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Attack of the Clones

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1Attack of the Clones Empty Attack of the Clones Sun Apr 09, 2017 12:24 pm


Attack of the Clones
A bit of insanity out there these days, mainly by those left brained people who scurry about when planetary energy is spiked, meanwhile the right brained feminine gets a dose of the irrational. No cause for alarm; the planetary grids are just getting primed by the 12D cosmic crystal sister galaxy.

Those individuals closely connected will be fatigued and a bit spacey, and the mind will at times be on walk about, while the technocrats will look like they got ants in the pants while becoming overly animated.

The planet herself will continue with what we have been experiencing for a bit longer, but we can blame it on Nibiru for convenience sake. When consciousness resists chaos may persist, so it’s best to relax and try to find some semblance of peace for all is connected. Of course those far removed from nature may be going off the deep end, and since high society is loaded with such it may be hard to look at, so using standard media as a barometer for the world may not be so wise, less you enjoy horror films.

A re-examination of sorts may come into play [what’s my body], earth body, body of people, we the people; how is this and that effecting this body or that. Such introspection is normal with this sort of energy and emotions can get peeked or just general hypersensitivity thereof. But in essence it’s just a big healing, and if you’ve ever been on a healers table you know one can have multiple seemingly strange experiences, because as we know the body is far more complex than science cares to admit.

Just know that you’re going to be ok and that despite what the word is on the street, I want you to know that you are right where you need to be and you are much safer than you have been in the last 100 years. Those who believe themselves above it all have far more to lose than any layman and if anyone should be feeling the pinch of vulnerability it is this sector. I know people are getting weird right now but this too shall pass; your world won’t blow up and the nuclear WWIII that’s occurring is more about changing the integrity of the nucleus pro vs con.

We have over thousand species making a galactic stand against the very improprieties which have plagued this solar system far too long; so let the spoiled brats kick their feet in frustration, while they learn to let go of their dreams for total domination. The war against light workers will continue well into the year and possibly reach epic proportions, though the murder of light workers and whistle blowers will no longer be tolerated and will become a taxing experience as they have learned. In fact the more numerous and vocal we become the better; so go ahead toot your horn, let us hear the voices of all those sleepy heads awakening from amnesia, it’s ok if all your facts are a bit off; the more you talk about it the clearer the perspective will become. We love to hear those voices of the newbie’s, we love to see the courage of those junior goddesses who speak with humility while putting the pieces together. Yes they will try to discredit you and call you name’s early on to break your spirit, but hey, what doesn’t destroy us only makes us stronger ;)

Now let’s talk about what the media won’t;
The cloning center that was destroyed recently near Archangel San Miguel CA., was being protected not only by a retinue of mercenary super soldiers but also had a handful of androids. Now these androids were no pushovers and were terminator like with metal skeletons; the head of one was taken off planet for study, to see if it was a domestic product of something brought here. Turns out it was built here with digital technology which runs off a central main-frame, but the technology looked to be at least a decade old. These androids look very human aside from the eyes and body movements which are less fluid, but could pass as human if one were not paying close attention. Androids for domestic purposes are one thing, but warrior androids in production will be met with harsh criticism.
I know Cloning centers bring in obscene monies, but here’s a word for the purchasers who believe they are getting a new improved exact replica of themselves, for the most part this would be true except for one small altercation regarding the pineal gland, or perhaps I should say where the pineal gland was once located, for it’s being replaced by AI technology that not only cuts one off eternally from source but replaces source with an AI substitute. I’m sure the brochure failed to mention this small detail. Perhaps this is ones mans ascension when in truth it’s another form of slavery and the last thing one wants at this time in history is be without a pineal gland cut off from what’s unfolding and flowering within their midst.
The Space X missions have been trying to populate the fringes of our atmosphere with micro satellites about the size of a basketball. Now satellites in themselves are not a problem, it’s what their being used for which makes the difference and usually if it’s kept secret there’s probably something afoul. When there are enough satellites up there to make some sort of a geometric Bucky ball it has stronger implications, which I will leave to your imagination, but my guess is someone wants to own the weather thru some sort of E.M. field which manipulates ion density in the atmosphere through high intensity flux field generation. Such will probably be sold as some sorta space shield BS. Its also possible that they are hoping to fuel their C-trail planes via radio transfer technology similar to what the Atlantian’s once used, but until the public has full disclosure on what their up to these satellites will not be permitted to remain in such quantities, so will suffer continued attacks no matter how many old rockets are used.
Reports of explosions coming from under the ice in Antarctica last week were prevalent and although nothing can be verified its possible some sort of battle had occurred. Although demolition is a possibility it’s unlikely under the circumstances, and I don’t believe all can be explained away as gas pockets and collapsing ice which although possible sounds like someone is pushing a cover story, which unfortunately comes from a source who is simultaneously pushing the disclosure button.
The Linear Particle Accelerator at CERN has been shut down until further notice. After being monitored, its value for research did not justify its continued operation which proved a wild card during times of planetary tribulation. But recent findings prove the mind is still the most efficient particle accelerator so continued experimentation here is recommended.
The Technocrats are always trying to stay a step ahead of the light worker and their strategies. Their scalar pulse techs which over time proved only a temporary impediment are being replaced. Recently they have upgraded to a broad spectrum variable frequency emitter to protect their systems, leading to temporary challenges. Though there is a learning curve on both sides of the isle these systems leave a large energetic footprint so can be picked up on radar making easy targets for Galactic air support. Like waving a neon sign with a bull’s-eye, but I’m sure they will spend billions on production before realization kicks in.
The use of Chem-trails with HAARPs has been a problem for years now, so is nothing new. When an area is heavily sprayed (over a city for instance) Harps can lock it in place above the current weather stream no matter how hard the wind blows. Other smaller local Harps can then be used to triangulate all kinds of nasty signals to a populace, which are usually in concert with whatever they are spraying. So if they are spraying for a flu virus or other mycoplasma to help push vaccines or boost hospital visits, the Harp can be dialed in to a specific frequency the virus carries and help carry it down to the lab rats below. Although GWEN towers can also facilitate such they are less successful. But the last time I checked emergency rooms were practically empty after large areas of GWEN towers were taken out, and GWEN towers are now being targeted as a form of preventive medicine to keep most out of the grips of the Nazi medical establishment who are now trying to vaccinate everyone who comes in the doors. This sort of herd culling typically affects the elderly and anyone with a compromised immune system, which helps the bottom line not only of the medical establishment but from anyone siphoning social security and other types of government pensions. But hey, as long as you got Obama Care…
HAARPs as many now know can be used for nefarious purposes, which goes beyond weather manipulation. Genocide, drought, famine, floods, hurricanes all need to be examined closely when they bear the traits of excess. Harps as I have mentioned before can be used to clear or depress real estate for those who have long term plans to add their infrastructure, and they can be used as a marketing hedge to create insane short term commodity gains in regard to agriculture. It should be no surprise that a country or political party that doesn’t see eye to eye with rival corporate factions can be targeted by silent weapons to weaken their resolve by corporate bullies who either want their resources or wish to spread their evil seed. The corporate owned media will often tout leaders of such countries as tyrannical and their actions may begin to coincide with such behavior when they are being bullied and fear for their very existence. And as we know, C-trails need not be sprayed directly overhead to reach an area, they can be sprayed down wind, or moved by mechanical means to a strategic area. Harps on the ground in stationary locations may become a thing of the past because they are being targeted, so mobile seems to be the new trend, but don’t think for one moment that such cannot be put into orbit.
HAARPs can also be used over great distances to cause heart attacks in high profile targets by triangulating their targets off Chem-trail clouds. But It goes beyond this, personally I have been hit by those ship mounted as well as Satellite energy weapons and other off planet systems. My first experience with such was about 7 years ago, which taught me never to keep a cell phone in my shirt pocket, but it messed my heart up for a couple years and the doctors had no clue. Since then I don’t believe there is an energy weapon out there I have not felt which includes but not limited to microwaves; plasma guns; pulsed energy projectiles; infrared laser pulse; Dazzler lasers and the directed energy weapons (DEW’s) from aircraft.
 There’s not a week that goes by where there isn’t mischief of some sort. Kinda miss the old days when they were just trying to T-bone ya at an intersection or sending in mind controlled shooters. They even had sweet o’l ladies trying to feed me tainted brownies and drinks laced with neuro toxins or nanites, and when their desperate they will co-opt co-workers and friends to do their dirty work. A few weeks back they tried to drop in shooters combat style off choppers at night, which isn’t a first, but does get a bit embarrassing to those poor fools who don’t know what their getting mixed up in. But I’m sure their fine, just shaken up a bit. Personally I don’t kill or promote bloodshed in any fashion, but the Guardians’ occasionally do when there’s little option. However, I know that the dark side often punishes failure with equal animosity and have bore witness to such.
I talk about these issues not to put fear into others, only to educate them to what goes on behind the scenes, few would believe such wild stories anyway. In all its like playing a game of Rugby, were just trying to score while keeping injury to a minimum; while a double tap to the back of the head is something we can all hope for, we know the Guardians would rather we live for another century, for they have no idea what it feels like to live in a body stampeded, rode hard, hung wet.
Requiem for a light-worker;
It should be no surprise that a new crop of light-workers have been pushing upward like Daisy’s, for after all we have reached that threshold. But I would like share a bit of advice to those newcomers whose handy-work I am witnessing more and more. First let be welcome you to the fray. Please note; each time you flex your new found muscle the old guard comes under attack, not that we are not used to such, and although we appreciate the company let us go over some basic discipline’s for those rambunctious youths with unbridled passion.
The light workers creed;
Respect and honor all life, including that of your adversary.
To cultivate talents for attack and defense alone are futile without learning the main premise and reason for such gifts whose foundation comes as a healer first and foremost.
Never take life less there be no other option.
Learn the laws of energy conservation, this applies to the personal body and that deemed external.
First cultivate gratitude for the beatitudes of source and its applications.
Next cultivate peace within before laboring for its higher harmonic.
Then cultivate love as a platform of strength and reason.
Choose the path of integrity and impeccability in all actions.
Solitude leads to solace, anger to madness, balance with humility.
Never seek to control or dominate, energy can only spiral in two directions.
Yoga of the body, yoga of the mind; mental rigidity is a cancer, allowance keeps the mind flexible and nimble.
Discipline the emotive body but do not conquer, feeling is for navigation and intelligence.
Discretion is required in all matters.
Influencing the consciousness off another life form directly blocks free will, which are attributes of the fallen, stay true to the path.
Higher mind is one mind, it always remains open to higher states.
The more a conduit of light illuminates the more darkness it disturbs; great courage is required.
Sacrifice the material, gain the eternal. I wish you well on your journey.
A proficient light worker must practice daily to better their skill, treat such as the highest of martial arts. Start on a small scale working on simple things for hours at a time, working with the elementals at the molecular level first will be enough until you can help slow and steer hurricanes and stamp out large fires that threaten life. Protecting the innocent is job one, all other projects one has going on must take a back seat to this priority. Battling bad guys is sporting but it is only a small aspect of the whole and can suck one emotionally into their drama, which is what they want. Don’t play ball on their terms and change strategies and creations often to keep them guessing and to stay ahead of their technological cures and AI traps. Work smarter not harder, a good light worker can do more during a morning cup of joe than the average Joe can do in a lifetime. Yes we are out-numbered a million to one and facing techs that get more nasty with each passing day, but there is only one tech that counts ;)
Val  4/9/17

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