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Anna von Reitz - Retired Means Retired! plus more

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Retired Means Retired!

Posted on June 19, 2017 by David Robinson  
Anna von Reitz - Retired Means Retired! plus more 4f522-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz
Once you are “retired” you are retired and that is that. You are owed your pension and health insurance from “the government” corporation in the same way that you would be owed your pension and health insurance from IBM or Walmart or REI.
You do not have any further obligation to the corporation. You can live wherever in whatever jurisdiction you wish. You simply have to make a choice — freedom or continued slavery? Having made that choice, you inform the State Secretary of State that you are retiring from any presumption of United States Citizenship or enfranchisement and are returning to your natural birthright status.
You don’t lose anything, you simply change your political status. You “surrender” the Municipal PERSON created by the Birth Certificate back to the Secretary of the Treasury, you rescind your “Voter Registration” and you record the simple Improved Act of Expatriation that also covers your domicile and your allegiance to the land jurisdiction state. You inform your bank that your account is a private account and all funds transferred and deposited must be denominated as lawful money. You put a label “Retired Not for Hire” on the back of your drivers license. You buy “forever tags” for your license plates and “unregister” your car.
As a former federal civil service employee you will have to continue to pay federal income taxes on that portion of your pension that actually comes from federal employment. If you worked for the federal government your whole life, you will have to pay income taxes on the whole amount. If you were in private employment for 30 years and the bulk of your pension is based on that, you only pay federal taxes on the portion derived from later federal employment.
For most people whose only “federal employment” may have been a two-year stint as a young man in the military, the amount of their pensions derived from such slight attachment to the federal corporation is negligible and they don’t have to pay federal income taxes at all. They are otherwise naturally exempt.
You have not been taught any of this because it was to the advantage of these foreign corporations that you never learn it and never exercise your exemptions and never be free. It is to their advantage if they can take and take and take, and never have to pay back anything. As a “citizen” you are at their mercy and have to accept whatever they give you, just as any slave must. As a state national, you are guaranteed their service and protection and are owed all the guarantees of the original Constitution.
If you were born in this country, it’s your choice how you want to live and what kind of status you wish to adopt. It is not THEIR choice and once you exercise your exemption, THEY have no right to say one word to you about it.

Thanks to: https://mainerepublicemailalert.com




The Diabolical Mind

Posted on June 20, 2017 by David Robinson
Anna von Reitz - Retired Means Retired! plus more 12405-judge2banna  Anna von Reitz
Unfortunately, in this world, you must learn to think like Satan before you will be able to recognize all his tricks.
Until you do, you will be subject to catastrophe after disaster.
Satan seldom lies outright. He is more subtle than that. He uses gossip, half-truths, fears, insecurities and purposeful omissions –all leading people to make wrong assumptions, and therefore, wrong decisions that result in wrong actions. He lies via petty details and similar names deceits. He sets up constructive frauds and illusions that, like trapdoors, lead to destruction.
Look at how he misled Eve?
He pretended to be her friend.
He led her to think that Our Father was trying to keep something precious from her, instead of protecting her.
Satan took an actual fact— the prohibition against eating the fruit — and used his gossipy suppositions to build a false scenario, which Eve fell for. All he had to do was build the mental framework and let her make her own wrong assumptions.
That’s constructive fraud at its finest.
Satan told Eve that she would not die if she ate the fruit— which is a half-truth. She didn’t die right away, did she? It was a very slow acting poison, but of course, she did die eventually. So did Adam. And all their children, too.
Observe Satan in action against Jesus in the wilderness?
He waited until Jesus was weak unto death and thirsty, too, from forty days of fasting.
And that’s when he showed up, with all the wealth and pleasures of the world on display. Just fall down and worship me, and it’s all yours…..
Go ahead and throw yourself down on the rocks. The scripture says…. (Satan’s interpretation of the scripture, that is.)
And how did Jesus overcome him? Not by his own strength or guile, but by knowing the true scripture and rebuking Satan for his twisted nature.
We are constantly— and I do mean constantly— being lied to, misled, deluded, tripped up, coerced, and fed endless lines of Bologna. And as long as we fall for it, we suffer.
The use of money is the practice of idolatry— the actual, factual use of graven images forbidden throughout the Bible. Yet we imagine ourselves in this modern age to be beyond believing in idols?
Millions of people on this planet are dying because of pieces of paper and bars of metal, and you want to tell me that we— Mankind— no longer believe in idols?
Come again?
When you no longer believe in money, it loses its power over you.
When you start seeing it as a tool akin to a hoe or a garden rake, you are coming closer to the truth.
When you truly see it for what it is, you will shake your head in wonder that so many grown men suffered and died over money — and that we all stood around and tolerated such nonsense.
Back in 1917, a one hundred year plan was put in place that called for seizing and collecting, confiscating, and consolidating all the gold and precious metals on Earth. The essence of the original plan was to gather together all these precious metals and sell them back to the grandsons and granddaughters of the people the metals were stolen from in the first place at an exceptional profit, thanks to the planned devaluation of all the fiat currencies.
And that is exactly what has occurred, with a few small deviations.
Now the casino masters are getting ready to disburse new “chips” so that everyone gets looped into their game and is obligated to use gold and silver again as the primary medium of exchange, which makes the total value of their holdings skyrocket.
All according to plan, and more or less on track.
Now, here’s the truly diabolical part: the beneficiaries of this scheme are now turning on the architects of it, and blaming them for it.
As this all grinds on to its conclusion, take care and keep watch. Don’t be deceived about who is guilty and who is not. The habit of Satan is to blame his workers so that he himself escapes.

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A Letter to the Ostriches

Anna von Reitz - Retired Means Retired! plus more Proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fannavonreitz.com%2Fanna145
By Anna Von Reitz

Please note, this is a response to a specific blog post but applies all across the board to everyone saying and thinking that I am a "Vatican Agent" and all the rest of the disinformation floating around in cyberspace these days. 

All this fraud began in the Middle Ages and with the ignorance of people at that time.  They thought the afterbirth was a horribly mis-shapen baby, a "monster" they called a "human"---- so they developed this whole superstitious practice of naming it after the living baby and baptizing it and giving it Last Rites and providing it with a Christian burial, etc., etc..  That is how it started, the history of it, and it is firmly recorded in the Summa Theologica so that is the truth of the genesis of the whole practice revealed--- but this is 2017.  We know what the "afterbirth" is.  There is no excuse on this planet for continuing any of those practices or presumptions.  

Another big fraud that we are still living with is "Peter's Pence" --- a tax imposed by the Medieval Church to pay for the expense of the Crusades which was levied on the income of parishioners and collected by the Inquisition every April 15. 

Once you begin studying the history of these things the links to the Roman Catholic Church and any number of horrific practices becomes apparent--- and once you dissect the offices held by the Pope---- both Pope and Roman Pontiff--- the rest of the rot is exposed.  The Pope is supposed to function as the leader of the Christian faith, but the Pontiff is a pagan and secular office deriving from the worship of Satan and his consort, Semiramis.  And we all know that a House Divided against itself cannot stand.  

A gigantic struggle has gone on in the Roman Catholic Church for centuries---- a "war" between the Kingdom of Heaven established by Yeshuah and the pagan Satanic religion of ancient Babylon known in the modern day as the Kingdom of God. 

One side has faithfully taught the Gospel, the other has delivered the Inquisition.  One side has given us true saints and miracles and examples of faith triumphant, the other has given us indulgences and graft and self-service on a scale unimaginable.  One side has preached the truth and the other has practiced falsehood.  

All this is open to view, as well as the fact that the Jesuit Order as a whole has been devoted to a mad and evil idea that Free Will can be violated and that they can conquer the world via military conquest and establish a "Christian" world government by force. 

It's also true that all these "corporations" which are causing so much evil and criminality have been created by the Roman Curia and that they remain responsible for these creations of theirs---- trusts, C-corps, S-corps, LLCs, foundations, cooperatives--- you name it, the Roman Curia defined and made these things possible and the Roman Curia remains responsible for the evils and malfunctions and criminal mis-administration of these "things" which "are and are not".  

Oh, yes, and that does include the governmental services corporations dba UNITED STATES and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the UN and the UNITED KINGDOM and FRANCE, too.  

So once you know all this, do you bury your head in the sand as this writer suggests [the specific one I was replying to] ?  Just pretend that his Mother didn't sign the paperwork identifying him as a "US citizen" and that there is no attachment between him and the ACCOUNT bearing his NAME as a result?  Do you just run away and pull the covers over your head and hope that somehow this whole mammoth struggle is going to by-pass you, your country, your home, your family?  

Or do you do what I have done, and fly straight into the eye of the Whirlwind?  Where were you when I faced off the Great Serpent?   Where were you when I literally bound Satan?  

[I didn't do these things by my own power or inspiration. I did them by the power of the Holy Spirit working through me, to bring forth these actions in this dimension.] 

And how am I supposed to do these things, all without addressing the Roman Catholic Church?  The Epicenter and Source of the whole Mystery Babylon debacle?  

Do you know what Pope Benedict XVI said when confronted with these evils?   His reply? 

"Nobody told me." 

You know a tiny fraction of what I know about the Roman Catholic Church----both the great good and the great evil it has done, yet you have the temerity to judge me for forthrightly addressing these worldwide problems and dealing with the source of them.  You think that the "correct" approach is to keep your lily-livered hands "clean" and pretend that none of this affects you and your little island.   Just denounce the Church in a wholesale fashion, hunker down and make like a turtle.  Write off more than a billion people, most of whom are doing their best to follow after and imitate Jesus----? 

Ever seen an ostrich bury its head in the sand, leaving it's big, fluffy rump exposed to the four winds and denying itself even the opportunity to run away?  That's what all the sanctimonious Protestants are doing, and yes, I am a Protestant, a Lutheran, but I am not sanctimonious.  I accept my responsibility to the True Church and to Yeshuah ----and that includes feeding and caring for and defending all His sheep, all His lambs, and yes, even His goats.  It all belongs to Him. And it is for Him to judge, not me.  

So don't expect me to join you in pointing fingers and condemning people when instead it is my job to warn and educate and save them.  Including you, if possible.

[ltr]See this article and over 600 others on Anna's website here:www.annavonreitz.com[/ltr]
 To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.  
Posted by Paul Stramer at 9:54 PM

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