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09-09-2012 – The Ninth Initiatory Gateway of Light

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09-09-2012 – The Ninth Initiatory Gateway of Light

Transmission by the Elders Mp3 download http://www.pleiadianlight.net/dl.htm

Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you
in this Now, as you enter into this ninth initiatory Gateway of Light on the 9th
September, 2012, and indeed, sweet ones, it is but in the blink of an eye that
you will find yourselves transcending into a greater depth of Divine Love and the
understanding of your magnificence and preciousness as these transfiguring
Flames of Divine Love. For this has already occurred in so many of these
timelines and parallel realities, and it is again simply to come into this
remembrance that will take you in to Self Mastery and allow you to see with
vision and clarity the pathway before you, the pathway of Divine Love, into
these New Earth Templates of Light.

As you passed through the eighth initiatory Gateway in August,
through this beautiful sea-foam green and violet colored ray as The Warden, the Keeper of Justice,
indeed the archetypal energies coming through of the Divine Mother and Matron,
and the Warrior on his Chariot took you in to areas of perceived conflict
within your lives – areas that needed to be cleared – whether through karmic
ties and relationships, or simply in bringing a focus to your co-creations, and
letting go of old comfort zones to make way for the new. You are merging the
personality aspects of yourselves through the energy of your Beloved I AM
Presence, and as you lift yourselves in Cosmic Consciousness awareness into the
higher dimensional frequencies of Divine Love you are experiencing not only
increased Light and Divine Love, but having the tools to stand in Divine Love
and work with whatever issues and clearings that you still may need to embrace
or transmute. And now as you enter into this month of September, the stresses
and resistances are brought into an alignment of Light through a deeper
expression of the Divine Feminine aspects of yourselves; in finding balance and
equilibrium through this plane of duality, in balancing both the shadow aspects
and indeed the Divine aspects of yourselves. This journey has not been easy,
and it has propelled many of you into taking another look at the deepest
aspects of yourselves needing to be integrated, and we say for all of you,
sweet ones, this integration comes through the balancing of the Divine
Masculine and the Divine Feminine aspects to yourself. These archetypal
energies are being played out in every way within your Life, and within the
collective consciousness. 2011, as we have mentioned before, was the year of
the Divine Feminine, taking you deeper into the integration of your Light, in
compassion, in peace, and Love, into the knowing of yourselves as these sacred
transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, through the Overlighting in particular of
the Divine Mother, and now in this year of 2012, the Divine Feminine Principle
embraces the Divine Masculine Principle. Through the Golden Flame of One Unity
Consciousness and Empowerment you merge in to this beautiful pink-orange Flame
of Illumined Truth and Divine Love. And to open your hearts to yourself and to
all Life indeed requires of you, sweet ones, the ability to truly allow
yourselves to be revealed, to truly step into your authentic selves, sharing
and receiving, supporting and loving. And it is from this center within
yourself that you open your heart to others. It is in the integration of the
Divine Feminine aspects of yourselves that you come into the merging of the
Divine Masculine, into wisdom, into the Higher Mind teachings, expressed in
this energy system through the Left and the Right Eye of Horus; and in this Now
as you go deeper into an understanding of these Higher Mind teachings, you do
so as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, and in this initiation
in particular, as The Servant, as you align yourself into your original
Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint, the Blueprint of your Sacred Contract, you
experience a deeper knowing of your service work, in passion, in joy, in
harmony, in compassion, and in Divine Love.

Let us set our sacred space with you now, traveling together as
this beautiful Soul family of Light, opening your hearts to one another, truly
seeing each other in Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness. Wherever you are
in your sacred space sweet ones, ground now into the Crystal Heart of Mother
Earth, into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God; merging now with your
Beloved I AM Presence, the Highest Light that You Are within the Cosmic Heart
of Mother/Father God. Calling in now your Master Guides and your Guardian
Angel, and all other Beings of Light that you personally acknowledge, as you
open your hearts to one another, as you connect into the Group I AM Avatar
Consciousness of Light, as you connect to the Star Seeded ones, the Light
Workers, and all the Beings of Light from On High, through the Planetary Grid
of One Unity Consciousness.

This Unity Grid surrounds you, this fluid matrix of geometries
and keycodes and Light frequencies, it is within you and around you, supporting
and guiding and loving you. Through the Christed Timelines and the New Earth
Templates you are finding the tools to truly embrace all aspects of yourselves
in Divine Love. Let this always be your guiding Light, sweet ones, in whatever
the perceived challenges are before you – there are never any victims or
victors, there is only Divine Love that guides you, embraces you, and asks you
to be forgiving and loving in every moment of every day. For this is what will
bring about your personal ascension and assist in Mother Earth’s Planetary Ascension.
Bring in a now a beautiful pillar of Light within your sacred space, and your
personal antakarana, your fluorescent tube of Light, breathing through this tube
of Light, connecting into all dimensions of Light as you bring in the energy
once more of your Higher Self of the Light, your Guardian Angel, and your
Beloved I AM Presence.

And now, experience the radiance of this beautiful Blue-Green Flame of Highest Potentials,
of the knowing of yourself in Self Mastery, as you surround yourself and wrap every
sub-atomic particle within your Beingness in this beautiful sacred ray of
Highest Potentials. As the sub-atomic particles spin in increased Light
frequencies, this ray is amplified through the heart chakra and you create now
a personal bridge of Light into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, into this 144
Crystalline Grid of Unity Consciousness. Hold this focus collectively, sweet ones,
hold this focus of purpose and passion and joy, of knowing and wisdom and
indeed that place of stillness within yourself that comes to be when you bring
control over the lower bodies and control over the lower mind.

In this transmission you are invited into Table Mountain, Cape
Town. In ancient times Table Mountain was part of the continent of Lemuria or
Mu. Africa was joined to the Americas. This time, sweet ones, one of the most ancient
times in your parallel realities, took you into an advanced society, living
naturally and in harmony with Mother Earth, working with energy of the Divine
Mother in particular. The Lemurians were gifted individuals, highly telepathic
and psychic, and beautiful Spiritual Beings of Light, moving in their own way
through the teachings of the Order of Melchizedek and the teachings of Light to
bring about a deeper level of knowledge and wisdom as to their advanced
Ascended Master gifts and skills. Living in lush forests, working on the land,
attuning their bodies vibrationally in harmony and balance. And indeed too, as
they worked through their initiations of Light they carried advanced technology,
gifted from the many Star Beings, and in particular the Arcturians, the
Pleiadians and the Sirians. Lemuria was destroyed through natural earth
disasters, earthquakes, the movement of the pressure plates, and tectonic plates,
and as large parts of this continent were submerged the Elders were able to
save a lot of the knowledge of these teachings of Light and place it in wisdom
crystals. These wisdom crystals were then taken, as they joined collectively in
consciousness with the higher Light Beings, and with their Merkaba Vehicles of
Light, transported to Tibet, then known as the continent of Asia. They set up
these Temple teachings of Light on both the inner lanes and outer planes,
creating initially what you know today as the teachings of the Great White
Lodge and the Brotherhood of the Light, and these teachings in turn would come
to pass to bring about the Golden Age of Atlantis.

This Golden Age of Lemuria, this energetic matrix that takes you
into this timeline, is indeed found within several of Crystalline Cities of
Light and vortex portals within and around Mother Earth, and Table Mountain is
one of these vortexes, taking you into this timeline of Lemuria; and it is
within this timeline, sweet ones, that you can truly know the preciousness of
yourselves in Self Mastery through the many gifts that you had as teachers and
facilitators, as healers and scientists and astrologers. So we take you in to
this timeline, into the integrated aspects of the Divine Feminine.

You are now taken in this group Merkaba Vehicle of Light with all
your Soul family and friends of the Light listening to this recording,
connecting with you on both the inner and outer planes. As you are taken in to
this Ascension Seat within Table Mountain, you are surrounded within this
beautiful Blue-Green ray of Light, activating the heart chakra at a deeper
level, welcomed and embraced now by Mother Mary, the Chohan to this ray. Within
this center of Divine love, sweet ones, you experience yourself embraced within
the Cosmic Heart of the Divine Mother and all the Divine Feminine Beings of
Light from On High as they gather around you now - Lady Nada, Lady Quan Yin,
Pallas Athena, White Buffalo Woman, Lady Portia, Lady Guinevere, all those feminine
Beings of Light and Deities too, that you may acknowledge in your spiritual
practice, you bring into this Now. Embraced upon these angelic wings of Divine
Love you find yourself moving now through the Christed timelines, through the
doorways in which you are needing to embrace and integrate the Divine Feminine aspects
of yourselves. Those timelines in which you have been unforgiving or unloving
are presented for you now, for you to clear - embrace and love yourself, and
all the souls that you are with, within this timeline. As you surround these
souls now, one at a time, in this beautiful Blue-Green Flame of Highest
Potentials and Divine Love, let each soul know “I Love you and I forgive you as I Love and forgive myself. I Love you
and I forgive you as I Love and forgive myself.”

These old karmic contracts have been cancelled, sweet ones,
although indeed some of you may still be choosing these life-changing and
transformational journeys through pain and heartache. As Initiates of Light,
each journey you have chosen has been in agreement with the souls with whom you
chose to play out these contracts and pre-birth agreements. These souls become
your greatest teachers when you indeed acknowledge the roles you chose, when
you see how you have moved together through the lower dimensions; the anger and
the pain, the betrayal and abandonment, the loss and the heartache, to be able
to truly open yourselves to the deepest levels of your Beingness in Divine Love
and to truly forgive all those souls. And at this point you move then on to the
Path of Transcendence, where all the relationships before you are Soul contracts
in which you are offered this opportunity within the New Earth Templates to
simply discover a deeper level of your Beingness through Divine Love in all
your relationships, in all your connections. But acknowledge in this Now, upon
the plane of duality, you may still be facing in your own perceived challenges
and the way to embrace this is through loving and forgiving. Open your heart
truly to Love - Loving your Self first, appreciating your Self, nurturing your Self,
and take this appreciation out to others, moving beyond judgment as to whether
they are worthy of this or not. This unconditional Love in all its facets holds
no judgment, only observation – it is the lens of Self Mastery. Truly mean it
now, sweet ones, open your hearts in forgiveness as this sacred transfiguring
Flame of Divine Love, for even forgiveness becomes transcendent within this
vortex of Unconditional Love.

And now the Divine Feminine aspects of your soul appear before
you – those aspects of your Selves needing to be re-integrated in this Now,
into the beautiful Beingness of where you are now, sweet ones, Feel this Love
from all these soul aspects of yourselves that have felt betrayed and unloved –
be embraced in this Divine Love, strengthening you in your Light as you open
your heart on all levels to yourself and others.

And now you find yourself merging with your Lemurian Higher Self
– your Lemurian Higher Self that has achieved Self Master. This sacred Being of
Light holding these memories in this timeline, in this alternate reality,
appears before you now through the Christed timelines, in this beautiful
Ascension Seat in Table Mountain, South Africa, and presents to you now an
etheric wisdom crystal which he or she now places within your heart. As you
receive this energetic matrix and keycodes and downloads through this energy of
Divine Love, you take yourself into this knowing of your Highest Potential as
this Servant, servant and teacher, student and master – into the many gifts you
have and bring forth, as the High Priest and Priestesses, as the healers and
teachers. As you align deeper into your sacred contract you see clearly your Life
Task, your purpose, in this Now, in this Now moment, in this Cosmic Grand Plan
of this New Golden Age.

You now receive the sacred Flames of unity and justice, peace
and wisdom, creativity, joy, mercy, unconditional Love, splendor, compassion,
and Divine Guidance being anchored and activated in a beautiful Blue-Green Ray
of Light through your heart chakra. You feel yourself coming into your original
Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint, surrounded in the geometry of the star tetrahedron.
The geometry of Light that further activates your Light Body, your Merkaba to
the fifth dimension of no-time, no-space, is being re-activated and
recalibrated to take you into your sacred contract in this alignment of Light
and Divine Love. As you merge once more with your Beloved I AM Presence through
these timelines, know that you are always Overlighted and guided by this Divine
Being of Light.

You take this energy out now through this beautiful Blue-Green Flame of Highest Potentials, wrapping Mother Earth and all her Life, through
your personal portals, and through the collective legions of Light, allowing
all Life to truly experience this beautiful ray of Highest Potentials, to
experience peace and joy and compassion, purpose and Divine Love.

Wonderful. You are now taken in this external Merkaba Vehicle of
Light into the etheric of Sirius into the Temple
of Highest Potentials
. As you enter into this etheric Temple of Highest Potentials and Divine Love you are welcomed by
the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light and indeed too by many of the Beings
of Light from the Great White Lodge who exist within this dimensional frequency
too. As you enter into this Ascension Seat you find yourself in a beautiful
star tetrahedronal shaped Temple of Light. Have a sense of the star-tetrahedron,
this star merkaba, sweet ones, within the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint,
and within each cell in your body. This shape is now replicated, bringing in
the qualities of this ninth ray, and the knowing of yourselves as these
Ascended Beings of Light. As you feel this support and Love, take this shape
around you now, placing it in a sphere of Light, 10.8 feet in diameter around
you. See the top apex of the top tetrahedron reach up to a point 2.4 feet above
the crown chakra, coming down to just below the knees. The bottom apex comes
from a point 2.4 feet below the feet - the bottom tetrahedron reaches up
crossing the heart chakra. As you bring a focus now to this etheric star tetrahedronal
shape, superimpose over it the emotional and then the mental body star
tetrahedrons. Experience this spin slightly now, within this sphere of Light 10.8
feet in diameter around you. The emotional body gently rotates in a clockwise
direction, the mental body star tetrahedron in a counter-clockwise direction,
differing speeds, giving you the sense of both clearing and bringing in higher
Light frequencies. Visualize this shape clearly now within your heart. A
beautiful golden sphere of Light 54 feet in diameter comes in around you,
imprinting within it this Golden Flower of Life, taking you into the memories
of Light through the Left and Right Eye of Horus, into the teachings of Light
from the timelines of Lemuria and Atlantis and ancient Egypt, the Mayan and Aztec
cultures, bringing the knowledge and wisdom of these parallel realities and the
knowing of yourselves as Initiates of Light, fulfilling your role now, sweet
ones, as The Servant.

Now, within this sacred space, this beautiful Ascension Seat,
and with the assistance of these Beings of Light, your Light Body/Merkaba is
now activated to the frequency of the New Earth Templates of Divine Love. The
Fibonacci ratios spin the emotional and mental body star tetrahedrons to the
ratio of 21:13, 33 times God Speed to infinity. Wonderful. Have a sense of your
Light Body being activated to this fifth dimensional frequency of connecting
into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, into the Solar Crystalline matrix, merging
your Light Body to the new geometries of Light found within the 144 Crystalline
Grid of Divine Love.

And now, sweet ones, you anchor the ninth major Cosmic Christ
Holographic disc and two minor discs along the spinal column. As we mentioned
before, these Cosmic Christ holographic discs, thirteen major and twenty minor,
are connected to the major chakras and vortices of Mother Earth as well as many
of the Crystalline Cities and Retreats of Light, and in our next transmission
with you we will tell you more about these Retreats and Crystalline Cities
connected to the twenty minor Cosmic Christ Holographic discs. For now, know
that as you recalibrate these Cosmic Christ Holographic discs through the body,
through the cerebral spinal fluid, and recalibrate your nervous system, meridians
and chakras, you are assisting in doing this for Mother Earth’s sacred chakras,
and with this too, in assisting and opening the 33 Cosmic Portals of Light.

You now find yourself within the Unity Grid receiving the Templates
of the New Earth frequencies from the center of Divine Love as you experience
the Equinox energies. Align into the Inner Earth Sun, sweet ones, to the golden
Solar Sun Disc of Light within your hearts, to the energy of Mother Earth,
through the Crystalline Grid, to the Sun, Central Sun, and now Great Central
Sun. Allow these Crystalline Gates, the frequencies of your Highest Potential,
to be experienced through these Patterns of Perfection and the Group I AM
Avatar Consciousness of Light, as you take on the planetary keycodes of Light
and indeed your individual keycodes, as you open your heart to yourself, to all
life, in One Unity Consciousness.

Wonderful, sweet ones. As the earth becomes this spiritual Sun,
as you shift into Solar Christ Consciousness, and experience your Ascension through the Flames of Divine Love
you are assisting all Life through the Pathways of Light you are creating, and
know that you are doing so well – you are never given more than you can handle,
in terms of your perceived challenges; so have the courage, the strength and
the belief in the knowing of what you can achieve, as these transfiguring
Flames of Divine Love, and Master Beings of Light. You have done this before
and you are doing this once again, because you can, as a leader and way shower,
and facilitator of Light.

As you come back into your sacred space and ground once more
into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, keeping this connection open to the many
Legions of Light from On High, surround yourself in this beautiful Blue-Green Flame of Highest Potential
and now this Golden Flame of Empowerment and One Unity
You are doing so well, sweet ones, this time of balance and
equilibrium is coming, and you will experience more and more the sacred Flames
of Divine Love being awakened within your hearts and the hearts of all humanity
as collectively you come together in this new Golden Age of Light.

We honor you for your service work, we bless you, and with this
we bid you a most magical day.

Thanks to: http://www.pleiadianlight.net


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