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A Shift….

September 12, 2017 / Visionkeeper

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Photo Source:
A while ago I sensed some sort of shift either underway or approaching us quickly, but it’s presence I could definitely feel. I see it now. I see why there has been so much violent turmoil all about us. We were in the throes of changing and those changes were  urged on greatly by two catastrophic storms. I see change and I hear change afoot. The massive reaction of people helping each other unlike ever before, acts of kindness were noticed by the media and actually mentioned for once, new television shows are coming forth that are about the goodness of people, people helping people etc. Lets face it, I think we must be hungry for that in our life because we know television is all about ratings and profits so there must be a call for this new kind of entertainment. For every awful picture of brainless looters after the storms, the news was talking about what good things had happened much more often. Either there was more good going on than bad or they felt moved to report on the good more often to satisfy a need. A need to feel good again! There is an undercurrent of morality and compassion slipping back in upon humanity.
I believe the betrayal by main stream media in their fake news and lies to the people jostled awake those still sleeping,  forcing them to see a new side of reality they had not been aware of. They are now! There is a humming about the earth now, as if it has reawakened and the engines are once again re-engaged. It was as if we had been on standby mode and now the switch has been flipped. I shall be interested to see how well the new Apple phone will do this time around. While they will always be a part of our lives now, I see people beginning to distance themselves more often from their phones, opting for interaction on a more personal level. I sense the possible beginning of them having less importance in people’s lives or at least a different kind of importance, one more practical and simplified. I sense our self-absorption is easing up a bit.  A new way of being for all of humanity is now underway. Who knows where we will end up next to partake in our next stage of evolution.
We have had our perception bumped up a notch it feels like( Thank you solar flares). We are beginning to see things through different eyes. It seems far more people were thinking of those in harm’s way during the storm and the fact that that could have happened to them rather than tuning it out and thinking that doesn’t have anything to do with me, I don’t live there. We are beginning to understand the simple fact that yes we now must realize everything affects us in one form or another, for we are deeply interconnected. We have taken a step forward and that step may have gotten buried in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma so I just wanted to point it out. We have worked hard and we will continue working hard guiding others out of the dark into the light of truth. Truth is one of the few things in life that always makes us feel good when we put it into action. Our growth is on the move again. Let us rejoice rather than wallow in fear !
Blessings to all,

Thanks to: https://oneworldmetamorphosis.wordpress.com


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Wow! Great post thanks!
I saw the towers on 9/11 from the NJ Turnpike and it deeply affected me. The Thursday after I volunteered in Jersey City , NJ to pack supplies for the first res ponders. As terrible as the event was that Thursday was one of the most beautiful and sacred days of my life. There were several hundred of us, all ethnicities, creeds, ages packing medical supplies, socks, underwear, etc for the brave first responders.
It was raining like crazy and cold. A young girl was working next to me and shaking from the cold rain. I went to someone who was packing gloves and asked for a pair for her. A while later someone came to me an put a garbage bag around me to protect me from the rain. Another person ave me a baseball cap to wear. I never worked that physically hard in my entire life. This is funny...later in the day someone said "at least it stopped raining". I had no idea the baseball cap was soaked and the brim was still dripping so I thought it was still raining.
When the firefighters came back on ferries, tug boats whatever we would all stop working and stand and honer these incredible hero's. I saw a German Sheppard with bandaged feet to protect him/her from the broken glass and debris. I looked into the beautiful dog's eyes and saw the horror he/she had endured and saw the soul of this beautiful animal. It was difficult to look at the firemen's eyes as they staggered back from the boats. They carried the weight of the world in their souls. 
That experience lives on within me and has changed me as a person. Those of us who are service to others will live in peace and love forever once we get through this greed driven hell.

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