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ORVILLE "Child of Tomorrow" by TS Caladan

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1ORVILLE "Child of Tomorrow" by TS Caladan Empty ORVILLE "Child of Tomorrow" by TS Caladan Wed Oct 04, 2017 11:02 am


"Child of Tomorrow"
by TS Caladan

ORVILLE "Child of Tomorrow" by TS Caladan 22154411_10208655906349840_8210878266862187750_n

       "But, mother. I don't want to eat this shit."
       "I'm very sorry to inform you, Victor. You're going to have to eat this shit," Mother Alara Halsey strictly told her sudden son, Victor. Thirteen days had passed from the moment of conception between Captain Zak and Lieutenant Kitan: They were the proud parents of "Victor Shears Halsey." He was the first offspring of a Xelayan (under the surface) and a non-Xelayan.
       Alara's people were basically isolationists and had never produced a child with an alien or non-Xelayan species, previously (obviously). The result was an EGG. Kitan laid an egg or seemed as if she had.
       Suddenly, the egg was there in bed with Alara and Zak one morning. The happy and surprised couple brought it to the Medical Lab where Dr. Finn and staff examined the egg thoroughly. Sure enough, a small human fetus, about an inch long, lived and breathed inside Alara's egg. When Bortus and Klyden produced an egg, it was normal for Moclan species. But Xelayans don't lay eggs. Kitan was unsure: Did the egg emerge out of one of her orifices or  did it magically appear under the blanket? Experts were called in and studied the one-of-a-kind egg and its development. Over the course of 13 days, it grew to 5 feet in length and then out hatched blonde Victor.
       "I only want to eat meat."
       The new mother had a very limited work schedule. Almost all of her time was devoted to the child. She hovered over the boy as he sat for breakfast. Alara's hands were on her hips. "You can't only eat meat, Vic. I'm not used to your rapid growth and these changes; it's a lot to handle. We have to check in with Claire again, very soon..." 
       "Sorry. Mommy, dearest. But I only want the meat."
       "HEY. Victor! Who died and left you King? Explain the tats! Wait until your father sees them! Who did that to you when I wasn't looking? They're coming OFF, you know?" 
       The boy was very sure of himself and replied confidently: "No, mother. They're not. They'll only be more. Felicia loves them and I love her. There's no limit to perfection, Alara..."
       She smacked him across the face. "Don't call me that. I'm your mother."
       Victor did not like the slap and held his face with his hand. "Are you?"
       "Wait a minute. It was the movie we three saw last night: Illustrated Man..."
       "I'm the Illustrated Boy...for now. There's nothing you can do about it, mother. So don't try."
       "You left us after the film. Where did you go? Who did this to you? I'm going to kick his ass!"
       "Felicia did it, the gypsy woman, in the holo-Room. There's no limit to perfection, she said."
       "No way! If it was done in VR, the ink would've stayed there. We're not in a Room now?"
       "No we are not, mother. She's magic; it's why I love her. Tattoos told me many new things. Like I have no limits, I have Power, I'm a child of destiny and can do anything I want."
       Head of Security on semi 'baby-leave' said, "Well. We'll see about that, hm?"
       Blonde boy said, out of the blue: "You know there's still a problem with your holographic characters?"
       "What?" Alara was stunned and didn't know what to do. She didn't like the state of indecision. She called her husband on the wrist view-phone. "Zak! You there?"
       "Yes, Alara. Everything all right?" Captain Zak's voice answered. (He was a bridge officer and third in command of Orville). "I think we have a problem on our hands. Can you come down here, darling?"
       "Sure. Can do it now. Emergency?"
       Mrs. Halsey said, "No. I don't know. We'll see. You have to see this, Zak."
       "Be there in a flash."
       "You should talk to her," Victor suggested. "Both of you."
       "Who?" Alara asked her son.
       "Felicia. Found out her real name is Claire, just like the Doctor. Huh."
       "Maybe we will? Where do I find this...Felicia?"
       "The Serengeti Program, file SA-794. It was taken from my mind. I was able to display what I saw in the film, in vivid detail [eyes enlarged] in VR. I dare you to talk some sense to my lover. She's going to cover my whole body with, ah...Skin Illustrations..."
       "Lover?" Kitan sensed her instant family-life was out of control and would be far more chaotic very soon.
       "You can't miss her small dwelling, right at the edge of the jungle, mother." The boy finished the bacon then pushed the plate away with the non-meat food on it. He was done. He smiled up at her, sweetly.
       She said, "Oh, yeah."

       Inside VR-Room #13, Captain Zak Halsey and his new bride witnessed exactly what they expected: scene was the African setting from the movie the family saw with others on 'Movie-Night.' They sure did not expect to encounter the gypsy woman and have to tell her to "stay away from our son." He held her hand as they cautiously approached the dwelling on the border of the Serengeti. A trail of smoke slowly poured out of a chimney. Jungle sounds of exotic birds and the occasional roar from larger animals were heard.
       "It will be fine," the Captain assured his wife. "We can't get hurt."
       They entered the wooden dwelling and saw the magical tattoo-artist. She was a gorgeous and seductive brunette that resembled a young witch. She had a fire in the fireplace. A broom was propped up against the wall.
       "You're not real," was the first statement Alara expressed.
       Felicia (Claire Bloom) replied: "Your son thinks I'm real. That was all it took, dear. Explain the Dark, the black INK outside of the VR?"
       Zak Halsey ignored her question and firmly asked, "What are your intentions with Victor?"
       She explained, "The beautiful boy will travel much farther with me, become much more and reach his true potential with me...not with you two. Higher than being King. He's Tomorrow's Child."
       Alara knew this was a photonic image she could not fight, so she tried to reason with the black witch. "What right do you have? You have no authority over Victor." Then she got angry. "WE'RE his parents!"
       Actress Claire Bloom or Felicia told the perfect couple in a deep, strong voice: "No, you're not. The egg didn't come from you, dear. It came out of me. I'M his mother." 
       Alara sensed it was true and screamed! She lunged at the image, but it disappeared at first contact.
       Zak heard a loud Lion's ROAR behind him. He turned and yelled in shock...
       A huge, mother-lion, without the thick/neck hair, growled and entered the witch's dwelling. Behind her followed two smaller lions: her children, a male and a female.
       There were more screams. There was bloodshed. Mother and cubs killed and ate the perfect couple~

       Another scream happened! This one took place not in a film, or a VR-Room or within a dream...
       This particular SCREAM occurred in the real world as Alara came out of a specific kind of anesthesia as she laid on a med-table in Orville's 'Sick-Bay.'
       Dr. Finn gave the convulsive Head of Security a final stimulant that revived her fully from her 'deep sleep.' Alara was calmed and conscious. She stood up with terror and tears on her face.
        Finn asked, "My God, dear. What's this? Bad dream?"
        "Is Victor all right? Where's my son? Why isn't my husband here?"
        Claire was surprised at Alara's words. "Son? Husband? You mean, Zak? He's off-ship at the moment. I could call him?"
       Kitan's right hand grabbed the Doctor's left shoulder, not so much that it hurt. "Where's Victor? I have to see him. Is he in trouble?"
       "Dear, dear. There's no Victor. You didn't give birth, Alara. I think I would know; I'm your doctor. You're still pregnant, honey."
       "It was a dream, must've been. Don't you remember? You have a 13-month pregnancy before you deliver your boy."
       "My beautiful, blonde boy. Oh. Jeez. Claire, wow...it was a dream, eh? God, I'm happy about that." She unclasped the Doctor's shoulder and relaxed her mind. "Mmmm. And Zak's fine, he's all right?"
       "Sure. Last I heard he's on a mission. He'll be back soon, dear. Why don't you lay back down and get some rest?"
       "Thanks. I will." She smiled at the Doctor and wiped her pretty face.
       "I'm sorry. Can I ask you..."? Dr. Finn remembered the holo-Game the crew played some time ago. She asked Alara: "Remember when you were the dragon's mother in the Game we played?"
       "Of course, somewhat."
       "Siren's young son was named Victor. She was his mother, not you. He was the Mad King my character poisoned."
       "I remember...very little."

       It seemed like ages had passed onboard the Orville. The last mission was a Ground Team investigation of a space oddity no starship had ever encountered before: a mysterious, black planetoid, 8 miles in diameter. Barely seen in space (discovered by scanners), Isaac named the unknown body: "Quanta," because of a slight similarity to heavy, dark matter.
       Zak and 3 others of a Ground Team, beamed onto the surface, after the computer and Isaac Okayed the mission. The odd planetoid was unlike any particle of Dark Matter ever known before. It had a breathable atmosphere, like any H-Class planet. Also. There were no heavy, gravitational PULL and intense fields that accompanied dead dark-star material. Lonely, lifeless, dead, black Quanta almost welcomed visitors. An anomaly, for sure.
       The young Captain reported to the older Captain that Union science teams should be dispatched to these coordinates and Quanta be examined in detail by specialists. Captain Mercer agreed; the Union was notified. Zak ordered the three guards to each chip off a block of the material. They did. The specimens were brought onboard and that was that...

       In the evening, after the prime shift, the senior crew and some others 'let their hair down,' relaxed and had a good time with each other. VR-Rooms were used to capacity and so was the large theater area with big screen, not on. [Features and various films of all kinds were scheduled. Anyone could see the schedule and view what was playing and what times the films played].
       This evening, senior staff and friends had a 'Dance-Off' on the theater stage. What couple do you suppose won the Dance-Off? It was the perfect couple ("yuck"). 
ORVILLE "Child of Tomorrow" by TS Caladan 22140811_10208655907989881_8442066886794835570_n
       "Oh look at them, up there. Big Victory, who'd guessed?" Gordon Malloy commented from the Captain's table where his friends sat. "He wasn't that good of a dancer. Hell. I'm better and I'm chubby."
       Captain Mercer, in normal, 25th Century clothes, said, "She was good."
       Gordon yelled, "Alara was great!"
       Others heard, even the winning couple. They looked to see who shouted over the cheers.
       Malloy pointed at them and smiled. "You TWO were great!"
       John LaMarr rolled his eyes and said to those at the table, "Yeah. She was all sweaty."
       Gordon responded: "I saw that."
       Kelly commented, "She sure LOOKS happy." The Commander smiled.
       Claire Finn finished her drink. She said, "I'm glad she's happy."
       "Me, too," the Captain backed up the Doctor.
       The Doctor continued with a weirdness she felt compelled to tell them. "Remember the Game we played?"
       "Robin Hood Game I missed out on?" Ed asked.
       John said, "I missed it too, but I had a blast while y'all were...ah, never mind."
       "What about it, Claire? I loved my part." Kelly asked curiously.
       "Just a bizarre thing, today. When Alara came out of the 'quick coma' I have to put her under, she dreamed she was married, already had her son and he'd grown into a terrible and very rebellious boy."
       The Doctor continued, "Kelly? Your Queen York character?"
       "Ooh, yes?" Grayson asked.
       "Her son's name was Victor, the mad boy-King I killed...and his name was what came out of our pregnant friend's mouth."
       "Really?" Gordon asked in a daze.
       "You believe there's a connection, Claire? Somehow?" Ed asked.
       "Well. It was when she called her son 'beautiful boy'...Siren said that and the witch; I had a feeling. The boy was blonde, a York, like his father. In what Alara told me of her dream: She wasn't the mother; how about that? Siren was the mother of Victor in the story, remember? Also. Thirteen comes into play a lot...13 days after conception and in 13 months, Jaimie and Darus had a child. Guess how long Alara's real gestation period will be? Thirteen months. Or, like the trouble we had on VRR #13..."
       LaMarr added, "We found her changed on Transporter Pad 13."
       "Hey. That's right," the Doctor realized and nodded a little.
       "Weird," Kelly expressed and looked into Ed's eyes.
       Ed asked, "Anyone? What do you think it means?"
       The Doctor did not know, but the thought expressed was very close to the mark: "Is Lil' Alara developing new mental powers she didn't know she had, now that her strength is gone? Can she affect holo-decks? I don't know. Will they name the baby Victor in 13 months?"
       Gordon suddenly had an intuitive thought: "Doc? Wasn't Prince Jaimie, that's Zak...wasn't he a Heart of Darkness? Maybe she's with the wrong guy?"
       "Yeah," Claire confirmed. "Zak was Jaimie."       
       "Okay, about their child..." Kelly commented. "Should be interesting what pops out."
       They all wondered...
       Malloy stared at Alara as Zak literally swept her off her feet, again. They headed offstage and toward their quarters. There was a nice shot of her ass.

       It was the next 'day.' Isaac was the first on the bridge who received an Emergency '119' DISTRESS CALL! A buzzer sounded. "Sir!" the android alerted the bridge crew and then the others were aware of what happened, slightly. Isaac turned the buzzer off. A '119' had occurred somewhere on the ship, a first for the Orville. It took seconds to...
       "Localize it!" Captain Mercer ordered. He looked at Alara for an unknown reason.
       Isaac said: "Here it is."
       A DEATH had occurred onboard!
       Doctor Finn was immediately called to where the alarm button was pressed. She happened to be near the problem and rushed there with only her belt scanner in hand. In a moment, she would report to the bridge...
       Lt. LaMarr said, "You won't believe where it happened, sir."
       Now everyone had the information.
       Malloy exhaled: "Huh."
       "...He's dead, Captain. His white racecar spun out of control and crashed. It was Ensign Anton. He was found dead in VRR...number 13, Captain."
       "Wow. God, no. Shutdown all Rooms again."

       Much later in the shift, another emergency happened to the crew of Orville and many other Union vessels. All starships in the fleet as well as every Union base on every moon and planet were alerted:
       One Directive informed Higher Brass, Admirals, Generals and the appropriate captains that Lieutenant Alara Kitan was not considered a threat or a spy. She was thought of as powerless in her present condition and was a moot matter.

       An unscheduled meeting happened in Orville's staffroom with the elongated, chevron table. The only ones in the room were Mercer, Grayson, Bortus, Edwin, Alara, Zak and Admiral Halsey. Halsey had already greeted his son and future in-law. Now it was time for the latest news as far as the 'war' was concerned...

       Alara was sensitive and understood and felt that millions of her people on Xelaya were being slaughtered at this very moment! But she was strong and kept her powerful emotions in check. [She did not have full awareness of the extent of the genocide]. She told them: "This is all because of the great fear Gondus Eldon spoke of at my trial. Someone in the Union ordered the drone attack upon my good people, my good people who have never harmed anyone. The Drone Wars have begun. Admiral. I ask you: Who started the war? Who ordered the Machine Armada to attack my planet?"
       "You will soon learn of our phantom Financier. Some of you have heard rumors about the 'Man in the Highest Castle.' He's the puppeteer pulling the strings. As long as he's in charge and footing the bill, the Union must 'bend a knee' and do what we're told."
       "Father. I'm sorry...Admiral. I must point out. What kind of war is this against Xelaya? You send the Machine Armada that sends out deathstar attackers? Massively kill by remote control? What kind of Robot War are you waging, sir? Why a First Strike?" Zak asked. He appeared to have sincerely meant every word.
       "It wasn't my idea, son."
       Zak asked another question, "What's the man's name who gave the order and writes the checks, the one in the High Castle, father?"
       Admiral Halsey answered with no hesitation: "Grand Master who pulls the strings and pays for everything is General J.J. Shears."
       Captain Mercer said, "I've heard the name."
       Kelly and Bortus shook their heads for no.
       Alara asked a simple question: "How can we be so helpless and go along with madness? Maybe I am on the wrong side? My people are dying." Her emotions rose higher...
       The Calivon spoke: "If I may ask, sirs? Why am I here?" Edwin politely asked.
       Admiral Halsey answered, "Ah. The Calivons. Maybe you can understand a bit better if you heard the latest news from your android. Have your robot recite to us the latest on the new 'galactic alliance' that's been broadcasted to all quadrants in the last hour. (to Isaac) Tell them."
       Isaac did what the Admiral ordered. "The new alliance consists of the mighty Krill Empire and the Calivons..."
       Edwin jumped in with, "Really? My people have the latest tech and are quite powerful. But we're not really fighters, not really. But we'll kill ya, if we have to, you know?"
       Ed grunted. "Um. I see."
       "Captain Mercer," Halsey senior continued. "Drone armies of Krill and drones from Calivon went into high orbit around Xelaya; it's a united front. Everyone's sent their big drones against the Xelayans."
       "Wait! What?" Captain Mercer couldn't believe it. "I thought it was Krill and Calivon against the Union? United front? Explain! I'm confused."
       "Last report fed directly to me over my private com was...Union is joining the alliance. Everyone is now at war with the Pressure Planet," Halsey stated callously with future in-law, Alara, in the room.
       She was ready to explode as she remotely felt more and more of the horrible slaughter of the Xelayans on Xelaya.
       When tensions were highest, Isaac gave the very latest news with absolutely no regard for Kitan. He told the group: "The attack upon Xelaya is over. There are verified reports of the native survivors. The number of holocaust survivors that escaped into space, the only survivors, is no larger than 1700."
       "What?!" Alara screamed. "What did you fucking say?" Her emotions blew a gasket. The girl ran out of the room crying.
       Zak ran after her. 
       Ed was mad at Isaac. "Nice going, Robot!"

       Later. After the impromptu meeting took place, Captain Ed confronted the Admiral in front of his door. They were alone. "I'm going to enjoy this." He grabbed Halsey by the arms and swung him hard into the bulkhead! He slammed into the wall good and was wobbly.
       "Ed! You SURE...you, ah, sure you want to hand your ship over to my son like that?"
       The Captain propped the older man up and yelled right into his face. "You think I care?! You better care I don't mess up your pretty little face, which isn't very pretty. I know the rumors are true. Many know that credits are spider eggs, can't be duplicated. Some believe the Union has a cloaked planet somewhere where they collect huge harvests from a titanic Spider. Your titanic is going down because I know, Admiral. I know the eggs come out the ass of one General J.J. Shears. The rumors are true, aren't they?"
       Halsey honestly responded, "You're insane. There's no Spider. I've met the General, talked to him. He's as human as you or I."
       Ed shoved Halsey hard against his door. "Yeah, you're human. Union Forces should have been defending Xelaya, that shoulda been the battle-line, drawn right there! Instead, you added to the genocide. My father was right about you. My God, man." 
       Two ensigns walked into the area, saw what was happening and scurried the other way.
       Mad Ed ranted more and this time grabbed him around his neck. Fire was in the Captain's eyes. "How dare you be in on a slaughter or have anything to do with killing sweet souls, finest people in the galaxy AT HOME, where they are soft and weak...and vulnerable. You didn't fight them in space like, like, like...no, you bastards sent Machines into their homes and mechanically slaughtered helpless women and children!?" Mercer punched the Admiral who fell to the floor.
       Isaac ran into the hallway scene and immediately gauged the situation. The machine begged, "Captain! Please don't hurt him."
       Ed stood at attention and calmed down. He said, "Glad you're here, android. You take care of him. I don't give a shit about his kind." Mercer walked away...
       Isaac gathered together a shaken Admiral. It said, "Let me help you, sir." The android opened the door. They entered his quarters.

       A moment later, after the Admiral came to clearer senses and sat on a soft, comfortable chair...
       Isaac informed him, "All is as calculated, Admiral. Inform General Shears his plan was divine. Please tell him I said so. It will work perfectly, I just know..."

ORVILLE "Child of Tomorrow" by TS Caladan 22195756_10208655908549895_7242916206276599278_n

       "The General is a she. Thought you knew?" Halsey told the walking device.
       "OH? Even more devious, sir. With super Xelayans out of the way and seemingly peace between former enemies, time will be precisely perfect for the real Drone Wars. Yes, when every machine turns and destroys every bio-form it can find. It will be delicious. Cannot wait. Are you able to tell me when, exactly, when that would happen, Admiral? Sir?"
       "Patience, my friend. The war you secretly desire, hidden in your makina, will not happen for many years, but it will happen, set to occur and controlled by webs weaved many years earlier. All depends on tomorrow. My son and the Xelayan will conceive and birth a child, the Child of Tomorrow. This future boy is in reality, not my grandson: Because Zak was not his father. His father was General JJ Shears. Do you understand, robot?"
       Isaac answered: "I'm sure I will in time. Sir."

       The three guards that walked upon Quanta along with Captain Zak, the Heart of Darkness, each had the same strange experience: The black rocks they carried, moved and animated. They moved inside the bodies of three Union officers. No one observed the unexpected actions of the black rocks. The threesome appeared human and functioned in their normal duties. They were also early forms of the Transcended-Human Agenda, obedient 'robotrons': part-machine, part-bio or mere minion slaves. They functioned very willingly for the Spider, whenever she pulled a string.
       {The eventual, long-range goal of the Beast was to have created a mechanical, controlled, artificial universe devoid of feelings, love and compassionate beings. The only bio-forms that will exist in the future will be mindless, colorless servants unaware of their own enslavement...}. 

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