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Assemblage Point – The “Seat Of Our Consciousness”

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Assemblage Point – The “Seat Of Our Consciousness” Consciousness-Theories-790x400_c
Assemblage Point – The “Seat Of Our Consciousness”.
  March 31, 2017

Everything you think and everything you feel depends on the position of the Assemblage Point.
– Don Juan
Assemblage Point – The “Seat Of Our Consciousness” Ap.htm1_ The Assemblage Point  is a tube-like bundle of light energy contained within our energy field, which flows through the front and back of the energy vortex known as the heart Chakra. Situated within this heart centre, the AP is known to be the “Seat of our Consciousness”. The Assemblage Point lies at the epicenter of your energy field in the area of the heart chakra. It’s position dictates how you feel, perceive, and behave in the world. A centered location equates to a centered existence. It is called the Assemblage Point because we are assembled in the womb from the umbilical cord that connects us to the placenta of our mother. The major input of energy enters the developing foetus via the navel.”
Assemblage Point – The “Seat Of Our Consciousness” 15-1-3
The Assemblage Point is the main place where our energy field connects with our physical body. The assemblage point is directly connected with our life force energy. It lies in the centre of the chest at the nipple line. The assemblage point is slightly higher on women than men. At this point lines of energy pass through the chest and out of the back. The assemblage point is actually a cluster of energy lines. Where these energy lines enter the chest there is generally a tender or sensitive area of skin with a diameter of 0.5 – 1.0 cms. The clustering of lines of energy at the assemblage point creates a stronger energy potential compared to other areas of the energy field. The position of the assemblage point has a direct effect on our physical and psychological health. When is correctly aligned we will feel positive and happy. We will be healthy and interact well with other people. When the assemblage point is out of alignment we may feel unwell or anxious. We may be lacking in energy and feel that life is constant struggle.
From the book  “The Catalyst Of Power – The Assemblage Point Of Man” by Jon Whale Ph.D.
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Consciousness Of Economic

Consciousness Of Economic
Something I rarely talk about in public. I have my own particular shaman blow or assemblage point shifting technique. Been doing Shamanism work my whole life, do long distant sessions and coaching, but blows are done in person...help to shift consciousness, release stress and old patterns, transfers energy from left brain across both lobs accessing whole brain function, arrest disease and fully stabilizes torus field for about 50 hours. Eventually after several of them over time a person can hold to a new assemblage point spot. Babies and animals last a long time. Some interesting stuff from my website not mine but stuff I have found...

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