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‘Everything Is As It Should Be’ – Really?

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‘Everything Is As It Should Be’ – Really?
Posted on April 29, 2017  by  Soren Dreier
Author: Soren Dreier
‘Everything Is As It Should Be’ – Really? Coin-990x556

The slogan ‘Everything is as it should be’ came about in the 80’s, introduced by Deepak ‘Oprah’.

The statement is both true and false since it depends on the perspective and perspectives are always subjective. Like the physical vision, it can be compared to: ‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’, and it does.

An author once wrote: ‘There’s so much beauty in bombed railway stations.” Desire for destruction? But still, it is a fair statement in the aftermath of the act of war. While the bombings went on, I sincerely doubt that the people inside the station would even think of anything else; that the terror of war and the bombers looked down and thought: Cool, it’s prettier now.

The Yoga Sutra says:
When you flip the coin of happiness into the air, you will see its backside. The backside to happiness is despair. The Yoga Sutra does that to tell us that emotions are illusions since they come and go. One day happy, next day sad. Ding dong.

So, when we throw the coin of ‘Everything is as it should be’ into the air, we are also presented with its antagonist, ‘Everything is not as it should be’. To solve this question, we have to point to levels of consciousness unless we just picked that statement of ‘Everything is as it should be’ up and embedded it into a pointer in our spiritual compass without examining the spiritual bumper sticker, Real Life Traffic, or by contemplating on it in Real Life.

Seen as a spiritual punch line: ‘Everything is as it should be’, without dissecting it, could be the biggest tranquilizer gun in the hands of the New Age control system. “I am suffering” – very cool Bro – it’s all part of your learning and you are not plugged into time and space, so you can’t see why right now, all good.
Please tell that to the woman being raped in a forest.

Please tell that to the children who suffer under pedophilia.

Please tell that to the people queuing up in a line looking for work.

Please tell that to the people who get evicted, and the week after seeing their house being sold by the same bank that wants their $100,000 still, and sells the house for $1 from under the rubble of their financial situation.

So we´re learning that all of the abuse of this world actually has a point and what we suffer, or see others suffering in, is a grand design which will illuminate us into a transcending mind with the great epic epiphany of:
Aha, well, that’s why – now I´m dead and I get the point.

The people who had faith in Trump, Obama, and I don’t really think anyone had faith in Bush, were very badly deceived. These narcissists are pretty clever as goes for deception of even very critical people with every good intention.

‘Everything as it should be’? – Live with it! Or put up the resistance.

On twitter Donald John Trump acts like an immature child. What’s concerning about that is, he has the mind of a kid,
but he´s got his fingers on the ‘Nuke Them’ button, and as we can tell in his tweets, he takes everybody personally. Not the hallmark of a statesman. But, I do not care about Statesman – since politics is deception based. As you know: we do not see the powers behind them, pulling them like puppets on a string.

Politically, ‘everything is not as it should be’ has been the reality since politics felt it had the permission to micro manage people lives. That is where they all converted to the gospel of Bureaucrazy.

‘Everything is as it should be’ will be valid when that system is down, and still not, since we are not given the perimeters on how to set a society right post politics, but instead are left with Hollywood scenarios of a post-apocalyptic feudal world, which makes the Dark Ages seem like a New Age seminar in brotherly love.

Ida tells me that people are sinking deeper and deeper into despair. Yes, hope betrayed again, Obama took the virginity of HOPE and turned it into an untrustworthy six-years-long fling. Trump, offers no hope.

When the political, celebrity, one percenter elite opposed Trump, they actually had no case, just personal resentment. That’s why they lost the war of the minds. People thought: Fuck the elite, we´ll send them a message. And that’s actually good. But Trump also rose to power because people could resonate with his viewpoints – especially those that targeted the establishment, and America shouldn’t be the policeman in this world of the chilling military complex. If you don’t know: He did that, and 100 days went by, and somehow, he’s just downright war mongering scary.

I had visions that Trump was the Antichrist, but I waved them off since Hillary already occupied that seat…
Donald John Trump exposed himself to me when he didn’t wait for his wife in front of the door to the White House.
You might find that odd, but Donald John actually seemed to like beauty, seemed to understand the softness of the feminine as a balancing to his quite explicit masculinity… or was it all show. It was.

When the masculine can embrace the beauty and the healing and the softness of the feminine, it is evolved. Even the strongest genuine masculine needs to spoon up when it gets tired after battles well fought, and be embraced and nurtured by the feminine in order to bring him back to strength. And vice versa for the feminine spirit who needs the security of the masculine when she gets war torn. Trump could do nothing but degrade it.

‘Everything about this is wrong and not as it should be’. When illusions crack – despair steps in.

‘Everything is as it should be’ could be valid if this lesson in learning were switched with an EMOTIONAL uprising as: No way we will ever pay any kind of interest as to who runs whatever country we live in. We will not vote, and we will not abide by any form of micromanaging politicians and their institutions of control. Then we have progress but without any visions of a post political society we are not that well off.

So, what do people do then? They turn to Hope in The Above. The Love from Above, where, as I mentioned in a previous post, people just project this fascist shit into the Celestial, and we are nowhere. No Hope, always pain, always suffering – that is still why Big Religion got invented. But God isn’t religious.

So where to turn?

Obviously, the truth is there – but: The truth Is Not Out There.

It is In There! So, turn to the inside.

The collective compass is long gone fucked up, politically and spiritually.

Trust your own compass, if you feel you do not have a compass, which is the reason so many are sinking down the abyss of despair. The next wave, if it isn’t here already, being a depression. That is what we’re suffering now, a collective emotional depression.

We have the physical depression already, austerity, financial breakdown and whatnot. We have the intellectual fatigue already in mindless sheep, looking for strong leadership, to avoid Self Governing – God forbid that, since we then have to take responsibility for our lives. No, nooo. We have to have somebody tell us what to eat, what is wrong and what is right and in best case scenarios leave 10% of our net income on the savior’s PayPal account. (Real Example).
I have a friend in England who ran into this last week on the promise of taking down internal pain.

Let me suggest that: If you leave 5%, I´m not greedy, of your net worth on my donation link, I will personally pray for you each day and all your troubles will be gone. Sounds good? Who knows… maybe I can afford a car soon, I´m not greedy – don’t need a Lear Jet even though I would be closer to God in such a device and thereby can serve you better.

We know what’s right inside of us. We know when this world oversteps our boundaries, but to have boundaries we have to find our inner core. That is the work needed for this world to change and in order to not see ourselves and as powerless fools being tricked again. Ask yourself this question: Is Everything is as it should be? If not, do something.
We do not have the same anatomy of the soul. Each soul is spiced and seasoned differently so all may not agree on your inner core. But, it’s yours and you do not have to spiritually flat line because you do not buy into the latest buzz.
What we share is the deepest, most inner core of our souls, which, whether we like it or not, are in sync with the core of this Universe, God, Creation.

Maybe you need to set out once more in order to see what’s inside that Holy place in you, protect it in times like this – but always share these deep values with the people you interact with.

The most important person you ever will meet is: You. And you will have to live with that person when you are here in the physical reality. So, there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and often it is so that we hide that inner core, because when we expose it, or see it: It wants nothing but Peace.

Peace as a concept of acknowledging our deepest longings, which makes us very vulnerable since that state of being is buck naked. But, it’s the only Real. It has traveled with you through Eons of time, thriving to create that state of mind of ‘Everything is as it should be’.

Peace is not the same as an absence of warriorhood, drawing boundaries as to how much shit you will take, how you allow yourself to be degraded in the sphere of the collective abuse.

Go inside the Golden Cave and seek out the treasures, and treasure them as if your life depended on it. It actually does, since once the System of Abuse gets to your core, you will find that you are in despair, no hope, no values, a low hanging fruit for predators from all corners of the world.

Reclaim that core, and take no more shit.

The birds are still singing – treasure that.

The seas are still blue – treasure that.

You are still you – treasure that.

If you can’t – you have strayed.

What to do?

Come home.

© 2017 Soren Dreier –  Feel free to share this post with link back.

Thanks to Soren at: http://sorendreier.com


Light Being

A very interesting being named 8 once told me, "everything is perfect where it is at. We create and co-create our realities and we contracted to experience those realities and we are the projector of the realities. If you want to change your reality change your intention".

I heeded toughs words and 8 was right!

Be Love,


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