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NAS Entry #16

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1NAS Entry #16 Empty NAS Entry #16 on Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:51 am

New Age Seer

New Age Seer
“Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable - a most sacred right - a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.” Abraham Lincoln

It is Man’s propensity to see error where there is none – to want to see faults in the shadow of solutions, and to move towards acting over observing and understanding. The animal is unable to keep still – stillness is a human trait that is learned through rigid practice and unbending intention.
Yet, we are consumed by animal – by restlessness because of the many stimulants, physical, emotional, intellectual, chemical, which exist in our world, readily available, at hand. We are constantly assaulting the body with stimulants because we don’t know how to be still – mindful, present, peaceful...

From our need to seek out comforts, to the need of being entertained, mentally stimulated by visual, audible and vibrational stimulants, to our want for escape from the ‘now…’ On some level we register the ‘now’ as being something that does not live up to our imaginary description of what it should manifest itself to be.

We measure only wrongness – and this is purely due to wrong thinking.

We have distanced ourselves from understanding that all that occurs is a natural manifestation of our individual and collective intentions.

The Choice Point is that point where reality tips in favor of the collective intentions of the majority, by mass effect, towards a specific and wholly imagined present.

The first computer was created many thousands of years ago, but it had limited usages. Over the past few millennia we’ve learned to focus and calibrate its purpose. With the discovery of subtle electricities and conductivity of metals, we were able to refine the process even still until we could form more complex machines to perform more complex computations. Beginning with Babbage in 1822 with his Difference Engine, to the first programmable computer of Konrad Zuse in 1938, to 1942 when he produced the first Commercial Computer.
IBM introduced its first personal computer in 1981, which utilized MS-DOS operating system.

By 1992 the Home Computer was beginning to make its way into everyone’s homes. Today, our Cell Phones have more processing power than the Shuttles used to fly astronauts into space. All for a few hundred dollars.
Today, nearly every 9 year old who’s parents have a disposable income has a smart phone with an unlimited talk, text, and data plan that costs hundreds of dollars a year. The average household pays nearly $2500 a year on a Household Package Family Plan.

In 1992 there was a social demand for personal computers. By 2011, more than 2.2 Billion people were connected to the Internet, which is nearly a third of the earth’s population. A technology that takes its origins from the 1960’s, took nearly 30 years to be developed and produced, and generated enough mass effect to make it into the homes of one third of the Earth’s Population.

In 1992, a mass effect took hold of the Zeitgeist of the World Economy and a Choice Point was reached where the need for Digital Connectivity created a tangible and measurable web between people all around the globe. 20 years later, our tech industry has focused in on this demand and learned how to provide faster, more secure and larger storage capacity and bandwidth products for cheaper… And as long as there is a demand, they will continue to find better ways to provide their services…

The discussion isn’t about Cell Phones or the House Hold Computer – it is about the power of Choice.

The sad fact is, less than 1% of the people who own a computer knows how to fix it – and every year, our computers are becoming too complicated to be repairable by any means. Disposable Computers will become the norm as they become less expensive to produce and distribute.

They will be called Tablets.

This is a tangible and measurable description that illustrates the effect of Mass Intentions that has changed the description of the world and redefined humanity as ‘Beings.’ From a humble beginnings as Cave Dwellers who used sticks and stones to defend themselves against threats, to silo builders with weapons of mass destruction and zero compassion or humanity.

We are heading for another Global War and on some level, its okay…

It’s okay because we have measured a ‘wrongness’ in the world that needs to be solved and our only measurable means of effective conflict resolution is Mass Destruction and the Loss of Human and Non-Human Life…

Yet, we are contented with understanding that the enemy is somewhere ‘out there’ and as long as I can stream the most recent movie on my newest HD Capable Hand Held Device, I can content myself with not associating myself with both the causes and the solutions… Because neither of which has anything to do with me…

Action isn’t a physical component that requires movement. Though Work in physics is computed by Force times Distance… This is to calculate the Work of Mechanical Devices.
Action can equally mean, in human terms – our Unbending Intentions – Through the purity of our desires to see a positive expression that benefits the many and through creating a mass effect in support of that pure intention, we can effect change.

The Mass Effect of Global Digital Connectivity wasn’t entirely a physical action – though it required physical action to construct the infrastructure, man power was needed to build the towers, lay the wiring, build the circuit boards, design, calculate, imagine, and design new features, new products, new materials… It all began with a desire – a want – a single intention that was shared by the vast many.

If we stopped looking at the wrongness of the world and began to understand that it was through our unbending intention to create the ‘now’ that we are experiencing this present condition – we can begin to see the solutions to help us change our own perceptions and embrace the now as pure consciousness, as pure intention.

The World it self has its own Intentions, which are unbending – but as the Mother, she is willing to nurture and support her children and to help them find within themselves their own voices, there own steps – she can carry the burden of the scars because they are expressions of her love… Her Unbending Love for all of her creatures, both native and foreign. The Earth, like the Phoenix, will re-emerge from her ashes and become like-new again – yet it will be humanity and all other creatures, Native and Foreign, who will burn in the Flames of her Love – because in the end, it was our own will that sparked the flames because we chose to burn over shinning with brilliance, which is our true lot…

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2NAS Entry #16 Empty Re: NAS Entry #16 on Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:28 am


Very powerful post here NAS!

The Collective Consciousness is exactly as you state. The power that we human beings have is understated and underutilized. This is what we need to strive for in the New Future.

My son told me of a contest that he observed online. A question was asked to guess the weight of an elephant. Only one person came close to the correct weight. But interestingly enough when all of the guesses were averaged that number matched the elephants weight with only a small percentage of error. The guesses of the whole put together were almost correct. I find that indicative of what needs to happen here with humanity right now.

Thanks for this thought provoking entry.


3NAS Entry #16 Empty Re: NAS Entry #16 on Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:50 am

New Age Seer

New Age Seer
The Post took a different tone and direction than what I had intended it to have had when I was first groking the intention - I quickly moved away from my initial point because the words were leading me in a different direction...

We look over to Asia and we see Japan and China on the verge of war over islands - which are being disputed near Korea... This is a historical battle that harkens back to the Second World War - and even before... The Korean and Vietnam Wars were by-products of these theatres.

We have Muslims burning the streets, burning Embassies, Burning each other and everyone else because of a provocateur released a movie about their Prophet - that reveals him in a different light than the one they learned about him in their Mosques... Rape, Murder, Destruction because of a handful of human garbage who are filled with hatred wanted to enrage a culture because 'it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.'

And then we have a video leaked of Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney pretty clearly saying that the American People (who will vote Obama 2012) are victims who rely on the state – this is to say, he and his party believe that the American People cannot lead themselves and need the Government to Lead them – to make discussions for them… When Corporate Oligarchies are created, we arrive at Fascism… Canada and the United States and pretty much the rest of the Developed Nations are moving towards Fascism, with Israel and the Islamic States moving to complete and total Tyrannies…

And what is the most sickening aspect of all of this is that it is to fulfill an imaginary interpretation written in the New Testament that foretells the conjuring of the Savior – to the Jews – the Messiah, to Christians, Jesus Christ, to Islam – Muhammad…

They are following the writings like they are a blue print to destruction – which is on record – Mitt Romney supposedly the vehicle to creating the conditions that will bring ‘his’ return…

We are willing to poison our air, our water, our land – we are willing to wipe out generations, species, resources for an IDEA – that is completely and entirely fabricated – and what is sad about it all is that – people are willing to get angry enough over the lies that are being said about their Beliefs – but aren’t willing to get angry over the fact that this is completely fabricated so that they will be angered and be the ones who will sacrifice themselves on the altar of human madness because there is a selected few who don’t care and who want the whole ‘thing’ for themselves because of some ridiculous notion that in the end, there will be Winners and Losers…

In Canada, our Sovereignty is at stake and all we can argue about is whether or not Israel should invade Iran – and us severing all ties with the ‘Mad Mullahs’ of Iran – and- the fact that the Separatist Party in Quebec are refusing to display the Canadian Flag in their Legislature – because it is a symbol of the Queen’s Legislature and ‘Her’ Authority over all Canadians – and that ‘Established’ Governments in Canada should not recognized a Politically Elected Party who has no interest in British Royalty in their Government…
We’ve got better things to worry about – and yet here we are – dwelling on the color of the paint on the walls when the house is on fire…

And what makes me sad is that we are all willing to stand inside the house and argue about this with the sirens going off, the flames licking the roof, the ceiling collapsing around us – The Fire Fighters and Rescuers are outside trying to tell us to come out and we ignore them, because we don’t know any better…

The only Image then that comes to my mind is that of Lemmings… And all I can do is Point the Way over the cliff – because the Species will be better off without these mouth breathers, disease ridden, mind rot infested vermin that can think of nothing more than what to put in their bloated bellies…

But it all comes from a place of Love…

Yeah Right… LOL…


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4NAS Entry #16 Empty Re: NAS Entry #16 on Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:58 am


Well that pretty much says it all. And very well I might add.

Damn.... I miss you when you are not around!


5NAS Entry #16 Empty Re: NAS Entry #16 on Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:24 pm

New Age Seer

New Age Seer
I recently got into this BBC America Series called Copper - I think they have 5 episodes out - Sunday Nights at 10...

One of the main characters is a Black Doctor who served in the Union Army - but because of his color he wasn't recognized as a Doctor... While on engagement, His wife watched her brothers be hanged by Irishmen - just for being black - and became seriously traumatized by the experience and now distrusts all white people... In the series it extends to all people because of their savagery - in many ways I feel like this woman...

In the latest episode her husband says something to her that is very profound - after being assaulted by a distant relative of his, she barricades herself in her room with a pistol - her husband comes home, finds the place in shambles and sees that the door is closed and locked... He then pleads with her to let him in, saying, "Don't shut me out. I know that you want to shut out the World right now - but don't shut me out - I don't have anywhere else to go..."
Meaning, Her heart is his Home...

It struck me as profound because our Home is the World - and yet, we all, in our own ways shut it out - all because of our own little quirks. Our capacity to Love/Hate is unlimited - depending on where we want to put our focus...

Some people just want to set the world on fire, just to watch it burn - I look in the eyes of the many and I see that desire there - to burn the world - to watch it burn - it is an infection of the mind - and a greater part of me says, let them – let them act out on their impulses - but in the meanwhile find a place to hold up and hide out - because their flames will be mighty and merciless...

It’s a great series, well worth following…

I’ve since found a few more amazing series that are worth following – Perception and Boss. Check them out.

6NAS Entry #16 Empty Re: NAS Entry #16 on Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:34 pm


My son was just telling me about Copper! He said I would just love it as it is much how I think. This is so weird that you have touched on practically our whole conversation we had the other day. :)

I will seek it out for sure now.



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