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Holistic Alternative
Health Care
by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff




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The Truth is Shocking, People Must Know the Truth

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The Truth is Shocking, People Must Know the Truth MMuUo2Oe

The Truth is Shocking, People Must Know the Truth

 omnipulse    November 10, 2017 

The truth is what this is about. Explaining what I attempt to is not going to be enough to prepare people for what is seen, although it may make a difference.
People must find the way to access their subconscious, often through dreams or persistent focus, research and experience, and achieving harmony with desires in order to reach higher self-awareness in which one gains access to memory and unfiltered perception.
This kind of spiritual experience is what is written about, when people are suddenly born again as if they are seeing and feeling things for the first time and they are unable to go back to the way they were before as if they have actually ‘arrived’ through some kind of biological mechanism that enables greater spiritual awareness.
The truth is both what causes fear and what causes joy and appreciation. The people have been hidden from the aspects of groups that can protect and ensure a safe future to learn and development self-awareness and the truth has been hidden from the population throughout this age.
It’s so strange, but it’s how things have developed here. Immortality technology is the least of it. Quantum computing and electrogravitic distortion are the stepping stones. What happens when there are enough ‘immortals’ that have been here for a long enough time? What do you think they’re going to do? Sit around and watch TV? What happens when enough quantum computing power is used to generate world simulations that can take networks and predict the outcome based on certain stimulus? It’s already happened, it’s all already happened. Everything has already been done. The very coming to the ‘truth’ must be done in a way that protects the mind and ensures a thorough activation of the individual which could possibly be put in another way by describing it as a ‘test’ of sorts.
That are multiple layers of interaction taking place over one another until we get a kind of multi-dimensional universal arena that is all being organized through a combination of control from the physical layer and those who are operating outside of Earth’s realm. There are literally secret factions that operate outside of the physical dimension and introduce changes that influence the electromagnetic energy of Earth as a whole and bring about events. This is a kind of resonance where the information is put into a series of electromagnetic vibrations, ‘sounds’, or a language that will interact with the collective mind. Think, a system could be designed that could interact and communicate to an individual’s collective mind, yes? Yes, of course, the subconscious mind could be communicated with just as the conscious mind can. The subconscious mind uses a form of symbolism that supersedes words and so this is what would be used to communicate with the collective mind.
That situation has progressed so far that nearly everything that happens here is programmed in through this system. That then develops to the point where this civilization becomes time locked with itself in various points of history. It’s if the universe becomes like an accordion and these points of interaction fold back and touch each other in hyperspace or the space that space is within. One would assume these points are not locked without the events and technology that created these interactive events however this then becomes a part of the hyperspace-scape of that area. This means that each civilization has a connection point to other civilization at a certain level of progression and these are like ‘check-points’ that lock in the information of that part of space. What ever’s there is incorporated into a system that connects to all other points in space-time for the local system. Thus, it’s as if the universe is like a bendy-tube and is meant to ‘bend’ or fold back and collectively touch itself as if the multiple layers of civilization and time are to somehow form some kind of extra-dimensionally dense super-civilization. Then it is theorized that this must be the event that some civilization caused initially that was powerful enough to literally bend space and time in increments that are reflective of it’s own time-scape and that we are experiencing these like ripples in our own history that lead up to big changes that ultimately reflect that increments of change of the civilization that started it.
Then it’s difficult to theorize whether this was something in front of us or behind us in time. It would be make sense that it was in front because we don’t see much technology yet capable of altering everything like that. Yet, if it was the past then this would give rise to the idea that either it was us from another time period or there were other civilizations on Earth that are more than capable of access power levels that are far beyond anything we have seen in the past 40 years.
Every single discovery, technology, event, all of it, it all progressed so far beyond what we consider relative to this society and this realm that literally all of it, all of the truth is foreign to conscious people here. So people are supposed to start seeing the truth in their dreams. It’s the easiest way to access the subconscious mind and that is where we can find the capacity to know all of this and to heal from the damages of the toxicities here. The whole situation that we’re a part of here is not what the conscious mind thinks, it is beyond the perceptual mind that is rooted in the physical senses and what we perceive as memory.
Something I can say that connects with the previous paragraph and again pushes the perceptual limit for reality, is that this society is in many ways like a show. Everything that happens on TV is part of a show and everyone one sees is actors. The events that take place, even the one’s that seem so current and entangled with the trends and heat of the current movements, was planned years ago. This extends, not to the degree where everything is really really set up, but to the point where what we perceive as space and time is literally a kind of projection system that is designed through the human brain and only present and accessible through a human brain. One can actually access this space without such, but then that is not this space they are accessing, in terms of what people see and feel as ‘space’.
It’s usually backwards from the way it is perceived.The easy way to look at this and maybe something to conclude this with is that what we see as the causal reference point is actually the projection and what we’re using to see that point is the source. For instance. We might see and feel this space and know events that take place. We might think they take place because they are happening here, now, and they are being thought about because they happened or because a preference in the thinker. Only that last part is halfway correct. The events happen and the space is here because they’re being observed, felt, or perceived. That is the literal causal event that enables one to move through this reality, when we come to awareness of what is happening here. The fact that they are being thought about is the preference which brought them in to experience in the first place. We think it’s a reaction, but it’s a cause. This doesn’t make sense to the conscious mind and it’s technically non-linear or even recursive, the effect seemingly moves backwards to influence the cause as if it’s operating under another mechanism or physical law. This is how a mirrored reflection works.
What we’re seeing through the body is a reflection that is being projected from a higher space which is where the mind actually is. Because the mind focuses in a way that perspective leads to the coloring of experience in a certain way, that linear progression of events is brought into activation. All others are simultaneously occurring and it’s the lack of awareness of those possibilities that is presented to the consciousness here which is meaningfully associated with the visceral experience of those events here. The brain, here, is a reflection of the mind through the system that creates that linear projection and polarity. The mind, without attachment, exists in another plane entirely and follows along the storyline here while moving on a path in an entirely different reality altogether. The two paths coincide as everything that happens here is like a coincidence or a synchronicity with everything the mind is truly thinking there. That is why this is shown through sometimes because it has to be, if there was 0% of that happening here then the whole system would be a complete program without any creativity or possibility of figuring it out.
I know this may not have made sense, but in short, the entire system here is a show, a kind of production that is brought about by multiple different aspects of the universe. Some could call it a kind of dysfunction because a lot of stuff is happening simply because no one knows how to handle the situation.
Some are taking DNA and cloning, some are ensuring the wars are the most profitable, others are living in projected environments and learning there, others have literally become transhumanistic and operate through an interdimensional immortality system. Everything comes together and is part of the saga of humanity and why things are the way they are, and what exactly happened. Some events were located around a kind of temporal ‘event’ and so their ‘event’ is literally always shifting between possible events in a kind of nexus of what has happened, could happen and is happening now. These are what have been kept out of sight of the population, along with all the other technology and the operations because people literally couldn’t handle it right now and would literally turn themselves inside out if they were exposed.
Hopefully some of this is giving some inspiration to think about what is really possible and what is being kept out of sight for now.
Some even want to expose all of those potentially mentally and even genetically dangerous aspects because people aren’t prepared. People must be prepared either way and they do not know how their mind works and that the brain is actually a kind of wet-crystal that can be used to create a projection system which results in a universe being generated. This is known because that same system can be holographically generated and made to function as a virtual universe. It works and as a result of that virtual mind a virtual universe is generated however that then creates more folds and overlays such as this being explained through another time ‘fold’ in that accordion, and that event simply becomes the time that was long scheduled as a contact point between two civilizations that were both working on the same project simultaneously, from two interdimensional projections outside of their own until they both finish and activate the project and realize it’s a gateway to one another.
Synchronicity, ancient history, advanced technology, it’s all relative and it’s like multiple groups of seemingly different origins all coming together in the middle through what seems like a coincidence but is a carefully timed and ruthlessly impossible to believe orchestration. For instance, we could see it as being perfectly timed, and then it would be discovered that the various methods used to access that space created reflections that appeared to us as another team of a similar group. Then after moving through a check process we initiate contact and realize it isn’t a reflection but some kind of mirror-image version of ourselves that exist in some kind of similar other universe that is bridged partly by the technology that is being used to generate the projected space through a human brain. The very nature of a reflection at the point is tested by the complexity of the universe and the continuity of life. Life is so continuous it is a problem, as there is a seemingly never-ending stream of dimensions and parallels where everything tends to happen eventually.
All of this has happened in one way before, however these explanations are probably not the best and could be given with some background. This is just something to think about regarding the great difficulty in unveiling the truth, the relativity to the nature of the human soul, the holographic nature of consciousness, the ancient civilizations, the time war, the advancement of technology, the interaction with parallels, and other events and notions about reality and consciousness.

Thanks to Aug at: https://augtellez.wordpress.com


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