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Under the Weather

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1Under the Weather Empty Under the Weather Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:05 pm




The highlands of Colorado have become a cloud factory, I can’t recall the last time we have seen so much moisture at this time of year, the landscape is as green as it gets. Unfortunately West of here it’s a different story and a bit of a mystery. The North as well are not doing well for lack of moisture while area’s like Arizona and New Mexico are cooler and wetter than usual.

One doesn’t need to be a meteorologist to see what appears to be the stratification of patterns within the jet streams.  These are not so rare though it will be interesting to see how long the pattern continues, while we can all agree on the fact that something’s amiss in the great NorthWest. But at this time it’s still under investigation.
There are different types of weather and politics also has its droughts and monsoons. Perhaps its me but it sure seems that the lion’s share of the news is hell bent on everything Trump related to a point of nausea; the same crap just regurgitates around and around like a merry go-round that spins one to a point of vertigo, and now were stuck on the thing because we no longer have the stomach to jump off. The amazing part about it is that for the amount of lip smack, there seems to be a great lack of anything one may consider groundbreaking let alone a revelation.
This is not to say that there’s lack of bias; just bias with balls. Slanted innuendo holds little intrigue when the same theme of impending doubt no longer captivates. We can see the progress of public opinion in regard to MSM, now that the lying has waxed and waned; at least until the next election. But its as if the coin has yet to turn to actual truth media, its as if the coin is rolling around on its edge waiting for that fateful gale. The balancing act while juggling can be entertaining but after a while the clowns all look the same.
However its nice to see the Russian narrative finally got sucked into the abyss, which seems to happen when phony threats are over run by real ones. The musical chairs being played out at the capitol proves only one thing; charisma is no substitute for integrity and good o’l horse sense doesn’t always survive academia.
The progress in Syria is also a welcome change as well as the focus on the Opioid crisis in America which has become obscene.  This problem alone should be a major line item in any Health Care initiative. If the DEA shared its emphasis between street narcotics and lab coat pushers within hospitals, turning a big Pharma incentive based system to a three strikes your out system, we could see insurance rates begin to fall. But the only thing in a state of fall right now is the health care industry in general which is in no uncertain terms sick.
The Opiates are only the tip of the iceberg which lead to the Zolof’s and Benzo’s etc.. The pushers would like to see us all on some kind of neural inhibitor, and if you’re an Indigo good luck getting weaned off their junk, for they will cater to your demise.
If we really want to see change within the health care industry, like the separation of church and state we need a separation of big Pharma from institutions like academia and hospital franchises. When drug pushers hold sway over health, health is held hostage and sickness is championed.
When Academia is trained in keeping big Pharma in the black health becomes anecdotal. The high cost of insurance becomes yet another enslavement tool. For the same consortium that owns big Pharma owns the hospitals and the health insurer’s as well. When we see energy companies’ drooling over a chance to get into the health care field we begin to understand how insane the profits are, and as insurance goes up for practitioners it justifies higher rates and a win-win for the Drak consortium, who’s idea of health care is similar to the drug pushers hope to widen the arteries to addiction by ensuring that true health is nothing more than a marketing campaign. Pharmacy=Farm-us-see…
The weather on the Web also seems to be tip toeing around the guts while romancing the glory, perhaps the fear of censorship from the G-men (Google ghosts) is taking its toll. Perhaps conformity is the new virus less one moves to Venezuela for some old fashioned in your face sentiment. The anesthetization of the public would parallel any good zombie apocalypse when the disenfranchised seek to attack anything that harbors life in the cerebral sense. Speak one’s mind with the confidence of conviction and watch them scurry or attack.  We temporarily interrupt your programming; what the bleep-bleep-bleep!
Local weather can also be interesting to those tuned in. The change is often quite subtle at the social level, but in twenty years the environment and the people can become unrecognizable while “they” really begin to stand out in an obvious sense. The church, cult or click, the politics pro and con. Monitoring, influencing like agent Smith. They are the editors of the programs that are all a collaboration of tentacles of a large creature called the agenda and they have been rapidly on the move within anything that resembles an institution or energetic movement.
This rabble who play human will exploit you and everything that matters, and they won’t stop because they themselves are a program that knows nothing else (agent Smith), so while we are on vacation in humbleville the suburb of complacent city, yawning and wiping the sleep from our eyes, they are not just tugging on the rug underfoot, they are yanking it endlessly like some clandestine game of tug-a-rope. So please don’t head for the rocking chair just yet, there’s still much work to be done.
There has been a bit of a snafu with our greenback currency. The problem is that its hard to wean ourselves from the dirty worthless dough when there are bunkers of the stuff still looking for a home even though the printing presses have stopped. The recent market expansion can be contributed to this money laundering along with the top tier getting spooked and taking holdings and spreading them among Blue Chip stocks to ensure their existence. Market confidence has little to do with this, its more akin to self preservation.
Knowing the spooking mechanism helps; The Shadow Knows ;)
It’s been said that moving targets are harder to hit, but not when they become larger and slower. The banks no doubt will feel the karmic pinch, and although in the long run such market activity will cause corporate expansion, which does fuel the economy, albiet at the expense of something nobody seems to notice until the moneys in the bank or perhaps a digital equivalent. But since most corporate facilities are across the border the US see’s scanty benefit.  And it’s no leap to assume the recent popularity of Bit-coin and the like is due to all the above as well. If we came out with a new form of currency tomorrow whose gonna be the sucker who drives up to the exchange with a dump truck full of dirty money? Needless to say, digital money is easy to track and there may be a few politicians who cringe at the thought.
The Futures market is another hobby horse who’s been exploited by the power rangers, in fact this old British scam does little to add lasting value to any commodity yet insures that such commodities retain inflated values. Geo-engineering, modified feed, Harps, RF towers sporting 500 GW, and subsidy farming all slant the curve and help engineer results that favor the insider. And with the insane leverage offered through futures, betting against the grain can yield fortunes that make corporate stock look like child’s play. But for those who have grown fat with such industry please read the writing on the wall, your opportunities/vulnerabilities are kinda like Monsanto seed; infertile and without sustenance.
This month’s Eclipse is causing quite a stir, and rightly so for it does seem to capture the essence of positive change, and while I don’t like to prophesize, if I had to pick a sweet spot that holds the most promise to getter done, acting/ activating/ attenuating between the numbers is best, or in this case “between the Eclipses aka the A’s (astrons)!” Please come to know the literal term for an eclipse. But fundamentally the Moon is symbolic of feminine energy, the Sun masculine, so the math is simple.
“Then here, I take my leave of thee, fair son,
Born to eclipse thy life this afternoon.”     Henry VI, Shakes a spear
Though for a man sporting high heels may not be the true path to harness the Divine Feminine, perhaps starting with empathy is a worthy quest. To eclipse ones merit only a superior merit will do; a balanced semblance is therefore recommended. Mother likes attitude while ego being self righteous is but contempt for your fellow being.
Unfortunately the occultists will be thinking like the Mayans and gathering up sacrificial victims for the top of the pyramid for a guy with horns on his head. No doubt they started early and will double down on the 8th with the aid of their cyclotrons and MSM delivered fear porn via some mock tragedy with 88 victims. They will dial in the towers of doom and sound the trumpets at the prescribed decibel that make masses soil themselves.
But hey if they can organize an agenda so can we. Perhaps its time to get the Shadow Workers to recalibrate all the towers for a new paradigm, the remote control feature should make this snatch & grab easy enough. Let’s see what frequency makes a Drak squirm; geez, why didn’t Tolkien think of this. I could be Lord of the Dark Towers! What’s the fun of some old frequency fence with an on-off button when you could make them all go shopping, feel sick, horny, hungry or even devious, wow, the options are endless. I could hijack the satellites and watch it all on a wall full of flat screens. I could mix and match, for while humans are receiving the recipe for awake and aware combined with endorphin vitality, I can take down the Drak camouflage just like Rowdy Piper did in They Live.
Why stop there; I could become the new Lord of the Rings by beaming the CERN Drak’s causing them to lie down in a straight line before their own Linear accelerator to ram their skulls with protons until sparks fly from their arsses. Wow, this will be a blast, literally! Perhaps we can get the bankers to give back the money they stole, maybe we can get the Bush boys to rebuild the World Trade Center with the money they stole. Who knows, we may even be able to get the CIA to do humanitarian work abroad. I know, I know, I’m reaching again, but hey if we pump them up with enough nanites anything’s possible. No vaccines required, just get e’m to drink more Coke or water from Nestlé’s and we can live stream their new reality right to their frontal cortex via 5G baby, hoo-yah!
So this is how an elitist feels and thinks, the power trip is awesome, like an adrenalin, steroid cocktail mixed with the blood of a thousand virgins. Just think how much fun one can have being the puppet master, to control the lives of others without their consent through the wonders of technology  ;)
I better cool this cynical charade before my imagination begins to create an alternate reality. But its good to maintain a sense of humor about the shenanigans that are brought to us by Dr. Evil. But just for the record its important that the powers that wanna be know that there’s no technology that’s being abused that cannot be used against the abusers and in time all may become self evident.
In Galactic news, the meeting with those we refer to as the Anunnaki went well and we don’t see much in the way of irreconcilable issues. They seem to be in agreement in regard to allowing nature to take its course unabated here on Earth and will not interfere. They have even gone as far as offering to be of service if needed. The Draco regulars however have yet to show a willingness to get along. Though they are still in exodus mode they maintain their disposition of being party poopers. The Zeta and Necromi still play their grid wars even after settling into their cavernous infrastructure built by human hybrid allies. There constant affection for worm holes keeps everyone on their toes, but their ability to dupe humans into intruder proxy wars like during the days of Hitler, has lost its advantage, though they still get willing participants most are hip to their BS.
The dark towers I mentioned earlier that have littered the landscape over the last 20 years can indeed be used for something good in the right hands. Even as a potential free energy grid using Tesla technologies. But currently they stand as nothing more than an in your face PIN system (Pylon Implant Network), which traditionally improves on an old APIN system (Atlantian Pylon System) for grid network control, installed by intruder races to arrest the original PIN systems which allowed for a healthy and connected grid templar with active star-gates while maintaining a healthy human blueprint. The original PIN systems installed by founder races millions of years ago (per Voyagers II) was in the configuration of a Lion for the N/S poles and an Eagle configuration for the E/W rods. These original networks were installed to ensure the Earths templar resisted pole shift during Stellar Activation Cycles. But unfortunately over the years wanna be Gods have screwed things up a bit. The Giza gate #4 and grid which carries through to #10 gate in Iran has been a constant battleground by intruders, and because #4 is a solar gate it can be used in nefarious ways to create solar anomalies. The 12D frequencies pouring into the planet currently does help to settle grid templar distortions but with certain portions amping negative current areas of the populace will remain in the dark. But that’s what Light workers are for!
The Guardian hope for over the next seven years is to see a new era of peace prevail here between surface cultures and to see less in the way of clashes between surface cultures and subterranean species and their minions. The planet will be going through a rough patch which can be exasperated by meddlesome activities. This would include sonic and ultrasonic activities and Fracking or testing Nuclear weapons falls into this category along with excessive Harps and sonar. Scalar instruments alone can screw with Earths scalar template, yet factions of the military are beginning to use these without regard nor a true understanding of what fallout may ensue. One would think that if they were made aware that their own genetics are indeed scalar they would be less abet to scramble their eggs.
Val  8/6/17

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