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Crow For Thanksgiving

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1Crow For Thanksgiving Empty Crow For Thanksgiving Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:19 pm



There is beauty in the world, though often subtle, fade it will in the shadow of glamour.

Even spiders that make the skin crawl can at times spin a web of beauty, until it ensnares the unsuspecting prey. There are many forms of webs and many forms of prey but all have one thing in common, in that, the unsuspecting victim is at a loss.

They say there is a thin line between genius and insanity though we know love to be insane at times as well. In fact caring deeply about anything is a bit of a prison in its own right, but then not caring about anything beyond a superficial level may just be another form of being institutionalized.

When we hear the word passion it’s often attributed to life’s essence in its myriad of form, however it rears its head as a passion of dread which seeks for life the dead.

Perhaps psychosis comes to all who tarry; today’s sanity, the morrows profanity. Our spoils never compensate, there’s no pride, no victory dance and no parades in the shadows. What is lost on a deeper level I often wonder, aside from the innocence; that floral essence wafting from the heel when daisies come under foot. Why must love sway so completely, and why is it so heavy a burden?

Can it be that passion in loves absence surrenders its quality or would this be presumptuous and judgmental? If love owes nothing to passion then its physical and chemical components be little more than procreative reactions, leaving love at the altar of mysticism amidst romantic innuendo.

Compassion is a form of passion though highly selective, for there will always be those who will walk by the homeless for concern of a dog. But who’s to say which is more deserving. Our loyalties may be subjective; material, light, dark or all and more, and all would be considered free will choices under most circumstances. But more than often elements of persuasion nudge free will by way of emotional stimuli and peer pressure. I think a good example of this would be the ongoing campaign to alter the 2nd amendment. Such whittling over time could make martial law a logical response to any form of protest. But of course well financed protestors don’t seem to be any worse for wear, giving protests a new form of political sabotage via special interest, though they be far from interesting. In fact it’s a bit sad when the Lithium Lancelot’s need to be motivated from couch to cash by a shadow group who wouldn’t think twice about tossing their corpses into the nearest pit when certain goals are achieved.

Why the free-for-all for sentiment, the mocking propaganda, the fevers pitch in improprieties, armed and aimed at hearts and minds of the wearisome, the once unsuspecting populace who never seem to have a shortage of ooh’s and aah’s. Surely the emotive barometer is reaching a critical low, forcing the drama queens to raise the bar. The contemporary bang for the buck requires far more bucks for far less bang, which may be good in a faltering economy. The MSM; the sitcoms which now compete with Hollywood for ratings and market share have gang-banged the masses.  The raping and pillaging of peace has become an institution, your opinions are not required, your votes subject to wranglers, those swayers of sentiment. Arbitrary justification via a marketing campaign gives the impression that democracy is alive and well while a game of sleuth slithers beneath the monopoly board.

Though the game of persuasion reached record levels this year the pillars supporting such platforms were also being shattered at record levels. Which does hint at a new opposing crop of sleuths eager to join the fray with a ferocity that seems to be giving the old guard a run for their money, or perhaps causing some to take the money and run. This new crop of computer savvy youngsters is in the least encouraging and what they lack in information is made up by raw enthusiasm. Let’s just hope the trend continues, for it does divert some of the attention from those same old sources which are all too familiar with the hot seat.

Censorship, back door meddling and dark web mischief is still rampant, but don’t think for one moment that such shenanigans have gone on without hiccup. Due diligence shall continue to be the theme and countermeasures must remain consistent within the system of weights and measures.

On a personal note; I will be heading to greener pastures, if they exist. The mountains no longer offer the sense of serenity nor seclusion. The draconian brigade now surround the place and tensions are boiling over making it hard to remain civil. So I guess it’s time to see what’s left of the country, though I may be eating Crow this Thanksgiving and the future uncertain, the road shall be home for a while so communication will be spotty at best. “A little like a refugee!”

 I was always fond of the old show Highway to Heaven; corny, but fitting in a sense, perhaps I can add a few twists. But anyone familiar with gang-stalking knows I won’t get lonely and although I realize its meant to be intimidating and psychologically debilitating I have come to embrace it, finding new ways to keep things interesting. I wonder if the airmen will miss me? Though it’s been educational for both parties they may find things a bit boring, but this tit for tat harassment is getting old. No doubt they will be dropping in from time to pay their respects.
The fuel tanker wired to blow when I drove by was what they had hoped for yesterday and last week an off planet energy weapon made me uncomfortable for almost 2 days until it was discovered. This was not the first time for off planet mischief of this sort, they must have given up on the smaller devices at the local level after realizing they were a waste of time. They are also easy to trace which makes the operators death inevitable. Likewise for the craft mounted equipment! But all is fair game in love and war.

Those who have been injured from energy devices are probably up to speed on how to fortify a residence from attacks, but for those who are new, heres a few tips. If you have metal siding and roofing you’re ahead of the game, even older buildings with foil faced insulation and years of lead paint does wonders, if not use foil liberally around your sleeping quarters and some thermal blankets are foiled. Foil backed rigid insulation available at lumber yards also works well. If you don’t have a metal roof you can use a roll of that foil faced bubble wrap, which costs more but is handy in a pinch, you can even put this across your head-board with thumb-tacks. Windows are weak spots, aluminum foil taped in place will do fine, but you need not cover all the entire glazing, just an area high enough to cover your vitals and let the light in. Metal blinds also work well as a shield but their getting hard to find. In a pinch any old metal roofing or fencing will do, including chicken wire. Mirrors are great deflection tools as well, as are appliances and a table top microwaves are great when positioned well. Metal bathtubs with ceramic on walls makes a good fallout shelter when things get frisky but the auto is better. Moving around helps because they typically need thermal imaging (infrared) to locate your ass otherwise there shooting in the dark, which is why they prefer to nail ya while you sleep, which can happen two or three times a week if ones popular, or so I have found. But the big guns are lazer guided so it’s best to split if there being used. Hope you never need such, and this only helps for the run of the mill stuff, but these weapons are real popular right now because they make it look like you died in your sleep, no questions asked.

I have been hearing a lot of complaints lately of people experiencing frequency sickness. This affects everyone a little differently, but the common symptoms are lethargy, feeling out of it and an occasional numbing of the head. In the last couple of months there has been a lot of grid amplification, though not all from a common source. GWEN towers do get knocked out on occasion and this will also create some ups and downs. They also pulse the grids on a regular bases in hopes to get them under control, which is typically at night with small craft and drones. It’s also not uncommon to see aircraft, sometimes large aircraft with instrumentation taking readings along the grid lines. The good thing is that once a body has received frequency accretions they won’t expire, but may make one run around in circles for a bit and that will expire, thank goodness ;)

After a day of sparring with the Airmen or the ground units I become a literal live wire from running too much frequency. Which is great if your dieting but it takes a bit of effort to bring this level down, and although grounding helps, when you live on the grid it can amp the grid for many miles, which will bring the pulsing crews for several nights. Fault zones should also be a consideration for light workers.

 Over the last couple of weeks there have been many new developments within the Galactic Community, but I will only mention what pertains to Earth at this time.

The biggy came by chance when two Drak freighters were being inspected by two Galactic Police Stingers. These freighters are run by droids who won’t communicate with outside parties. When the cargo holds were scanned they were found to contain radioactive isotopes, which is not all that unusual for freighters, but the signature was a little off. While the Stingers scanned further they came under attack by a few Drak Destroyers, and as they (the Draks) were vaporized more came along but were cut down by an incoming Stinger. Now this sort of thing may not be so rare but due to the circumstances it was found to be an unusual response for two seemingly benign freighters with seemingly benign cargo, especially when all had been relatively calm for days since the Zeta got their asses whooped the week prior.
A closer look at the cargo of the freighters reveled large quantities of genetic material whose presence was masked by the radioactive material. This cargo was headed to the Lunar base, coming from the direction of earth so the material was analyzed and found to be of Bio-sythetic genetics. So why the rush to secret this stuff off planet, and why was it coming from Earth?

I can’t say what level our science is at regarding tracking the energetic signatures of genetics, but with Star Ships its quick and effortless. The origins were traced to the labs where large quantities of Bio-sythetics were being grown in four different countries which I will not mention. The labs were destroyed but some prototypes are probably still out there looking quite human, though I can only guess at what their capabilities are. I dare say that if this personal army had reached maturity the consequences would have been disastrous and I can say with great confidence that humanity is not ready to deal with this sort of challenge. The Policing will continue until we get such threats under control.

The Zeta franchise we have been battling here on Earth is extensive and their technologies exceed that of other invader races in some respects. The old Zeta race line has been here for many millennia and pretty much keep to themselves, not interfering much in Human affairs. Their populace is small and they are non aggressive and don’t eat meat, but they are eager to leave because of what’s occurring now with what they call the new generation.

The new generation of Zeta are aggressive control freaks who have been messing with humanity for the last century. They have regenerative distortions and require a healthy supply of glandular secretions (human hormones) to live, on a daily basis. Most of what we know of Nano-techs were gained from these beings who have been using it extensively. This advantage means that after a base is destroyed it has the ability to regenerate over time through nano lacing as displayed in the film Transcendence. Recent attacks on their AI mainframe in Antarctica was to remove this capability. Their new crop of Bio-synthetics also carried this regenerative ability, making it the perfect worker race, never needing to sleep or eat, requiring a monthly charge like a battery. Of course with a work force like this who needs humans. But this doesn’t even begin to cover their military advantages.

These Zeta do not hybridize in the traditional manner, they typically abduct children before they reach puberty to attenuate them, I believe this is due to the rigidity of the formed ego complex. Attenuation means inserting or injecting techs into a certain area of the brain (third eye) so they will serve a new master. Free will becomes non-existent, all thoughts are programmed from the mainframe via transmitters. Of course when we begin to understand the push for G-5 infrastructure and the new line of Bio-synthetics they were planning to roll out we begin to get the big picture.
Attenuation began as a pilot program in Germany before WWII. Those known as the SS were dancing to a different tune along with many of the Third Reich, though the older generals were kept in check the old fashioned way.
We know that America became targeted shortly their after, in fact many who seemed to have an organic passion to serve in a certain branch of the military (Air Force) it was often something less than an organic passion. Over time the implanted were to work their way into the upper echelons of control. Of course most of the enlisted have no clue. And of course there is more to the story when dealing with a number of intelligence agencies across the globe.
It has been assumed that by destroying the AI mainframe that such mischief could have been adverted and humans infected could return to a normal life, though the transition could mimic insanity in the interim. But those crafty Zeta had more than one mainframe and not all were on or in surface Earth. I know the logical question here is why did the Guardian races allow things to get so screwed up? But the answer is complicated.
One reason would be that our specie needs to learn the hard way in order to get the message. Also, a half century ago we were not ready to absorb this level of information, and if it was released it would have either caused mass panic or it would not have been accepted. And this is still the case to a lesser degree. We as a race line had some maturing to do, we needed to be capable of understanding what threats we faced intelligently and conceptually to aid in the process of eradicating the threat.

 We needed the help of those who incarnated here for the purpose of forming a conscious bridge to the higher nations for both educating and cementing benevolent alliances. However much of the incarnated star seeds were having great difficulty incarnating due to genetic distortions within the human genome (SIDS), many had to resort to become walk-ins to bypass this problem, but even here complications arise. Those that got in were under attack from the AMA from day one with even the earliest vaccination programs, and those who managed to survive this were often murdered by other means. The 144,000 often told as a fairy tale is no fairy tale, they are the angelics that defy all odds and are willing to sacrifice everything to see that humanity returns to its angelic roots. Out of these 144,000 at least 10% will have what can only be described as God like abilities. I’m not going to discuss what this means simply because its not possible to define such within the framework of our language, but I will say that it’s a game changer for those who are slaves of the status quo.

On the lighter side I had the pleasure of meeting some visitors from the other side of the Galaxy, for there are many now who have joined the coalitions effort ongoing in our little neck of the forest. Some of these crafts are floating cities. But on this occasion I thought it was more of an R&R thing for the captain I was traveling with. But came to realize that I was the one they were hoping would blow off some steam; the old fashion way, if you know what I mean. I don’t know if anyone remembers this old movie from the sixties about space ships coming to earth full of beautiful women who only have one thing on their mind? Anyway, it was something like that, but only these females were bald with huge glorious eyes. The planet there from is over-run with females, with only about a 5% male population, which made me think of cattle for some reason.
 Now to be honest I don’t know how this stuff works with beings all over the frequency spectrum, nor the social customs of female tribes from distant star systems or what if any stigmas exist regarding sex, or energetic foreplay, transfer or however one could begin to describe what I’m really trying hard to describe, but I will say that drinking strange vapor drinks that were intended to help one relax didn’t help when I was soaking in a strange liquid in a small pod that resembled a large Tulip with a bald headed female from another star system who intended to merge with me. I told her I was married which I believe meant something different where she came from. She was warm, cuddly and affectionate but I kinda chickened out before anything could get going. She even searched my brain for my favorite playboy bunny from years past and had me seeing this instead of her, which almost clenched the deal.

This experience taught me how humans are perceived as sex crazed lunatics, and for race lines off planet I can see that our media has a lot to do with this. No doubt Hollywood does follow this trend but I do believe there are still many who see this union as sacred and not to be taken lightly. Becoming intimate with another should be a great deal more than just sex, though I understand how we have strayed to become intimately bankrupt. Much of this comes from social dysfunctions but even more comes from energetic corruptions in lower chakra’s which have reached epidemic proportions, and this is no accident. Our lower chakras are what they aim for to motivate us through frequency manipulations. Unfortunately a title wave of sex crazed humans becomes a challenging side effect, and can be every bit as addictive as narcotics.

Have a great weekend!
Val  11/19/17

2Crow For Thanksgiving Empty Re: Crow For Thanksgiving Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:36 am


Thanks Val!



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