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Dog Day's of Summer

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1Dog Day's of Summer Empty Dog Day's of Summer Sun Jul 09, 2017 1:21 pm



The ancient Egyptians may have coined this term, which would have followed the rising of Sirius, or Dog Star, which was followed by the sewing of seed within the marshy delta along the mouth of the Nile. Though I wonder if such a practice is still common place.

The next two months for most in North America just mean hot and sticky which has a tendency to take the wind out of one’s sails. But for the mountains it can often bring nasty fires, and for an air bender a lot of focus is divided on building clouds and fighting fires. Lately, there have been too many unexplained fires, which makes one wonder if something’s amiss. There’s always potential for dirty politics with large scale fires, but they are also a natural phenomenon which inadvertently adds to the cycle of life.

The Commercial C-trail programs though caput in the west have left trees weakened. But even now they have been using their crop dusters as cloud busters, along with some of the mid-sized older air craft outfitted for such. It boggles the mind that these morons would try to subvert well needed rain during dry periods. The companies that are doing the outfitting on these planes are now being targeted. But reports of C-trails in the Midwest have been coming in, and we have found activity coming from the Air National Guard in Michigan, who have been plastering the skies over the Great Lakes. Though they have been issued a warning, if pockets like this persist please raise a flag so they can be dealt with accordingly.

While enjoying a pint at a beer garden a few weeks ago during a festival I was greeted by a tall slender brunet women dressed in a flowing white garb which I can only describe as unusual. As I sat there at a table she came within a couple yards and began to stare at me, then began to perform what I can only describe as a series of dramatic postures in dance like fashion while staring my way without any real expression on her captivating face. I found myself mesmerized by the young beautiful elocutionist but soon realized the crowd failed to notice her, even the woman to my left who briefly looked up while texting seemed to look right through her before going back to messaging. This went on for a few minutes, but when a sound caused me to turn my head away for what was only a second, she vanished into thin air?
I stood up to see if I could see her making a mad dash for the entrance but she was no longer there. I turned my head to the original distraction; a large bouncer had his hand on the arm of a muscular Latino man covered in tatoo’s, who was waiting in line behind me at the beer tent. The Latinos hand was resting on a holstered sidearm while the bouncer was strongly encouraging his departure. Did I miss something?
For the next 24 hours I struggled with the event and wondered if some sort of holographic technology was being used to purposely distract me. I inquired with big sis who is my real eye in the sky but only got laughter. That was Tuli, came the reply. I knew Tuli but never on surface earth. I guess she was watching my back during her performance after picking up Intel on a planned attack.
These female avatars are from 12D, they are typically around 60’ tall. This was the first time I had seen one among humans, but know they can conform to any size they want. I have yet to meet a 12D male, but have met many of my sisters friends from that realm. The male avatars I have met are all from 9D or lower, though I have met males from realms beyond 12D I can’t say if they are actually males at all, for they are without gender and often have no face, just flowing light where the head should be, but during the early stages these beings will put on a face to make one more comfortable. In fact Mother used to search my memories and compile a face that held all the known characteristics of what I found appealing, but she no longer wears the mask.
There are many who can communicate with higher forms, but I must say the learning curve is long. Moving ones consciousness is one thing, being able to withstand the energy is another and takes a while before one can stay lucid for extended periods. Early on I would pass out after about 10 minutes and drift into a dreamy like imagination, which can be a humbling experience because when you’re dealing on a telepathic level all your thoughts are being broadcast which can be a bit embarrassing depending on the content, and when you awake to a bunch of laughter you realize your no longer in Kansas. It can take one years to learn the practice of holding ones thoughts in check which is kinda like shielding and focusing more on the subject at hand. Often they are responding to a query before you can create an image which is mind-speak because they have already absorbed the nature of the thought, analyzed it and are now replying before you have completed the thought.
But one thing I can say about these guardian beings is that they are never condescending and always treat everyone as an equal. And if you’re a visiting human they will treat you as royalty, simply because they realize the difficulty of the journey. One would think they know everything there is to know about being human, but this is just not the case. They need to tap into human consciousness through willing participants to know the true level of our struggles and our habits and habitats. Humans can help educate Guardians of the true nature of our plight. They wish to help humanity but need humanity to be directly involved in the process. They will not tell you what to do, they will not promise one riches, for in truth the concept of riches baffles them. We must understand that at their level all creating is a casual conscious process where matter conforms to thought, while here we believe we must tailor matter to conform to our thoughts.
There is really no difference between the thought form of a Human and the thought form of an Avatar or Guardian at the fundamental level, in fact the only real difference comes down to the relationship we have with said thought form. We as humans have been told for so long that matter is like the egg which preceded the chicken that we have inherited this belief at a genetic level, so for most material bondage will continue to exist. The funny thing about our DNA is that it can adapt to numerous environmental changes, its almost as if the changes themselves alter our DNA, when in fact its not the environmental changes themselves that create this process, or at least not directly. What creates the genetic shift is how we respond to the external stimuli at a conscious level. Our basic physiology can change from this and this alone, albeit it may take a few generations before change shows up, but we must consider the fact that these genetic changes are being driven by a collective subconscious, yet even here at this latent level genetic change can occur.
Now then, let’s pretend that on a bygone continent a group of cave dwellers got together to keep warm around the fire, or what I like to call cave-man TV, but they ran out of firewood during a storm and began to freeze. Meanwhile the shaman sitting off by himself was working up a sweat wearing little more than a loin-cloth while in a meditative state. The cavemen became intrigued and inquired how was it that while they froze he sweated so? The shaman was a man of few words and simply stated great balls of fire, pointing to his belly, all but one cavemen shrugged and walked away while the one sat before him with an intense desire to learn more. What unfolded was of course the great secret of the Yogi’s who know the secret of causing friction by counter rotating the lower chakras and using the inner breath to channel the heat throughout the body.
This simple story illustrates a plain and simple fact, in that although there is typically a solution to our problems via an infinite source of wisdom, that which is not inherent or habitual knowledge will appeal to a very small percentage while the rest of the herd would rather sulk over the quality of caveman TV ;)
We’ve all heard of the hundredth monkey, but nobody mentioned the millions of monkeys that just walked on bye before the first hundred caused the critical mass. The responsiveness of human genetics could be considered blithesome and virtuous, but curiosities no cousin, only intense intention shrouded in undoubted faith can start a phire. Within the Matrix film, the part which appealed to my senses the most was when Morpheus commented on the sudden expansion of Neo’s capabilities by saying; he’s starting to believe!
In truth, belief is the quintessential quantum moment that not only implodes our genetics, it also causes fusion by way of fission. Fusion to what?  Well, this question has many answers, but it’s not a what, or a where, because, although it has little to do with matter and more to do with our Neural Eckatic Order, or NEO for short. Which is all about our energy matrix, but to define Eckatic we must use Voyagers II as a reference which states; Eckatic codes are electro-tonal patterns, or DNA Fire letters, corresponding to the first level of individuation from source. Of course those who carry the full spectrum of such codes are not only considered Indigo type 1 but are equivalent to ascended masters who can run any primal sound or color frequency through their bodies, which is what defines them as Flame Holders. And just for the record, Flame Holders can open Star-Gates without need of gate tools. The highest being those being able to hold the Trinity, or tri-spectral flame.
This does not mean that all need to be flame holders to experience NEO, for while all DNA carries the stigma of cultural misnomers, it also carries aspects of source which responds favorably to a sovereign mindset. The realized often take on the persona of the egoist to the layman, but I can assure you that walking in ones true power is the path of the realist. To morph (Morpheus), one must carry absolute faith in their true beingness, but our imagination is without question our greatest asset in the early stages, which becomes the stimulus for genetic change, for DNA does not differentiate between real and imagined, for in retrospect all is ultimately imagined.
Imagine a world where children were taught such precepts from day one. Schooled in the art of limitless thinking and became receptive to associating with higher families. Is there any question that such a generation would change the world. Well, the time has come.
Let us dip now into planetary and Galactic news;
Anomalies are being captured worldwide, so it’s time to discuss these before widespread panic ensues. The recent appearances of electromagnetic streaks emanating from Antarctica across our oceans are most likely caused by EM imbalances occurring at the South Pole and radiating out towards what’s known as Rods along our equator or vice versa. The Rods can become polarized during geomagnetic stress causing electrostatic build up, and visible arcs can be seen when the planet seeks equilibrium. This is no different than the observation of lightning during storms when the atmosphere becomes highly charged.
The parallel between such phenomena and severe storms is no illusion, for when grids are charged by such events they can trap storm systems by polar indifference causing increased severity. Area’s where the Ozone is thinned due to aerosol and chemical pollution can be hit harder than others, simply because storms and lightning create Ozone which naturally form where it’s lacking. And it is in these regions where the land of OZ may appear out of the sky due to such Ozone thinning.  These visions are not Godly, They speak rather of fractures within the Van Allen beltways that shield our planet. Between these beltways are various layers of charged particles which together create a repulsion zone.
Fractures here can cause frequency bleeds from other civilizations. These civilizations are not from other probability fields but rather discordant time zones that are local but not directly accessible due to a variance in particle oscillation and are reflective holographic radiations not unlike a rainbow. The frequency band being displayed can be thousands of years away from us and can be coming from a solitary molecule which embodies that atmosphere.
The UV issues becoming apparent after the Chem-trails subside are no illusion, the damage to our atmosphere cannot be denied, but it can be healed over time. Of course the mad scientist would say we need more chem-trails to keep us safe, but that dog won’t hunt. High UV rates result in higher electron levels which inadvertently cause higher proton levels etc., so nature can compensate, just not overnight. Nobody likes storms but its nature’s way of healing the problem, and without such temperature swings could become unbearable.
The rumbling in Yellowstone is not alien mischief, in fact all fault lines including those along the west coast are better off in a constant state of friction which radiate as a multitude of earth quakes between the 3 to 6 levels. If these are not moving steadily then we should be worried. Magma vents are pressure regulators so they too are best in a constant weeping state. We just need to get used to these changes without all the apocalyptic innuendo, for they will be with us for a while.
We must also consider when gazing upon what may be judged as a spectacle of horror from mass casualties that if there was ever a good time to pass, this is that window of opportunity. When nature claims victims it’s not always by accident and many will be leaving us now by orchestrated events while the soul has access, for many have been here beyond the time span they originally opted for.
Many believe that such is all because of Nibiru, but although Nibiru is a hindrance there are a multitude of reasons for tectonic unrest occurring at present. Nibiru surprisingly does not have the sort of gravitational field that our outer planets do, which is a good thing. Its gyro is more akin to a Dyson sphere, whose analogy we can consider more congruent with an AC motor, while our solar system is more congruent with a DC motor. These subtle differences are huge and work in our favor, however if Nibiru were to position itself directly between a planet and the Sun in eclipse fashion it could do a world of hurt. The odds are against such so we won’t go there. Over the next six months it will become increasingly difficult to hide its presence, and come spring it should give us all something to talk about.
Of course there are the inhabitants of said planet who have been getting very frisky since the July 4th holiday. Not sure what started the madness, but we can assume the presence of the Peacekeepers around Earth struck a nerve and endless skirmishes have resulted in hundreds of Anunnaki vessels being destroyed, their retinue are now hiding in and behind the Sun licking their wounds and no doubt contemplating their next move with great care.
The use of artificial star-gate techs are expected, and the fabrication of storms to hide such activity will be monitored. So unless they want to spend eternity in a wormhole, its best not to play master of the universe for now. The Guardians have also been known to take entire fleets off the map and dump them into nebulas so choked with asteroids that even if one were to survive it could take years to navigate through them.
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