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Leap Of Faith…

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1Leap Of Faith… Empty Leap Of Faith… Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:23 pm


Leap Of Faith…

August 24, 2017 / Visionkeeper

Leap Of Faith… Action-change-deditcation-inspiration-favim-com-715405
Photo Source:
I sat in the sun the day of the eclipse to soak up whatever messages the sun was filling us with, because I didn’t have the special glasses to watch it. As I sat and watched the eclipse through my senses, I had much time to contemplate what is going on right now in this country. The main word or phrase I keep hearing being uttered wherever I go is “Insanity”. The country is insane right now, the very ground our feet walk upon is roiling and rolling and throwing us off-balance. It seems we either regain our balance within or fall off into the insanity abyss.  Why are so many people freaking out about what they are witnessing? It’s because we are being shown our individual and collective brokenness, we are watching ourselves on the silver screen of reality playing out the drama.
Right now at this time in one of our darkest moments, we are being shown our brokenness and are being offered a choice by the universe. To continue to act out and distract ourselves from the truth unfolding about what we are becoming as a society or move forward and acknowledge America’s bleeding wounds and choose to join others to help heal the wounds, first within and then as a whole for the good of humanity.
Part of the anguish many are feeling these days comes from having to look at our flaws like a child would look at a wound. How did we get here? Perhaps because we have been distracted in our self-absorbed lives taking selfies rather than looking outside of ourselves to take notice that we are destroying ourselves. Selfies and smart phones are eliminating intimacy from the equation of day-to-day living. When we are self-absorbed we do not pay attention to anyone else  who may need help or a country crying out to come together and move beyond where we now find ourselves, in quicksand going under.
My favorite saying right now is ” It’s do or die time”. We are at THE crossroads sitting in the car with the motor running reading a road map and trying to decide which way to go. It will take courage to take the road less traveled and it will take above all TRUST in ourselves and the choices we make as well as trust in the universe.  Society is teetering on the edge right now because we are being asked the hard questions. Have we honored the truth and stood up for it? Are we respecting one another and putting away our judgment? Are we upholding our vows of morality?  Are we being of service to others or to ourselves? The reason we are being shown the ‘insanity’ is to make us see where we are going wrong. It will take each of us getting whole and real with ourselves before we can help the whole country heal and hope to ever see peace.
Never forget what Albert Einstein said (para phrasing)  [You cannot fix what is broken with the same minds that created the problems.] The universe is asking us to rise up and raise our consciousness, break away from victim mentality and strive again to become more than ever before. To be able to say truthfully once again, I matter, we matter.  It is time for humanity to take it to the next level, to awaken fully no matter how painful and find the courage and trust that what lies ahead is far better than where we are now. It’s that leap off into the abyss that we must take, collectively, as a new form of humanity emerges into being. Grow your wings and take the big leap.
Blessings to all in mid-air…..

Thanks to VK at: https://oneworldmetamorphosis.wordpress.com


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