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Stop The Madness…

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1Stop The Madness… Empty Stop The Madness… Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:05 am


Stop The Madness…

March 24, 2017 / Visionkeeper

Stop The Madness… Adorable-art-baby-cute-favim-com-4011153
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I have come to believe that the majority of us feel the world is enveloped in madness right at the moment, and it seems to continue to pick up steam rather than slowing down. It has become quite alarming to some. In order to STOP the madness we must make sure our own inner world is safe, secure and headed in the right direction. It is so important to find what it is that brings true meaning to our lives and more importantly that we have the courage to stand up for what we believe, despite what all others may believe! It is imperative right now that humanity reactivates its compassion which has slowly been destroyed by television’s 24/7 coverage of war, death, hatred, evil and fear. As a society we are being driven to become cold, callous and eventually unaffected by the cruelties of life being pounded into us. We need to reclaim quickly that softer, more loving, caring and empathetic side to us that has been stolen away without most even realizing it.
Brainwashing has become a word the dark has given great negative, conspiracy theory labeling to in hopes we do not pursue the truth of its existence. It is real and it is subtle in its many forms. Lets face it, it’s out in the open now that main stream media is putting out lies to mislead the American people. It is a very sad state of where we are today. This is why television has become one of the most dangerous hazards we are facing. People do not even realize their thoughts are being swayed and tampered with because it subtly happens over long periods of time. Whose life are we living anyway? Are we thinking for ourselves therefore living our own lives, or are we thinking what we have been taught to think and are now living our lives according to what they believe we should believe? Scary to contemplate but we need to.
It is so important to stand up for something you truly believe in as that keeps you anchored not only in the present moment, but also anchored in how you feel about yourself. Believing in something and standing up for it triggers off self-pride and a much-needed boost of worthiness. Many people have disconnected from their own self-worth, it has been whittled away and buried beneath the day-to-day trauma of reality. If individually we have lost the ability to care about ourselves, how can we care about anybody else? We have disconnected, we have stopped caring, and we numb ourselves out to the world around us. It has become too painful to acknowledge. It is crucial we reignite our own personal compassion and caring for ourselves, rediscover our worthiness and begin to reach out so humanity can save itself from its own demise.
I personally have reached a breaking point where I will no longer listen to or accept what is being done to our veterans! The time for talking about the abuse is OVER! If we awaken our compassion again we can finally see how horrific this situation really is! How in heaven’s name have we allowed this abuse, this lack of caring for those who fought for our freedom to continue? Each and every one of us has what I call a trigger, something that sets us off and pushes our buttons. We need to take those triggers and do something with them. It is time to stop talking and take a stand. It builds up worthiness within, we feel pride and more importantly we are caring about others! We have turned away long enough, especially when it concerns another country. NO! We are all one, what happens to one happens to all and we need to embrace this concept once and for all. Humanities existence depends on us getting this right! It depends on us finally understanding division is a fallacy and oneness & equality is the real truth!
So find that trigger within, figure out what means the most to you and stand up for it. Re-engage with your true self, rebuild that worthiness and compassion. As I said above, until we can finally feel compassion for ourselves, we won’t be able to feel genuine compassion for others and the world needs it desperately to survive!
Blessings to us all,

Thanks to VK at: https://oneworldmetamorphosis.wordpress.com


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