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Esoteric Twin Peaks pt.1

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1Esoteric Twin Peaks pt.1 Empty Esoteric Twin Peaks pt.1 Sun Dec 03, 2017 9:40 am



Saturday, December 2, 2017

Esoteric Twin Peaks pt.1

Esoteric Twin Peaks pt.1

By Jack Heart & Orage

“It’s all connected”

“What is, is. What was, was.”

“All there is is now.” 24

Esoteric Twin Peaks pt.1 Dr%2BAmp
Dr. Amp Photo: Showtime

Here's the first article of many looking at Twin Peaks The Return 2017. Chosen a little shorter format, while upping the frequency of release thanks to the support from our patrons. Think of it like a classic serial in the Sunday papers. As always, thoughts, comments & suggestions are welcome. – Orage

In The Secret History of Twin Peaks, a novel by Mark Frost, David Lynch’s co-writer for the iconic show, these sayings were at one time or another published in the Twin Peaks Post. When they appeared they were attributed to Carl Rodd, the owner-operator of the Fat Trout Trailer Park. Rodd, along with Margaret Coulson and Alan Traherne were the subjects of an ‘Alien Abduction’ incident in the woods around Twin Peaks when they were in the third grade. Later, Coulson's maiden name becomes Lanterman, the Log Lady, seer, and prophetess.  She is one of the most prominent characters in the Twin Peaks saga, as is Rodd. Traherne doesn’t figure in the story at all but he is perhaps metaphorical of David Lynch himself. Traherne just fades into anonymity, moving to Los Angeles and working “as a sound technician in the motion picture and television industry.” 25 After suffering all his life from post-traumatic stress disorder he dies of cancer in 1988; the year Frost and Lynch were conceiving Twin Peaks...

In a section titled The Eye of God: Sacred Psychology in the Aboriginal Mind, Frost gives an account of an ayahuasca ceremony undergone by Dr. Lawrence Jacoby before he settled in Twin peaks and became Laura Palmer’s psychiatrist, one of her numerous lovers, and the only one who really knew her. Jacoby recounts seeing into a “different or perhaps deeper dimension, one that either underlies ours or that coexists with it side by side, separated by the thinnest margin imaginable, one that our relatively primitive neurology prevents us from seeing.”26

Under the influence of the ayahuasca, he enters into this coterminous world and describes meeting beings that “might have been angelic or demonic, or perhaps hybrid creatures, and there were many of them moving towards me, tall and humanoid. I realized that their interest in me felt cold, reptilian, neutral but shading toward malevolence, lacking all compassion.”27 The humanoids are driven off by a spherical object that materializes in their midst and washes everything before it away in a brilliant violet light. As it moves closer, bathed in its benevolent beauty, Jacoby realizes that he “is in the presence of “god” energy.”28 While he recuperates from the ceremony, the Indian shaman tells him “you are reborn into a new world.””29  

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Laura Palmer’s murder, nearly being beaten to death himself, his professional culpability in all of it and the passing of twenty-five years has changed Dr. Jacoby. In Twin Peaks 2017 he is no longer practicing medicine but lives as a hermit in a trailer deep in the woods outside of Twin Peaks, where he broadcasts regularly on the internet using the pseudonym Dr. Amp. Dressed as a parody of an SS officer replete with lightning bolts on his bow tie collar he begins his show. 

“Its seven o’clock do you know where your freedom is? Coming to you live and electrified from Studio A high atop the escarpments on Whitetail Peak, the roof, ruff ruff, of the American Hindu Kush this is Dr. Amp doing the vamp for liberty, climbing the ramp to justice and lighting the lamp of freedom. So, what's on your mind tonight? You know I'm going to tell you what's on mine. We're sinking down into the mud. And the fucks are at it again! The same vast, global corporate conspiracy, different day! You can't see it without a cosmic flashlight. Guess what? I've got one. Oh yeah. And its beam, it penetrates the igneous rock of ignorance. It flips that rock over and there they are, exposed. Wriggling, squirming, crawling on their bellies, like foul maggots. Frantically racing back to the cover of darkness that they so crave! We're coming for you. Yeah, we're coming for you!
 Let’s just see what their cooking up today. Know the ingredients. Read what’s on the box, in fact read between the lines. What’s lurking in that toaster waffle, those muffins, that frozen children’s treat? Poison! Deadly poison! That’s what’s there. And what’s waiting for you? Cancer! Leukemia! Autoimmune disorders! Pulmonary embolisms! Warts! Psoriasis, eczema! Cardiac arrest! Where are the cops when we need them? Anorexia, body-image bullshit, microbial toxins, bacterial toxins, environmental toxins! Our air, our water, our earth, the very soil itself! Our food! Our bodies poisoned! Poisoned!” 30

Spittle now flying from his mouth as fast as his words Dr. Amp pauses and sips a concoction he has on the table in front him. “That’s huckleberry extract in clean boiled water from the pure artesian springs of Whitetail Peak. Yea, fuck that Acai berry shit from the Amazon. In the immortal words of Pete Seiger “if I had a hammer…” Guess what? I’ve got a hammer!” 31

 Dr. Amp holds up a hammer and pulls on a crudely wired prop string. One of the shovels he recently painted gold moves into position suspended in front of him. Like a geriatric caricature of Thor he smashes the hammer against the shovel and it makes a reverberating ring as he continues. “You must see, hear, understand and act. Act now!”32

In the same episode in a scene just prior to Dr. Amps rant, a young White woman, her skin yellowing and looking like it was crawling with scabies, is slumped stupefied from drugs and alcohol in a chair in her kitchen. Her son, five or six years old, takes the opportunity to dash outside and investigate the strange goings on in a suburban Las Vegas neighborhood. He goes across the street and reaches under a car, where from his window he had prior watched a man tampering. Tires screeching and music blasting from their hotrod car five young toughs pull up and chase him away. They jimmy the lock on the door with great fanfare but when they pick the ignition the car explodes incinerating three of them and showering the quite neighborhood with pieces of wreckage as a horrified Black family looks on from their doorstep.  The boy runs back in the house and his mother rouses from her stupor to stare deliriously out her window at the flaming carnage.   
Assassins had been attempting to kill Agent Cooper. One of them, thinking Cooper was going to drive it, had gotten out of his own car and attached a bomb to the bottom of Coopers car, which exploded. The little boy had watched from his window while dining on cookies, as his mother washed down a pill with a glass of whiskey at the table. Deliriously, she kept repeating loudly “one one nine, one one nine…One one nine.”33 In a following scene, Dr. Jacoby alias Dr. Amp is seen spray painting the shovels that had been delivered to him in an opening scene of Twin Peaks 2017.  Perhaps oddly, he is wearing a gas mask to paint outside.  Later, along with the bumper, the police find the license plate of the car on the roof of the drug-addicted mother’s house. As the cop clomps around on her roof, she looks up dazed from the kitchen table and once again in a loud voice says “one one nine, one one nine.”34

The commercial Dr. Amp runs after each of his tirades, features him in waders standing in a mud puddle up to his knees. He exhorts viewers to shovel their way out of the shit. He uses his gold shovel to take a shovel full of mud and toss it aside. The scene switches to one of him standing on the same ground with no mud and he flips a switch on a handheld control box. An electrical sound commences and he is bathed in golden light. He holds the gold shovel out and says “this is your shiny gold shovel. Two coats, guaranteed. Shovel your way out of the shit and into the truth. Dig yourself out of the shit ...”35

Coupled with the fact that David Lynch has publically endorsed Loose Change, the world famous internet film questioning the veracity of the mainstream media's (MSM) 9/11 account, on Dutch TV 36 and repeated his skepticism of the MSM version of 9/11 in an interview with Alex Jones 37; it should be assumed even by the dullest of idiots that Lynch was commenting on 9/11 in Twin Peaks 2017...  

Esoteric Twin Peaks pt.1 26-twin-peaks-2.w710.h473
David Lynch as Gordon Cole. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Lynch –tall, angular and with a Midwestern delivery– all very similar to American screen icon Jimmy Stewart, plays his own character in the Twin Peaks saga. Gordon Cole, in his roles as Regional Bureau Chief and later Deputy Director, is the de facto head of the FBI. David Duchovny, star of the X Files, does make a cameo early in the 2017 edition as the Chief of Staff and Cole’s superior but he is in drag and refers to himself as Denise. A shot at J Edgar Hoover and maybe even the X Files too. Cole has an ear affliction, which causes him to wear hearing aids and he frequently shouts when he speaks. Although sometimes used to comedic effect, Twin Peaks is by no definition a comedy and superficially the viewer wonders why this defect is written into such an important character, played no less by Lynch himself.

Twin Peaks uses musical compositions throughout to advance its plot. Toward that end, the ‘Roadhouse’ is its most effective vehicle. The Roadhouse is what the denizens of Twin Peaks call a bar where they all seem to meet at night. It has a dance floor and features live entertainment. In the eighth episode Nine Inch Nails gives a performance that is perhaps the most disturbing thing ever caught on film, but the first act in the Roadhouse for Twin peaks 2017 comes at the end of the second episode.

Agent Cooper has plummeted from the Red Room and is hurling through the stars, a messianic missile aimed at the dark heart of a misbegotten world’s demon god. Sarah Palmer, who is the incarnation of that demon god, sits in her living room back in Twin Peaks. The room is cluttered. She sits on a couch savoring a drink. Behind her are three mirrors arrayed as the crown of god in the Sepher Yetzirah. She curls contentedly on the sofa transfixed on the giant screen television over the coffee table strewn with junk and a bottle of Bloody Mary mix. She watches with intense interest as three lions bleed out a Water Buffalo and the scene switches to people arriving in the night to the parking lot of the Bang Bang Bar, the Roadhouses actual name. Inside, the Chromatics are slipping into a haunting rendition of ‘Shadow...’  

“Shadow, take me down
Shadow, take me down with you

For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time

You’re in the water
I’m standing on the shore
Still thinking that I hear your voice

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?

For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time

At night I’m driving in your car
Pretending that we’ll leave this town
We’re watching all the street lights fade
And now you’re just a stranger’s dream
I took your picture from the frame
And now you’re nothing like you seem
Your shadow fell like last night’s rain

For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time”


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Thanks to: http://jackheart2014.blogspot.com


2Esoteric Twin Peaks pt.1 Empty MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:48 am

Consciousness Of Economic

Consciousness Of Economic

It is amazing to me that people can write so much crap on a simple topic. I have no watched the new peaks, but I watched it in the 80's. THe 80's we had all kinds of good creepy tv. peaks, x files and other intersting stuff that has a bit of fact in it.

However twin peaks or the experiences the book/s it is based on or originally all serious mkultra mind control, it always starts with kids. I have several friends who were in these programs against their will and these fuk tards did all kinds of things to them to fracture their minds. Drugged them, Raped them...

And there are abductions by aliens for sure, but most people experience are government mind control nazi experiments, many people report being chipped, hmmm oh ya american government, many people report have surgeries and in some case the organs have been moved causes health issues, people are injected with who knows what and have rashes, fevers that sounds like nazi camps to me and the kicker is that many report these kids on ships they have had that are stranger than fiction, just like nazi's and their race programs???

Not buying alien abduction on this one for the base of the story, but maybe they need to look further to the fact they were involved in mind control programs in those woods, abduction or let's use the proper word: kidnapping and mind f'ing against their will. Oh ya, i forgot Hollywood would not tell the story if it had anything like kidnapping by the government for mind control over kids which would include raping them as a means to destroy their own minds...they left that part out, better to blame it on aliens since our own government would not do that right????


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