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Patricia Farrington and Aug Tellez Interview One plus more

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Patricia Farrington and Aug Tellez Interview One


Patricia: The interview itself is only 2 hours and 33 minutes. It was such a nightmare trying to get this to upload. Somehow it duplicated in the upload. Working on fixing it now.
This conversation will challenge your beLIEf systems. We talk about AI, Creator verses the Architect of Illusion, Soul verses Spirit, Consciousness verses Awareness, Contracts, Simulations, Holographic Reality verses the Organic, Ascension, Death.

Thanks to: https://augtellez.wordpress.com



Transcription: Wernicke’s Commands, and the Spiritual Development of Humanity


Original Post: Wernicke’s Commands, and the Spiritual Development of the Humanity
Wernicke’s Commands, and the Spiritual Development of Humanity
Hello. I often have deeper thoughts that I almost can’t get on camera unless I have a camera running with myself or with people as I converse with them. I’ll be at all times… I don’t know how to describe it. It’s really weird how the brain works.
When I talk about something as far as what’s happening with the population in society and how all that works… (homemade beard wax, bees wax, shea butter, essential oils) Everything we buy, we can make, and it can have ancient healing properties.
Everybody in society, we’re all in a big kind of mind game. That’s what’s taking place here. That’s what’s happening. That’s why everything is the way it is. It’s happening this way because one of the best ways to enable a person to overcome both self-doubt and self-sabotage, which is kind of like an extension of learned helplessness, once people are convinced they’re helpless, if someone gives them a pathway, to step on it and be like “I was going to fail anyway. No one can help me”, it’s a bit like a hyper pessimism. It’s because of the unique nature of how consciousness works through a kind of reflection system. People have to overcome these tendencies to enable or even inhibit, and accept an inhibition of critical thinking and free will, and enable or accept external control, because that’s what’s happening in a way, the reflective aspect. That in order to disable that, we have to basically go into a situation with an exaggerated innocence, even artificial format. A scenario of that where that’s basically exemplified to an exaggerated degree and in the sense we can observe, become aware of those aspects, and then initiate change on behalf of our actual self.
The point is, if there is something that’s capable of being controlled. If there is an aspect of yourself which is capable of being rendered through a form of manipulation then that’s a version of your physical make up and is basically your chemical composition or your brain’s neural connections and structure. It’s not what you are because you are what is observing those aspects, those components. It’s like a weird magic eye illusion, or merry-go-round, where you’re constantly using yourself to observe what and who you are. However, the more you do that, the more there is a kind of deviation between your actual self and what you’re observing until they’re two completely separate things, and you’re sitting here looking at a puppet the whole time thinking that’s you. That’s what we’re kind of in, in this physical situation which is interesting to say the least. As well, should be a little unnerving, as far as how things got this way if they were always that way.
I’m going to post a write-up today, and I might use a computer voice because I don’t want to speak the entire (write-up). I could do it now. I want to complete the idea, bringing it to simplified form, in this rather short video, which is that in order to overcome the illusion, the illusion of control, the illusion of the self, the projected authority in the illusion of the false authority. We have to find a scenario, a simulation where it is plainly observable. Where the goal to have a pristine experimental environment, like a part of the study where you absorb the information, you want an ideal section of data from your environment to study. With that in this situation it’s a version of artificial control and artificial power so you can control the true self. That is what the situation the society has become. It is the ideal environment to overcome the illusion of projected power from false authority, because it is literally, primarily what is going on here.
The whole point is that it’s for overcoming it on a spiritual level, and as well, if there’s an aspect of you that can be manipulated through schemas and mechanisms that trick the brain as a computerized kind of system, that’s the component of your physicality that’s not actually you, which is pure energy of awareness that’s observing that. Again, the only way to overcome that is to see it, and the only way to see it to have a very prominent example where this can be experienced and you can be, in that way, given the opportunity to overcome it, by rising to a self-awareness where you’re seeing that this is occurring, that these manipulations are occurring. The video I’ll post has to do with the “Wernicke’s Correction” which is a kind of, it’s almost like a gestalt perception wrapped in the perceptual mechanism of the brain and a kind of higher functioning for personality. Not in the sense that it’s part of the self-awareness of the modern human but it’s something the brain does. It’s like a processing system, a computational system for finding the right option before the organism has basically risen to self-awareness, however that occurs.
One method, one theory could be that, even a hypothesis at this point, how that would explain would be the theory, that chemical interactions in certain areas of the brain and so on. Say this method of divining the truth, which in organisms who lack self-awareness and people, it is through a kind of 50/50 chance that occurs through, not really, but a kind of possibility atop, a giving of the opportunity to make a choice into a range of possibilities that are basically assessed and accepted based upon their risk and the capacity to be guided by external figures, which in this sense, means that there’s areas of the brain which will activate when there is a major decision to be made and there isn’t a self-awareness, a transcendent aspect of the self to rise forward, to emerge and make that decision. Basically, an animal or an unaware being will wait for decisions to be made for them through the wind nudging them to go this way on the path or the sunlight to fade a certain way and make the shadows point in a certain direction it will literally be helped a change and one will build perceptually into the environment to find the answer.
The point is that this also occurs within, when it’s not coming from the environment and these are considered the god voices, which is related to the bicameral mind. Look at the graphic on the image. If you can understand that. If you have studied a few years of psychology, it’s literally like a computational system. That which is perceived as coming from outside the system to the organism when the organism is in the the state of coming to suspended awareness and critical thinking with be basically in the state of accepting the guidance from the outside. Whatever information is translated through and picked up through pattern recognition, or the illusory of pattern recognition, that is considered the god voice or some kind of higher power stepping in to remind us
Peri-ola? There’s a word for when the patterns will be… It’s actually “apophenia”, but there’s pareidolia, weird to pronounce. Apophenia is when the otherwise meaningless patterns are perceived as having meaningful content to the individual observing, and pareidolia is when it’s a face observed in the shape of a tree.
The idea is that with the higher dimensions that’s actually just how information of organisms is transmitted as patterns. We can’t comprehend that because our pattern is rooted through the body in a certain system. Imagine if this is a dream environment where everything is simply everything, and aspect of mind, aspect of computational code, okay, if you saw a face moving through it you wouldn’t say “Oh this is just pareidolia” If you were really in the woods you would say “Oh my dream is trying to tell me something” or there’s some monster, or higher power, or entity in the dream.
There’s two different ways of looking at it but when the brain is operating, in the sense of basically requesting or taking control from the free will of the individual, it’s literally a form of automation through the Wernicke’s area. It’s developed through the childhood with trauma or pre-programmed responses or automations or beliefs that are basically transferred into the child and this actually works in a strange way, kind of like a viral load or process where if the person is fully in fear and their God voice controls them, enough exposure to that from basically a weaker mind will transfer that control system into the mind of the other individual, and it will actually show up as programming in their brain, changes in their neural structure which is part of how this is all basically playing out.
Imagine that’s weaponized in tuned to instead of critical thinking, not critical thinking but X “God voice” thinking, in terms of being the kindest you can be. What if it was to always do evil? Well now you have a weaponized version of mind control that could be passed from family to family, situation to situation.
The point is to say “no” to evil and to say “yes” to the true reality, and as well, which may be beyond dichotomy altogether. It doesn’t mean that you can go around hurting people, that makes no sense. It just means that when you overcome it, you didnt kill Satan or some monster thing, it means you overcame the perception, the illusion that you can do whatever you want and have no results and it’s in your mind. That’s what it means. In the same sense, the guy that’s doing wrong and being evil, well it’s all in his mind. Nobody’s making him do it. If there is such a thing, then go disable that thing and make him stop doing it. You can’t because it’s in a person’s mind. It’s perception and knowing that is overcoming it.
The people that don’t overcome it, I have to let you decide that on your own but it’s a battle, and that’s what humanity is going through right now with those who act in different ways. The other aspect is that, in order for people to truly know where they stand, they have to be given the choice to choose one or the other on that path of automation and external control, or critical thinking and free will. It doesn’t mean the higher connection is an illusion, but that the brain puts up a nine layer veil between the external world, the actual reality, and what we perceive it to be in terms of ourself and being in control, connecting with reality. What we perceive to be out here communicating with us or in patterns in the situation and what is actually being created through the filtration system of the conscious mind. It’s actually under the conscious mind at this point because these are unconscious cues but it’s the border between where your conscious mind and your capacity for changing the brain function through free will and the operation of critical thinking and where the unconscious processes that developed to grow the brain, exist.
These types of influences and opportunities affects the programming and deprogramming, the liberation or automation. That’s the border between one world and the other. The conscious mind and the unconscious. The capacity which is almost unlimited of whatever guides everything unconsciously. That’s the true sense of things. It’s also part of the illusion because, imagine why that brain system was designed in such a way. So there’s multiple layers here taking place.
The point is where we can initiate change in the way the mind is programmed is how our conscious mind interfaces with the unconscious world and whether it’s going to largely program reality for us, which can also happen externally, or whether we will be in control of that. The point is, society is turned into one big show for this, one big opportunity. The most pristine ideal environment, to either lose control, or to take control back from a projected power of a false authority. That’s what this has become. That’s what it is. That’s what it always was.
Look at the brain. How it operates. It’s designed to either automate you and act like a robot and control decisions, or enable you to see how easily one can be manipulated or mind controlled by these automations and to overcome history, the memories, the past, ego, fear, dominance, all these issues which are illusory because they’re the remnants of events that have happened that made a powerful impact on us, possibly in the way that we didn’t expect, or fully understand or enjoy. If we don’t understand who we are in terms of that, then those impacts, those influences, these events, these individuals, whatever it is, they control our lives. They shade our lives from there on out. It’s a continuous learning process but once you do begin to accept critical thinking and move beyond the automated existence, that’s really all that can be said. You never go back to the feeling of not having the power over what you’re going to believe and the choices that you’re going to make. Until then, it’s as if you never knew you had that capacity to make a choice or to be controlled. We don’t know where the control is coming from until we question it. No authority that goes unquestioned is actual, because if it is true, and it is questioned, and now it doesn’t exist because you found it to be false, then that means it was false, and it only existed when nobody questioned it. If it’s true and somebody questions it, and it still exists then it’s not a false authority, and in that sense, it’s also not control. It’s not an authority. It’s more like a fact of the universe where it’s not so much somebody telling you not to do that because they don’t you to, but because that’s how physics works and how biology works, and this is how it’s going to end up if you ignore these guidelines of the universe.
In that there is a difference between what basically became superstition in the disconnect from the actual original myth which is rooted in spirituality, in imagination, in a productive sense that everything is imagination.
It’s like Joe Rogan when some of his friends talk about how everything comes from imagination. Some guy thought everything up. His brain pooped out the ideas to come up with everything that we use now. You could say “Oh you made that up? Well that’s not very realistic.” But if you’re on an airplane, the guy who came up with, or the team of people over time that came up with the safety procedures and the protocols and the mechanics, you would hope his ideas were realistic because it’s holding you up. Everything is like that. It’s just that we’ve disconnected from the original meaning of this and evolved into a kind of preconceived notion for what is and what can be. A lot of this is rooted in physicality and social conformity. Only where that stifles the imagination is that wrong.
It goes back to the other issue where once something is found to be true, it’s no longer what the identification or classification of it was before that. If it’s no longer true after it’s verified then that means it never was in the beginning. If social conformity is just somebody telling you how to be. after questioning that, you realize that it’s not social conformity, it’s nothing, it doesn’t exist. It’s an illusion. If you question it and you realize “Oh this is the way we were spiritually evolving over time.” It’s not social conformity, it’s our beingness. Everything is validated through resistance, through challenging and questioning. Ultimately it’s ourself that does that and that results from that, and that is the cause of that. It’s not what I want to say in the part right there but It’s like the actuator of that. Once we realize this process you can stimulate it for yourself. You can catalyze this for yourself where you continually reject that which is trying to impress itself upon you. This is done basically through reality checking and thing like that.
Maybe I’ll put these last two posts up, hopefully not in computer voice. I’m still looking to find the original one from about a month or so ago, and I found a string of posts. They’re really way off into the deep. I’m going to get to that and then things are going to continue to change here because, obviously, there’s a need for a different format for bringing this information to the public. I hope it’s enjoyed. Once the true-self, the energy realizes this, you can challenge yourself and challenge everything and actuate, accentuate and accelerate the potential for this reprogramming and deprogramming of the brain. There’s more on that. I might link the post. I might put this immediately up with a computer voice. Don’t hate me for the computer voice.
This is the basis for mind control. And the liberation? This is the basis of liberation, it’s overcoming. That’s how it’s reflective. That there’s one thing, the mind control. Before you see it you have no access to the information that’s ascribed to it. After you see it and figure it out and its challenge, and it’s overcome, you have the knowledge of the brain regions and the perceptual illusions, the Wernicke’s area, all of it, everything, the mechanism, and you have control over it at that point. But it’s the same thing. The mind control holds a person back or mind control propels a person forward when they realize how the brain is inherently designed to function this way.
When the person functions this way it’s as if they’re a pack animal. It’s as if they have herd mentality and they don’t have the capacity to question that which the herd has accepted. All herd authority is the rightful and truthful answer or choice. Each of the nations developed from where they did in different versions of how that played out. There are different biologies and genetic pools so, interesting stuff. More to come. Thank you. I’m just going to cut it there.

Thanks to: https://augtellez.wordpress.com


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