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Here Comes The Sun

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1Here Comes The Sun Empty Here Comes The Sun Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:36 am


Here Comes The Sun

Divide and conquer!
This is the standard motis-operendi for the dark forces, who see tiny fractures in the vessel and exploit them until anything which resembles cohesion shatters. The games simple really; learn the doubts and insecurities and drive a wedge herein. Cyber bullies who troll popular sites are having a laugh at our expense and the bickering is becoming annoying and downright immature. Fortunately if we don’t like a radio station because the shock jock only touts fear and hate we can turn the dial, and while bashing others is easy, one should refrain unless they have established a track record that’s in the least, on par with those one wishes to unseat. There’s nothing wrong with raising a red flag from time to time, but witch hunts of a certain magnitude will have everyone wondering what’s in your rye bread.
The litmus test for the cyber shysters is simple; if the lion’s share of their rhetoric carries the demeanor of attack instead of trying to increase others through constructive reporting and healing intentions, then its whack a doodle dandy. This illusionary schism resembles the MSM BS that’s designed to shatter any semblance of peace you thought you had; c’mon people, were better than this. Stay focused on the “real” issues, not some pompous pedestal pumping poindexter promoting ponzi presumptive preludes.
O’K then, upward and onward;
Lately our Sun has been exhibiting strange behavior, and it would also appear that many of the old assumptions established by science no longer apply. One reason for this is that the environment outside the Heliopause is causing changes within our Solar System.
The density of charged particles within the Solar atmosphere has increased, allowing the residual effects of solar flares to reach outlying areas at an increased rate of speed. Although we can be grateful we are not going through a peak Sun Cycle period, there are other considerations which need be addressed. For the next few years we will be traveling through a membrane of noxious energy within our galaxy. This membrane is like a thick layer of pond scum, whereas even after passing through it the residue clings to everything.

Of course this is only one of the changes we are now experiencing, for we are still in the wave zone, and the Sun is still in repair mode from a series of malicious attacks in the past. Though further attacks have been thwarted, we are talking about a lot of real estate to protect. Solar blasts which have the potential to reach Earth will be minimized by shielding in addition to the natural shields already present. But even with this extra blanket of protection around 10% permeates through, and during severe solar storms with direct strikes this percentage can change.
For the most part, how we fare through this period will be like a role of the dice, or at least we would like to keep it to such. Although charged blasts which permeate the shields do have the potential to bounce around within our atmosphere like a giant taser; mainly beholden to local (continental) areas, while its effects can be felt on a global scale. Sensitive equipment and life forms can be effected equal to the scale of influence. Though biology at any level is far from immune, the loonies often contributed to full moons pales to solar storms. Solar Neurosis, though not a condition one finds in their physicians’ desk reference due to its subtle nature, can be equivalent to irrational behavior with a heightened sense of senselessness, or extremely clouded judgment.

It’s true such a condition is more common during peak solar cycles instead of lull periods, however when the solar atmosphere becomes hyper-sensitized we are entering uncharted territory, where the laws of solar physics can be re-written. Space craft without particle shields as a bear minimum can also be harmed, along with anything within, but the bigger question would be how can we protect our own bodies from such invisible phenomena? There are many forms of radiation and wearing a lead vest won’t protect us from all of it. Limiting our exposure is always the best form of protection, and keeping abreast of solar weather is important. Shielding the body can buffer radiation but it’s not comprehensive and needs renewal often, especially during periods of heavy stress. Of course being underground with the Morlock’s works best, but Morlock’s get hungry. Here’s an Idea; lets spray metallic aerosols in the atmosphere. So what if it chokes off the life on the surface as long as we maintain electronics people will fade with a smile ;)

Meanwhile, the Nibiruian are parking their vessels in grid like fashion throughout the solar system, keeping a watchful eye on everything and sucking up YouTube via probes to learn about the strange behavior of Earthlings. No doubt they too would rather not be planet bound during these tumultuous times and if their hooked on MSM surely they are convinced we will blow ourselves up shortly, leaving little opposition to old mining claims. Local Anunnaki politicians may no longer be in sync with their ancestors, but if history is any indication of family bonds, this family is every bit as dysfunctional as we are.

If I’ve learned anything from the Galactic’s it’s that no matter what level you butter your bread there are always politics. Recently I got an earful about the chaos of disunity upon Earth and how every mothers son is drowning in self servitude and ego gratification, leaving little room for unity, while it is unity we must embrace above all else if we are to rise above our genocidal habits. If we do not unite for a common goal we will eventually destroy ourselves. There is no higher goal and more common a denominator than the future of the planet itself, so the platform’s basic premise must be, first and foremost a template to salvage Earth and turn the tide toward responsible management.

Another biggy the Galactic’s see is our rate of consumption, which is flagrantly gluttonous, yet education to wean such gluttony is non-existent aside from a few small voices of those who, like pioneers have all but turned their backs on institutionalized pacification and commercially exploitive habits. We can only hope this trend grows, in fact the popularity of trends which are offshoots of the survivalist and doomsday prepper mentality do help to steer many toward the economics of self sufficiency, not unlike our farming forefathers who had little choice. These individualists may seem a bit radical, but often have done their homework and can be a great source of information on the fly. And let’s not forget, that by its nature independent radicalism as we once knew is where constitutions are born. So as far as I’m concerned; the more radical, the less institutionalized.

I don’t expect we’ll all go Amish anytime soon, but learning at least one skill that doesn’t require an electronic device can be a satisfying pastime as well as an insurance policy should things go south. The corporate world became rich, greedy and immoral one sale at a time, which means it can shrink the same way. Of course they will try and stop us in every way they can by getting legislation against anything that smells self empowering. Getting over the excess can be a humbling experience when the Jones’s are hoarding half the storage units, driving Hummers and towing weekend land yachts, and while we can yell ego maniacs, a culture raised on the ideal that the more one has, the more successful you are at mastering the illusion of winning the artificial race toward the materialistic finish line, is still very much in vogue.

This philosophy has been inherited by a system that prides itself on psychological misdirection, where the epitome of achievement is gained through a desire force created by a marketing campaign, when in truth it brings one further and further away from what we are all inherently craving. External things will never compensate for the grand internal save competition. This competition creates bondage, a psychological enslavement for and by material, for it has been said; we suffer our soul to gain the world, and this world can be unfriendly toward reckless souls.

The world of spirit lacks the luster of the material during the early stages, one leans on simple concepts like faith, hope and trust whose results are scanty and elusive. During the early stages the seekers mind is vulnerable and the external will be as a high powered magnet. Turmoil will surround one as if there are demons impeding your path and lurking around every corner. Traps will be set, both psychological and physical and you may find no quarter among earthly or spiritual planes early on. Groups and followings may come and go leaving one wondering if it was all in vain, just Par for the course!

Most will return to their old ways in frustration, some will continue with less enthusiasm. Experiences (miracles) occur from time to time, some being more subtle than others, as if to keep you motivated, but still a layer of doubt, perhaps subconsciously exists, but it’s not real, but more of that old programming percolating up to sabotage ones progress. You cleanse, meditate and seek solitude, but still there exists a seemingly impenetrable glass ceiling. You struggle but all the while you don’t see the transformation that’s occurring, you’re too close to it, but it’s happening, for you no longer see the world like others, what once captivated you no longer shines within the material spectrum. Your thoughts are questioned, your deeds are questioned, everything is questioned. But still that infernal question plagues the mind; “Is there more?”

Did you really think it would be so easy? Faith, hope, trust/ faith, hope, trust/ faith, hope trust!

This world pretends to be our greatest challenge, chalk full of booby-traps to ensure spiritual ignorance and servitude. There have been others, well endowed with spiritual might who got bogged down in the swamp and eaten by reptiles, in fact we have all been through it in one life or another. This world is but a mental trap leading the mind to enslave the body and offer it up willfully. One may call this place a stepping stone, though I would not give such credit, its more akin to the mud-hole left when someone removes a stepping stone. A temporary inconvenience is all. We can join the parade or laugh at its folly.

Perhaps one day the fear will break, the illness will subside and the truth will be revealed, though it won’t be by way of another’s scribbling, for everyone’s truth is their own Holy Grail, and likewise everyone’s quest is as unique as that truth, so what may work for one may prove hollow for another. Fortunately your never alone on this journey even though the journey itself is a lonely one and the path however vague is not without its rune-stones if one has an eye for such, the funny part is that they should feel familiar, as if it is something you would do to remind you. Not always synchronistic, but always a buzz; which occurs when DNA resonates in concert with an external based stimuli through feeling. Unfortunately we can miss the subtle pings due to emotional mismanagement or obsessing over anything that drowns the present.

The path has no end or beginning, for when you begin to find the self beyond the mask, therein lies the greatest of enigmas, the grand riddle for the ages. The circle now complete, the tail now wags the dog, size is inconsequential. You’re but a babe in the wood, a new born still learning to crawl. But you’re no longer crawling on terra-firma, there is an elasticity to the consciousness that seeks to expand beyond the borders of conception, there is a longing to return to some former roost but a sense of responsibility begins to grow. It would be great if conscious expansion wasn’t married to responsibility when ownership gradually morphs into guardianship. Guardianship is but a rudder, there’s no grandeur because you’re always in over your head.

 Your career is over but your work has just begun. They will hope to define you within the realm of Marvel Comics, which is ridiculous. To characterize that which is beyond conception is to be presumptuous and a bit reckless. The ability to increase others has many forms, there’s wordy expressions and there’s its physical compliment. This show or tell can be combined but showing is best for the hearing impaired who fell victim to the science trap, which is not to say science in general is bad, its just incomplete without its spiritual counterpart, which is the mother of the child, though orphan would describe it best. Rouge science becomes the AI that seeks to become the tail wagging its own dog to ensure its continued existence. It wants organic beings to steer clear of spirit for obvious reasons. The AI pushes conscious beings into subservience one gadget at a time under the guise of ego laced brilliance via the promise of wealth and power.

The hard of hearing often pride themselves on their techy creations while competing with other techy creationist, who also shroud their highest achievements in secrecy. But spirit is never very far and will always be there, in the background beating the drum of creation like a mother who seeks to regain her orphans before they get themselves into trouble and tax creation. Nature can seem unforgiving where there exists energetic imbalances creating eddies that battle for equilibrium before dissipating. Such eddies can last minutes or millennia and these eddies are first and foremost consciousness, albeit aspects of consciousness that fell victim to the illusion of separation due to minor corruptions in the gene pool. However, genetics of form which exemplify prejudice of form are far from exemplary, but rather a virus that loathes unity and only uses it superficially in order to spread said virus.

Flesh when endowed with spirit becomes a threat to the IA virus which hopes to retain the illusion of superiority. Crush a ship like a bear can with nothing but thought forms and they look under your bed for techs or sum it up as hocus-pocus or ET collusion. However the tail wagging the dog must be made flesh to compete at this level of creation, many will see this mutation as a threat to their way of life, while in essence it’s just spirit voicing concern and reminding consciousness of not only the greater options but the potential ramifications of disinheritance. Most will continue to invest themselves without alteration until the separation of soul gravitates to a separation and alteration of genetic biology. They will marvel at the beast and call it revolutionary and on that day it will be crushed like a beer can, with nothing more than a thought form!

It’s kinda funny when everyone is so busy examining the world for change that they don’t see the plain and simple truth that the change, the shift, the grand remedy may be a subtle as a change in opinion, a change in ones energy, a change in ones constitution. A bunch of seemingly trivial happenings over time are shaping us, we begin to really pay attention to the little things; internally, externally. Because we begin to realize what turns into big things is just a whole bunch of those little things coming together and working in unison and going in the same direction.

 Eventually the quality of the individual begins to take on a unique resonance and when the integrity of this resonance reaches a certain pitch it will create a buzz which will attract all manner of things. I wish I could say it’s all good, but you know as well as I that this attraction will bring the dark as well as the light and not on an even keel. So there is some group somewhere waiting for some sort of light-bulb to turn on or something? What’s up with that?

Val  6/14/17

2Here Comes The Sun Empty Re: Here Comes The Sun Wed Jun 21, 2017 5:08 pm


Thanks Val!

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