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Extraterrestrials : The Ascension Process

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Extraterrestrials : The Ascension Process

Extraterrestrials : The Ascension Process Ascension_by_adrianocadau-dai0o8b-679x451

The main idea in a new book officially launched today, ‘From Contact to Ascension,’ is that not only the Earth, but the universe is undergoing an ‘ascension process’ (ascension-transformation-evolution) whereby life as we know it is about to change dramatically.
Extraterrestrials : The Ascension Process Contact46_01
We are told that the physical universe is evolving whereby lower energy frequencies are about to end.
Incarnated souls will be facing a choice between moving into an ascended state of being described as the “upper triad” comprising the 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensions, or remaining in their present state described as the lower triad of 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions.
While the upper triad is characterized by an all pervasive unity or “singularity consciousness” where all life is interconnected and unfolds in divine harmony, the lower triad is comprised of “duality consciousness” where individuals live by values based on right/wrong, good/bad, etc.
Those choosing to remain in the “lower triad” will “migrate” into worlds in a new physical universe where they will incarnate in new bodies and become the creators of new dualistic value systems for the worlds they inhabit.
Those choosing to ascend, along with other souls, planets, and suns of this physical universe, will remain on the Earth as it also ascends into the upper triad. Ascending souls will do so by remaining in their physical bodies which will return to an original blueprint of perfect health and vitality.
In the new Earth, ascended souls will be able to instantly manifest their personal will, leading quickly to a complete overhaul of all technology and physical structures very similar to what Arthur C. Clark described in ‘Childhood’s End.’
“Volunteer souls” that have ascended in a previous life time, but incarnated on Earth to assist it in its ascension process will be given the choice of keeping their present physical body, or regaining their ascended body that is being held in stasis in the upper triad.
The ascension process involves not just sentient life, but also planets and suns.
While there have been a number of channelled books that have spoken about a coming harvest of souls to different destinations, From Contact to Ascension is the first to offer such a framework for the universe as a whole. In other words, the universe as we know it, the myriad of star systems and highly evolved civilizations, is about to change dramatically.
Individual souls, planets and suns will be choosing whether or not they will ascend in this universe, or migrate to an entirely new physical universe. A kind of universal graduation day, where all options are honoured as choices are made by the myriad forms of life making up our universe.
The source of the information for From Contact to Ascension claim to be a council of Ascended Beings calling itself the Intergalactic Board of Council (IBOC), speaking through a human channel.
Extraterrestrials : The Ascension Process Pixel.gif?s=ip-172-18-62-183&ip=162.158.74
The IBOC allegedly are a universe wide association of beings that have evolved from different worlds and galaxies, based on a universal state of mind they call “singularity consciousness.”
I have previously described such beings as “celestials” that can be categorized as Type IV extra-terrestrials according to modified typology based on the work of Nikolai Kardashev (1964).
Based on my research into the available literature on Ascended Beings, they have been helping humanity for millennia in raising our consciousness in order to deal with advanced extra-terrestrial technologies that have become available in various eras.
Now, the IBOC is here to help humanity deal with the challenges posed by the universe wide ascension process.
Extraterrestrials : The Ascension Process Contact46_02
Graphical representation of
An T’na Mission Volunteer Coordinator and Spokesperson for the IBOC
Credit: contact2ascension.com
The IBOC spokesperson, An T’na speaks through their selected channel or “oracle”, Gesanna, who currently resides on the Big Island of Hawaii in the Pahoa region.
I have personally known Gesanna for eight years after she volunteered to assist in the work of the Exopolitics Institute which I had founded in 2005. She has also volunteered with various public information programs of observatories situated at Mauna Kea, Big Island of Hawaii.
My personal opinion of Gesanna is that she is a well-grounded person not given to flights of fancy.
She describes her own personal journey to becoming an oracle for the IBOC as beginning with her initial resistance to the information. Gesanna eventually accepted the authenticity of the telepathic information she was receiving and began verbally channeling the IBOC to a small group in Roswell, New Mexico in early 2013.
Her initial four IBOC Communiqués were taped and then transcribed. The six subsequent communiqués, to date, have been psycho-graphically received and released.
When I first read the information in the IBOC communications, it immediately resonated as something worth taking seriously. I have been familiar with the work of many channelers, and I consider the communiqués received by Gesanna to be on par with the best.
Here I’m thinking primarily about the RA Material, which is widely respected as among the best, if not the best ET/UFO related channelled material. The RA material also describes an evolutionary process of Ascension and how this impacts on different worlds and societies.

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