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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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1The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Empty The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Sun May 28, 2017 12:25 pm


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Its’ once again that time of year for graduations, though academics are only one frequency band, there are others worthy of note, and this year’s graduating class is the largest on record. I wish I could be there for the many hatchlings who have finally shed their chrysalis. Perhaps not; but don’t worry, you have not just performed a walk in, though walking may feel a bit weird.
Welcome to a world where self empowerment is called self-righteous, where God’s children are called terrorists and where your true friends won’t be walking terra firma. My advice is to find yourself a nice cave and meditate for the next five years, if we’re still here when you wake up the odds are in your favor.
Regardless of the programming there was no board of directors pulling numbers, nope! You managed to pull it off despite all the opposition; all the negative attitudes, academic programs, religious programs, pseudo science, obsessive habits, foul food, toxic water, ghastly air and radiation, men in black and foggy frequencies that keep us dumb as rats. Yep, you wadded through a reptile swamp and actually made it to the other side and got the scars to prove it.
Ode to the Sovereign;
Reckless invincibility; define responsibility.
Free willy’s; spirit hillbillies.
Lightening in a bottle; easy on the throttle..
A horseman; neigh, a sourceman.
Lose the chi or menopausal you’ll be.
Don’t talk smack, till ya get the knack.
Sheep herding obsolete; take a backseat.
Don’t piss off the man, less ready to stand.
Dracs got your number; digital plunder.
The brighter the light, the greater the swarm,
If curious large insects visit smile and act norm.
Your soul is ancient; older than dirt;
Now’s your big chance to heal what is hurt.
Just the other day a master ascended;
He shook his head, muttered; this can’t be mended.
But optimistic am I, even empty handed,
Smell change in the air, something suspended.
Oh tis of we, so lofty in grace;
Wait till an avatar laughs in your face.
Jealous are we at Elohi life;
Pigs in a poke, greasy with strife.
Goodbye youth, good bye Barnum & Bailey;
You won’t see a wire but you’re walking it daily.
Last call to seize the day, put Carp in your Deum;
Spirit now calling, better call or go see em.
Body offendeth, sensitized to all eats;
Charge thee fine element, arc head to da feet.
Stop your whining, voice carries magic;
Like pebble to pond push gently on fabric.
Sorry ego, there’s no time for preaching;
Too much to learn, Mothers will; keep reaching.
So long emotions, alchemical feelers;
Knowing in faith, keeps consciousness peeling.
This be the land where angels fear tread;
Envy they you for by Gotham you shed.
Desire once yourn now echo a planet;
O’ mental collective, no U less command it.
There is no book, no key of Sol;
Slippery codes, junk mail is all.
Just follow da whims, thinking over-rated;
Inklings are whimsical, best when prostrated.
A slap of the wrist, a kick in the can;
Hardly the goal, plant flowers in Pan.
An occasional shout; God save the bees;
Be mindful of forests and listen to trees.
The croaking of toads, the barking of spiders;
All tell a tale for spirit insiders.
Open thee palms, open thine eye;
Anchor thou heart, remember to cry.
Softly bespeak, carry big staff;
Forget not their fear, rejoice in a laugh.
Belittle not, leave all with integrity;
Judge not, mindscapes drunk on polarity.
Evil’s an anvil, hammers tensile for good;
Between thee conception, from worm to wood.
Lets cut this off, it’s getting bookie;
Just to say howdy, red pills got tookie. ;)
Remember the days when you could actually get facts from news sources?
Once upon a time, reading the paper on a regular basis made one more knowledgeable, not to say that newspapers are totally worthless. But if you were a regular reader like me you noticed how the voice your favorite columnist became soured. Usually after the paper got sold, it seemed as if the news world became weaponized and the real problems were muted. In truth the term New should be removed from the News, for Trivial Regurgitation is a far better label.
It took about 20 years before the old rags were all singing the same tune. Even the all time greats like the Washington Post and the New York Times eventually became nothing more than corporate mouthpieces. What became of the Washington Post made me sick, they used to be my hero’s, one of the last institutions where one could find some semblance of truth. All one need do to confirm how fallen they became was to review their coverage of the last election, it was evil personified. It’s one thing for a respected news source to stop coverage on certain subjects but pushing lies as truth crosses serious boundaries. News sources which follow suit will, one way or another lose their voice. What has happened to the Washington Post should serve as a good example of what this means; Tell lies, rag dies…
Of course most understand that such tomfoolery is no longer exclusive to the paper dinosaurs, for we have seen the corruption of news sources on-line doing back-flips, the censorships and trusted voices becoming highly questionable. At the turn of the year I was told that there would be a big push to restrict information from the public, I just never realized how far they would go. Its as if the words freedom of the press are now being interpreted as our freedom is oppressed.
The misleaders have infested the web and are getting paid well to do it, and even if they only mislead one third of the wooing public that’s a lot of minds getting scrambled. But its hard to cry wolf on the web without credible proof. Most unfortunately need to figure things out for themselves, which may mean their barking up the wrong tree for years. We must understand that there are think tanks that constantly dwell on how to steer the masses, be it toward war, GMO’s, or pseudo science, and their attacks are multi-faceted and extremely swave. They believe that if they sell the same silver scheme from a kaleidoscope they can get you to bite at the bait. But even though they may have skilled writers who paint in water color cacophony, the underpinning will always return to the same basic premise which is always about disempowerment, fear and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. Many of these paid for parasites entertain us with all kinds of colorful phrases, but when the music stops we realize they offer nothing stimulating or mildly captivating, or worse, they are internet mocking birds who never carry a shred of originality.
I’m not saying everyone out there are internet con-men/women, but the BS meter may be over the 50% mark and growing. Often there are individuals who start out with humility and heartfelt sentiment, but once they get a bit of a following things tend to change. Its almost as if they are marketing select programs though the program never lives up to the marketing campaign promise. It’s not hard to see that its all about the following, for once a level of trust is reached many fall into a blind trust absorbing words as gospel. It works the same way with friends, but on the Net its even easier because you can’t feel their energy or see their body language, so it’s really sensory deprivation, for even video’s can be con-scripted.
There are many ways to compromise the head of a group; fear, blackmail, mind control and financial incentives are only the beginning, ask any politician.  Even if they can’t keep one mesmerized they know most only have so much time they can spend exploring alternatives, so wasting your time with well marketed dead ends can be useful, for the more time you waste, the less time you have for personal development. For they fear you more than you know, for a human with a little bit of enlightenment can turn out to be a major threat, and a lot of humans on their path makes North Korean’s look like Boy scouts.
As far as the planet, the Sun yada, yada, we are and will be going through the shit throughout the year, but it’s not all bad shit. Were kinda at the point where the pendulum of time has stopped its momentum in one direction and is getting ready to fall the opposing direction. Some of us are beginning to turn around so the wind will once again be in our face, while others are still getting over that queasy feeling in the tummy, like one gets on a carnival ride. There will be peaks and valleys and we are in one of those big valleys at the moment. The relative calm we’re now feeling won’t last so enjoy it while you can. The frequency is definitely changing, but this will help sooth nervy grids, and minimize stressful peaks.
The mischief that has been plaguing our planet has also slowed regardless of what the headlines read, partly because larger concerns are lurking from off planet sources, and partly because the cohesive confidence is at odds with confusion amidst castration. I think it’s safe to say all have reached some new hurdles that are interrupting stride. Perhaps a good time for parleys, though I don’t see any hatchets getting buried just yet. However we live on a planet of businessmen and regardless of factions all understand that logic when it comes down to the fundamentals meaning don’t cut off our nose to spite your face when changing ones gesture is still an option. Tunnel-vision is fine if you’re a gopher, but gophers are nearsighted.
Val  5/28/17

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