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Tales from the Front

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1Tales from the Front Empty Tales from the Front Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:54 am





Everywhere we look lately we see signs of the movement, as complacency within the consciousness subtly comes under attack from within. Some call it growing a conscience, when a little voice within becomes deafening. Those who used to tolerate abuse in its many forms amidst moral degradation are beginning to fester, stir and lash about, as if they suddenly realized someone is turning up the heat.

These days being dispassionate is a commonality though it might not be accidental. Those who get the nudge may become seemingly tyrannical or even whimsical, but eventually a well refined passion emerges from emotive chaos and woosh! A mental Kundalini.

The term resistance, is often used as a metaphor which describes the slowing or impingement of flow. For instance when used as an electrical term it often refers to the fact that the size of a wire (conduit) has a predetermined capacity for the flow of current (electrons/ amperes). If one exceeds this capacity the wire will heat up to a point of failure due to resistance, because the conduit can’t handle the load. To simplify; trying to carry ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag can get messy.

Now, when we resist flow at a psychological level we also can create a bit of a bottle-neck, or slowing of momentum. The physical level is predisposed, or subject to our psychological pathways so it is therefore secondary to the primary winding, or rather, how we are wired. How we are wired as we know is often based on what we can refer to as selective reasoning, or common pathways of thought (developmental conditioning), usually inherited culturally or established as formalities of thought transfer by establishments via institutions, via programs, via lessons etc.

Our bodies and brains are glorious conduits of information, but as we know when we are in lock step with any program, a program which runs contrary to ours meets’ resistance. Programs which insert fear as a prime motivator for acceptance and adherence are quite successful in keeping factions faithful, as if thinking outside the box is threatening because the box is bordered by mental razor wire.
Breaking old thought paradigms is a challenge when one’s surrounded by such a hive mentality and for some it takes some sort of abuse before they begin the process simply because they are forced to create mental escapes to manage their suffering. But I have bore witness to another end of the spectrum which comes from those who hunger for knowledge and eventually become highly intelligent, catapulting their minds in a multitude of directions, reaching incredible depth of thought on a myriad of subjects. However they soon find that revolutionary ideas, if they can’t be purchased or patented will be attacked to no end.

We can surmise that the greater the conduit the greater the resistance when within present established company. But if we begin to understand the fundamentals of electrical theory we learn that like a load unto a wire, standard pathways of thought have restrictions in capacity, meaning the pathway must either be increased or it might short circuit, or rewired to allow a greater influx. As in electric theory, the less resistance the greater the flow rate, but the problem has never been a lack of resistance when it comes to physicality. In fact nature in general would appear to be in a constant state of birth, with an emphasis on the aspect of labor during delivery, and this pain and suffering goes well beyond the maternity ward, for there are many ways to breathe new life into the world though it would appear that due to the nature of competitive capitalism there exists a resistance of a different color.

It’s funny when we hear words like main-stream, for as we know the collective consciousness does in many ways resemble a stream or conduit whose current has become amped and shocking. If an engineered electrical system behaved as such there would be mass panic followed by a total shutdown, for fear of losing the entire platform.  Any good engineer wouldn’t dally on conduits until the source generation was thoroughly policed.

The source of the corrupt energy often lies within the engineering, which can be designed without care of equilibrium, while catering to weaponized chaos and arrested development. The conduit being used becomes almost irrelevant. Corruptions at the source are equal to corruptions at the point of reception, often amplified to allow reception by a greater number of conduits. Mass consciousness has a resonance, a frequency and a current whose flow can be altered by mass manipulation. There at the source exist conceptual fratricide inherent within the design, we know this because what comes out at the other end is flawed, though its packaged and marketed in a way that masks these flaws. But to the keen observer the flaws are evident!

I use the word fratricide for it stems from the word fraternity. Believe it or not there exists fraternities that believe they are doing God’s work by eradicating those they deem unworthy. However this isn’t necessary, for as individuals and cultures come of age they gain the rite of passage, reducing planetary burdens. So such acts by those that take matters into their own hands only end up creating a greater imbalance when everyone returns to finish what was started. Even wars are no solution, for if they were we wouldn’t be experiencing the type of population boom we now see.

I know many would say; what’s the point you can’t escape this prison planet anyway! I say poppycock! There exists many layers of civilization right here, you never really need to go anywhere to receive a higher level of experience and you don’t need to travel to Sham-ba-la to do it, just outgrow the shackles of 3D consciousness and you will incarnate into a time and place that resonates. Going off planet should never be the goal until one is able to sustain the multi-dimensional options available locally, for the spectrum of life experiences, though inconceivable at this time, are and will continue to be available.  If one has held an inkling of any of what was just said, I can assure you that at least one aspect of your own collective consciousness is already dwelling in higher alternate reality planes and at times the subconscious wanders thusly.

Often when someone comes up with what can be considered a stroke of genius, or an invention that threatens the status-quo, whether they percolated up from a dream or a whim, they are often just borrowing information from other incarnates within their own extended family. There are those who have dwelt among you who were called prophets who were very talented at navigating or perhaps I should say networking internally, to a point where they could actually peep through the eyes of an incarnate many centuries into the future. But understanding the vision is challenging and for all we know the future incarnate being borrowed from may just be watching a film about a war, or worse; of science fiction.

When one begins to experience altered states of frequency, for whatever reason, its not uncommon to inherit genius from the genus or experience what’s commonly referred to as déjà-vu. Which often just means a past resonance has come full circle, or that two resonant circles just merged and your now within the vesica, aka the energetic rebirthing chamber. But in truth when circumnavigating ones path such couplings become common, as we weave our own flower of life where we have the ability to become geometeer’s.
 Let me explain; the flower of life for those who don’t know is just another template for higher form. Its true there are endless geometric patterns available in 2D and 3D, but these too are but templates to higher form which unfortunately a 3D eye can’t see. But anyone who has ever worked with sacred geometry knows that there is an expansive quality that is felt yet whose rationality is hidden. But as we know the mind does overlap reality planes while the body is stuck in a wobbling tetrahedron.

The gist; to flower harmonically (genetically) we first must learn to navigate cycles rather than dwell therein. All cycles within one life are often representative of other lives, of lessons gained and lessons lost which form patterns. These can be considered karmic patterns whose resonant energy comes to call when we go through an experience expressing co-resonant energetic patterns emotionally and psychologically. Following the new tangent is optional, but not all tangents are positive, they are liken to drag lines which run askew to harmonic form, due to choices that held something less than divine right intention. These become karmic burdens which can inhibit flow and expansion until recognized and released through higher understanding.

To many I may be speaking a foreign language, but the last part of this sermon does relate to the first part and its time to merge the two. We now know there are more than one of what we can refer to as conduits of information. There is this outer collective conscious which we can label the main stream and this inner stream we will call the river less traveled. Both can be considered small arteries which stem from greater tributaries. One has a heart source while the other source may feel heartless. One, we know will eventually lead back to its source, while the other has a marketing program which prides itself on dangling carrots for beasts of burden that grind the grist for the mill.

Both systems require energy and though the nature of these energies may be similar in some respects, one feeds consciousness while the other feeds off consciousness. How one can feed off of consciousness is not so hard to explain when we understand that chemical bodies are unto themselves nuclear power plants which provide ample current when emotive buttons are pushed. But what is this current used for? We’ll get back to this one.
Those with their fingers on the emotive buttons have the keys to the kingdom, for there are buttons for rage, fear, mass panic, depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, guilt and even sex and patriotism. But hey, there not all bad, there is button for joy, productivity and even sympathy to show you how merciful they can be.
Keeping the public in a perpetual state of suspended animation does require elbow grease, the M.O. behind the fictional narrative is competing with your regular scheduled programming so it must be sold with zeal, vigor and well scripted words that give calamity credence. At times it’s difficult to see through the smoke and mirrors to see the true objectives, but just beyond the fundamentals like disempowerment = dependency and fear = fascism, we begin to ask ourselves questions like; what could I hope to gain from this situation is I were a greedy wealthy control freak, with low moral standards, a thirst for blood, greater regulation, political backstabbing amidst corporate exploitation. The list of course would be long, but the top three objectives should stand out in any attack, like faint spices emanating from community pot luck.
Where does the energy go Val?
Getting back to the undercurrent of emotive energy being generated by chaos consortiums.
No doubt a certain amount goes to the bottom feeders; Demon’s, succubae, dwellers at the threshold etc.. However there is this thing called inertia which must be maintained to keep the merry-go-round from stalling. This energetic wind formed by emotive conscious focus is but a locus of miasmic malignancies used for the creation and perpetuation of more of the same to keep all in the frequency bands at the lower end of the spectrum.
We have all heard the saying how the universe doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the judgment of creative energy. So whether its considered negative or positive energy it can still cause the wheels of co-creation to be turned against us when the wave of emotive focus reaches a tsunami level. The past hurricanes were a good example of this, for Maria never really reached a Cat. 5 status and the instruments fanning her fat ass were tuned in and turned up via Brazil, but were sacked before she hit St. Criox. Then Maria was bitch slapped to pieces long before she hit Puerto Rico. But the inertia kept things in play much longer than expected simply because the engineers are well aware of this trick of falsifying information to maximize the potential of a failed plan (not to mention to save face.) I guess we can say that what happened in Puerto Rico was contributed to by the mass conduit created by fear, faith and expectation; with a wee bit of help from MSM.
It breaks our hearts to see this sort of devastation on islands where the mainstay of the populace are so kind-hearted and traditionally fuss over anyone who visits as if you’re their last visitor. Of course many islanders from Hawaii to Tahiti share this beautiful nature since before the time of the invading conquistadors, how such cultural wealth has survived invasion and inquisition is a credit to passive bloodlines everywhere and we have a lot to learn from them.
The Cat. 5 hurricane never really materialized but we know that Dominica got hit pretty hard, but if this island was anything like Puerto Rico there was a great deal of substandard building going on for many years, stuff that would not stand up to 60 M.P.H. winds let alone anything stronger, but the rain geez, even a foot of rain can move mountains if it comes down to quickly. But I think that if a Cat. 5 hit Dominica there would be few left to tell the tale for it would have wiped the slate clean.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Puerto Rico was targeted, and imparticularly San Juan. Hurricane Irma had also made a b-line for San Juan from the opposite side but was kept off-shore, but even this caused havoc. But why Puerto Rico? Some have speculated that unpaid debt angered the bankers, but I believe there may be a bit more to it, because as we know bankers think in terms of profits and losses and removing the ability of a foreign entity to pay its debt is no way of doing business, unless of course they had hopes for compensation via insurances, Federal funding or just some back room wager on a game called bowling for San Juan. No doubt it goes deeper.
Perhaps it’s mere coincidence but the two Earthquakes that hit in and around Mexico City did occur around the same time hurricanes Irma and Maria had the wind taken out of their sails. We also know that fault lines can be agitated by focused energy, and you don’t need a billion dollar harp to do it. Is it possible these blows were pure acts of revenge? And if so why target Latin communities. Further; are these Hurricanes intentionally targeting Latin communities, and if so why?
Blood line wars are nothing new, they have been prevalent in our rear view mirror for centuries, to assume they are not a contemporary phenomena is presumptuous. There do exist certain Latin and South American blood lines that carry certain codes that have yet to be corrupted, and genetic pools that still hold integrity are coveted by the Light. But there is one common denominator that may link certain Latin cities more than others, but the story is as long as it is old and I’m running out of room, for there are still a few things I wanted to interject.
Yet this being the eve of Columbus Day its pertinent to mention that this pseudo Portuguese Navigator, trained in Sagres tradition in the nautical sciences, only worked for the King of Spain while being faithfull to the prince of portugal. His conquests were far from Spanish to the trained eye. In fact he brought as many Jews to the new worlds as he did gentiles and his charts were never made public, though his son; Dom Fernando Colon was even more interesting, while equally enigmatic. But here’s a tid-bit worth navigating; why did Christobal Colon (Chris Colum-biz) speak broken Italian and Spanish, write his correspondence in Portuguese and sign his documents xpo FERENS?
Lets’ start with a few lines of galactic news;
Large Solar flares will begin subsiding this month with less and less activity going into November and December though early spring may hold a few surprises. This theoretically should help with geomagnetic stress and volcanism, though not eliminate it. There will always be the possibility that certain fault zones will be targeted from afar, sometimes for nothing more than spite and some malicious quota.
As of late our solar system has been an area of increased activity, which could mimic rush hour in any major metropolitan city. This traffic is coming from all beings within, and may be a source of cover for unscrupulous activity.
The hurricane season should be over for most part and the plain and simple fact that they have lost their steering mechanisms in many areas and won’t risk creating monsters they can’t control. But we’re not out of the woods yet for its still possible to seed weather and let nature take its course.
With that out of the way I wanted to give a few tips before I close, to those coming of age. In the last article I briefly touched on the advantage of using ones voice to further the desire force. Something I call the Moses code can be a very powerful instrument of change when used as a declaration of intent with absolute faith, but unfortunately it’s something not uncommon in dark occult ritual. But I wanted to talk a little today about using the palm chakras, but if you’re not into Light-work feel free to bypass this section.
Trust me when I say, the use of the palm chakra has been around a little bit longer than Marvel Comics, but they sure love to rub our noses in it don’t they?

Now I can’t say if Krishna used such technologies against the invader airmen of his day, but I would be surprised if didn’t. Perhaps it was 26k years ago today that this warrior of light fought against the injustices of his time, but no doubt a few academics would beg to differ. I can’t say if he was a Knight or Soldier of the Cross, which may or may not be those who come during the crossing of Nibiru or the crossing of the Galactic plane, or both on rare occasions. But I will say that beings of the highest order do incarnate for such, though Marvel would rather make light of them by turning the cross a bit to create a X, and labeling everyone with a gift; mutated.
But it’s easy to see that the Marvel sponsors are once again nearsighted because all their characters carry limitations. This is perhaps by design, or from experiencing experimental failures within the super soldier programs. But at least their smart enough to know the importance of the palm chakra, for they can be a Light-workers greatest asset aside of course from one’s mind.
Healers are some-what up to speed on this subject but there are variations on that type of energy one’s using and the higher the source the greater the flexibility in use. A 12D source works best but one can’t start there, the Galactic core of D6 serves most purposes as an energy source, but you need to send out a Merkaba to anchor in and stream from; which I will elaborate on in a minute.
First I need you to look down at your palms; if you see an X dead center please keep reading. If not, don’t quit your day job. The more pronounced the mark is the more dominant the palm. Opening the palm chakra can be difficult if you abuse your hands, even a great deal of clapping can become painful for one with open palm chakras. Chi, or the build-up of body energy has local limitations so won’t be discussed, only noted. There are courses and codes that can facilitate the opening period but if you’ve worked with light energy at all (high density energy-non-atomic- Krystalline frequencies) you’re familiar with the process and doing Reiki would qualify. But if all you have is a willingness to learn conscious intent with daily practice will get you where you want to go.
Some forms teach one to use the heart to circulate energy to the palms via the arms which may be fine for what I call low voltage work but for high voltage work its best to bypass the heart which is electric and use you’re A spot which is your center point at the bottom of your breast bone. All sources of energy must be grounded via the body, and 12D must be anchored into the grid through the body. Such energy and energetic constructs are typically moved through breath work and conscious intent. When streaming light is pulled simultaneously from a well charged earth grid and the lanyard you’ve created by tethering into the galactic core of the next harmonic or higher, when you sent your Merkaba on a mission to tap in and anchor down into this carbon copy.
This Light is moved through and around the body but never anchored in, again, think open conduit. Your central core is but a ladle for light so absorb (via the breath) just enough to charge, usually just a few deep breaths. Breathe light from the chest to the arms and palms while palms face each other, keeping palms 4” to 6” apart. A few breaths will create enough charge to shield your body, your home and your neighborhood if you like. With low voltage you will feel more at the palm, but the higher the source of light the less one feels at the palms. The higher the source the more conscious the light, which means it won’t need much direction, just a general scope and a loose agreement.
There are no known limitations of what a good light source can be used for, however the individual user is often limited by a sort of negative entropy. We can assume such conditions are the result of near-sightedness or an intellectual tunnel-vision. But the old saying; necessity is the mother of invention, does have a habit of tearing down the walls of convention while teasing the mind toward a most liberal perspective, and it is here, the grand clever, separating men from boys ;)
Val 10/7/17

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