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Starving the War Machine – Let’s Try This Again

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Starving the War Machine – Let’s Try This Again

May 4, 2017 Ines Radman

It’s very simple, crash the system by not spending money. Hundreds and thousands of people in the Alternative Media and the great researchers, truthseekers, wanna be gurus and Cult leaders that come from all walks of life pride themselves for the knowledge/information/intel they acquired. Their knowledge is shared through the media, posts, books, DVD’s, Webinars, Seminars and YouTube programs, yet I have yet to find one person who suggests an action of sorts to end this madness.

Where are the solutions? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if we close our bank accounts or don’t use our debit cards and don’t buy anything that is not for our daily survival for just one week, we would crash the system.
A few side effects of our actions could result in putting the entire financial system in chaos. Banks put out financial statements based on deposits. If a bank has 10 M in deposits for the day, it can lend out 100 M and it’s this amount that determines share prices. I’m not a financial expert, but from what I have read and listened to, they report the potential they can loan out, not the actual deposits they have on account.

It’s an inconvenience to close a bank account, but your action is what would crash the system. Mile long line ups to access cash, panicked bankers, no loans approved, not enough cash to serve the clients that don’t use their debit cards, merchandise sitting in storage because we’re not purchasing anything that we don’t need.

Companies only have 1 or 2 day supplies of food; we don’t buy food for a week, it rots and is wasted, millions in losses. It would create such a domino effect that I believe would take less than a week.

It doesn’t matter if your paycheck is direct deposit; wait until you get paid and then close the account. Take out what cash you need for a week, you can always open the account later or change banks. If we succeed, we won’t need a bank account anyways.

So, for years the truthseekers have been sharing their knowledge and it turns out that those 99% can’t come up with a solution to stop the 1%? Which leads me to the next question: Why are they not coming up with solutions?
I have been on this idea for years and kept a blog on WordPress called ” Starving the War Machine”, those that have been around for a while know this. Why don’t people want to sacrifice a few days of inconvenience to free ourselves from this slavery? What good is all the information we have if it doesn’t serve a purpose and bring us closer to freedom?

Knowledge is power. I have been using it to empower my life. Knowledge allows me to make better decisions and I have worked over 25 years to remove myself from the Matrix as much as possible. Without relying on the government for anything, I have become self sufficient. It takes many years to work on this project, it’s not something you can start today and be done with in a few months. Unless you have assets you can sell, it’s a long journey of saving money and not buying things you don’t need. In other words, living a simple life.

I studied and practice natural and modern medicine, grow my own fruits and vegetables, so the point is that it’s possible and there are solutions but if people like Peter Kling, Steve Quayle, LA Marzulli, David Icke, Jeff Rense, the Nibiru folks, the biblical prophesies folks, Alfred L. Webre, David Wilcock and his gang of thugs offered solutions, they wouldn’t make a living, it would stop.

What other reason do any of the Alternative media, researchers and truthseekers in the Truth Movement have for not offering solutions and creating movements to activate solutions and the one I have is just one of many? If they offer solutions they would then spend time in the action and lose their income. If you have an answer as to why solutions are not being offered, please share that with me.

Many victims don’t benefit from healing and so they choose to stay victims. They choose to stay victims for many reasons. It can be for attention, manipulation, fear of the unknown, fear of change, financial, not knowing how to heal or not getting support. They don’t like being victims but whether it’s conscious or subconscious, they stay away from solutions.

Solving a problem doesn’t always benefit us personally, but if these folks that spent years sharing their knowledge with us and claim to be of service to humanity, then why are they not working on solutions to help humanity? If you ask me, they all pass the buck and hope someone else will offer the solution because it always comes down to loss of income and inconvenience; yet they don’t know that they would be the new leaders, they would be the ones people would look up to and trust.

They are egotists that feed on our approval and admiration for the knowledge and if we found a solution, they would become irrelevant and their own fear of the unknown is greater than the desire to act on the solution.
I have always believed that the best way to crash the system is to use the same thing they use against us and that’s money. Why did the Cabal destroy Iraq, Libya, Syria and other African countries? Because the leaders of these countries refused to join the Central Banking System and wanted to trade their oil in their own currencies. Period.

The Central Bank is the Center of the their world so the best solution is to use it against them.
So, this is now the million dollar question to all of those many folks who have spent years researching humanity and those that rule this planet. Why are you not focused on solutions? Now that you have huge followings, why aren’t you organizing movements to implement solutions?

If we can gather a million people on a certain day for Mass Meditation, then we can organize millions by working together collectively to set a date for stopping using money, closing bank accounts or just stop using your debit cards for a week, stop buying Starbucks coffee, stop buying the latest and greatest for a week.

Banks use our deposits to launder money for buying weapons, banks are the major player in buying/selling killing machines. What is so fucking difficult in not spending money for a week? Can’t your new iPhone wait for a week?
When I first proposed my idea to Alfred Lambermont Webre a few years ago, he laughed at me and suggested that I read his book, yet when he polled his followers, most of them thought it was a great idea and supported it. Why didn’t Webre use that momentum and start putting together a group that would help organize it? What do we have to lose by not using debit cards and not buying anything unless it was a necessity?

The implications of this denial that there is no solution is huge. Could we have stopped the murders of innocent civilians across the planet? Could we have enabled the production of free energy devices sooner? Who loses by creating a solution? Those that benefit by selling their knowledge. Those that sell books, that claim they have higher sources or intel about what is going on. I compared them to the same people that are still promoting Dinar Revaluation, they are still selling this crap and have been conning people for over 15 years now that it’s just around the corner!
Am I supposed to let my partner die because of my fear of getting arrested is greater than my desire for him to live? Are a few days of inconvenience more important than participating in a unified global action to stop the War Machine and stop them from destroying what little is left of this planet and humanity?

I didn’t incarnate here to wait for a Savior. We are the Saviors, we just haven’t figured it out yet. I didn’t come here to wait for you to decide if your inconvenience may change your life for a few days.

There is no excuse and dear Mr. Webre, how do you know it won’t work if we don’t try it? And who are you to be the authority on something that has never been done? And what has your knowledge gained or your Multiverse theory done to change the paradigm? I’m not picking on Mr. Webre, but he was the first person I turned to with my solution. I figured he had a big enough following that he could pull this off since he keeps bragging about how he is serving humanity.

This is solution isn’t about shooting someone and missing the target therefore ending up in jail. This is not about doing anything illegal or immoral. This is about exercising our free will and choice to close a bank account, something people do everyday.

It’s about crashing the system, creating panic in the financial markets because they never experienced it, don’t know how to handle it and have no idea how far it can go and how many customers would catch on and do it. The sheer panic alone could crash the system because banks simply would not have the cash. They only have 10% cash on hand, the rest is just computer digits. It’s about psychological warfare, the warfare they have used on us for Eons. Letting them know that we are smart and that we do have solutions and that we the 99% finally figured it out and will destroy them.

I have been plagued with this idea/solution for years now trying to figure out why people that can help are opposed to this idea. I can’t prove it will work, but you can’t prove it won’t work. But, if you agree that it’s a good idea, what’s stopping all these gurus, experts and researchers with huge followings from organizing and trying it since we have nothing to lose?  The only thing it might cost you is time having to travel to your bank branch and waiting in line to pay bills or withdraw funds.

You’re not being serviced by the bank. You’re doing them a favor. You deposit your funds with them so they can profit but they charge you a fee for withdrawing and having an account. How silly is that? That you must wait in line and be treated like you are the customer for withdrawing your own money? They use YOUR money to lend out to others. In other words, you’re the banker, lending money out to other people and the banker is the sales agent who charges you a commission on the sale.

I no longer respect those that spend hours everyday interviewing and sharing their expertise. They should be looking for ways to get us out of this mess. What difference does it make who and how the pyramids were built? Will and does it improve our lives for having that information? Knowledge is power, but this truth movement should now shift to offering/finding solutions.

We know we’re a slave race, we know who rules this planet, I don’t give a shit if there are 10 or 20 or 30 of them, I don’t even care what they are called, it doesn’t change my reality. It’s enough to know that we are a slave race and that someone is ruling over us.

It’s time to start calling these people out, especially those that make money sharing their knowledge and information. We’ve had 50 years of discovering new facts and information about our true history, isn’t it time we start implementing solutions?

This is what you should be thinking about. Who is out there that is providing solutions and or seeking them so that we can get off this information overload train?  It’s now difficult to know what is truth anymore and what is not. I could give  a crap if Trump is the good guy or not. He’s not part of the solution and my life isn’t going to change knowing that. All politicians or wanna be politicians are puppets, NO honest person can enter politics, this is why only corrupt people are allowed in that circle because they have dirt on them to blackmail.

I’m tired of reading about biblical prophesies that never happen and imminent dangers like the Killshot, Nibiru, Annunaki returning, major earthqakes, pole shifts, red and blood moons, blah, blah. Its’ time to stop finding excuses why we’re not coming up with solutions and implementing them.

You set a date, you act, you create chaos and become a master in psychological warfare and let them taste their own medicine.

What’s so difficult about this? If you feel you have a legitimate excuse for not closing your bank account, then you’re not ready to sacrifice your own selfish needs for the benefit of humanity. So, this question: ” Why are people unwilling to inconvenience their lives for a few days?” this plagues me when I hear reasons and excuses for not trying the solution, any solution that might change or shift our paradigm.

If it’s inconvenience, hell, aren’t you already inconvenienced by so many laws that you can barely breath from the restrictions placed upon you? Is your fear of being seen in a bank line waiting to withdraw money greater than your fear of being shot down in a terrorist attack or a stray bullet?

Do you know that your chances of being killed in a terrorist attack are lesser than being killed by prescription drugs? If you live in fear, then don’t you fear that the next prescription drug might kill you? How do you know what’s in the next pill?

Even your fear is relative nowadays because like memory, it’s selective. My girlfriend is dying from Intestinal Cancer. She’s had 170 chemotherapy treatments over the last 2 years, yet she’s afraid of using Cannabis Oil because it’s illegal. How logical does this sound? How justified is her fear? Maybe if she stopped using pesticides and herbicides sooner, she may not have developed cancer, yet she continues to use it and afraid to try Cannabis Oil. My point is that fear is selective today, the mind is warped, it’s controlling her sanity, there is no other logic in her given situation and she’s not the only one I know like this.

This is how I see humanity today, fearing things that could end up being positive. Personally, I’d rather be in jail and healthy, than dying from Cancer.

Even as a child living at home, I would disregard my father’s threats and do it anyways. I didn’t fear his punishment. My mother often cried in panic begging me to stop doing things that were forbidden. She would would often accuse me of being fearless as if it was something punishable, but that fearlessness kept me alive. In between child abuse, sexual abuse, my child being sexually abused, that alone was enough reason for suicide, drug addiction and living as a victim. I stand for V – victory.

I can’t relate to fear, it’s unjustified. It’s fearing something  you don’t know. It’s something we create in this mind that controls the body. They know how to manipulate us into the fear mode. This is why I truly believe the brain/mind was altered at some point and it doesn’t work for our benefit whatsoever.

It’s one thing to walk barefooted and look down afraid you might step on something sharp that might cause you pain, but where is the logic in being afraid of using Cannabis Oil while you’re dying from Cancer?

This is the terminal madness I often write about, the madness that we may have solutions to free ourselves yet people afraid of an inconvenience or don’t feel the solution might work. You are terminally mad if you think this way.
I’m not saying it will work, I’m saying: “Let’s try it, we have nothing to lose”. This reality makes no sense to me, to fear the fear itself is past the point of no return. You have accepted your slave status, fine, I get it, but I don’t feel that you matured or grown to know that we’re not alone, we’re all connected. We’re all plugged into the Magnetic Field and then we’re all connected with each other. It’s called Collective Consciousness.

All that exists, all living beings are plugged into the Magnetic Field of this planet, if you’re not willing to shed the fear and try something then you don’t give a shit about the rest of humanity. Your selfish fears have enslaved you in your own mind, just like the magnetic field has separated us from other realities, from Creator.

What will it take for you to act? An earthquake? An EMP attack? A killshot event/CME?Fema camps? Loss of income? Isn’t it human like to act only when you’re left with nothing? Do we only come together when tragedies strike?
There is no human evolution, there never was. We are de-evolving/descending as a human race. Technology is evolving and has now taken over our mind/brains. We’re like a drug addict looking for our next fix, selfish and unconcerned about our collective unified consciousness. This will be our demise, you will fail your assignment here and will have to return here until you finally figure it out. Take your time Old Soul; time doesn’t exist but the realities you create do exist and no experience or reality can be left in the negative state. We keep coming back until we change the polarity because nothing negative stays negative, it’s part of the learning experience.

In order for us to evolve into higher beings, we create the problem, then find the solution. We’re now in that phase of seeking solutions to neutralize this negative experience. If we don’t succeed, it means we have not yet remembered why we came here so  we will keep returning.

Mother Gaia called out for help Eons ago and we are here because we answered her call. Many wanted to help, only a few were chosen. You and I were chosen because we were old souls, ancient explorers and because the assignment was difficult, only we could pull it off.

A simple solution of ” starving the financial system” could be enough to end this terminal madness yet humans are looking for excuses for it to fail. How do we know it will fail if we don’t try? Your part is to make this post go viral and hope that someone will a lot of exposure/followers will take this on, all we can do is give it a try.
Stock up for a week, take out your cash, stop using your debit cards and if  you’re really courageous, close your bank account, that’s all that is required. If it doesn’t work, we go back to living as a slave race. That’s it. At least we can say that we tried and since it’s never been tried before, don’t tell me it’s not going to work, you don’t know that.

I dare you to try.

Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


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