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Scumbag Jerzy Babkowski Admits Taking The Photos!

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Here's the article concerning the what the scumbag, Jerzy Babkowski, did in regards to the Tara Tailfeathers case.

So how did the photo's leave Jerzy's possession?

It proves that he sent them out and then blamed others for his wrong doing!


Family blames Calgary police after images of dead body go online

Carrie Tait

CALGARY — The Globe and Mail
Published Tuesday, Apr. 18, 2017 10:02PM EDT
Last updated Tuesday, Apr. 18, 2017 10:10PM EDT

Scumbag Jerzy Babkowski Admits Taking The Photos! Police-tape-0311

Tara Tailfeathers, for Valentine’s Day, sent her grandparents drawings her young daughter made. A teepee, the sun, an animal scene. The gesture, Ms. Tailfeathers’ family said, encapsulated her thoughtful demeanour.

But now, Ms. Tailfeathers’ family is distressed by other images associated with her: Photos of the woman’s dead body on the Internet.
Ms. Tailfeathers was found dead on April 3 in a room she was renting in Calgary. The man who found her curled up beside her bed told The Globe and Mail he took photographs, including at least one of emergency medical service personnel examining her belongings and of a police officer near an empty gurney. The Tailfeathers are accusing the Calgary Police Service (CPS) of treating their relative poorly, perhaps because she was an Indigenous woman. CPS denies the allegations.

The battle highlights how Indigenous communities distrust Canadian police forces and how easy it is to disseminate gruesome photos of the dead without consequence.

Ms. Tailfeathers’ case is tangled, with complications ranging from potential drug use to the obscure website where the photos emerged. CPS said it followed protocol; the Tailfeathers remain skeptical as they grieve.

Ms. Tailfeathers and Jerzy Babkowski each rented rooms in a northeast Calgary home. Mr. Babkowski said Ms. Tailfeathers’ boyfriend asked him to check on her after not hearing from the 35-year-old for a few days. Mr. Babkowski said the landlord gave him permission to use a spare key to access Ms. Tailfeathers’ room.

The man found Ms. Tailfeathers, who was a member of Alberta’s Blood Tribe, deceased. He called 911 and took photos. EMS arrived and Mr. Babkowski took more photos.

CPS said it arrived next, removed Mr. Babkowski from Ms. Tailfeathers’ quarters, and took a statement from him. A medical examiner, CPS said, determined Ms. Tailfeathers’ death was not suspicious and therefore the house was not considered a crime scene and no investigation was necessary. (Officials believe she may have overdosed and had been dead for days.)

Because the death was not considered criminal, Mr. Babkowski was free to stay in the home and it was left unsecured. Police said this is protocol.

But the Tailfeathers say police should have investigated and done more to prevent Mr. Babkowski from taking photos.

“Either [CPS] treated her that way because she was an aboriginal woman, or they treated her that way because she was a drug user, or they treated her that way because they are totally incompetent,” Esther Tailfeathers, Tara’s aunt, a physician, said this week. “They need to own one of those because this is wrong. It is totally unacceptable.”

Dr. Tailfeathers practises medicine on the Blood reserve, which is struggling with a fentanyl crisis. She argued that because Ms. Tailfeathers had been dead for days, police should have launched a homicide investigation.

The Alberta Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General are in charge of the province’s medical examiner’s office. The length of time a person has been dead does not determine whether a death is considered suspicious, a spokeswoman said. The ministry would not discuss Ms. Tailfeathers’ case because of privacy reasons.

One of Ms. Tailfeathers’ relatives found pictures online of her dead body on April 5. (Mr. Babkowski confirmed to The Globe that he took the pictures but denied posting them on the Web.) The Tailfeathers said the family asked Google and the website administrator to have the images removed. The police did the same and deployed its cybercrime team, CPS Inspector Terry Larson said.

But there is nothing the police can do when photos like those of Ms. Tailfeathers surface online.

It is “super, major, bad taste,” to do so, but “not illegal,” Insp. Larson said.

“We sought Crown opinion on this, to see if there is anything that can be chargeable, and there is nothing,” he said. “We’re as upset and abhorred by that posting – I can’t say as much as the family, but close to it.”

Alberta Health Services, when asked about EMS protocol regarding people near, or photographing, responders assisting patients, said: “While we strongly support the respectful treatment of anyone in our care, paramedics have no policing authority to physically intervene under any circumstance.”

Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers said she believes CPS mishandled everything from securing the house to addressing the photos.

“I wasn’t able to sleep for days because every time I closed my eyes all I could see was this graphic image of my cousin,” she said.




Is this what the President and Protector of Humanus does?

Is this a humanitarian thing to do?



Interesting... now he just rents a room in a home? So the ghoul...

*takes photos of the deceased girl

*sends them to William and lord knows how many other people

*starts a fund for the daughter of the deceased without the families approval or permission
* several days later renews all of his domain names

The only thing missing here is any mention of law suits. Maybe they did not want to spoil the surprise?



oh, he definitely took those photos, theres absolutely no point in denying it, because his fat ass is seen holding the camera at chest level, via a reflection. He's clearly not missing any meals, either.




I'm harassing you? You are a pathological liar. You have harassed me.

You are about to release funds yet you rent a room because you have no money other than what you scam from innocents. 

You claim to represent the Tailfeather family when they want nothing to do with a  ghoul like you.

You take photo's, than claim you didn't,  lie that I posted them which is false as I do not have a  face book account. Than the Globe & Mail state that you admitted taking the ghoulish photo's. Let me ask you little ghoul man: how would I in the USA have access to these photo's other than through the ghoul that sent them to me with the heart felt message: "Go F Yourself"

Looks like the only one F-ed here is you little ghoul.


jerzy babkowski (AKA:zap)

In light of the  recent atrocities committed and posted on Facebook that are receiving a lot of media attention I want to notify you of the following situation which you have instigated. You have lied in a public forum that I have posted on Facebook illegal crime scene photos that in fact you sent to me. You have used my name which I demanded that you do not. I am communicating with the authorities and others and will seek legal council to force you to rescind your dishonest comments about me. You sent me the photo's as well as the hateful message : "Go F Yourself". I question how you gained possession of gory crime scene photo's as well as the identity card of the deceased..

I called you out a  while ago in the case of "Imaginary Mary". A person you claimed to be helping. I contacted you and said I would help "Mary" if you would give me her contact information or have her email me. I hd a gut feeling that you are a scam artist but made to offer  to help another person, but not through you. Your excuses where very humorous:

"Mary can't speak, she writes me letters" I replied: fine, she can write , she can sigh  a check. Give me her name and address and I will help her. 

Excuse after excuse each more idiotic than the last about how only you or your cohort Larry Vug  could cash the check.

At that point I realized you are a  scam artist. I realized that you are a fool who apparently needs to lie to and scam others to survive. I realized that you are not worth my attention and that "Mary" is in reality a figment of your fertile but twisted imagination.

That ended with the ghoulish scam of trying to take money from the family of a deceased Native American Woman. At that point I could not take any more. I called you out as have others, including the family of the deceased.  jerzy babkowski you have dropped to a level unimaginable. On top of that you lie and claim that I sent the photo's. Explain little man how I would be in possession of illegal crime scene photos from another country. When I inquired into the death of the poor Native American woman, who you are trying to feed off, I was told that those records are not available to people out of the country and not related. So I ask you little man, how would I obtain the photo's. 

On the other hand you being a convicted felon might have more access to contraband crime photos than would I. We travel in different circles  jerzy babkowski. Again records I can not receive of your previous conviction of defrauding a European doctor of $70k but don't worry several people in Canada are working on it. 


What I'm doing is not harassment. Printing my name is harassment. Being a ghoul and feeding off the family of a deceased person is beyond harassment. Look fool, you made the news:

It's downhill from here. You admitted to the police one of many of your lies. You are a ghoul little man and this is only the beginning .



ohhh Yeah!!!!! Wow, thats Sharp!!!



FROM WILLIAM TO Leslie Vivian,(she sent William an email when Jerzy put out Williams personal contact info and his reply to her today)

jerzy took the photo's as is admitted here after he lied about this and a lot more:


Only a ghoul would take the photo's and try to make money off this. 

How would I in the USA have access to these unless the ghoul jerzy sent them to me (again with the humanitarian reply to me: "Go F Yourself") and than lie that I posted them when in reality I do not have a  facebook account. This will all come out over time. jerzey is having a  very bad (deservedly) week and it's only going to get worse. 

Leslie Vivian you believe a convicted felon. There is and never will be an RV it's all a hoax. jerzy is broke, almost homeless, can't afford to fix his computer or buy new shoes, all by his own admission. Can's afford gas to come home from mommie's house, also admitted by him.

Do you really want to trust a little man like this.

He is about to be brought down. This is only the beginning. Apparently I am not the "low level" as you referred to me, jerzy is. FYI I have given your information to the Calgary Police and the media in Canada. Maybe you'll want to defend jerzy to them?

I wish you peace,





PurpleSkyz wrote:Interesting... now he just rents a room in a home? So the ghoul...

*takes photos of the deceased girl

*sends them to William and lord knows how many other people

*starts a fund for the daughter of the deceased without the families approval or permission
* several days later renews all of his domain names

The only thing missing here is any mention of law suits. Maybe they did not want to spoil the surprise?

It's pretty interesting that his LinkedIn page paints a different picture of Jerzy.

President, CEO, Protector...

Since Jerzy authored it, I guess that he can make believe that he can be anybody he wants.

The reality is that Jerzy is nothing but a low life scum, taking advantage of the gullible, to benefit only himself.

Since his last CON ference call excluded Q & A, and there wont be a call this week...I wonder if Jerzy is going to have a Q & A next week?

Who knows who will want to ask Jerzy some questions.

Are his Q & A parts of his call just like Dave Schmidts and Rayren98 (TNT) with the same callers week after week?

We all know that Bruce hasn't done any Q & A since Kenny got on and mentioned his name...Bruce "Dingleberry" Dawson...



Jerzy did say he has money from Tara. Has he given it to the family?

Jerzy Babkowski AKA ZAP on 4/3/17 wrote:I saw Tara last on Friday after she received her welfare, and she asked if I could help her hold onto the money like her bank.

Jerzy also has collected donations. Has that money been given to the family or returned to the folks who donated it?

Jerzy Babkowski AKA ZAP on 4/4/17 wrote:I could use a helping hand to give them a helping hand.




you don't seem to be getting a lot of good press when i do a google search the truth comes up not your bullshit.

Jerzy Babkowski aka ZAP & Susan - Out Of Mind


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Apr 10, 2016 - This was just emailed to me but I cannot confirm the legitimacy of this content. Please use your own discernment. ~ DC Gene L. CIPRIANO ...




4 hours ago

I hesitate in writing anything here in the comments section but I want readers to know that there is much more to this story. We are grateful that the Globe and Mail has published this piece but will continue to push for the public to know more about this deeply painful & inconceivable nightmare. Tara was a beautiful person and we loved her dearly. Our family wants accountability from the CPS for allowing this man on scene who was able to violate Tara in such a way. Yes, we are enraged & disgusted at what he did but we are also incredibly upset with how the CPS handled this situation & how they communicated with our family. I implore readers who don't understand, to take a moment & ask yourselves how you would feel if this happened to your loved one. Mr. Babkowski should not have been allowed on scene. He should not have been allowed to take photos and post them online. He should not have been allowed to fraudulently solicit funds on the family's behalf. - Elle-Maija Tailfeathers




Spot on Elle-Maija! He should not be ALLOWED to get away with this and many other things he does!

Thanks Nash!





19 hours ago

In reply to:

If it was Mr. Babkowski who took and posted the photos in the first place, then the family's beef should be with him, and not the police.
— Symmetre
Mr. Babkowski and his appearance of wrongdoing have drawn attention to the fact that Calgary Police have failed to protect the rights of the decedent. These officers have disgraced their uniform, their country, and added fuel to the problems of racism in Canada that marginalizes indigenous Canadians to the point that there are thousands of missing indigenous persons presumed raped and murdered. -- some by police even. I didn't need to be reminded of that when I came for a coffee and a read of the Globe at Starbucks in Baguio City, Philippines. This is terrible. And this guy Babkowski has caused this dirty laundry to air out all over the planet. I am ashamed of what the Calgary Police have done. They shamed Canada.





Police failed to protect the rights of a Canadian at that scene they were called to investigate pursuant to a 911 call. Universal human rights apply to all Canadians, not just to those persons selected by Calgary Cops. Calgary Police have disgraced our Canada. I am in the Philippines and people here are aghast at this conduct thinking it resembles Duterte's war on drugs that is leaving the bodies of thousands of state-murdered civilians all over the place with no investigation. This conduct is used by Duterte supporters to say it is OK to denigrate the weak, the ill, the poor and the deceased. Calgary Police have brought shame on Canada with this rapidly exploding international example of Canada's mistreatment of indigenous Canadians. Calgary just shamed Canada.





Scumbag Jerzy Babkowski Admits Taking The Photos! Screen32


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