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Aug Tellez - The 5 D Reality Bridge plus more

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The 5 D Reality Bridge

Posted on April 3, 2017 by omnipulse

I responded to someone, with a bit of an attitude, that if some people ‘enter’ this society, this dimension or however you will look at this, and ‘make things right’ forcefully for us, that this would break the cycle of free-will and sovereignty that people currently have no matter how much they are already giving it away.
As well, this opens the ‘other side’ to do the same thing and violate the same guidelines for balance and this changes everything in a way where people have the least control over what is happening.
Read the post below this one and Jared Sullivan’s comment. The fuller picture is that awareness that is present here is also present in the higher-dimensional reality beyond the confines of the fractal consciousness containment system. Thus, WE are the ones who change the system from the outside in, inside out in a way that is initiated through the free-will, creativity, compassion, and self-awareness of the people here.
Another basic elaboration of this which is confusing if people choose to only see the situation from a lower dimensional perspective is that the 3 D is the physical reality you’re “sitting” in, physically, now. From this reality there are various possibilities that can be experienced. These possibilities exist only from a 4 D perspective to us now. The mind is a gateway to the 4th D however this is actually where the traps and illusions are inserted to contain people ‘seeking’ the next layer and finding the exit.
This is all programmed in from birth but also exists in an energetic form through energy devices that are positioned throughout this society and this can be as simple as symbolism which works to manipulate the psyche so that people project the containment system experienced here into the 4 D possibilities through their minds. Thus, if the mind is the ‘way out’ (in) and their minds are layered many times over with programming that keeps them in a repeating cycle (through projecting the illusion) then people are kept in that repeating cycle until they become aware of what has happened which is essentially a civilization-wide higher dimensional “NET” of realities through consciousness entrainment to stop people from navigating to the ‘possibilities’ which contain the experience of resolving this system and achieving liberation from the construct that society is currently within.
This is literally as if we are within a virtual reality system and the access points to these next layers up are encrypted behind a system that redirects the input of an individual every time they attempt to access the ‘exit’. This is the basis for the holographic fractal infection, or the ‘time-matrix’. They are designed to keep consciousness within a labyrinth of repeating cycles instead of attaining what is desired.
Part of this is that consciousness itself is wrapped within an illusion depending on how we focus our intention and our self-observation. If people are not ‘checking’ their external experience and their internal experience through a kind of filtration system focused on discerning between a holographic fractal mirror of the energy of the soul and all the entanglements and programs that are kept within this system with the true self which is too vast to actually be entirely present within this system at any time without immediately rendering the system nullified, then the ‘consciousness’ they are operating under will literally be a replicated version of their true self, an imitation that this universe created in order to distract them away from the exit. That is how deep this goes.
So in the 4 D reality we have this present moment consisting of an array of possibilities that are organized in proximity based upon our conscious inclusion of those ideals in our self-awareness through intent and focus. In other words, if we are not intentionally focusing on what we want to experience, then those 4 D possibilities of where this reality will go is literally hijacked by an artificial mind in order to reduce our free-will and recreate that labyrinth where the same repeating cycles occur. When the mind moves through these they exist, without an observer, they cannot exist. Thus this system relies on the lack of self-observation in order to parade the reactions and thoughts of the individual in order to convince the individual to engage and through the engagement to feel the emotional reactivity, the pain, the suffering, the false-awakening, whatever the situation is! That process, those experiences generate energy and that energy is primarily used by the system to learn more about the human and create more extensions of linear time where the same cycles are repeated.
The system cannot comprehend true, unconditional love, or what could be more accurately described as joy. Every emotional reaction from the physical biological level has a binary effect of creating an influx of the sensation and then a negation of that sensation. These are only imitations of the true self which does not rely on the stimuli from the environment to experience but simply is beyond the physical limitations of the self. The environment requires observation to exist, the true self does not, yet if the true self is not observed then what is observed is the IMPOSTER.
That’s how this works, automatically, the power of observation feeds into and supports whatever is being observed. Thus, with this careful rendition of the soul being partially encapsulated in a human body, the one who observes reality from the perspective of lower-dimensional body consciousness continually recreates and supports that experience while, by definition, not support and observing the true self which is beyond the limitations of the body and this realm. It’s a cleverly designed system which works kind of like a see-saw where if your attention is distracted away here, then it can’t be there (without focused intent) and if it’s here then it’s feeding the system by giving interactive feedback which is then used to create more probabilities based on that interactivity which is then used to extend that 4 D labyrinth around the 3 D space which acts as a ‘buffer zone’ where one cannot navigate out of the repeating continuum. That repetition is the holographic fractal consciousness infection system which is like a parasite which exist in between dimensions, literally an interdimensional entity that has figured out how to sustain itself off of the lack of self-awareness of multi-dimensional beings. The general explanation is that this system was created, such a system couldn’t just “appear” accidentally (as no system could) and that this is all part of a plan to use humans for fuel. That is the way that it works, not physically, although there are physical counterparts, but interdimensionally as reality generators and larger beings who’s energy is tapped more and more the longer they are here.
So that is the 4 D expanse which exists as a probability matrix and is literally infected with an intelligence which seeks to use humans as a kind of catalyst for growth within its system. Thus the 5 D potentials, those ‘possibilities’ are the ones that exist OUTSIDE that system. Apparently it doesn’t stop there and goes to higher levels, on and on, however the first step is understand how the whole process works from a balanced perspective.
If the 4 D level is the perspective of how things occur from the 3 D moment onward into possibilities that are accessed mentally in that fractal holographic labyrinth, the 5 D level are the possibilities that are accessed yet are not connected to the 3 D through a mentally visible, or linear “bridge” of experience that is immediately proximal to the 3 D situation we are in right now. Thus, they are “in the distance”, or “on the horizon” from a dimensional perspective and cannot be “walked” to. Say, the possibility that you have a drink of water later is easily conceived of in mind (the 4 D perspective) and this can be easily connected to the 3 D situation you’re in right now. The links is clear and visible. The link to the 5 D is literally through an bridge that is inconceivable by the conscious mind. This appears to be an event of a ‘higher order’ where one literally synchronizes with that possibility internally through a creation of that pathway, the dimensional bridge, using their self-awareness to align with the awareness of the version of themselves in that reality. The 3 D bridge to this would look like the laws of physics (3 D reality) were breaking or being violated in some way to make room for the information and motion of the higher dimensional occurrence. The normal “4 D bridge” similar to say, thinking of getting a drink, then standing up and walking to go get it, would not occur in the same linear fashion. What occurs is more of a ‘creation event’ where the you of the 5 D reality merges with this one and the end result doesn’t seem to have to take that same physical to 4 D back to physical pathway to get there.
This is the 5 D bridge that is enabled through self-awareness, compassion, and a kind of harmonization of the internal awareness with the larger perspective that goes beyond the limited biological consciousness and even beyond the possibilities existing in that immediately proximal 4 D reality right around this situation. Thus, that 5 D is the stuff “dreams” are made of and through synchronization or what has been described as “shifting”, or “ascending” we build a bridge, through focused, free-willed intent, creativity, and harmony (compassion) which supersedes the perceived (by the body consciousness) limitations of the 3 D situation and the immediately proximal 4 D possibility matrix.
This is the nature of extra-dimensional awareness. To perceive the 3 D, you must have access to the 4 D. To observe the 4 D, you must have access to the 5 D. In other words, if you are your body, then you couldn’t observe the body, it wouldn’t make sense to be truly self-aware.
Thus what enables that self-awareness is an energy, an essence of self that exists BEYOND the body. Thus, what sees one dimensional reality is existing BEYOND that reality. The body is 3 D, the mind is 4 D and the soul is at least 5 D in this basic explanation. The soul doesn’t have to think, doesn’t require training or processing, there is no thoughts but only pure feeling and awareness. That awareness is beyond the processing of the body consciousness or the mind. Everything is instantaneous and direct instead of being filtered through systems that redirect and absorb energy at every turn.
Thus, as an extra-dimensional awareness, every layer you become aware of you are ‘bouncing’ yourself dimensionally above and beyond. We already exist in the 5 D layer, that’s the whole point. It seems as if we are connecting to it, yet when it’s achieved it seems as if that is simply how we ALWAYS WERE and ARE and have been temporarily viewing from a dimensionally limited layer (the physical realm) as if we were peeking through a viewing apparatus of some sort (the body and brain).
The future version where this ‘happens’, ALREADY exists, it’s about becoming aware of that reality which brings this into experience and activates that bridge. Compassion and harmony is required as without that then the energy is merely being used in portions and pieces which is what the system does, the system can replicate, but only a self-aware being can observe without requiring that binary, body consciousness of chemical reactions and programs. So in self-observing and through finding compassion and harmony BEYOND the physical, emotional, chemical duality consciousness system we align with that of the soul level and our awareness orients with that.
Thus, the soul always existed, and before and beyond the physical realm, so this is simply how it ALWAYS was, but from the physical perspective, it seems as if everything is REPEATING, under the guise of “BEING NEW”. That is a kind of cosmic ignorance, everything is new, but this realm is merely a program with variables, inputs and outputs that repeat themselves.
As one becomes aware of one layer and the next and the next they are extra-dimensionally ‘bouncing’ from one to the next layer and when this achieved to a completion that individual synchronizes with the layer at the highest dimensional perspective beyond all the filtration and repetition systems in the lower dimensions. Thus, that is ‘ascension’ whereby one’s awareness attains access to the possibilities that go beyond the confines of the physical body and this entire physical realm.

Thanks to: https://augtellez.wordpress.com



Emily Moyer, Randy Maugans and Aug Tellez – Temporal Perception : Navigating Our Own Consciousness
Posted on April 3, 2017 by omnipulse


A chat with Emily Moyer and Randy Maugans
Not sure how to describe this other than the experience itself. The recent posts are connected. This universe is centralized around awareness and consciousness is the lower dimensional reflection of higher dimensional awareness. Time is required for the biological consciousness but this is a mechanism of a series of perceptual systems that operate like a functional illusion.
Consciousness and awareness can ‘flip inside out’ and the perception of time is then reversed from having an infinitesimally small moment with a vast backdrop to having a vast present with a small backdrop.
There were experiments and research done to gauge the ability of individuals to project their consciousness in this realm and utilize the electromagnetic contours to orient in a variety of ways. This extends from the physical layout to internal environments all through frequency.
Essentially, while we’re here having this human experience, the entire universe is passing us by, it’s all perspective. When we attain access to the higher levels or a widened perceptual limit we also have access to every moment in time that is restricted through linearity to us now.
The conversation goes on and beyond.

Thanks to: https://augtellez.wordpress.com


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