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Tzolkin Trecena Notes –1 Ben (Reed)

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1Tzolkin Trecena Notes –1 Ben (Reed)  Empty Tzolkin Trecena Notes –1 Ben (Reed) Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:13 am


Tzolkin Trecena Notes –1 Ben (Reed)

53 of the 260 Day Tzolkin

Date: September 5, 2012

Bearer: 13 Caban

Trecenas are thirteen-day
periods in the Tzolkin. Each Trecena starts with the Number 1, but with a
different Day Glyph. As a wave of the Thirteen Heavens, the underlying
energy is governed by the First Day Glyph of the Trecena and influences
all thirteen successive Day Glyphs. Being aware of the predominant
energy of the First Day of the Trecena, we can align our intentions with
that energy and allow our goals to manifest.

This Trecena starts with 1 Ben (Reed/Corn)
ambitious, strong, confident, inner power, authority, crusader,
champion, journeying in new directions, energy connector between heaven
and earth, sharing connections with others.

“The vertical lines or stalks
at the top of this glyph that come only partway down signify spiritual
growth. The horizontal line, symbolizing multiplication and the
horizon, is an altar table, and the sacred trees, such as the ceiba and
coral tree, with their roots, trunk, and canopy, also represent a
table or altar.” Carlos Barrios, The Book of Destiny.

Tzolkin Trecena Notes –1 Ben (Reed)  Reed_09

© 2006 Judith Ann Griffith

In Mayan prophecy, the
god-king Feathered Serpent or Quetzalcoatl would return to humanity in
the year 1 Reed. According to the legend, as a spiritual leader
Quetzalcoatl advocated the replacement of human sacrifice with flowers,
songs and meditation. It was told that he erected a pillar in the city
of Tula “Place of Reeds” symbolizing the World Tree as an energy conduit
between heaven and earth.

Reed energy, like a pillar
receiving sunlight energy, serves as the connection between heaven and
earth. Thus Reed energy becomes a conduit of light energy,
photosynthesis on a spiritual level, our continual link through many
levels from the primordial cellular level to the higher vibration level
of multidimensional existence. This photosynthesis of energy
(“kundulini” running up and down our spine) brings out the best in us,
especially our passion for a concept we believe in. We may feel inclined
to begin a crusade for change, and many may gravitate to those born on
the Day of Reed because of their clear visions of changing the world for
the better.

Another representation of
the Trecena is that of a creative wave beginning at 1 and ending at 13,
with the numbers 6, 7 and 8 representing the crest of the wave. The
crest could be interpreted as a strong influential energy, although the
underlying influence on the Trecena would still rest in the beginning.
This conduit of light energy crests on 6 Etznab (Flint), mirror or
reflection, exposing our inner selves; 7 Cauac (Storm), gathering energy
to clear and cleanse our spirit; and 8 Ahau (Sun), embodiment of light
energy encouraging our inner spirit to flower. This influx of light
energy is just what we need in order to usher in the new cycle of 25,000
years beginning December 21, 2012.

As we journey through each day of this Trecena:

Trecena Count

Gregorian Date

1 Ben (Reed)
September 5, 2012

2 Ix (Jaguar)

September 6

3 Men (Eagle)

September 7

4 Cib (Owl/Wisdom)

September 8

5 Caban (Movement)

September 9

6 Etznab (Flint)

September 10

7 Cauac (Storm)

September 11

8 Ahau (Sun/Light)

September 12

9 Imix (Crocodile)

September 13

10 Ik (Wind)

September 14

11 Akbal (Night/Hearth)

September 15

12 Kan (Seed/Lizard)

September 16

13 Chicchan (Serpent)

September 17

Utilize the energy of Reed to
recognize and honor our inner strength of power and authority. Now is
the time to access this higher vibration - create positive changes in
our individual lives which will also create positive changes in our

Tzolkin Trecena Notes –1 Ben (Reed)  Tz

In Lak’ech (I am another you),
William and Viola
©2007 William and Viola Welsch

1) Matty's Journal has been updated - Click here

2) New World Birth Video for 1 - Reed (Ben) by Scott Davis - Click here

3) Kenneth Johnson - Mayan Prophecies Part 5 - Click here

4) New e-book
- THE MAYAN PROPHECIES: The Renewal of the World 2012-2072

The Mayan Calendar does not “end” in 2012. In
his new book, “The Mayan Prophecies: The Renewal of the World,
2012-2072,” Kenneth Johnson explores the prophecies preserved in the
secret knowledge books of the Yucatec Maya and their message for the
years ahead. Click Here

Tzolkin Trecena Notes –1 Ben (Reed)  KJ_e_book

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5) Thanks to 4-ahau.com for the September Tzolkin Calendar Graphic:

Tzolkin Trecena Notes –1 Ben (Reed)  4ahau_9_12_s

Click here for Full Size

Thanks to: http://www.mayanmajix.com


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