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WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan

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WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~
also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~
(see end for Answer)
by TS Caladan

 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 22852884_10208802134685457_3928298328206083384_n

You'll continue to learn as you move through life and what you'll discover (generally) is ALL THINGS ARE CONNECTED AT THE TOP (of the pyramid). You'll find that about everything you've been 'taught' or trained into thinking is wrong and about everything you'd never believe is real, is actually the truth. Truth is: THEY, the Rulers, the Elites, the Authority, the State, the ones in the shadows, our empire's secret lords and faceless masters we're not even aware exist, have been LYING to us from the very beginning! It's called indoctrination, disinformation, brainwashing, propaganda, casting evil spells of deception or simply "SOCIAL ENGINEERING" us (for power and control). Extremes of Chaos and Order are both wrong. Where's freedom? (in a good sense).
       For example. Would you believe Star Trek and Star Wars are the same: two arms of the same entity? A small clue is the elongated star symbol ST fans have seen over and over on uniform badges and emblems. The insignia for Star Trek's Federation is a star with an extended top point, which would have a whole other meaning if inverted.
 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 22886085_10208802135045466_3618353719970827220_n
 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 22851792_10208802135605480_3356812691659340886_n
 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 22894520_10208802136565504_1861102989066136936_n
Here was the origin of Star Wars. Lucas first envisioned [or whatever British committee] a narrator for "his" Star Wars. Concept of the Whills (journal between light and dark) some think will enter the picture with SW8 or Episode 9 may end with a poetry reading from the Whills. If so, then prime Star Wars stories would have concluded as they had begun. 
       Certainly connecting '...Wars' and '...Trek' via a tiny 'coincidence' in graphic design is tenuous at best. Strap yourself in for more connections or 'coincidences' between the two: shows and movies presented to world audiences and implanted into our psyche ten years apart.
       [What Beatles and Stones connection could there possibly be? Hang on].
       Please look up the work of YouTube researchers for anything mentioned here. I'd recommend two Brits: Former hip-hop DJ, Mark Devlin, and interviews with Carl James. You can also include analysis of what Stanley Kubrick tried to tell us, especially in images of his later films.
       Star Trek was everything good and positive and hopeful about the future, where the human race made wars, prejudice, hatred and fascism obsolete. A better tomorrow was forged as we worked together in basic peace and harmony. We ventured out from home world and discovered we weren't alone in the universe. Star Trek was an idyllic dream and we eventually joined ('space brothers,' in a sense) with life from other stars in a FEDERATION, a peaceful alliance for the mutual benefit of everyone. Of course, the "good guys" always had their enemies with a slew of worlds that stood opposed to Star Fleet and Federation policies. There was war, conflict, drama, action, great special-effects and mind-blowing tech and stories of the imagination, like 'Twilight Zones' in outer space. Both 'Trek' and 'Wars' captured young and old hearts of dreamers who wanted to fly and visit other planets and deal with wild things, beyond the ordinary.
       We think Coke and Pepsi are not connected and stand in opposition? Or DC and Marvel? Or car companies? Absolutely not: different departments of the same Beast or 'arms' of the very same entity (certainly at the top, which determines everything below). It's like the Earth is ruled by one NFL League of "Holy" Officials and they 'stage' the (war) 'games,' horrible "terror" attacks and other atrocities: We die and fight/kill each other and 'eat cake,' while 13 'royal,' banking families of the sickest individuals set all standards and set all laws and entertainment (propaganda) for innocent citizens, comparatively. America, or their militaries, are only one Ball Team with its banners, colors and logo. Russia is the (bogus) opposition to the U.S., another Ball Team with different colors and logo. Our philosophies diverge on purpose because it was planned by a secret Third Party of controllers. It's been set up this way; same for many other Industries and oppositions, corrupt and connected at the top. War is always staged and only a bloody "theatre" of war. If you support the military as a solution (it's what "They" or Big Brother wants) then, you support tyranny! Believe it or not folks, you'll discover that the militaries for both U.S. and U.S.S.R. are precisely the same. (Review plot for George Orwell's '1984' novel and 3 films on YT because it basically happened yesterday and is occurring today). Royalty wins; we lose. Insiders will reveal: There are no true secrets at the top. Cold and Hot Wars were staged, were false, fiat events, engineered, planned, made to occur, in advance, to sway you, to ENGINEER YOU in a particular direction and misdirect you away from the real enemy: Houses of Britain, Rothschild and the truly unholy Vatican (business and a lot worse enterprises).
       Star Trek was the positive side: a lovely TREK, a beautiful walk in the park. A 'United Federation of Planets' cooperated, worked together in peaceful harmony, much like how all Earth nations unified into a productive/good, fictional future of a One World Government. But...
       Star Wars was War, War, War with the darkest and lightest of elements or magical FORCES. Connected at the top: ST & SW. Why? It has to do with magic, black and white. It has to do with good and bad forces, knowing what's right from wrong, but really...

       Leading our children to war, so they WANT and very much DESIRE to fight for the (Star Wars) REPUBLIC or Empire, to desensitize us to killing and death and aggression because it's all around. These things are accepted and no one shouts against it. Look up 'republic.' It is not a DEMOCRACY, which should be our actual goal. A Republic is a rule by committee of a few elites and not a government "of the people." We should be fighting AGAINST THE REPUBLIC, not for the Republic (as in Czech Republic or Republic of China). We should be "Separatists," not mindless, mechanical drones fighting for the Empire. We should all be individuals and Separatists, those who diverge from the dictates of the norm.
       As a kid, no one loved James Bond more than I did. I'm not a kid now. I realize those bastard, control-the-world, Brits (actually Germans) have glamourized killing [war & Royalty] so f-ing much that young boys wanted and dreamed to be James Bond and young girls desired to be hot Bond-girls. [Boys want to be princes and girls want to be princesses, how lovely]. Isn't it exciting and glamorous to have POWER, to kill and have the freedom to be cruel, especially when you have a cool license to do so? Were there any spy-spin-off TV shows and movies after the 60's "Bond Invasion" or Bond-mania, after charismatic Sean Connery was introduced onto the world stage? I think there were a couple. Britannia or the British Empire sucks! btw: The world doesn't want to play Football (soccer) or Cricket or rugby. But millions of the planet's population are almost forced to everyday. They force us into their few choices, like our elections, where we only have two devils as top-choice candidates?
       U.S. is Little England, New England, the New YORK, the New Empire State: simply a new version of Old World Europe. They own us. Your Birth Certificate is a Warehouse Receipt because you are only a commodity that "They," at the top of the capstone, own and can do with as they please, in their view. Madness in society will continue until we get together, organize and say NO. Truth is of such importance and has such power. But we don't have a clue in literal Hell when we're confused, unsure, trained into bad thinking and bad behaviors. We no longer have the capacity to understand what good behaviors are or what is real. We can no longer be lazy. We must do our homework. Research!
       NO ONE LOVED STAR TREK AND STAR WARS MORE THAN I DID. It was a sweet, wild, colorful, "Magical Mystery Tour" of excitement and tremendous fantasy/science-fiction I adored. Until only lately...then, I saw J.J.'s movies and a few more terrible "super-hero" films that opened my eyes to what's going on behind Oz's cinematic curtains~
       I realized at a ripe old age, what I was really seeing for more than 50 years: another seductive, colorful, enticing glamorization of WAR...

 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 22894309_10208802137285522_6177803301980095872_n
 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 22851880_10208802137685532_8251881769710226845_n
 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 22852885_10208802138165544_5662803806827576811_n
 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 22815370_10208802138445551_5126292062684964611_n
 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 22815429_10208802138765559_520413910389641726_n
 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 22853179_10208802139245571_3464183376932380858_n
 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 23031617_10208802139685582_3500854715676541336_n
Pretty cool, huh? We love Star Wars and Star Trek. We love the Beatles and many love the Rolling Stones. And many Devils love Aleister Crowley; there's no accounting for taste. These highly regarded "Sci-Fi" shows, stories, future technologies and ideologies we're given (FORCED) are essentially the same: Big Borg [hexagonal] CUBE, Big Bad Deathstar SPHERE [Saturn: 'Black Sun'].
       FEDERATION. The Feds! When have the feds done anything good? For you, the public? Maybe for their Masters. Don't federal troops ring of SW Storm Troopers? Aren't the National Guard, soldiers, federal (cloaked & "dagger") agents such as CIA, FBI, NSA and even the Police, simply agents or arms of the Illuminati, those that run the show from England? When did a U.S. President ever disagree with England's P.M.? Aren't the Feds really only modern Roman Centurions of the New Roman Empire? Why do you think police are dressed in black and white? (Connected with ST, SW & 'Moses Floor' checkerboards) Because the White is good magic (like the 'Force,' police force, armed forces) and good behavior. When you need a cop, they'll come and fix the problem. Duality, Yin-Yang. Black in an officer's uniform represents bad behavior, immoral actions, such as executions of the helpless/subdued, under arrest and (mostly minorities) wind up dead. Not good. Officers, the POLICE, are not there to serve you or to protect you (neither is your military). They are there to carry out orders from the highest realms of the British Monarchy, whatever the injustices, no matter how despicable and perverted. They've fooled you for centuries. You have no choice. The powerful decree it and it is reality.  
       You know why we think the police are on our side, beside the nearly 100% favorable reports [Media: arm of the Feds] flooded on the news of those brave police? BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED by at least 1000 different, televised Cop Shows and films where they are always painted in a good light and rarely in a bad one. Especially long ago, when we were really dumb. We've had the good cop, bad cop, old cop, young cop, blind cop, psychic cop, psycho cop, alien cop, ghost cop, troubled cop, schizoid cop, anal cop, nervous cop, vampire cop and son of a gun: Now we have the Dark One, Fallen Angel, LUCIFER...and he's a really cool dude, A COP, with a successful show [like hideous 'Gotham' that is only Agenda and has nothing to do with the Batman]. Instead of thrilling adventures and great, heroic characters for children and young adults to emulate that should somehow tract down the evils of Lucifer in society - no sir, we have the glorification of the Devil! Even for our children. Do I have to say anymore than: "Harry Potter"? British, you know?
       If I informed readers that Shakespeare, Poe, Lewis Carroll, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling and R.R. Martin did not write their acclaimed masterworks, you might tend not to believe me. They didn't. Horrible blow, for me, to learn about Tolkien and 'Lord of the Rings' (Saturn) and Sauron (Satan, Santa) and Twin Towers and that it's basically evil and very much honors the One-Eye and Saturn, again. I was sick. The others I figured in time. Evil given to children, accepted as goodness, always FROM ENGLAND! There's a pattern here.
       Always Lies from Britain, our Overlords and masters who've only given their colonies the illusion of revolution and freedom, only a thin facade of real freedom.
       How about Lewis Carroll, who supposedly wrote 'Alice in Wonderland' and '...Looking Glass' and the possibility he and his perverted associates, sanctioned by the British Crown, were responsible for the horrible crimes of Jack the Ripper? "They" want you to think the Ripper crimes were aimed at prostitutes; it's Okay, he was only doing away with filthy whores. NO SIR. This was pedophilia, sanctioned by Parliament and the Throne, as it had been done for centuries. How long will you allow your actors and "sirs" and "lords" and "knights" crowned by the bloody queen, to be presented as talented saints? Truth is...nothing is more perverted and satanic than the Gate-Keepers of Judas Goats who run the planet [with alien help; they've told us the truth in various ways, a million times over and we still do not want to see the dark/evil reality right in front of our faces].
       Who can believe the truth?
       You know why Alice in Wonderland and her Reverse image through the Mirror have been forced down our throats for more than a century? It supports children playing free without rules, restrictions, disciplines or Laws and doing everything wrong or backwards, against everything caring/loving parents tell them to do. Not the same as Aleister Crowley's Law (& Jay-Z's) "Do as thou wilt." Oh, yeah? Big, fucking BABY, go to bed, Al!! Do as you're told! See. (Truth is the Beast, 666, is only a spoiled, little brat. Knowledge is power. You have power over the Devil: Don't invite him in or accept his lies. Simple). People and children have to have rules and good guidelines must be followed. Didn't you ever discipline a child? Bad is not good, (Michael Jackson. Another puppet, like Bowie, Prince, etc. "Billy Jean, not my girl." We never thought she was, Michael. Interesting that before they killed him, he said, "They're lying to us about history").
       Have your eyes been opened in regard to DISNEY? Good family viewing, you think? Used to be, long ago, when we were ignorant and stupid. We should not be that way today, like we're still in the crib. They own everything now. Learn a few things about Disney, the man, the "...Land," everything about a 666 Empire (coded in his famous signature). Understand why genius Theo Adorno, more than 50 years ago, said Walt Disney was the "most dangerous man alive and damaged children" severely. Who was Theo Adorno? Look him up. He's only the main musician responsible for writing music of the Beatles! Under auspices of England's Tavistock Institute. Question: What did Tavistock and the spirit of A. Crowley do?
       Answer: Powerful, intellectual and evil Brit elites only created the '60s Music and entire Peace Movement and counterculture, Hippie scene in the aftermath of the Beatles' invasion. Reasons are the same purpose for every Industry and new "big thing." Social Engineering! You are an experiment (they believe). Since they own you, like Sports, Music, TV and films, they can do anything they damn well please with you at any time and you must accept this, "Your Grace." The experiment of the Age of Aquarius with its bright colors and visuals and music and drugs was nothing more than a test. They created it so they could destroy it. From now on, all revolts, long-haired revolutionaries, anarchists against the Empire and every bit of resistance to fascism will be nonexistant and dated and laughable (to dystopians). There will only be RAP and short-haired slaves to Rap Music, forever!
       From now on, "Resistance is Futile" - your Overlords have declared you slaves off slave-ships and young men must now shave their heads and grow beards. Everything is upside-down and been planned that way. Men are complying to the will of the evil empire. Have you seen any beards on young men recently? Notice that Judas Goat celebrities or Big Slaves all wear them now? And stupid "sheeple" or little (lazy, moldable) slaves are following them to slaughter. What you have not seen lately is anything close to heroes or leading men that appear clean-shaven in movies and commercials with cool, long hair. You think we're not being controlled? Don't give in. Shave! [From what I remember: Women generally hated facial hair].  
       Search YouTubes for the dark side of the Beatles, if you dare venture into new territory that Black Magic was behind everything we thought was incredibly brilliant and good and positive?
 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 23031287_10208802141205620_8193209988880701118_n
You want to be horrified? Here's a Beatles album cover few people saw in the U.S. Can you actually believe some elite manager, aristocrat thought it fitting or a "lark" if the four lads from Liverpool had a cover that portrayed them with baby parts and drenched in baby's blood! It was for 'The Beatles - Yesterday and Today.' The title was a reference to the band's early days with Paul McCartney and the new band [Sgt. Peppers] with a different McCartney.       In the very beginning, the Beatles had a leather-look as young, punk teenagers. Their rough, unruly appearance was modeled after American biker gangs or Marlon Brando in 'The Wild One.' In that film, "Beatles" were mentioned by actor Lee Marvin, but it was a rival gang and had nothing to do with music of the Beatles. Or was it connected? It was: rebellious gang of "teenagers" [new word] in the film and the revolutionaries or pioneers of a new era in music to come. Connected. Seeded for later...
 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 23031386_10208802142125643_6672279587136725124_n
I wrote of duality, as Freemasons and Illuminati viewed it, yin-yang, black/white, police, etc. We have been greatly mislead, misdirected. We're caught up in dramas, soap operas and meaningless, bullshit, TV lies of the past and present; it is very difficult to understand truth. Try this: Beatles, as we know, were soon "cleaned-up" by Brian Epstein with a neat first-appearance to the world, not in leather as bikers, but in cool/sharp suits with long, groovy hairstyles and "Beatle boots." They were made fan-friendly with mass-appeal music and looks. They were the "good guys" in a double-punch, along with their rival band: The Rolling Stones, who were presented as basically the "bad guys." Stones were supposedly the real rebels and spit-in-your-face youths, while the Fab Four were successful sell-outs? These bands were the same. (Same was said of the fighting forces of U.S. and Russia). They moved an entire generation and much more. It's why they were created. Not to rock the world with love and make positive changes and no-more-war, but pave the way toward Punk, Rap, Abuse, Hatred, Violence, Slavery and War: everything anti-Hippie that flew in the face of the beautiful '60s Peace Movement.
       Remember how I said Star Trek and Star Wars were really the same? And DC and Marvel as well as Coke and Pepsi were different 'branches' of the very same thing? Well. Liars, controllers, fascists, always from England, forced the Beatles/Stones music and their rivalry upon us. This really was essentially Studio Wresting, NWO, meaning: we viewed and heard absolute fakery! Bands performed their music, but did not write their music (mostly). They're lying. This was why musicians always argued about song rights/royalties, which they were hardly paid. Because they hardly wrote a thing~
       Bands must submit to their masters' wishes of what goes on record album covers and what lyrics were written for them. Actors, politicians and musicians must comply, their lives and family's lives could be at stake if they did not. Celebrities, sports 'stars' and famous faces are truly high-paid SLAVES. They may be extremely rich and wear many solid-gold chains around their necks. But the chains remain Chains of Bondage to a system of slavery. [Prince was right].
       When the Beatles were forced to change EVERYTHING INTO MAGICAL PSYCHEDELIA (that we believed was art: colorful expression to amazing, new levels) with wizard costumes, wands and out of this world sounds casted by magic spells of Sir George Martin's brilliant studio work...We were amazed. It was fantastic music that influenced the mind, especially if fans listened on LSD or mescaline. Question: What was the Stones' reply to the Beatles' 'Sgt. Peppers' album? What was the title to the most bizarre album (blues boys) the Rolling Stones had no choice in making? They were forced to give the world 'Her Satanic Majesty's Request.' Stones' songs were also entitled: 'Paint it Black' and 'Sympathy for the Devil.' Sympathy for Satan? Maybe we need to stop honoring the Beast? Poor Devil. It's a tough job grinding people up; maybe you should take it easy and find another way like having them kill each other off? Success in the 21st Century.
 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 22851873_10208802142605655_9185769549865697174_n
 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 23031379_10208802143565679_1460588060416281606_n
 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 22885936_10208802143845686_4114712798338822636_n
You think the Stones wanted to mimic the Beatles? They had to! Does '2,000 Light-Years from Home' sound like your typical Stones song? They were based in blues. Brian Jones ritually sacrificed? They were also compelled to place SATURN on the cover. There was no choice in the matter, exactly as hundreds of other musicians and bands that must make deals with devils in order to get record contracts. Everyone is marginally talented; they can turn anyone into a 'star.' If a musician does not bend to their will, they'll find another who can. Above are some Stones covers. Who can forget 'Goat's Head Soup'? No. Nothing's going on behind the scenes of aristocrats and British Royalty, not shown in the Public Eye. Nope. Nothing at all. Look up Jimmy Saville and tell me that...
       Do you know of Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page's connection to the occult, Crowley and devil-worship?

       One of the biggest mysteries that surrounds Star Trek is the enigmatic meaning of the letters and numbers ALWAYS SEEN on the saucer section of Captain Kirk's Enterprise: NCC-1701. What could it possibly mean? The unknown answer has certainly been debated and bantered about over and over among fans to no cohesive clarity. This is the decoded answer: 

 WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 22885923_10208802486134243_1129315260302463946_n
       These are letters applied to a numerology of Nine: "J" begins the count over again at 1. Therefore, "n" is associated with 5. Add up: NCC-1701 or 5 + 3 + 3 = 11.   1 + 7 + 0 + 1 = 9.

Now switch the sums, left is right, right is left, just like in a Looking Glass mirror or how the Rothschilds printed invitations to sadist parties of the Rich and Famous, backwards, like secret Beatles messages in lyrics they admitted were placed there. NINE ELEVEN, INSTEAD OF ELEVEN NINE.

       For those few of you that know and the many, many of you that'll never believe...Star Trek's NCC-1701, always present on the saucer section of the Enterprise, foretold of September 11, 2001. Only for insiders to know and for us to argue about. It was right there all the time, in Plain Sight, long before the tragic event. Not a coincidence. Placed there by Roddenberry's Grand Masters [9] who were in on the disaster that happened and programmed to occur on 9/11/2001. Don't believe it? Do you believe it's a coincidence that the Emergency phone number also just happens to be 9-1-1? It's connected, seeded, into our subconscious, to trigger what's been imbedded into all of us: to cause PANIC that Tuesday morning at the events in New York City. The stage was set for false future wars in the Middle-East. Exactly what was planned by Britain who put the whole thing in motion decades ago, right out of '1984,' along with most "terror" attacks and bombings. There's a Phantom Menace all right. It's the Monster that collects our taxes while it murders us. 

       Would it be any more believable if you discovered Stanley Kubrick's '2001: a Space Odyssey' also purposely seeded us with the Twin Tower attack of 9/11? For his faking the Moon landing (couldn't chance failure with world watching), he was given a blank check. They gave him everything (even lunar cameras no other filmmaker possessed, which was why his later films were magnificent in scope and visual detail). There was only one thing his Overlords, the real Directors, would not give him: the title. IT HAD TO BE "2001." Kubrick wanted 'Journey Beyond the Stars.' What about 1999 or 2000 or 2002? No, sir. It HAD to be "2001" because rulers of the world have everything planned decades in advance. [Did you know Time Machines are real?] '2001- A Space Odyssey' connects with Trek and the coded 9/11 on the saucer section of Enterprise. Everything meets at the top of the capstone where it is very dark and deadly.
       Examine YouTubes on related subjects, such as Mark Devlin interviews and his take on Gene Roddenberry. I was aware atheist, humanist, Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek were connected with NASA (figures, a carnival of deception). The so-called "creator" of the franchise was also a high-ranked mason and possibly a ritualistic pagan. I was unaware that he was connected to a secret order called "The Council of Nine" until recently. Also connected were 'Archons,' Crowley, Saturn and the 'Fellowship of the Nine' in the 'Lord of the Rings.' Look up 'Council of Nine' and its dark teachings for humanity that have been seeded in Stanley Kubrick films, Ridley Scott films, Spielberg films, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.   

       You'll also discover connections to John Newland, the host of TV's 'One Step Beyond,' who has a number of Star Trek credits. The whole group (9) experimented with psychoactive drugs from Central America and also telepathy and much more in the 1960s. Also connected to British Intelligence MI5, MI6, Tavistock and Stanford Research. You can see a YT of Newland in Central America ingesting one of these plants and reported the strange, hallucinogenic effects to Dr. Andrija Puharich. Look up Puharich and his connections to Uri Geller. Also examine Jim Parsons (JPL really stands for Jim Parsons Lab) Crowley, Hitler, Churchill, L. Ron Hubbard and the Nazis. All connected.
       Why did Mr. Spock have to look like the Devil? He didn't have to. An alien on a Federation starship bridge could have been portrayed and indicated with a hundred various appearances. But the Vulcan, the brilliant First Officer had to look that way. Truth COULD have been Gene fought against the Devil-look, but had to relent and we're all left with the lie he fought like heck to keep him alien and part of the crew. Who knows?
       My favorite old ST shows (some written by famous SF novelists) involved super-beings and levels of intelligence far beyond what we understood (like Organians or Metrons, as if we were only "amoebas"). In Next Generation, there was none of that. It was a corporation who wrote the scripts, even while Roddenberry was alive, and super-beings were gone: reduced down to a single god prankster called Q. It was a shame. But there were some great STNG stories.
       When we put 'alien' in Google and hit Images, what do you think we view? We see the most terrible, frightful, hideous images, variations of Ridley Scott's alien...and not too many sweet, kind, positive pictures like ET or loving spirits and anything good. Maybe the real universe is far better and much brighter and gentler than the absolute horror that is constantly force-fed to us in almost every wicked film and television show today by devils? See, realize, study their Agenda and don't buy it. 
       Did you know the Borg really symbolized the evil TV and Film Industry? To see who succumbed to its temptations, great rewards and horrible, horrible pitfalls. FAME and FORTUNE may assimilate the celebrities who literally sell their soul to the Devil [so said Katy Perry and Bob Dylan]. I used to like Captain Picard (he became Borg), now I cannot bare to see him stand there (Sir Patrick Stewart) on the bridge in red and black, colors of the Devil and the Nazis, with his bald head that really represented Anton LeVay, Satanist. What was this man and Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Ben Kingsley like in real life? Possibly nothing like the valiant, trustworthy, righteous heroes they've played onscreen. Why have Royalty honored them? Maybe not for good reasons?
       The following image is from old European flags and royal emblems, many of which have been removed in modern times. Clues are here in a medieval and EVIL symbol of the dualities or oppositions mentioned: the 2-headed eagle, falcon, dragon, bird or beast. Here are the two arms of the same entity, same body and same thing: Like Coke and Pepsi, DC and Marvel, America and Russia, abortionists and anti-abortionists, those who want to tear down Confederate statues and those who want them to remain. Doesn't matter the issue. If it's been promoted on news, in the papers, TV and in films, it is Hegelian Dialectics, a very old game: THEY control both sides of opposition, the point and counter-point, as you will learn in time if you studied WHY Star Trek & Star Wars were Created~ also Why the Beatles & Stones were Created~ by TS Caladan 22852097_10208802144485702_6733873633580884824_n
The image is interesting because it also showed the 'holy' "Cross and Crown" symbol, a royal symbol of the union of Church and State. Many representations on British statues and art depicted the togetherness and solidarity of what was supposed to be another opposition. In the modern era Church and State must be separated. But that was a lie, no such thing. They have a habit of lying. This is the secret truth prevalent today and they'll press it into tomorrow as well: Church and State will always be united and you are a fool to think otherwise. Why was it always worded "Church and State" and never the reverse? Maybe because the Royal Occult Priesthood and Priests were always over the King, like cards in a deck, Ace was always over the King. Jordan Maxwell [he's one of them, I later discovered] told me over dinner once: "Behind every King is a Priesthood."  
       Pontius Pilate (State) washed his hands of Christ's crucifixion. The death sentence was decreed by the Priesthood (Church's Sanhedrin). 
       The old two-headed bird image on flags and emblems, which applied to many things today, actually means a secret THIRD PARTY ruled the other two points of opposition, no matter what they were. They are the covert "NFL" League Officials that operated from shadows I wrote about earlier, and we run around and followed their war-games and entertainment that was in reality: political propaganda and mind-control. They're not looking out for your interests; they're looking out for theirs.
       Read my old article entitled: "The Sith Have Taken Over the U.S." Google it, if you want to know what 'Return of the Jedi' was really about. 
       About Yoda? Why did he speak backwards? Oh, you thought that was cute, did you? You won't believe the truth. Here it is: It has to do with Evil, the backwards-speak of Beatles hidden lyrics, the reverse image of Alice and the Mirror, reverse Illuminati-party invitations and wrong behaviors. Fans of Star Wars, did you have any idea that a dark green DEMON spoke to you up there on the screen, all this time? You can read about that (Jordan also told me) "Yoda" is an ancient name of a Freemasonic demon, which bears a resemblance to Yoda of the movies:

  • bibliotecapleyades.net, chapter 6: Lest the Magician Die! shows a page purportedly from 33rd Degree Freemason, Manly P. Hall's book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalist and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy, a squat, bi-pedal demon with large ears named Mephistopheles, who is also known as "Yoda." Post Script: The masonic implication of Yoda could be found in the Septuagint. The sons of Joda (Ioda; Yoda) were masons who participated in the building of the second temple.

      About the Force? Why was it called the Force? It was a mistake if you think about it, but not a mistake if this was "programming" and "agenda" all along? FORCE is not a neutral word between light and dark, positive and negative: to force something. It means to push your will onto another, unnaturally. The word is a mean, violent term and should never have been used in Star Wars. Every Jedi knows to go with the flow and never against it. It should have been called ENERGY. "May the Energy be with you." That only sounds weird because we're not used to it.
       For a few decades I was convinced that real technology, secret technology or hidden events from us like the Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk, Time-Travel, Star-Gates and various real EBE aliens found and hid by governments were placed inside science fiction stories. I am only more convinced of that idea today after YouTube has simplified and enhanced research. A lot of marvelous work is available along with the crazy stuff. Maybe aliens and planetary situations given to us in sci-fi were somewhat real? Maybe in-house writers have no imaginations and have relied on fantastic REALITY (on the federal level, what they've discovered in space) and that is what largely composed the entertainment we view? I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case.
       I wrote a two-volume set of short stories called 'Science-Faction,' available on Amazon, which dealt with real world controversies couched inside sci-fi. My writing style.
       Lot of Lizard races in popular televised sci-fi and movies, huh? Have you noticed? Heard of any Lizard species actually out there in the real world, like the ones that were at Montauk or who sit under the United Nations? You haven't heard of real ones that believe they own the Earth and us? No? Did Bill Shatner have to fight a real Gorn to get the part of Captain Kirk? That was a joke, but who knows? Why does the black hair of the Lizard race of Cardassians on ST look exactly like the real hair of Robert Kardashian, who defended O.J., father of you know who? That coincidence I believe~
       I know the word for 'church' in Celtic and a few other languages is KIRK and Captain PIKE's name came from the 19th Century freemason, Albert Pike.
       To me, the greatest acting-moment in the original Trek series was in 'The Naked Time' and Nimoy gave such an emotional rant as his emotions flooded to the surface. How many times I have watched it and marveled at the performance? Only recently with YT aid, did I realize of all the numbers he repeated three times, guess which number he repeated three times through his tears? Six. You can look up the hidden meanings of the Vulcan hand-sign and many other things, like the Council of Nine, Archons, Jimmy Saville and the significance of Saturn.
       The poster for the last [evil, started in England, Merlin, etc.] 'Transformers' movie stated clearly and proudly: Rethink Your Heroes. They are telling you they've changed everything, made Superman your enemy; he's fighting with Batman. Batman is mowing down people with machineguns. 'Deadpool' is senseless killings over and over again with no story whose only purpose is to condition us toward accepting violence. We have to be outraged, not allow the madness forced upon us. Rethink your heroes? In this upside-down world, maybe we should rethink our lords and masters and ones in charge and rethink the people who make movies?
       In a few months, 'Last Jedi' will probably be incredibly amazing; I'll sure see it on the big screen, unlike 'Force Awakens,' which received such bad reviews. This time, with SW8, they'll recreate 'The Empire Strikes Back' and it will be unbelievably good (my prediction). But the concept boggles the mind of people who have followed SW from the beginning (same with Trek): What were you thinking? The Last Jedi? Thought the Jedi won and should have been in full reign sort of like how Germany was defeated in WW1. They're back? What were the new Sith or First Order of Kylo/Snoke doing in power again? Killing off the Jedi seems like the very same insanity as pure goodness has to be half evil, God has to be half-Devil, let's make Superman evil. What of the madness of anti-life, android David in 'Covenant' and big, bald gods killing his children in 'Prometheus'? There was even a Kermit evil twin in the last Muppet movie. Everything sure seems wrong and backwards and connected. I do have to say: It is a brilliant, colorful, wild show, as false as everything is.
       To answer the question in the article's title: Why were Trek, Star Wars, Beatles, Stones, James Bond, Hendrix, Doors, Michael Jackson, Bowie, Prince, Ga-Ga, Coldplay, Avatar, Terminator, Transformers, Game of Thrones and many more little empires created under the larger British Empire or Pyramid? The answer is what David Crosby said in a radio interview once when the host pressed him with the question, "What's the Music Industry really about, it's true purpose?"
       Singer, songwriter answered, "So we could weave our (black) magic spells."

Paul's dead.
They went to the Moon, but we're not going to see it.
They murder a lot of celebrities.
There's no Isis.
Sports are fixed.

Don't drink tap water or bottled water. Boil your water to eliminate fluoride, keep it in frig, cook with it and give it to your pets. VERY IMPORTANT.

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