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The War on Consciousness

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1The War on Consciousness Empty The War on Consciousness Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:19 am


The War on Consciousness

Posted on April 27, 2017 by David Nova 

“Being aware of your fear is smart. Overcoming it is the mark of a successful person.” ~Seth Godin
The War on Consciousness Deusnexus_100Some inspirational words below in the interim of my hiatus.  The alt-media too often focuses their attention upon exposing the darkness, a worthy fight to be sure, yet fail to balance negative information with a focus upon the Light.
In the process, the alt-media inadvertently spreads more darkness and fear programming, which serves the agenda of the War on Consciousness. If we are engaging in a negative mental focus, on World War III for example, then we are also helping to manifest it, consciously or unconsciously, which is why the elite are delighted when we help spread their fear programming. It keeps our vibration low and our consciousness down.
Sometimes it is healthier to unplug from the negativity and rediscover your inner strength, courage, purpose, and Light, to learn to accept what is and then transform what can be. 

Source: 11:11 The Correcting Time  | from the Desk of Chris Maurus
The War on Consciousness Consciousness_battleWWIII isn’t being fought with bullets and bombs—it’s an all-out war for the control of human consciousness. There are real energetic changes going on with Mother Urantia who hosts the circuits for the Adjutant Mind and for the way mind operates on the planet. There are new energies here that are being harnessed by those individuals (light workers) that have a soul contract to anchor these new energies and begin dismantling the Satanic and Luciferian control devices at a “consciousness level.”
Many second and third wave souls are beginning to awaken now and are searching for direction. The old guard that controls most of the minds on this world is in the desperate throws of holding on to this monopoly of power—they fear what is coming. Those of us that are on the spiritual path can and do have an opportunity to be a powerful influence of change, but it requires that we unplug from the mindcontrol devices so cleverly disguised and in plain sight in our everyday lives.
It is important that those who are anchoring these new energies be hyper-aware of the influences of these dark forces that are still very much in charge of the manipulation of mass human consciousness—the energy source for their control. If you have truly come to this world to engage in the liberation of human consciousness, then you shall undoubtedly be subject to some form of influence from these dark forces. I don’t want to instill fear here, but if you had told me 10 years ago that I would come under vicious attack by satanic forces for being a light bearer, I would have looked at you with raised eyebrows. The main point I want to stress here is to not succumb to the fear. Fear is what keeps us down and disempowered. When we lose the fear and become courageous, we become more powerful—the darkness knows this.
Human mind is very powerful at manifestation—our God given gift to manifest our desires and experience a rich and diverse life on the material plane. By influencing our beliefs, these dark forces are actually programming our paradigms that, in turn, manifest our reality, and they have succeeded to shape the mass consciousness of the planet for thousands of years and turn it into an engine that powers their agendas. There are many factions that use this “fear grid” and humanity has been duped into participating in its own imprisonment—not unlike the movie “The Matrix” where human minds are plugged into a massive consciousness program in order that it unwittingly supplies power to the machines. This is very much what has happened to humanity and it is time that we take our planet back and unplug from the prison of fear.
The number one most important way you can begin to fight back is to monitor what comes into your consciousness through news media, entertainment, and the company your keep. The more violence, hatred, and injustice we witness through our eyes, the more violence, hatred and injustice we shall experience in our world—it’s that simple. Seek out those things of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness and immerse your mind in it. Let the emotions of love and joy ripple out into the mass of planetary consciousness and weaken the control of the dark forces. This is a requirement for those who are participating in creation—the Great Plan.
God speed to you all,

About the Author

Computer information systems and business graduate with highest honors from Davenport University; Senior Research and Development Engineer with over 30 years experience in mechanical design, technical writing, and graphic illustration, I continue to work in private industry in industrial automation in south east lower Michigan until I am thus called to full time duty in the service of humanity–my true life mission. MORE

Thanks to: https://deusnexus.wordpress.com


2The War on Consciousness Empty Re: The War on Consciousness Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:18 pm

Light Being

What you put out there in thought will come back to you in the same form!

A thought about evil is the opportunity to learn about Love!

I Am, We Are, Love, Light and Peace to ALL, Be Love,

Light Being

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