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Forrest Gumps Idiots Guide Through The Matrix

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Forrest Gump’s; Idiots Guide Through The Matrix
“Run Forrest Run!”            Jenny
The shackles of perception are loosed!
Shit happens; on this we can all agree as a universal philosophy. That old George Carlin comic routine about “Stuff” which made the man a house-hold name over night, well, I think it’s fair to say, the original word wasn’t stuff!

In truth there’s a lot of shit happening, in fact the shit is flying. We can look at this shit as if they are glitches within the Matrix programming, but most often a matrix is chock full of shit and in some cases 100% grade A shit. But it’s important to know the true definition of the word Matrix, which essentially means that inner shit continually develops out of outer shit, so if you don’t want your inner shit to come out, stop absorbing outer shit. Now we know our shit don’t stink, so we can’t confuse our shit with their shit which is so raunchy it attracts flies; yes even Nano flies will get confused and fuse with their shit. But we know our shit is special so we pile this shit up, glamorize it and pawn it off by putting ribbons on it and selling it to the world as chief executives of marketing our shit. We even build factories to make more shit, because we know our shit is hot and when the world is rolling in our shit it enables more time to create more shit and a new program that states this shit is upgraded from that shit and those without it don’t know shit ;)

If we could capture the film Forrest Gump in a metaphor what would it be?

Now the great thing about fictional Forrest was that the man was stuck in the right brain when it comes to logic, or lack thereof. He was the proverbial inner child, subtly showing that by following our hearts blindly success may follow. Although Forrest fell victim to the programs of contemporaries his innocence shielded him from certain realities within the programs i.e. Bubba’s dreams were as big as his gums; Forest inherits his dream via Bubba’s relentless programming. Forrest becomes the accidental hero not because of courage on the field of battle, but because of his love for his fellow man which in a sense made him immune to the reality of the danger surrounding him. However he eventually is shot in the buttocks, which he displays to President Johnson after his creepy request, symbolically Forest moons the public in profane plausibility.

At times books and films can portray hidden elements [For-rest] that although were not in the script carry a somewhat subliminal undertone that can be quite accidental aside from the possibility that one psyche is speaking to another in a conveyance that is not often recognized on a superficial level. And then there’s always the possibility that the writers download may have been less about artistic talent and more about a higher message that needs a closer look. Now I’m not going to say this film is solely about intention (co-creation), but I would say that there are parallels that are hard to deny, but this is just the beginning, for in a world with increasing numbers of autistic youngsters it, in a way may be representative of an uncanny advantage.

It’s true we have much to learn about the synchronicities of the intention process, for instance we know the basics but do we really understand, in depth, how to define it with intelligible physics that are infallible aside from some quantum theory that’s carries infinite possibilities. Of course when academia has non-defined physics it gets studied under a physics title, but when a non-academic study of physics occurs it gets labeled pseudo science or mysticism, or at least until it can be turned into a cookie cutter money maker. But let’s assume that if there was a cookie cutter process which could turn our every whim into a physical equivalent, what would one be willing to pay for this knowledge? What would the world be like if just 10% of the population had this knowledge, and how would our corporate environment respond to such a threat? If there were such a process available would you want it to fall into the wrong hands? What character traits should one possess to warrant such knowledge? And what if such abilities were not beholden to surface earth but had the potential to create changes on a galactic scale?
I’m beginning to journey to the outer limits, so let’s get back to our subject Forrest Gump!
There was no critical path method; to the eye of the storm he sailed, while the perimeter wrought havoc his only concern was for a veteran in the crows-nest wailing obscenities at the thundering sky in a clash of wills. The veteran does not fear death but seeks it on his own terms.
As with ping-pong the ability to maintain a laser like focus can be a path to success. The Buddha (& Bubba) mind is no mind; the left brain though good at math is OCD. This when combined with the ego needs structure, it feels lost without programs. There is little calculation when instinct is in the driver’s seat for instinct is incalculable, one with all; thus hand eye coordination becomes one with the ball not separate, not adversarial. “Receive the kingdom as a little child” Luke 18.17
The accidental Guru runs for nothing other than running’s sake (endorphins/feeling); the profound nature of perception guides each to their own--often foolish conclusions. Many at this time are eager to take up a cause, unfortunately there are programs prepared to accommodate such notions and in some cases the influence is already shaping and catering to those unconscious whims. If you are running with the flock, you are probably running in the wrong direction.

In the end Forest gets the girl, though soiled from a life of spoils she is still the girl next door in his eye. He learns of the birds and the bee’s before his heart is shattered yet again, loosing Jenny for good. He mows the grass therapeutically, but does he contemplate loss aside from feeling? How does one interpolate feeling without left brain rationale? Better still; what be a though form void of a program? Perception dwells within a framework, but without boundaries, without limitations, without prejudices it bears an infinite quality. “Where the abstract fails to contend, consciousness retreats into non polar unity.”

There at the bus stop of life we contemplate life through idle gossip with non-believing strangers who come and go as histories are extolled. The grey matter recollects highlights when purpose bears little focus as if to unwind the inner spiral.
Perhaps “stupid is what stupid does” would be better said; “I’m with stupid,” for to be without stupid in this day & age is just plain dumb! And that’s all I have to say about that!

So “they” want to dumb us down you say? Throw some genetic code stops in the O’l Wheaties? Turn the wooly sheep into sacrificial lambs? Well, I think said formula is void a few chapters. Co-creating may be more hindered by left brain ideology than helped. When external information no longer feeds the soul internal information takes up the slack.  But soon all our problems may be handled through the wonders of science, just think of how wonderful it will be when a degree no longer requires hours of study, just an implanted chip. Or when the corner pharmacy is selling third strands of DNA, just a chip and a blip and you’re on your way to prosperity; guaranteed to improve memory, longevity and a passive aggressive demeanor which ensures the status quo on false pretense. Those without the chip shall be shunned from academic achievements’ and labeled the zombie class.

A funny thing happened on the way to the genome project;
Technocrats are often so busy patting themselves on the back about discoveries within the material that they often forget about what they can’t see, which would follow left brained logic. The DNA they can’t figure is called junk and there is a general consensus on higher strands that if they are not visible they do not exist. Though I’m sure if they haven’t figured it out already they will come around to understand that you need a 4th dimensional consciousness to see a third strand, because consciousness typically hangs out in a frequency band just above the corporeal substratum. This is not to say there’s not plenty walking around with heads in 4D clouds, but for most it’s the be-bop in and out on an irregular basis. Accretion levels will vary, but if you ride the bus with say, someone who’s accretion level is 4.5 relative to a 3.5, what do you think will happen to the exposed DNA? Do you think the left brain would notice?
I think we are developed enough to understand that DNA is a bit more than a few chemicals. We know that strands are frequency specific, though not to one specific frequency, and we know that interesting things can happen to DNA when cosmic frequencies are present. We can surmise that lower strands are mimicking higher strands with denser elements, though there is still resonance between all it reflects with biology what cosmology intended at a non perceptual level. But non-perceptual to the left brain we know does not necessarily mean non-perceptual.
You can remove an arm, a leg or a strand of DNA, but removing the physical only owes to the physical; the imprint is and will always still be there. This is not to say that at some level DNA isn’t a program, but what is a program really. As with anything all things begin with a thought form can be considered a program whether organic or artificial, and all levels under the God head can write their own programs within reason. For as anyone who dabbles in quantum physics will understand that the viewer has far more inter-relations with the view than they would care to admit.

The thing that has been hidden from the rank and file is that it’s easier to keep truths about consciousness hidden than it is to contend with those who are consciously beyond the net. We can use the wisdom of Forrest Gump which inadvertently says; follow the dream at your center and the world is your shellfish. Or, love the micro, heal the macro. Yes, the Monsanto’s of the world want you to believe they are now in control of your genetics, but who is really in control of the cells in your body?
Truly if there is any merit to the articles of co-creation the body would be the perfect proving ground, for if we can’t make noticeable change here than what be the point of trying to tackle the external. And surely an image of health is not beyond anyone’s imagination, and such imaginative musings can be programs we develop on an as needed bases for battling against biological warfare. The old habit of praying over ones food may have had more to do with the quality of the food and protecting oneself from hidden variables. Perhaps it’s time to start praying over our food and drink again, which is more about changing its vibration, but why stop there, why not use such methods for anything the body comes in contact with.
If we can shield the body, why not the cells of the body, and if we can write computer programs why not write a program for the body that’s anti-viral. It all begins with consciousness and intent, but again there is a missing ingredient. Once more must return to Mr. Gump to understand this law of attraction, for we know left brain antics though not without merit, may resemble a process we loath more than love; work! Yes, we should be in love with our body, however we have been on the receiving end of tons of programs that put us at odds with our bodies, so inadvertently we have developed a love-hate relationship. Your love for your body may be more akin to Forest and Jenny’s relationship and by the time you get together it may be a short lived romance. But in the interim there are short cuts; you can start with loving the process of healing, the thought of immunity and health etc., but the focus has to be real and unwavering.
When we are passionate about something it carries a healthy vibration, often we can install other programs within this womb. Of course the left brain will trip us up, but again we can subvert this by knowing that anticipation is a cancer to intention because it carries the admission of not having. What helps is to realize that time is non-existent with creative realizations and visualizations of this now moment in sync with that which we seek, or I am this now mentality. But in the very least the levity of having fun with the process is a good place to start until it all becomes one big love and the inertia takes over.
By now the million dollar question of what that mystery cookie cutter is should be as plain as the nose on your face “LOVE”, I know you were looking for the math, but it’s really so simple that its stupid. This galaxy, this universe and this cosmos were created with one simple premise; you can be a god like creator as long as you use love as the primary ingredient. That’s it! The more ability you have to exploit this vibration the more co-creative ability you have to alter the universe, for it was created as a symbiotic system making all things possible with love. So now that we have solved the great mystery what are you going to do about it? Of course the further one is from being able to carry this vibration the less they can do with creation outside of exploit what they don’t have.
Please send your check for one million dollars payable to lovers or losers inc. ;)
Val  4/23/17


Purps....This is a wonderful article and well worth taking the time to read....Thanks...


Valentinus is a wonderful wordsmith! Honored to have his work posted here. :)


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