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Water Day 2017

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1Water Day 2017 Empty Water Day 2017 Tue Mar 28, 2017 7:10 am



Water Day 2017 World-water-day--e1490552000242
By David Sim

Water Day 2017: 60 powerful photos to make you think twice about leaving the tap running

More than 650 million people, or 10% of the world’s population, do not have access to safe water, putting them at risk of infectious diseases and premature deatth.
World Water Day is marked on 22 March every year to raise awareness of the water crisis facing much of the world’s population. The UN estimates that more than 663 million people do not have a safe water supply close to home. Instead of turning on a tap, they must spend countless hours queueing or trekking to sources of water. This water is often contaminated, putting people at risk of infectious diseases and premature death.
Water Day 2017 World-water-day-2015 People gather to fetch water from a huge well in the village of Natwarghad in the western Indian state of GujaratReuters
Dirty water and poor sanitation can cause severe diseases in children, killing 900 under-fives every day across the world, according to United Nations estimates – or one child every two minutes. Among newborn babies, the World Health Organisation says infections caused by a lack of safe water and an unclean environment cause one death every minute somewhere in the world.
The theme of World Water 2017 is “Why waste water?” The vast majority of wastewater from homes, cities, industry and agriculture around the world flows back to nature without being treated or reused – polluting the environment, and losing valuable nutrients and other recoverable materials. WWD2017 aims to promote the need for reducing and reusing wastewater for things like irrigation and cooling.
To mark World Water Day 2017, IBTimes UK presents 60 powerful photos to remind us that one in ten people don’t have access to clean, safe water.
Water Day 2017 World-water-day A woman leads her donkeys loaded with jerrycans past the carcass of a domestic animal that died due to severe drought in Baligubadle village near Hargeisa, SomalilandRed Cross/Reuters Water Day 2017 World-water-day A woman fetches drinking water from a well along the dried-up Chemumvuri river near Gokwe, ZimbabweReuters Water Day 2017 World-water-day Residents collect drinking water from a lake in Dala township, near Yangon, MyanmarAFP Water Day 2017 World-water-day-2016 Children collect water from a swamp in Mwea, KenyaAFP Water Day 2017 World-water-day People collect water from a muddy waterhole in San Marcos Tlacoyalco, MexicoGetty Images Water Day 2017 World-water-day-2016 A slum dweller keeps an eye open fro trains as she collects water for drinking from a puddle in between railway tracks in MumbaiReuters Water Day 2017 World-water-day-2016 Slum dwellers collect drinking water from a submerged hand-pump after heavy rains in the northern Indian city of AllahabadReuters
VIEW MORE HERE: http://www.jbbardot.com/powerful-leaving-running/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheJBBardotArchives+%28The+JB+Bardot+Archives%29

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