm.
As based on the Law of Attraction, like energy attracts like energy.  In essence, you will have the capacity to attract a higher level spirit guide who will always put your best interests first, plus will be dedicated to your continued spiritual growth.  Also, you will have a stronger, instantaneous, plus a more direct link or contact into the spiritual realm.
To give you a slightly different spin about energy levels of consciousness, according to David R. Hawkins, author of Power vs Force, on a scale of 1 to 1000, anything calibrated below 200 is regarded as a negative and destructive energy.
For example, using kinesiology (or muscle testing), he measures “shame” at 20, “guilt” at 30, “apathy (or indifference)” at 50, “grief” at 75, “fear” at 100, “desire” at 125, “anger” at 150 and “pride” at 175.
So your goal is to overcome the lower levels and attain 200 or above.  Examples of higher levels are, “courage” at 200, “neutrality” at 250, “willingness” at 310, “acceptance” at 350, “reason” at 400, “love” at 500, “joy” at 540, “peace” at 600 and “enlightenment at 700-1000.
As you can see, the further up the scale you go the better off you are, in which you will attract the same type of energy frequency whether it comes from another human or from the spiritual realm.
David R. Hawkins also makes another interesting point.  A person who calibrates at the 300 level will counterbalance 90,000 individuals who calibrate below the 200 level.  Or a person who calibrates at the 500 level will counterbalance 750,000 individuals who calibrate below the 200 level.  Therefore, the higher you can build your energy frequency level, the more beneficial you become to the world at large, never-mind how it affects your connection with spirit.

Establish a Routine

Below is a routine to start you on your way.  But please remember, it is more important to practice 10-minutes daily, if this is all the time you can spare, rather than to practice for 90-minutes once per week.

Simple 2-4 Meditation

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot connect to spirit as long as you maintain mind chatter and the quickest way to overcome this is by quieting your mind first starting with meditation.  This is a simple 1-2-3-4 counting exercise to be practiced daily and consistently, even 10 to 20 minutes will provide you with increased clarity, calmness, centeredness, balance and revitalization of energy, plus it strengthens your focus.  You go from beta to alpha state where you gain access to higher states of awareness.
1.     Turn off your phone and sit in a comfortable position
2.     Dim the lights and play soft music if desired
3.     Add a light covering if desired (your body temperature may drop)
4.     Close your eyes, take 3-deep breaths and relax
5.     As you count, visualize each number in front of you
6.     Inhale deeply through your nose to the count of four seconds 1 and 2 and 3 and 4, while expanding your stomach (like a balloon), then draw your breath up to your diaphragm and pull it up into your rib cage
7.     Hold for the count of two seconds 1 and 2
8.     Exhale through your nose to the count of four seconds 1 and 2 and 3 and 4, as you push the air down into your stomach while sucking your stomach in towards your spine
9.     Hold for the count of two seconds 1 and 2
10. If a thought comes in, acknowledge it and allow it to go – don’t dwell on it or build upon it with another separate thought
11. Continue breathing in this fashion for 10-20 minutes
12. Don’t worry about intruding thoughts, just let them go; eventually they will stop. If you lose count, start again at number 1
13. If you fall asleep, don’t worry, your body needed the additional rest
14. When finished, rub your fingers together and open your eyes

Daily Exercise – Sitting in Your Power

With meditation the mind goes inactive; however, with this exercise the mind remains active.  It’s designed to expand your energy vibrational level so you have a strong/direct contact with spirit, as well as increase your focus and strengthen your visualization.  Start with 10-minutes and if you are able, work up to 60-minutes daily.
1.     Ground, protect and cleanse beforehand.  Close your eyes and relax
2.     Breathe either through your nose or mouth; with each breath, continue to relax more
3.     As you breathe in, see yourself surrounded by white light, see the light go down your crown chakra to your heart chakra, see this as a ball of light and feel its warmth, know that you are the light
4.     With each breath, see your ball of light expanding and getting larger and brighter until the room is completely lit up.  Know that you are the light
5.     With each breath, feel your power, see your own light
6.     Now expand your power, expand your light
7.     As you focus on each breath, reach out to touch and feel the top of the Northshore mountains; melt right into the snowcap, feel the coolness meld with your skin as you become one, you are the mountain
8.     Now reach out to touch and feel the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean as each wave laps right through you; feel yourself bounce back and forth as a wave; feel yourself ripple with the tide – back and forth, in and out; you are the Pacific Ocean
9.     Expand your energy upward and outward until you wrap yourself around the Earth; feel and know that you are part of the Earth, you are the Earth
10. You are one with all, you are one with the universe; you are the universe
11. As you rhythmically breathe in and out, feel and stay in your own power for allotted time (set a timer for 10 to 60 minutes)
12. When you are ready to come back, rub your fingers together, wiggle your toes and open your eyes
13. You will feel refreshed, fully alert and fully conscious
14. If you feel “spaced-out”, dizzy or un-balanced, repeat your grounding exercise, drink some water or eat some protein (nuts or a protein bar)

How to Improve Your Connection

1.     Become aware of your intuition or your “gut” instinct and your body talk; listen to it carefully
2.     Practice visualization – e.g. picture an orange, smell it, peel it, feel it, taste it or picture a flower in detail
3.     Reduce daily stress, simplify your lifestyle
4.     Talk to your guides daily; allow them to assist and guide you, but be sure not to become totally dependent on them;
5.     Test yourself – when the phone rings, guess who it is before answering, guess the daily price of gasoline, use playing cards to guess the colour or suite before turning over the card
6.     Use your imagination freely; believe you inner senses, what you feel, sense, see, hear, taste or smell

Keep a Daily Journal

A suggestion is to use a large 3-ring binder with an index Jan-Dec.  After each session, write your experience with as much detail as possible.


1.     Encourages your development process
2.     Expands your level of awareness
3.     Gives visual evidence of your progress
4.     Shows when you receive “hits” or successes
5.     Shows you when you are not paying attention

What to include in your journal

1.     Affirmations or inspirations
2.     All impressions received and through which inner sense (see, hear, feel, sense, know, smell, taste)
3.     All thoughts received and specify through which inner sense
4.     Channelled messages (avoid editing)
5.     Coincidences (things that happen at the same time)
6.     Synchronicities (meaningful coincidences where two or more unrelated events happen at the same time in a similar fashion)
7.     Date and time
8.     Events that occur during sleep (dreams, images, emotions)
9.     Numbers that continually appear (time, license plate, dates, addresses, birthdates)
10. Personal goals and desires
11. Pictures and symbols received

Sensations You May Experience

During connection you may experience some of the following; do not be alarmed, it’s normal.
1.     Feel cold, heat, tingling, a breeze
2.     Feel or sense a “presence” or an energy
3.     Feel pressure at the base of your brain
4.     Feel pressure on top of your head (at crown)
5.     Feel pressure or tingling between your eyes (3rd eye)
6.     Hear voices without a physical source
7.     See symbols, colours, words, orbs of light, or pictures through your 3rd eye, not your physical eyes
8.     Smell odours without a physical source
9.     Taste flavours without a physical source
Caution: If you feel uncomfortable because you attracted a lower vibrating energy (also called negative energy), ask it to leave immediately, to return to the light.  A high level guide always puts your growth and best interest first.

(Step 1) Set Your Intention – Protect To Connect

Set your intention before connecting.  Ask for a column of white light from the universal Source to surround you in protection and to ground you to Mother Earth (or earth energies).
Steps for setting your intention
1.     Close your eyes, take 3-deep breaths and relax
2.     Focus your awareness or attention to your centre (heart area)
3.     Focus your inner vision to your inner screen (your inner screen is about 6 to 12-inches in front of your physical eyes) in front of your 3rd eye
4.     Intention can be said aloud or silently
Example phrase for setting your intention
“As I connect to my soul, my higher self, my spirit team and to Source, creator of universal life force energy and my soul self, I ask Source to send forth a column of white light to surround me in protection and to ground me to the centre core of Mother Earth.  I know that I am safe and secure at all times as I endeavour to connect to spirit.”

(Step 2) Instant Trigger to Meet Your Guide

This trigger technique instantly takes you to Alpha level.
1.     Close your eyes, take 3-deep breaths and relax
2.     Press your right thumb, index and middle fingers together to program your instant trigger
3.     Now say silently or aloud, “Each time I join my fingers like this [press your 3-fingers together], I will instantly connect with my guide at our special meeting place (visualize a special place. E.g. a garden, beside a riverbank, in a meadow, etc.). When I want to end my connection with my guide I will rub my fingers together then open my eyes and I will feel instantly alert and fully conscious in the present”
4.     Wait to sense (heat, cold, breeze, tingling, goose-bumps, etc.) or visualize your guide, then greet him/her
5.     Ask for a name or ask if it is from the universal light (wait for a thought or a feeling to come through)
6.     Then feel free to ask for guidance, messages, inspirations, knowledge or wisdom, but avoid asking silly questions
7.     If you don’t sense or visualize your guide, then repeat the programming each day until you do

(Step 3) Phrasing a Question

1.     Avoid compound or multiple questions and avoid giving your own power away by using sentences prefixed with, “What should I do?”
2.     Be as detailed as possible
Example questions to ask your guide
a.     Ask, “Are you the highest level guide that I can attract at this time?”
b.     Ask, “What may I call you?”
c.      Ask, “Are you from the Light?”
d.    Ask, “How may I attract a higher level guide?”
e.     Ask, “Please explain or show me what my best options would be for ……”
f.       Ask, “Please give me guidance for ”
g.     Ask, “Please help me to remember where I put my ”
h.     Ask, “Please assist me in realizing what gifts I possess that will benefit ”
i.       Ask, “How may I use my gifts most effectively to benefit my soul’s growth?”
j.       Ask, “Please give me guidance on how I may complete my soul’s mission in this lifetime”
k.     Ask, “What lessons do I still need to learn in order to complete my soul’s contract?”
l.       Ask, “I am trying to decide between and , please give me guidance so that I understand what my best option would be for all concerned”
m.  If the above suggestions are unsuitable, then ask whatever questions you wish

(Step 4) Thanks and Gratitude

Before disconnecting, express your respect, gratitude and humbleness to your guides for their assistance.
Example phrase for thanks and gratitude
“I give thanks and gratitude for the guidance, assistance and blessings that I have received – thank-you, thank-you, thank-you”
Note: The first thank-you is to acknowledge Source (also referred to as God, I Am, Allah, Divine Source, Spirit, etc.), the second thank-you is to acknowledge your spirit team (your personal guides, angels, ascended masters/teachers, etc.) and the third thank-you is to acknowledge your own soul, mind and body.

(Step 5) Return to Consciousness

1.     Rub your fingers together, wiggle your toes, take 3-deep breaths and open your eyes when you’re ready
2.     Drink water, which will help to further ground you, plus hydrate your body, as well as flush out toxins/impurities and it also helps circulate energy throughout your body
3.     Eat some protein if you feel light-headed or “spaced-out” (E.g. nuts or a protein bar) or do a grounding technique.

About the Author

Margaret Jang is a philanthropist, as well as an spiritual/inspirational poet and writer.
Over the years she has delved into many modalities, some which include teaching Reiki, Crystal & Gemstone therapy, Psychic/Channelling development and Numerology. Margaret’s time and energy is now devoted to philanthropic endeavors with a goal to make and donate articles for charity.
Her compelling interest in both the intuitive and healing arts stimulated a passionate desire to delve deeper within. Over time, spiritual guidance transpired through writings consisting of channelled spiritual/inspirational poetry and informative articles.
Although Margaret’s interests have now shifted, she continues to write insightful and informative articles, as well as spiritual/inspirational poetry which are still shared on her website, www.margaretjang.com, as well as through affiliated websites.
© Margaret I. Jang www.margaretjang.com
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Thanks to: https://deusnexus.wordpress.com


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