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Help I've Fallen

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1Help I've Fallen Empty Help I've Fallen Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:37 pm


Help Me I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up

Of course the heading is no self actualizing statement, but rather a critical observance of the less fortunate, though the term be relative.

Good riddance October 2017; may your branding iron forged beyond the gates of Hell cauterize the wound while the stench of burning flesh lingers.
They would have you believe what?
Perhaps if the masses weren’t so desensitized from modern media, making all but a blip on the graph, one may begin to see beyond the detour signs. Give them a paradigm quick for they smell a rat! But the show must go on…
We tender few get a glimpse beyond misty vale, yet are saddened at the depth of injury. What madness gives so freely, sacrifices so readily for unprincipled unraveling. Shall judgment distill moral; is moral too mortal?
We are mortal in body, though our agreement may end here, because it gets complicated after this. Beyond this mortal body resides a some-body, which may be called a nobody but today the some-body lives. Perhaps the somantic knows the some-body, or the body’s sum.
If  I offered the average person say 10K for their liver, there would be no takers, while in truth many will pay willingly to give away their mind. While such exercises in futility are said to be an experience, all is nothing but. However, why then sell ourselves short, why not raise the bar beyond the corporate chalk line. I realize that to walk our own line means when were done said line could resemble a 2yr olds etch a sketch, but straight does sound a bit boring.
I’m rambling I know but think etch a sketch for a minute; If I were not mortal would I still be a somebody? Is my somebody related to my ego? Perhaps I’m a nobody until I make my first million. I could have been somebody; I could have been a contender! Marlon Brando.
In truth if your reading these words, you are a contender, which means being a somebody has little to do with the bodies sum in a material sense. But oh can some bodies be the sum of their parts, while being privy to other higher and heavenly bodies.
We know the mind as well as bodies in general are multi tiered as like anything in the cosmos, but we also know that consciousness within this time matrix has a plateau seemingly beyond human insight. To most the layers of consciousness beyond their own is blurred and mysterious, even intimidating. Though it is through the experience of relationships that one builds mental bridges to escape the confines of the lower mind.
Even at a level considered imperceptible, there too exists a mystery of source. Beyond even the level of pure plasma at the highest known density an influence exists though not fully realized, though there is no word for such, just a knowing, for great is the influence unrecognized. Here, there, on the street, the 3D gutter, there resides an influence unrecognized. As if to bypass the layers; to heal from the ground up, getting its hands dirty, now, today, at this time!
I have never been a religious man, and the word holy falls short, but if the source be with you there shall be no shortage of aid and no shortage of evil. The greater the evil, the greater the compensation, and though they may try to rationalize and marginalize, it’s but a psychological defense mechanism to hide what they don’t understand. Nor can it be understood as anything within the womb of creation.
This, response, we can term multi faceted though unified, fails to be organized by any docket, while exploiting in an unexpected yet profound manner penny for pound. Premeditation is not withstanding, less it be beyond space-time. No navigation required for inspiration. The accidental tourist knows spontaneity is no cat chasing its tail, but the First Bank of Trust, which forms a convalescent bond. But being a somebody may be getting in the way.
Why one may ask would a source so far removed from it all seek the here and now, and can we please get a glimpse of that itinerary, or is this just another roll of the dice. For from where I sit the dice seem to be doing an awful lot of rolling these days…
Enough weird science, let us breach those forbidden thresholds, spill those magic beans.
There has been rumors of war, on a galactic scale coming this fall. This was an initiative being pushed by certain renegade factions to launch a major offensive. The scale however was far from galactic and became quite obvious. So instead of waiting, Galactic Cops have begun playing party pooper by raiding camps of known trouble makers.
The plan, it was believed, that while the guardians were being entertained by space savagery Earth’s atmosphere would fall victim to an Independence Day style invasion, to hold humanity hostage to bolster their demands. Since it was a lockdown they sought an alternative lockdown has been initiated and all craft coming and going as well as those sailing the high seas of our solar system will be policed without provocation.
All ships being hailed by Guardian Stinger interceptors shall heel for scanning of cargo holds. Ships which believe they can shoot their way out will find their efforts fruitless, putting their craft in crew in peril. The transportation of exotic weapons or weapons grade material, bio-synthetics and slave labor shall be prohibited. When the Guardians said they wanted peace during this transition, this wasn’t a suggestion.
Those who wish to disrupt Earth through alternate means need to take heed and understand the vulnerability of outlying bases. A well known MIC Corporation shall be on lockdown after their slave trade exploits had been discovered. For those unaware this US based company has been playing Ferryman for a while now, rounding up surface Humans for freighter transport to outlying mining colonies. This would include their own enterprises on Europa (Uropa) where several bases with internments camps have been located with more in the construction phase. For this reason amongst others interplanetary privileges have been revoked.
Chem-trail operations within the continental US will be seeing a drastic reduction and should slow to a crawl by the 1st of January 018 due to severe losses in operations. They will do what they can to stay productive, but doing things manually will not bring back the glory days. Batch plants, labs and production facilities have all been targeted. This operation is widespread including most States to one degree or another. There are large processing plants which distribute various ingredients to batch plants which feed mixing labs below the surface. From these locations the slurry is pumped to the air bases via utility tunnels. Lift stations are occasionally installed where required by elevation. The bases all have reservoirs where the slurry gets pumped into the tanks mounted within the planes.
I encourage all employed by such operations to seek a new line of work, less you be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. But don’t despair, for I do believe said mining colonies will be in the market for workers very soon. In truth the results are not worth the effort because the shift within the energetic fabric won’t wait on the salting of the planet, nor for those salted brain yahoos to get a clue. Though the writing is on the wall there are still those who believe it to be business as usual, they actually believe themselves untouchable, yet the more one has, the easier the target, and trust me when I say Crypto currencies won’t hide your wealth from Shadow workers hell bent on your downfall, try under the mattress ;)
Rain! As much as we hate to see our cars floating down main street does help alleviate the toxic abuse, and for those who don’t remember what this is I would like to remind you that it is a natural event and having one or two showers a week is normal, opposed to one or two a year. But as we know getting the hydraulic cycle back in sync will take time because of all the scallywags who have forgotten that the weather was just fine until they showed up. Their Harps and Nex-Rad operations have taken such a beating that I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t already thrown in the towel. But I must admit the cloaking of some of these facilities was a good ploy while it lasted, especially in Northern California, they were dug in like tics on a hound!
Labs and underground compounds on the west coast, western desert and martial Islands recently hit were in response to the fires, the Vegas event and the Typhoon unleashed against Japan. We realize they may not have been involved, but hey, what comes around goes around. But I must say that Martial Island thing was some real James Bond shit; who hides crap under a lake including a Harp?
Another thing worthy of mention; certain Air Bases (US) have been operating active drug labs beneath the surface. I believe were talking Heroin but this may just be the mainstay. Some-body should tell the FDA that big Pharma has some serious competition issues, please notify the authorities immediately before sales start to fall;
what do you mean they  are the authorities?
Some of these seemingly municipal bases are for small aircraft and would appear to be for private aircraft, but this guise is just to keep up appearances. But hey, we need not concern ourselves with street drugs, just say No, right.
Oh Israel, great Sheppard’s of the East what revelation have yee? Have yee been pious praying Hebrews? Have yee wailed at yonder wall, increased your brother and kept his land free of evil? Mock yee the land of ancient Gods?  Hear yee, a great trumpet coming from the capitol; how strong were the walls of Jericho?
North Korea is no longer a threat, and anyone with any intelligence at all knows this, so why the charade. Let these people be already, the motivation for harassment has been removed. But we must not forget what drives countries to Nuclear programs. Perhaps our foreign policies need to be nuked.
The recent scuttlebutt about the corruption within the Patent Agency should be of no surprise. They want to keep us in the dark ages because its profitable. The energy monopolies play dirty, but don’t think for one minute that alternative infrastructures of cheap unlimited energy are not being enjoyed in secret. It would be safe to say that regulatory agencies in general are doing an incredible disservice to the public and therefore no longer serve public interest, but rather, special interest. These Agencies as we know are funded like all other bureaucratic departments, but the crooks who run these agencies obviously get back door dirty money from the corporations they protect. Exposing them is one way, and cutting funds another, but to keep the pressure going we need to keep these scum bags out and make a supreme example not only of the targets but their sources.
The war “we the people” are engaged in needs to be stepped up a notch along the front lines. This grass roots effort cannot be sustained without elbow grease. The level of filth running the system behind the scenes won’t be dislodged by a handful of revolutionaries; it’s just to dam widespread. If things keep going their way we will all be working in mining camps in 20yrs.
I’m not going to discuss finances much, simply because there’s much I don’t know. However, I do realize that November traditionally is when this subject becomes hypersensitive. At the Federal level this has always been the case, since any changes required can be initiated for the new year, and markets often are effected by such changes.
We must keep in mind amidst the onslaught of doom and gloom that the markets are dealing on an international level which are interwoven and diversified to a point which creates resilience to some degree. Inflation, income erosion and psychological fanfare are a given, but also create a spend thrift bottleneck.
Trade imbalance due to currency snafu’s also mean paying a premium for imports, and just about everything these days is imported. Believe or not many of what are considered American companies no longer use American workers and import their products back here without hiccup because they have an office here. Do we see the discount for sweat shop labor rates? Do you think such companies care if their competitors can’t unload cargo due to in-securities?
Lets be frank, the dollar wars affect labor rates and buying power, but can also serve as a tool to weaken and control the masses, which may be one reason for lack of motivation at the top to resolve the currency issue. We have seen many a country strangled by currency manipulation over the years which created chaos in the streets, pitting factions against factions.
I know many are under the assumption that Bitcoin and the like is the magic bullet. Perhaps it’s just me, but it sure seems to be the same digital direction the money changers wanted things to go, and making it seem like the savior of the people does resemble a psy-op think tank brain trust. I can’t say if it’s all a grand pyramid scheme but in its current shape it does kinda take on this impression. Just be careful out there, greed does have a nasty habit of over-riding natural instinct.
Val 11/5/17

2Help I've Fallen Empty Re: Help I've Fallen Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:42 pm


Excellent post Val!

Help I've Fallen 806213676


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