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American Republic On The Brink

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American Republic On The Brink 
By Cosmic Convergence Research Group -
Aug 27, 2017

American Republic On The Brink  Maxresdefault-1-1024x576-640x360

It all comes down to the next 2 months.

State of the Nation
Even the heavens reflect an unusually tumultuous September and October of 2017.  When so many modern-day prophets and astrologers assert that the United States of America is about to weather an epic superstorm, it behooves the populace to understand why this might be so. September 23rd, 2017: A Cosmic Convergence Of Heavenly Proportions
There is clearly a unique confluence of circumstances that are each weighing in this autumn, as well as during the late summer.  There is a well-defined 33-day window of opportunity that opens on August 21st and closes on September 23rd. On the macro level the following essay reveals what is so significant about these rare and impactful trigger points. 2017 Omens of the Millennium Loom Large in the Firmament
Because of the sheer import of this “cosmic convergence”, it’s imperative that as many people as possible understand the profundity and pervasiveness of the upcoming changes. There has already been a considerable uptick in extraordinary events and startling incidents around the USA.  Many have even pointed out that there is a palpable collective madness which has descended upon the nation.

Special Note: What’s now taking place throughout the United States cannot go on much longer.  The extreme tension, particularly that which is occurring at a much deeper level and is mostly imperceptible, has reached a breaking point.  The societal madness now manifesting everywhere is a precursor to the coming American earthquake—a guaranteed 12.0 at a minimum. Given this rapidly devolving state of affairs, a major correction is both necessary and upon US.  Should Deep State execute a soft coup, the can will be kicked further down the road.  However, if Trump pulls off a dramatic counter coup, the “Great American Experiment” will continue in earnest.  It’s going to be either one or the other, and we will soon know which fork in the road is taken.

The Great American Eclipse

It’s true: the total solar eclipse that just traveled from coast to coast has initiated a hotter phase of the patriot movement’s 2nd American Revolution.  It also served as a flashpoint for George Soros’s Purple Revolution a parallel insurrection designed to destroy the Trump movement (See how the paid AntiFa terrorists and liberal mercenaries disrupt every protest lawfully held by the patriots).

The Charlottesville false flag operation was staged to destroy Trump…
…as well as to decimate and dismantle the Patriot movement
Just before the eclipse occurred, Deep State did Charlottesville.  Bannon left the White House. North Korea’s Kim saber-rattled like never before.  And the USS John McCain collided with an oil tanker producing numerous casualties.
Since the eclipse, Trump has announced a renewed mission in Afghanistan along with troop increases.  The long-awaited tax overhaul has been stymied with intense dissatisfaction.  The ongoing debt ceiling crisis has reared its ugly head.  And Hurricane Harvey threatens America’s oil and gas infrastructure in the Gulf region.

“The Greatest Show On Earth”

The curtain has now been raised on what will soon be “The Greatest Show On Earth”.
Both President Trump and Deep State have arrived at similar points of their respective existential crises.
Deep State has been exposed by Team Trump like never before.
With each attack on the patently false “fake news” produced by the mainstream media, Trump does irreversible damage to the CIA’s primary MSM organs of propaganda.  That’s after he wrecked the Clinton campaign, devastated the Democratic Party, and then exposed the thoroughly fraudulent GOP.  Perhaps Trump’s biggest accomplishment has been to lay bare the outright criminality of the U.S. Intelligence Community.  The naked politicization of the CIA and NSA has now become common knowledge.
What the whole world is still watching is Trump swing his wrecking ball at Deep State. After 8 years of presidential pawn Barack Obama carrying oceans of water for Deep State, Trump has pledged to drain the D.C. swamp.
The real problem, however, is that virtually every square inch inside the Beltway is nothing but swampland, and home to every sort of subversive swamp creature.

The iceberg and the Titanic (or is it an icebreaker)

There’s no question that Deep State is the iceberg in this ongoing Anglo-American saga. And that only 1% of Deep State is exposed above water for the people to see.
American Republic On The Brink  Screen-Shot-2017-08-25-at-4.28.06-PM
As the captain of the ship of state, President Trump is at the helm of either the USS Titanic … … … or a mammoth and well made Russian icebreaker.  Given the extremely rough seas ahead, it will soon be clear which it is.  The September/October time frame is quite likely to be the period when the nation will witness a number of real blockbusters; and not those released from Hollywood.
The good news is that, even if Trump were to go down with the USS Titanic, the Trump movement will mobilize majorly nationwide.  All it takes is for 1 or 2 or 5 million patriots to show up — ARMED TO THE TEETH — at the National Mall.  Were a critical mass of militiamen to likewise converge on Washington and surround the Capitol building, what could Deep State really do?  Who could withstand such a deafening crescendo of “GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE“.
Given this extreme case, every agent of Deep State would be rounded up and jailed until their trials. Rogue elements throughout the entire US government, who have committed high treason and other acts of sedition since Trump was first elected, would be identified as traitors and properly removed from their positions of power and influence.
The vital point here is that Trump really cannot make a mistake.  Whether he appears to make bad moves or not, such as the bombing of Syria, everything is somehow working for the greater good.  For one thing, We the People will be compelled to perform our civic duties that have been shirked over many decades.  The chief responsibility is, of course, the complete elimination of Deep State, beginning with dissolving Congress, terminating the C.I.A. and shutting down the MSM.

Trump plays the fool

Trump has no choice but to play the fool in this war for the soul of the Republic.  Even General George Washington retreated time and again before winning the first American Revolution.  It was through those retreats that Washington confused the British Empire right into their unprecedented defeat. There are other very interesting parallels between Trump and Washington that are as uncanny as they are compelling.

The Unmistakable Parallels Between 1776 and 2016, Donald Trump and George Washington
Trump has spent every day of his term in a defensive posture while governing under massive assault.  Quite fortunately, this predicament has given Deep State plenty of opportunity to unwittingly expose itself.  It has also provided Trump with LOTs of valuable intel about the enemy.  In this particular regard, Trump has been proficient at playing the ‘joker’ as his tweets effectively demonstrate.
It’s of paramount importance to understand that Trump is dealing with stone-cold, criminally-insane psychopaths.  Therefore, when it’s time for him to show some fang, as he must at some point, he will have to demonstrate his willingness to do
C R A Z Y. That’s all these incorrigible crazymakers really understand.  After all, the craziest among them have been running the asylum for many decades.
PONERIZATION: How the American Republic was taken over by political cliques of criminally insane psychopaths
Many have a tough time with Trump playing the fool so well.  They especially find it hard to tolerate his natural braggadocio and loose lips.  These folks fail to realize that God often writes straight with crooked lines.  The status quo of political correctness has conditioned many into valuing form much more than substance. This POTUS doesn’t care about form; all he cares about is getting the necessary job done anyway he can.  He knows that the fate of the country hangs in the balance.
By tweeting at 3 in the morning, Trump is constantly throwing the traitors off their game. Each and every Trump tweet can have the effect of averting highly consequential Deep State treachery.  They can’t believe that he has somehow gotten wind of so many of their perfidious plots in advance, thereby torpedoing them.
The Trumpsters must understand that whenever the POTUS appears to have done the bidding of Deep State, that’s what he must do in the moment.  When there’s no wiggle room between the rock and the hard place, his choices can be exceptionally difficult.  No American politician has ever been in such a tight spot as Trump; no one has ever been in the same universe of sheer difficulty.
For anyone who doubts Trump’s original intentions, his inaugural address lays it all out. Greatest Inaugural Address In U.S. History (Video)  No president would deliver such a serious speech unless they meant every word of it.  The constant and injurious blowback was, and is, way too overwhelming for him not to have meant it.

KEY POINT: Were Trump to go totally rogue on Deep State, TPTB will certainly do something radical.  If Trump intentionally betrays the patriot movement, he will have nowhere to go for the rest of his natural life— NOWHERE!   The essential point is that his destiny has put him between the proverbial rock and hard place. In this way President Donald J. Trump is being forced to proceed with righteousness.  Only the shield of righteousness can protect him from now on.  Accordingly, he must follow through on his many campaign promises. However, he can only do this by sending a HUGE message to Congress, to the Intelligence Community and to every other agent of Deep State.  That from this point forward, those criminal obstructionists are either a part of the problem, or a part of the solution.  And that they better get out of the way if they don’t work for the American people.

It all comes down to the next 2 months

Truly, it may all come down to the next couple of months.  There’s an accelerating convergence of events — governmental and political, financial and economic, geopolitical and espionage — all of which point to an historic day of reckoning.
That day is approaching fast and furiously.  Given that Trump is attempting to steer the ship of state in an entirely new direction, Deep State is expanding its iceberg wherever it can.  Therefore, it’s only a matter of when, not if, this epochal collision takes place.  The whole world is about to watch either a sinking USS Titanic or Trump Icebreaker slicing right through Deep State.
Trump, of course, is merely the spearhead of a massive movement that is exceedingly determined to take back the country, no matter what Deep State does or doesn’t do.  Once he galvanized the movement, he basically created a patriot-powered juggernaut that will only get more dangerous to Deep State.
Assuming that Trump is naturally self-protective, he will have to drain the swamp sooner than later; otherwise the swamp monsters will continue to rule the day.  He knows that having a POTUS on the side of the people will make this rebirthing process much less painful for everyone, with the exception of the power elite.  It will also be much more successful should the people stay on the right track.
Whenever Trump does start to drain the swamp, he’ll take no prisoners because he can’t. The swamp creatures are simply too many and too dangerous.  Hence, everywhere inside the Beltway will become a political bloodbath.  No one will be spared from the carnage; nor from the comeuppance that is deservedly due.
Welcome to the Second American Revolution!  Where the POTUS himself is leading the charge up the hill… starting with Capitol Hill.

Torches & Pitchforks

The good news here is that the body politic is fast awakening.  Many now know that 9/11 was an inside job and false flag operation perpetrated by the US government.  They also know that JFK was assassinated by the C.I.A. which was then covered up by the establishment. CIA & Company: The Real Plotters Behind JFK’s Assassination
Most importantly, many are now aware that the endless [UNPROVOKED] wars of aggression since September 11, 2001 represent a calculated plan by the New World Order globalist cabal.  They are also cognizant of the fact that the Federal Reserve is nothing but an international banking and crime syndicate.
Bottom line: “Torches & Pitchforks” will level the battlefield like never before.  Only when the elected representatives and government officials are more afraid of We the People than the agents of Deep State will things will change in a New York minute. By the way, the very same thing is true of President Trump.  Which is why he was chosen to do this job.  He knows in his heart that were his people to feel betrayed by him, he would be finished.  He could not even find safe refuge in the top penthouse at Trump Tower.
The following “torches and pitchforks” photo of the Charlottesville protest was quite purposefully disseminated as a new national meme for very good reason.  Some have even issued a direct threat to the ever-treasonous New York Times. Message to the The New York Times: ‘We’re coming for You!’
American Republic On The Brink  82A2202b-1-1024x650


Stay tuned in as it’s going to get very interesting indeed.  The dramatic tension in upping by the week.  Practically anything goes from here on out, so be alert no matter where you live, work or play.
Chances are there may be a blockbuster coming to a theater near you.  And even if there isn’t, there will be plenty of dramas popping up all over America after the Labor Day weekend.
While this Fall season promises to be the most exciting in memory, it’s really only the beginning of a protracted period of profound and fundamental transformation.  The America people are about to experience an unparalleled catharsis as the nation undergoes a prodigious rehabilitation.
The entire planetary civilization apprehensively awaits the outcome of Team Trump versus Deep State.  Whether Captain Donald J. Trump is at the helm of the USS Titanic or the Trump Icebreaker remains to be seen.  But regardless, the ship of state will eventually be righted even if it currently appears to be a ship of fate.
The USA simply plays too big of a part in global affairs to continue on its present course. The world community of nations will no longer tolerate Pax Americana at the barrel of a gun.  And the never-ending Afghanistan War will likely prove to be the end of the American Empire, just as it triggered the breakup of the Soviet Union.  There’s an old saying:

“As Russia goes, so goes the United States.”[1]

President Trump’s recently announced Afghanistan mission can only be correctly understood when looked at through the lens of this broader understanding.
State of the Nation
August 24, 2017
[1] Locus Of Global Power Shifts From The West To The East

Thanks to: http://cosmiconvergence.com


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That is just sad.

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