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Invoking Your Soul Power

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1Invoking Your Soul Power Empty Invoking Your Soul Power Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:51 pm


Invoking Your Soul Power Ego-soul-Meditate-640x381
Invoking Your Soul Power
By Dylan Harper - Dec 14, 2017

I began to be interested in Self- Healing because I was desperate to do something with my life and my emotions. A friend of mine introduced me to it and after that there has been no going back…
I have learnt so much on this journey and I wish to share some of it with the readers.
So, Soul Healers believe in the idea that everything has a soul; whether it is trees or animals or even inanimate objects; everything. This is the reason why we believe that everything can be cured if you heal your soul and look after your soul. Yes, that’s all that’s needed to lead a better life. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.
One of the most important things that you have to understand is that you cannot even begin the process of healing your soul or transforming your life, if you don’t know how to talk to your soul. Yes, you need to know how to have a healthy conversation with your soul. This conversation has to be based on the premise that our soul has been through a lot and it knows a lot more than our minds. Our mind only knows what has happened in this life but our soul has been in the game of this Universe for a very long time.
So, at the centre of Soul Healing is a four power technique. This technique involves talking to your soul and you have to do this by directly addressing your soul. After addressing your soul, relax and take a break for three minutes before doing this again. This will really open you up to your soul and you will be able to learn a lot about yourself and this way you will be able to solve a lot of your problems.
There are three more ancient healing techniques that you can use as well:

  1. Body power: It involves hand and body positions and is done for smooth energy flow.
  2. Mind power: This is also called creative visualization.
  3. Sound power: This is done through chanting and vibrational sounds that heal.

All of the above techniques are very powerful in isolation but they are also very useful if they are done together. They have been created after 5000 years of European wisdom combined with modern knowledge.

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Invoking Your Soul Power AArUUiUW6QsPAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC
The cell theory talks about the reason why illness occurs. Excess of energy is the reason behind all sorts of illnesses. And lack of energy causes around 15 percent of the illnesses. The cure has to be found out depending on the situation of energy in your body.
Soul healers believe that all the cells constantly vibrate and this creates a sort of energy field around them. Whenever a cell contracts; the matter inside converts into energy outside in the spaces between the cells. On the other hand when the cell expands; the energy outside converts into the matter inside the cell. It is believed that we fall sick whenever this intricate balance between energy and matter is mismatched. This means that this balance is extremely precarious.
But all of the soul techniques release any blockage that happens on a cellular level and thus allow the flow of energy freely. This ensures good health.
I realized all this when I realized that I have a healer within me and I have all the energy to change my life around.
by Conscious Reminder

Thanks to: http://dreamcatcherreality.com


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