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Happy Solstice!

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1Happy Solstice! Empty Happy Solstice! Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:30 pm


Happy Solstice
Santa Fe was cool this time of year and the local wildlife had made an effort to dissuade me from staying too long. Rich in history, art and culture, but not without its dark shadows.
The great church boasts an era of architecture long gone, while a dark siphon was ever present. How long a parasite lasts is hard to know; this one believed itself to be some sort of Arch-Angel, perhaps bottom feeders too deal with the ego complex. Bless a church in the name of Ura and God source first and eternal, then watch and wait as a great cleansing ensues.
The sojourner is a missionary on a mission, without commission, without permission! Agenda’s, plans and schemes are irrelevant, divine right order is all encompassing. Incidents, accidents, and coincidence are just words, embittered terms that judge menial moments. Why label the day of hours, to define, to control or cater to programmed obsolescence? I’m now spending the holiday in Arkansas and oh what a welcome, Ho, Ho, Ho!
A New Year beckons, how shall we label it? How shall we shape it? Where’s my crystal ball? Let us dance naked in a circle under the light of the full moon and chant like banshee’s. Perhaps this would be the supreme choice when co-creative rants are at a minimum. But is lack of want irresponsible while surrounded by needs, for the measure of need is bigger than Santa’s clause and more numerous than Elvin. Often psychological needs go beyond emotive whims, though the body will choose what it feels the mind needs if the mind is in disarray, and return they will those nasty little habits, those neurotic little pessimism’s.
The body is but a whore when it should be a beast of burden, discipline finds no quarter within a culture of convenience. Fatty tissue chokes the brain and must be burned away along with the potter’s field of vile seed. Sacred are those who understand their sacrament to self, purity of thought is hard fought. Rare is a thought which is without competition, without self indulgence, without stain or stigma. Thoughts in general are just regurgitated, reshaped and regurgitated again. The mind maze is a collection of boxes, and while the scenery changes during the journey thinking beyond the box is difficult while within the box as all are busy landscaping.
As we move into the New Year (2018=11) we see the master number 11 which is not to be reduced and though 11 gets a lot of bad publicity, numbers onto themselves are just symbols. Let us put the old dogmas and stereotypes of 11 aside like duality and opposition; basically 11 is twice as good as one, or the double whammy. It tries to improve on 10 but can’t without expansion, implosion and activation. Synonymous with puberty, growth and change, the quintessential chrysalis, shattering old shells and learning to fly while still innocent and a bit clumsy and vulnerable to the spiders web. Not unlike the body the collective consciousness is being stirred up, that which resembles the status quo will be trampled underfoot. A good year for innovation, for the willingness to try new things shall be in vogue. Though technology will most likely answer the call, inner doorways will also become synonymous with revolving doors as more travel inner pathways to expand their own horizons. Guided meditations, shamanic journeys, even strong bonds and personal relationships may see growth as well as the healing arts, academic and non-traditional trance sifting which may bring about new theorems and expansions in certain sectors of science, math, geometry, physics and technology which is poised to help more than hinder.
Let us see the dawn of the New Year as our launching pad not for missiles and mayhem but rather for taking talent’s we employ to a new level in every endeavor. By sharpening our tools we can cut a clean path with minimal effort. Second sight can be considered the lens of magnification, to see a bit beyond the surface allows subtle refinements and greater connectivity. Better continuity and more band width allows computer’s to download more information much faster, and although such an analogy is akin to AI, we must remember that AI’s formatted to mimic mind. But mind is more akin to Russian dolls, it unfolds a new platform when the old shell is bursting at the seams with higher thought via higher vibration.
To the rank and file attitude adjustments of a higher sort may resemble a self absorbed individual, however it is selflessness whose side effect is an empowered confidence, which on a superficial level resembles ego mania. The difference of course resides within the objective; objectives of a self serving nature are egotistic, while objectives which hold higher principal like for the common wealth of all life, which are like the little tug boats which nudge the large ships which have lost their mooring back into position. Steering a large ship isn’t hard, but true skill is in knowing the best angle to apply pressure.
In truth we don’t want to pontificate 2018 outside of the general sense, for to do so might minimize the potential for great change, but for anyone with a nose for such, well, let’s just say there’s a feeling in the air, it’s there, everywhere ;)
Change is a funny thing, it kinda creeps up on everyone, but with most things most don’t like redecorating before chucking out the dated and doing a good house cleaning. Its not uncommon for us to get so busy that we rush past the open sewer day in and day out, never inquiring about putting a lid on it. Well, the lid has been ordered, but won’t be set before those sewers are sanitized to avoid plague.
Much has transpired since my last entry, so let’s get to it!
The Drak queen has vacated our Moon for a new enclave outside Saturn with a flotilla of 72 ships. She has been called the dream queen, the soul catcher and the winged serpent. Can’t say I blame her for leaving, our lunar satellite has become a bit of a hot zone this year. Not sure what this means for dreams, no doubt electronic competition is still heavy. Our moon has also seen a huge exodus from those camping within; some sorta calamity has caused all within to flee. We believe it was a chemical explosion and not an attack as far we know.
The recent round of fires in California were as everyone guessed, no accident! This time the carnage was caused by aircraft, though this may not be the case for every fire started. The aircraft was found at a base in Northern California and destroyed and the last I heard a dragnet was formed in pursuance of those responsible and it would not stop until they reached the top level. There were angels on the shoulders of Fire-fighters during the interim, and there was a starship dumping seawater on the blaze when things got a little out of hand. Can’t say if it was raining fish though. Salt water may not be good for the PH of the soil, but it’s handy in a pinch.
Around the time the wild fires started back up in California Galactic Police noticed a large exodus of Zeta ships from Earth traveling at a good clip. Further, investigation resulted in the discovery of two well placed EMP devices primed and placed upon the west and east coasts of the US and set to go off within hours of each other. These devices were strong enough to take out the grids of surrounding States as well. It was assumed that North Korea would have been blamed for the attack prompting a full scale counterattack. What this would have meant for coastal communities goes beyond imagination, and shows us the level of resolve these maniacs are prepared for. The rumors of North Korea having Satellites with EMP capability were nothing but propaganda. At this time they are not in possession of such weapons.
Another peace agreement has been hashed out with the Drak’s to replace the accord from the first part of the year that lasted about a month. We believe the Draco will be more motivated this go round, enthused by the prospects of trade. This change in the weather precipitated from seeing the Nibirurian Anunnaki open up trade with many of the visiting race lines after their own peace accord.
Recently a Midwestern sweetener manufacturer was found to be at the head of a Nanite distribution ring (Androgen). I’m not sure if they were actually manufacturing sweetener as a front or if this too was fallacy. It turned out to be only one of many plants which came under attack. These distributors had a customer base which included many household name brands, how long consumers have been exposed to these additives is the question. Such additives can infringe upon freewill and it can be assumed that their programming may carry more than just subliminal marketing strategies. Long term exposure to this subversive product can not only cause addiction to the brand it can ensure health issues, while in excess it has the ability to change one into a puppet, and possibly a pawn if combined with drugs which alter brain chemistry. How psychotronic manipulation can be used through nanites I have no clue, but the potential exists. Please take a moment to learn about a product before consuming it.
Earlier in the month it had been discovered that a large Lab (cover) based out of Switzerland with dozens of affiliate labs across the globe had been secretly dealing in the production of menacing robots. Having stores beneath the labs containing thousands of these beasts, which were large, hominid shaped, skinless, armored and carried weaponry as an integral part of their construction. We believe these machines were to be brought on line for post disaster sweeps in hunter killer fashion for the sole purpose of disposing any remaining opposition. Any units discovered were destroyed but its possible there are other companies globally which have similar pursuits.
This is not to infer that Guardian race-lines are anti-robot or anti-technology, for such are normal aspects of evolution, but they don’t want to get the cart too far ahead of the horse. Believe it or don’t, being evolved spiritually does have a habit of making such pursuits obsolete. Source will provide all thats required and you will not need to thread a bolt, though one may choose to. Here’s the Christmas secret “Love More,” then you in turn will be loved more by God Source. The doing more is but a secondary aspect to this basic premise. When they know your heart they will fill your hand!
Presently, there has been more than idle talk about the construction of a coalition trade center. At this time plans are being drawn up and materials are being obtained. I have no idea what this will look like, or where within our Solar System it will be located, but I know it will be made available to us earthlings as encouragement for our future role as galactic citizens. Many foreign race lines will be constructing hubs there which will be connected to the main terminal. Their hoping it will help stabilize the region by keeping relations unencumbered by politics, and one would be surprised what can be considered valuable to other creatures. Something like a Bonsai Tree could cause a stampede ;)
It would be reasonable to assume that our Solar Star Gate will become available to coalition members once things mature to a degree. The asteroid problem is no local phenomena. Our Solar System is plagued with space missiles which need to be addressed; unfortunately there are not many ships which can vaporize rock and metal alloy like the Stingers which have been too busy to take part. Once things settle down debris fields need to be targeted. Larger fragments can be used for mining if they are of value, who knows, space Geology may be an up and coming profession.
While closing a year out a common question resurfaces about the “End Times”, from the Biblical perspective. There’s little doubt that the period we’re all going through has been characteristically identified as such, but the phrase, albeit ambiguous while pretentious, does poke fear at a fundamental level. And of course there will be certain factions who would like many to experience the literal interpretation as they see fit, and perhaps it will be these exploitationists who shall come to the dead end they so covet fulfilling the prophecy, or at least one interpretation thereof.
Time never really ends within the phenomenal world of space due to the nature of probability fields, but cycles do, which is truly for the best. This planet is preordained to increase every aspect, and although there is a resistance present, this technological blanket is unraveling at the seams. Those who have enjoyed their positions as planetary wardens fear an awakening humanity, and will fight tooth and nail to retain domination, for they realize, once the curtain is pulled back hunting parties will move in. However the mounting Galactic opposition is getting a bit fed up with their defiant brazen tactics, so a purge may be in the works. Though it would be nice to experience peace on earth this season, peace is but a novelty without staunch parameters molded by Gods grip. It’s important to understand that the guardians want all hands on deck during the transition, which includes what one may call the negative minded, but if a group of renegades is dead set on over turning the apple cart after being warned time and time again, such activities will guarantee a backlash which will be nothing short of extermination.
There is a general consensus that guardians are pacifists who allow free will to mold matter without intervention, without judgment and without provocation. However extreme circumstances require extreme measures and this unfortunately is one of those rare occasions when things have gotten a bit out of hand requiring salvage missions to avoid a calamity that goes beyond a few species and a few planets. History has proved that large swaths of creation on a cosmic level can be affected when left unchecked.
Gods reign is often preceded by Gods rain, only after can a Kingdom of Light be re-established, only then will big government begin to scale back control. But a nation’s maturity will not be whole until the mischief stops and the airs, waters and even thoughts are in balance and in harmony with creation.

While the heavens now retain some semblance of order locally the initiative turns now to Urth. How much of the war between the light and dark forces will be noticed by the five senses I can’t say, but the more discrete the better. The occasional rumble or flash of light should be expected, but the disappearance of trouble makers should be obvious, provided one knows what defines a true trouble maker. And some large corporations may get hollowed out in the process if they have fallen into the grips of the chaos consortium which make the sins of man pale in comparison.
Will this in itself liberate Humanity? It’s hard to say, but it’s a start, and it’s a shame that it has come down to this level, for this sort of global exorcism may be considered extreme, but if one knew the level of the corruption herein they would say it’s long overdue.
Val  12/21/17

2Happy Solstice! Empty Re: Happy Solstice! Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:55 pm


WOW! What a great years end post Val! Thanks for your shares here this year, always so appreciated!

I guess we now know why there was a mass exodus of the Hollyweird elite selling their homes at incredible losses over the past few years. Do the DEW!

Wishing you and yours a fabulous 2018!

Happy Solstice



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