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The Law of One: Catalysts and the Mundane

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The Law of One: Catalysts and the Mundane
Posted by AbZu
The Law of One: Catalysts and the Mundane Space-eyes
by [url=http://www.stillnessinthestorm.com/search/label/Simon Esler]Simon Esler[/url],
If you’ve explored the Law of One material then the concept of a catalyst should be relatively familiar to you. For those of you who have not come across this material, The Law of One is a book series by L/L Research comprised of channeled transcripts from a source calling itself Ra. A catalyst, as it is often used in this material, can be defined as an experience or choice within an incarnation that has the potential to accelerate or develop our spiritual polarity in terms of negative or positive orientation. It is often used to describe a particularly challenging circumstance that is in fact meant to aide us in refining ourselves spiritually. Here is a strong example from the material itself.

“Questioner: What is the plan for use of the catalyst of cancer?
Ra: I am Ra. The catalyst, and all catalyst, is designed to offer experience. This experience in your density may be loved and accepted or it may be controlled. These are the two paths. When neither path is chosen the catalyst fails in its design and the entity proceeds until catalyst strikes it which causes it to form a bias towards acceptance and love or separation and control.” – The Law of One, Book 2, Session 46
The idea of challenges as catalysts for spiritual growth can be a very useful perspective for those choosing a positive spiritual orientation as it gives us motivation to take the most difficult moments in our lives and transform them into opportunities for great progress and expanded perspective. It can help us lessen our resistance to what arises and work with everything as a gift. A challenge can even be seen as a choice, in that, the Law of One material alleges we each carefully planned very specific difficulties into our own incarnation as a way of working through karma and improving aspects of our being that are calling for deeper work. Ra takes our choice even further by alleging that we chose to experience creation as a series of separations and distortions instead of experiencing complete unity directly.
“In truth there is no right or wrong. There is no polarity for all will be, as you would say, reconciled at some point in your dance through the mind/body/spirit complex which you amuse yourself by distorting in various ways at this time. This distortion is not in any case necessary. It is chosen by each of you as an alternative to understanding the complete unity of thought which binds all things.” – The Law of One, Book 1, Session 1
It is helpful, then, to apply the Law of One to the notion that all moments – be they difficult or mundane – be considered as undifferentiated in their spiritual potential. By this I mean we can apply oneness to the very concept of life as swinging pendulum between a series of catalysts, so that we can experiment with taking ourselves into an even deeper understanding of unity.
From the perspective of life as a series of spaced out catalysts we may see ourselves as moving in and out of moments that are more or less meaningful to our spiritual progress.
For example we lose our job, things get progressively financially difficult until we find a new job and things calm down. We enjoy the comfort of new employment and a healthier bank account until…our dog dies two weeks later. It may seem from this example that the intensity of losing our job is something dense with an opportunity for wisdom which then dissipates until we arrive upon the loss of our pet. It may seem that the in-between, the space between these experiences, is less dense in what it has to offer us.
As another example, after experiencing the intensity of a catalyst, like getting into a fender bender on the way home, we arrive upon moments that seem more mundane and less relevant, like arriving home after the accident and having to do the dishes.
What can often happen when we perceive a moment or experience as less than, or merely a background event to the ever important catalyst, is that we settle into our social programming and unconscious, personal habits. From this state we tend to lose the heightened conscious awareness that the intensity of a perceived catalyst beckons and which so often leads to self mastery.
The truth is that every moment in this life is precious and bursting with spiritual potential. The criticism here is not that there is something flawed with the application of life as a movement from catalyst to catalyst, but that our social programming tends to create habits in which we become forgetful of the miraculous nature of each moment. We tend to take our moments and categorize them via an unhelpful duality of being more or less relevant to our life path.
The Law of One teaching on catalysts is certainly not meant to encourage that we disregard any of life’s moments, but rather to support us in facing what is difficult with more heart. But as this high vibrational teaching is stepped down into our daily human experience it can become distorted by the lens of duality the permeates this reality. Here is one instance in which the Law of One material points to the catalytic nature of all moments:
“All that assaults your senses is catalyst. We, in speaking to this support group through this instrument, offer catalyst. The configurations of each in the group of body offer catalyst through comfort/discomfort. In fact all that is unprocessed that has come before the notice of a mind/body/spirit complex is catalyst.”  – The Law of One, Book 4, Session 93
Important in this statement is the notion that moments with clear catalysts are one with the moments that appear to have none at all. This separation, like all notions of separation according to the LoO, is an illusion. The moment in which we experience the fender bender is as sacred and meant to help us evolve as the moment in which we’re washing our dishes.
If we take the time to observe the heart and courage that arises when we transform a particularly difficult experience in our lives into something beautiful and full of wisdom we can see that our capacity to transform our experience on this planet is immense. A mere shifting of our perspective has an incredible metaphysical impact. This capacity is why it is rare to see someone emerge from overcoming something like cancer as less wise and compassionate or more materialistic and attached to what is temporary. We tend to rediscover what is sacred when we commit to what challenges us and this is one of the most laudable qualities of human beings.
If all is one then, even though we can say we face a series of marked catalysts in this life, we can also say that the moments in between perceived catalysts, the mundane, the habitual, the social defaults are themselves some of the most important catalysts in our lives. A moment in which we are tempted to become slightly less conscious is in fact a very subtle catalyst, especially if it encourages us to operate under the bias that purpose and meaning within our lives are things that come and go. One might even argue that catalysts which exist as more subtle and hard to perceive are more difficult in that they can become invisible and thus can go undealt with throughout an entire incarnation.
So what does this ability look like when it is stationed within the mundane? Can we catch those moments in our lives where we have imagined that we have stepped away from the sacred? Can we see where we have falsely come to believe that we don’t need to apply our transformative abilities because of a feeling that we are engaging something to “get past” on the way to the “real” meaningful things awaiting us in another moment?
In my experience with applying this expanded perspective I have found that what is different about transforming the mundane moments (like cleaning my cat’s litter box) from transforming the overt challenges that arise (like sending my cat in for dangerous surgery), is that transforming the mundane is actually a very light, subtle practice. It becomes more about settling into the mundane by allowing it to be as sacred as it already is and this is actually a very gentle gesture. It does not involve the intensity of trying to find the gift within something like facing sickness or abuse. I would describe the feeling of this practice as not so much actively transforming the mundane but very softly removing our interference so that the moment’s true nature can blossom before us.
We are often very hard in ourselves within the context of trying to progress spiritually. When we are within the space of the mundane, making our bed, brushing our teeth, cleaning our home, we may be looping in our heads about the most recent catalyst impacting us or those that we perceive to be on our horizon. We fail to see how healing our time within the mundane can be. We sometimes miss the extent to which the mundane is a place where the sacred is being offered to us in a very soft, accessible way. It can be a time for us to settle into our ability to bring beauty into humanity’s turmoil. With many of us being hard on ourselves to spiritually “make the cut,” dropping the bias that some moments have more spiritual meaning than others becomes a great act of kindness towards ourselves.
What if we recall this kindness on a daily, moment to moment basis? Remembering this when we are tempted to default into the notion that we are killing time, or moving through one of life’s boring obligations, can become very healing and has the potential to contribute to this great awakening in ways that just may surprise us!
We often talk about the power of mass meditation, and rightly so, but imagine the impact we could have if every person cleaning the dishes right now was in a state of peace and gratitude? What would the impact on the collective be if millions of the humans who brush their teeth every day were in a heart centered state of divine purpose? How many opportunities like this pass us by every day? We are all ensconced in the mundane every single day, so why not uplift it to its true sacred nature as a form of service?
We would all do well to recognize that while things like circles, ceremonies and shared rituals are indeed supportive on our spiritual journey, they are not indicators that moments which fall outside of these boundaries are any less sacred. Similarly, as more and more people pierce the veil of consensus reality via experiences like perceiving auras and orbs, or having contact with non-terrestrial beings, we must not lose our sense of the sacred through glimpsing the shape of a leaf on a tree or folding our laundry. As we expand together, uniting the importance of these seemingly opposite experiences will become more and more important.
Perhaps a more helpful perspective is that within each incarnation we are in a constant stream of catalysts that vary in how easily their importance is perceived. Some are more gross and in your face and some are subtle and more difficult to comprehend, in terms of how they may be challenging our spiritual nature.
From this way of seeing we begin to understand that we are moving within a flow of experiences that demand a fluid mastery of our transformative abilities. We learn to apply our natural ability to reveal the sacred in the way that is best suited to each moment as it arises. We start to sense the difference between discovering the sacred through uplifting the experience of breaking a bone or losing a friend versus transforming the experience of cleaning our bathroom or waiting for the bus.
What begins to emerge is that these different applications of the same practice begin to support each other. The moment we embody the idea that this broken bone is a beautiful gift of wisdom arising as a life experience we truly needed we strengthen our trust in what life is offering us. It brings us closer to an unconditional trust in life’s unfolding so that when we are on our knees scrubbing the grime off our bathtub, the undercurrent of the sacred can blossom here as well. This happens the other way around also. As you uplift the moments that your social conditioning says have less meaning and purpose, your resiliency to perform this practice when life’s challenges become more obvious is boosted. This way we begin to integrate a more high vibrational perspective into our natural state of being.
The sacred is awaiting us constantly, quietly shining beneath the invisible misperceptions we carry. When we are mindlessly scrolling our newsfeed, it is there. When we are fighting with a loved one, it is there.
You are one with the sacredness that surrounds you. Therefore to be yourself is to become the sacred by allowing it to be revealed within each circumstance you encounter.
Water does not become less itself when it moves from the crashing of a waterfall to the quiet trickle of a stream. May we all find our fluid nature in the same way as we move through the variety of this life’s experiences.
The preceding is a [url=http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/search/label/SITS OG][/url]Stillness in the Storm original creation. Please share freely.
About The Author

[url=http://www.stillnessinthestorm.com/search/label/Simon Esler]Simon Esler[/url] is an energy practitioner, researcher, writer, philosopher, and adept student of experience. For over nine years, he has run a successful self-help practice called ThunderHeart Guidance offering intuitive coaching and meditative practices for groups and individuals. He is recognized by the government of Ontario as an ordained Metaphysical Minister of the Bancroft Center for Awakening Spiritual Growth and is certified as a Life-Cycle Celebrant®️ and a Children’s Yoga teacher. In addition to written contributions to SITS and other blogs he is maintaining a YouTube channel offering a series on comprehending and practically applying spiritual knowledge towards enlightenment.

This article by [url=http://www.stillnessinthestorm.com/search/label/Simon Esler]Simon Esler[/url] originally appeared on StillnessintheStorm.com and is free and open source. You have permission to share or republish this article in full so long as attribution to the author and stillnessinthestorm.com are provided.

Thanks to: http://www.abzu2.com


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