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It’s Time To Make Change…

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1It’s Time To Make Change… Empty It’s Time To Make Change… Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:37 am


It’s Time To Make Change…

Posted on July 28, 2017

It’s Time To Make Change… Animals-battle-best-brave-favim-com-2851207
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It’s interesting watching the world go by these days. At times it can be quite unsettling and it is clearly obvious that everything must now crash. It is broken, so outdated, so stuck in a time warp it is appalling. It feels like a government that is running on floppy discs and rotary phones. Just watching some of these votes being taken on the house floor is something to behold. Old, gray-haired, stooped over Elites who have been in office twenty or thirty years. Really? Along with ending the two-party System that was nothing more than a sham right from the very beginning to make the people believe they have a choice, we must also demand term limits. Enough of cronyism. Why should we be stuck with people running everything that have been out of touch for years now. They are like the bad guest that over stays their welcome. There is never choice when you have people hovering above you, controlling and pulling the strings connected to this fantasy agenda they cling to desperately.
Humanity is in the process of evolving right now to the next station we are to take in life. Our consciousness has awakened and expanded greatly and people are connecting the dots slowly but surely. The unrest, the drug abuse, the murders, the outrage are all mirroring back to us the reality that we are off track and are not being who we are meant to be if we were free to do so. We have been oppressed and it is no longer acceptable to us.Many may not consciously know it, but our souls are screaming out to every one of us, they whisper in our ears constantly saying ” Do what makes you happy and be who you truly wish to be, stop being a slave, that is not why you are here”. How many people can honestly say they are happy and doing exactly what they want to be doing? I know obviously that there will be some but I bet you the majority will say they are not.
It is time to come together and push forward together, as a whole, to end this charade we are living. In the 60’s we came together to end the Vietnam war and to try to create peace, with the 99% Wall St. group it was a demand to end the Elite’s control of our country and stop the corporate takeover. We are being called upon again to come forth and have our voices heard. Sitting silent will do nothing. It’s not as much about our message as it is about letting the millions of dissatisfied people realize they are not alone in how they feel, that we CAN join together and take our lives back. It is time to come together and make things happen. They are the few but we are the many. It is time to begin building a new form of Government to live by.
Be the change….

Thanks to VK at: https://redesigningourselves.wordpress.com


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I agree with VK, we need Change. But change is inevitable in order to survive. I don't think you will find hardly anyone who doesn't agree that change is needed and yes we do have to be that change or at least be willing to start the change with ourselves. 
  The problem seems to be two fold, One for some reason people tend to resist change. We get comfortable with things and resist moving on to things we are not as comfortable with. Two, the lack of education and understanding so that in determining What and How to make changes, results in progress as opposed to being more detrimental than existing conditions.
   One of the things I've determined as a result of being on our local planning board is that when reviewing and trying to update the existing 'Regulations' (for Zoning, etc.) because of some contradiction or problem that has come up, the tendancy is to try and reword a regulation or make another one for special circumstances etc. rather than even considering just eliminating the problem regulation. This of course is not the answer or solution to creating change, just one of the tools. But certainly Education and understanding of the problems and raising the awarenesss of that is esential in making changes that will result in positive progess / change.  jmho   :headscratching

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
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