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NAS Entry #8

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1NAS Entry #8 Empty NAS Entry #8 on Wed Sep 05, 2012 12:35 pm

New Age Seer

New Age Seer
“You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.” C. JoyBell C.

God gives us nothing that we cannot handle. We call upon our experiences, like wishes against the backdrop of eternity. They’ve been waiting for us since the creation of the first atom.
Our experiences are the collective mass of our desires and actions – our beliefs and habits.

The burden of life, to some, is far weightier than what they are prepared to handle. Not because it is any heavier than any others – because all yokes weigh the same. In stead, it is the tools which we were given which allows us to navigate the pitfalls of our lives – when we do not develop our wisdom and intuition, we continue to act ignorantly to the cost of our habits and values.

We have failed to recognize that only the authentic-self can thrive in this world, through the material body.

The authentic-self must be humble and patient, live life with thanksgiving in their heart for all the blessings – because our life and body temple are in fact gifts that we are not able to hold onto for eternity.

The authentic-self, at the moment when the wheel of life has come to a stop, can look back upon its life and sincerely claim, ‘I’ have lived a noble and selfless life.

A life that is unexamined is a life that is empty. A person cannot define who they are until they have searched their soul. The hardships of our lives force us to look within, and find the will and strength to confront, or give in.
The person that is broken can never move ahead, because they choose to live stuck in the pain of their suffering. They stop wanting to live past the moment when they were broken.

We all know pain. No one person’s pain is greater than any others.

We cannot dismiss our pain. But rather, we should examine ourselves and define who we want to be, and develop the necessary tools to overcome and thrive.

The difference here is; we should never define the world in which we are thriving. What does it mean to be successful or happy?
When we give into other people’s descriptions of the world, we become trapped in their definitions.

Choose instead to live in your own descriptions – that every moment is ‘Ever New Joy’ as defined by your heart.

Letting go is the act of distancing oneself from the malignancies that keeps us locked in a cycle of self judgment and in judgment of the world around us – based on an un-calibrated description.
It is the model that is broken.

We discover the heart when we examine our souls and find for ourselves the description of self and of now.

Living selflessly isn’t one who has forgotten themselves – selflessness is one who has no desire for the result – or fruits – for their labors – because the joy itself is derived from the act of doing and giving.

Do not give yourself away – for you will grow weak and tired. Instead, give away the descriptions that define what are Good Works, and Good Deeds - and what is the appropriate reward for our efforts?

Clean your home, not because it is dirty – but because the discord is the product of our own inner conflict and attachments. Let go of the clutter, organize our thoughts and habits, and we will find that we will become stronger, more vital, healthier and happier.

A joy-filled life is a sincere life – and that can only be attained through Authentic Living.

2NAS Entry #8 Empty Re: NAS Entry #8 on Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:22 pm


I love this post!!

I often wonder about those poor folks that just plain and simply can not be happy. No matter what happens or how much they achieve, they are adrift in their own lives.

Then I see others that no matter how hard they get kicked down, how little they have, they rise up with a smile on their face and go at it again. Happy for the experience.

Is it biological, chemical, blood type that makes the very same experience so different to each single person?

I enjoy your posts NAS because they make me think.



3NAS Entry #8 Empty Re: NAS Entry #8 on Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:50 pm

New Age Seer

New Age Seer
I tried to connect with that – the origins of our character and personality – where do we develop our Coping Skills to confront Life’s Challenges.

Part of it is Genetic, a physiological make-up that is rooted in the cellular level – I believe it is in the shape of the brain, its plasticity, the active regions and the suppressed regions of the brain…

Serial Killers are unable to be empathetic – they simply do not have the ability to connect emotionally with other beings… CAT scans have shown dark areas, in the places where we experience devotion, love, nurturing feelings… They are simply inactive regions…

Upbringing; Nature vs. Nurture… Is another factor…

I often think back at my own family and my personal responses to my life experiences and my emotional affect towards my experiences… I shy away from confrontation – be it either positive or negative… I then look back at my family and see that in them they all acted in similar ways – my Father’s Father was a very angry man – very much removed, he’d find reasons not to be an active part in his family’s life, yet on the other hand, he’d work 30 hours of back breaking labor to make money to put food on the table and to feed his family – he wasn’t at all selfish – he simply lacked the capacity, or the tools to express affection. Yet, his sense of duty was super-charged.

I remember and I’ve seen going through pictures that he found the most joy in life being with us as toddlers – all 6 of his grand-children. His eyes would just beam… Yet, that joy would dwindle by the time we were about 10 years old – because, in his world, 10 year olds were active contributors to their household… At 10 years old, he had to find work and do his chores on top of that work… Children were children when they can be carried – when they needed to be held and secured… So, by the time we three boys were 10 years old, he had an expectation that we would do our part and felt resentment when we did not live up to that expectation…

On the other hand, my Father’s Mother was very nurturing – an alcohol who suffered from extreme depression… She would buy food and make meals just in the event we should visit… In her mind, we didn’t see her enough and that depressed her the most… After a few trials in her life, she died of a heart attack in 1999 – I believe of a broken heart, because the family she so dearly wanted to create didn’t exist anymore… Her alcoholism had made both her and her husband violent and angry people who lacked the skills to manage their anxieties – and could not communicate effectively enough their thoughts and position…

My father died in 2007 of Cancer – yet he too was an Alcoholic and heavy smoker… My Grandfather is still alive with stage four Alzheimer’s – he’s 89 years old… The odd fact of it all is that my Grand Father has had 7 heart attacks, and has lived with a pace maker for 20 years now… His body is strong; it is his mind that has been lost… When I last saw him, he was like a child – wide eyed and innocent… All of his worldly expectations are now all gone... Erased by the erosion of disease.

My father died of depression and of a broken heart – this was his Dis-Ease, for losing his first and last connection to the world, his twin-flame – his mother…

If we look at the world as Energy, and that all things are merely vibrating at a particular Frequency – and frequencies are conductive… Those frequencies motivate lower, denser frequencies to react with it so that they can stabilize… This is the first step of human education…

When we enter into each others dynamic fields of vibration, we begin to impact each other, bombard each other with vibrational frequencies… These become Knowledge… This knowledge shapes our perspective of our world… And is where we form the descriptions of our world.

Because we are held by our loved ones – they are naturally transferring their Frequencies unto us – which is Love – and we begin to form organs that hone themselves to better receive and transmit these frequencies…

If these frequencies are ‘Happy’ frequencies, we learn to cope with our experiences through ‘Happiness.’ If they are ‘Depressed’ Frequencies, then we cope through ‘Depression…’
I believe that in this sense, everything is relative – and this forms the basis of what we now accept as ‘Traditions’ or ‘Heritage’ because many of us never learn to question our inner motivations or understand what are our motivations… We simply accept that we are who we are – and nothing more… This is why I call it Limited Perception, because we limit our perception to what we accept as being truth instead of exploring the possibilities of ‘Truth.’
We don’t have to espouse a particular belief, but it is far more beneficial to learn how to be discerning so that we can stand back and embrace a larger description of our Reality. After all, what is our Truth and Reality today will be transformed and erased tomorrow…

4NAS Entry #8 Empty Re: NAS Entry #8 on Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:15 pm


That is interesting.

We have a similar background with the alcoholics. Leaving us with the disease to please.

So what about those that come from the same family. Nurtured the same. Lets take my sister and myself for example. I am no longer close with her. She is as negative as the day is long. She can not go for even a moment with out feeling sorry for herself. But when one tries to help she cuts them out. We both had it rough as Mom was an alcoholic but also was a high functioning drunk. Made it to work every morning no matter what. She had to put the food on the table as Dad was long gone as she evicted him for being the very same thing that she then became. A drunk. I took off at 12 and never really looked back but my sister stayed. Maybe that is the difference. She did not have the self preservation instincts that I have. But even in pics from very early on... I was smiling and she was frowning.

My twin girls are almost like that. They are mirror twins and very hard to tell apart. But even 31 years later I can tell at a quick glance which one is which. One has a smile on her face and one wears a frown. They stayed that way too. It is so interesting.


5NAS Entry #8 Empty Re: NAS Entry #8 on Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:31 pm

New Age Seer

New Age Seer
This is an interesting one to investigate - because there are so many different influences and variables...

What I connect with on this is what is called a Divine Contract or Divine Agreement - we come here to experience 'Beingness' trying to learn a particular 'life-lesson.'

Life Lessons are vast to explain... But they break down into headings such as Emotional Fulfilment, Approval, Joy, Happiness, Wealth, Success, Power...

We all have motivations that drive us towards finding fulfilment in our Agreements... And sometimes we spend many life-times on that path in pursuit of it...

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