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High Tide II

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1High Tide II Empty High Tide II Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:21 pm


High Tide

Florida should be warmer this time of year, it has been balmy, beachy and bourgeoisie. However the grids around here on the Gulf side are surprisingly healthy, despite the retinue of electronic handicaps. Florida, despite its congestion and materialistic demeanor, has a more carefree lifestyle, but who can say if the reptiles are confined to the swamp.

The grids in Arkansas were coarse and the weather was crap, not unlike most places over the holidays. It’s unfortunate when an extended family member waltz’s with the Wolfe in Sheep’s clothes, perhaps the handlers found the three ghosts of Christmas were real. Perhaps the level of suggestiveness in Arkansas has become critical. It would help to explain the sort of time warp which permeates there. But if you’re a comedian expect a ten second time delay after the punch line.

 The roads between here and there became increasingly inhospitable the closer we edged to the coast, and although its hard to play Mad Max with an RV in tow the Calvary took up  the slack and we know and appreciate the sacrifices made therein. Honor goes beyond mere cloth, and there are no fallen on the path, only a gentle rinsing and raising.

A weekend in Dauphin Island during New Year was a staunch reminder of our addiction to oil, for we were surrounded by oil platforms in the Gulf. This won’t change overnight, nor will our vulnerabilities and reliance of electricity, but what can change is our complacent acceptance. Grass root efforts are great for tinkering and innovation although the capitalists of energy will go to great lengths to protect their futures. The big question is; will we ever see the kind of leadership required to see beyond the forest for its trees. Surely incentives can be made available which go beyond solar panels and wind turbines. And would it be too much to have lotteries or grants made readily available to true innovators and a little bit of protection would be nice, even if its just to guard against patent abuse in the form of a watch dog or an advocacy group sponsored by like minded corporations.

One could easily generate a list of what could be considered the top ten areas of reform that can take us out of this twentieth century program. Of course there will always be crisis, weather manufactured or real, which require expedient spending, often making congress synonymous with a squabbling bank board of directors. But whose money are they squabbling about anyway, and when was the last time the public was invited to view the balance sheet?

Thinking like a bureaucrat may be an ostentatious habit that will only have one screaming like a shock jock with sermons of inequity if gone unchecked. In retrospect we have a tiny percentage  of one percent that handle the whining of the rest, while the loudest whiners are being paid to do it while unopposed to paying for ears of interest. Big business needs big money to stay big, but whose money are they getting anyway? Where, one may ask is the oversight to avoid misappropriations, or are healthy portions being buried under a brick of legalese?

There is a sacred cow, gilded and coveted, whose litter has yet to be weaned, for when cows are suckling cows there’s no shortage of runts and orphans. But as one cow grows fat the mother begins to decline. Business as usual may resemble a perpetual wheel of fortune when in reality its more akin to a black hole which sucks the energetic potential leaving any hope of expansion as scraps upon the butchers block. Stagnation is a prison where the future is held hostage by yesterdays glory and today’s tunnel-vision. Academia with all its accolades has eroded the magic and handcuffed innovation to a grinders wheel for Ax sharpening. The old question “what do you think”, has been replaced with “can we make it think faster?”

Perhaps we can just put a super computer in charge of legislation, though the operating system should come from a neutral party; if such a thing exists. Political division has become weaponized to ensure national unity remains a distant dream, because with unity comes change and the captains of chaos know that change is a giant threat to the system. International unity may be the logical expansion of national unity, expressions of such are indeed expressions of a maturity befitting civilizations ready for border realm expansion. Such ideals could equate to a shrinking military industrial complex, which would free up untold riches. Untold riches may lead to the magic pill, and the magic pill may mean a shrinking health care industry along with its parasitic cousin; big insurance.

In truth the possibilities are endless for dreamers, but the dreamers are being over shadowed by the screamers, and the screamers are being paid to scream about trivia which keeps us thinking at the sixth grade level. Perhaps this is because the emotional body is quite animated around that time; a virtual cornerstone of insecurity, which is appealing to those who want to keep the public in emotional bondage. The same sensitivity which make up a nurturing soul have their handicaps which can be played like a four string Base. And although this won’t retreat entirely with spiritual growth the shoot from the hip animation does subside (to a degree).

To those who know the score such rhetoric is no revelation, but beating the drum is always therapeutic. But lets see if we can capture the essence of what’s ben going on in the rest of the jungle over the last month or so.
Those dirty little machine head airmen, still hell bent on spewing filth for a paycheck. One needn’t wonder what principled program the hive minded traded their souls for. What’s weird is that they still resemble humans for the most part, but we know this isn’t the case for no human with half a conscience could do what they do aside from the criminally insane.  While in Tampa they showed such affection, rolling out the Red carpet from McDill. Its amazing how oblivious the general public can be at times. They love to reconcile the imbecile. Perhaps it’s just me; to think it ordinary to have 100 air craft an hour raising kane overhead at an elevation below radar. Though it wasn’t my intention to park my RV just across the Bay; getting in anywhere this time of year is tuff in Florida, I got the last spot In Clearwater which had great views of the toilet on one end and dumpsters on the other. But hey, no flies on me, ;)

It should come as no surprise that our planetary wobble over the last year has been erratic, leaving many wondering if Charles Hapgood was right, and that we too may be joining the Wooly Mammoth in some distant icy landscape with the next slip of the orange peel. I’m no geophysicist, but I can assure you, there are many who have more questions than answers these days. It would appear the great millstone got greased, but those mysterious forces wish to remain anonymous and were not out of the woods yet. Perhaps the great slide projector representing the firmament got bumped. Perhaps gravity is an illusion, and space an abstraction manufactured for the acute sensual complex which loves a good game of cat and mouse. But even if all is just a handful of stardust dancing in the light its still a good idea to keep paying your rent, at least until you’ve outwitted the cat and have learned to throw a little stardust of your own.

Volcanoes, though a natural phenomena are being managed to a degree via auxiliary ventilation and lava ports in sensitive areas, but it’s not an exact science and if the mountain is actively venting its not necessarily a bad thing. Restriction of lava tubes being the greatest threat is not the only threat and although coring can alleviate pressure, there needs to be a safety zone for lava flows. It can be assumed that our planet was thrown into darkness and chaos 3600 years ago during the last crossing when eruptions were literally skyrocketing. Needless to say we don’t want an encore performance at this time.

The large  telecommunications behemoth known as **** has once again been warned about its greedy hand in erection, distribution, maintenance and application of GWEN towers, which now litter the US and surrounding territories. Personally I don’t believe their pockets are deep enough to play this game, and pockets do have a tendency to get holes in them. When the music stops, be sure to act quick, for Chairs are disappearing!

Another serious issue recently discovered deep within the earth’s crust not far from the NYC, was a viral strain of autonomous AI which boroughs and spread out in a noxious vine fashion at a rate of a roughly one mile every 24 hrs. Its origins and motives are unknown, but it was decided that it was best not to wait until the intruders agenda was clear. Removal of this type of synthetic organism is no easy process, and unfortunately there were others in other countries, which have been exterminated.  Whether or not these hijackers were picked up in travel or brought here is not known, but it seems to be an isolated incident. They were not found to be proliferating within this solar system, but time will tell.

Another issue being contended with on surface earth is the production and distribution of the evil enzyme known as Nagalese. Which has been  transmitted through vaccinations by big Pharma, to not only ensure a withering public, but to ensure there is profit in soft pandemics which elude diagnosis when the autoimmune goes haywire. Nagalese may guarantee patients but it will also guarantee the persecution of its distributors and manufacturer’s as some have come to find out the hard way. Perhaps this is what the latest Kingsman film was struggling to convey, or something worse, for there may be antidotes, amidst the anecdotes.

In Galactic affairs; the Draks have once again proved that peace is only valid if it doesn’t cramp their style, especially when concerning Saturn, which they believe to be the Tao of privilege and a territory apart. There has never been any plan to sac Saturn nor its satellites, however these area’s will continue to be monitored, a process which they are no doubt familiar with. Firing at Police Stingers won’t prove as an effective deterrent and will only add more monitoring to a decreasing Drak force, not to mention a dangerous preoccupation.

Meanwhile, the Zeta factions beholden to discriminate against anything present, past or future have been having a tough time finding a place to squat off planet. So they keep trying to sneak back in. What’s left of them are finding its getting increasingly harder to hide, and when they are discovered there is occasionally Intel that spills the beans on many dirty little secrets. Such Intel can and will be shared, but not before obstacles are removed which may interfere with the process.

Val  1/21/18

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