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Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event??

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Mass murder in Florida, USA by trainee military officer


This 14 February 2018 video from the USA is called 17 killed in Florida school shooting.
By Barry Grey in the USA:
Seventeen killed in mass shooting at Florida high school
15 February 2018
Seventeen people were killed and at least 14 more wounded Wednesday afternoon in the latest horrific school shooting in the United States. The tragedy unfolded at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, located some 30 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale, in Browder County.
According to reports, a former student started shooting from outside and then entered the school building, firing an AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle with multiple magazines at students and teachers, evidently targeting people randomly. Students barricaded themselves inside classrooms and then ran from the building while frantic parents raced to the scene.
The shooting rampage began at about 2:30 in the afternoon, shortly before the end of the school day. Students said someone pulled a fire alarm just before shots started to ring out. The gunman was reportedly on the loose in the school for more than an hour.
Just after 4 PM, the Broward County Sheriff’s Department announced that the suspected shooter had been apprehended. They said he surrendered without incident several miles from the school. He was identified as 19-year-old Nikolaus Cruz, who had been expelled from the school for disciplinary reasons.
Cruz was reportedly a member of the Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC).
According to Dutch NOS TV, a witness told that murder suspect Cruz did shooting drills in his backyard.
Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel told reporters later in the afternoon that the dead and wounded included adults as well as students, but he said he did not yet know how many of each.
A video posted on social media showed students cowering under desks during the melee. Hannah Siren, 14, was in math class on the third floor of the freshman building when the shooting broke out. She told the Sun-Sentinel newspaper, “The people next door to us must have not locked their door. They all got shot.”
Lisette Rozenblet, whose daughter attends the school, was quoted by NBC News as saying, “Her biggest fear is a school shooting. She is always begging me to be home-schooled because she was scared of this.”
Math teacher Jim Gard told the Miami Herald he had taught the suspect last year and said he was troubled. “There were problems with him last year threatening students, and I guess he was asked to leave campus.”
The mass shooting in Parkland was the 18th school shooting just since the beginning of 2018, i.e., in the space of less than seven weeks. There have been school shootings in 13 states so far this year, including at least two each in Texas, California and Michigan. While many of these events did not result in fatalities or injuries, a good number did.
NBC News has compiled a list of shooting incidents since the beginning of the year that resulted in injuries and/or deaths at elementary, middle and high schools. As of February 5, these shootings had killed four people and wounded more than 20 others.
They include:
• Oxon Hill High School in Prince George’s County, Maryland on February 5—one student injured
• Salvador Castro Middle School in Los Angeles, California on February 1—two students shot
• Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky on January 23—two students killed and 18 injured
• NET Charter High School in New Orleans, Louisiana on January 22—one student injured
• Italy High School in Italy, Texas on January 22—one student injured
• Coronado Elementary School in Sierra Vista, Arizona on January 10—one student killed.
Since the 1990s, school shootings have become a common and horrific feature of American life. Names such as Jonesboro, Columbine, Virginia Tech and Newtown have become synonymous with violent and bloody eruptions at schools and campuses that in some cases claim dozens of lives.
These are just a subset of a much longer list of mass killings. According to the Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit organization, 2017 was “the deadliest year of mass shootings in modern US history.” The group counted 345 mass shootings, defined as an incident in which four or more people are shot (not including the shooter). Overall, the website calculates that more than 15,000 people in the US died from gun violence last year, with another 31,000 injured.
The period that has seen an escalating eruption of mass shootings in America roughly corresponds to more than a quarter century of virtually uninterrupted war waged by US imperialism, beginning with the first Gulf War of 1991. Throughout this entire period, the ruling class and both of its major parties have promoted militarism and glorified military violence, while they carried out “shock and awe” attacks on defenseless populations that killed millions and destroyed entire societies.
In parallel with the growth of militarism there has been a continuous increase in social inequality and a drastic deterioration in the social conditions of the working class, and particularly the young generation. Today, young people, who have known nothing but war overseas, face worsening prospects for secure and decent employment and a massive burden of student debt. Hence the growth of scourges such as the opioid epidemic and an ever-rising suicide rate among young people.
Politics and culture have been blighted by the deliberate cultivation of nationalism and anti-immigrant racism and efforts to encourage the most backward conceptions.
No section of the political establishment and neither of the two big-business parties can offer any policies to address the social crisis. The response of the politicians to each mass shooting is to demand a further buildup of the police apparatus of the state and a further crackdown on Internet speech and criminalization of political dissent. The Republicans promote “gun rights” and the Democrats cart out their hobbyhorse of “gun control”, without any examination of the social and political conditions that produce violence.
Donald Trump, as usual, expressed with particular banality and insincerity the inability of the ruling class to address the question of why such events recur with numbing regularity in America. Shortly after the shooting in Parkland had ended, he tweeted: “My prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting. No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school.”
This is a man who just a few weeks ago in his State of the Union address presented a delusional picture of a grateful and happy nation moving from success to success.
The reality is a growing political radicalization and overall movement to the left within the working class and particularly among the youth, who have registered in poll after poll a growing interest in socialism and hatred for capitalism. This anticipates the renewal of class struggle on an unprecedented scale. This is the path, directed politically against capitalism and for socialism, to resolving the social impasse that generates malignant events such as Wednesday’s eruption in Florida.
‘WE JUST KEPT HEARING GUNSHOTS AND SCREAMING’ At least 17 students and adults are dead and 15 injured after 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz opened fire on his former high school in Parkland, Florida. Armed with smoke bombs, Cruz reportedly wore a gas mask and pulled the fire alarms in order to lure students and teachers out of the classrooms before unleashing a torrent of bullets with an AR-15. He then blended into the panicked crowd to escape before eventually being apprehended two hours later. [HuffPost]
THIS IS THE 18TH SCHOOL SHOOTING IN 2018 There has been a school shooting on average every 60 hours so far this year, leading former congresswoman Gabby Giffords to ask, “Is it safe to send our kids to school?” [HuffPost]
WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WEAPONS OF WAR USED IN MASS SHOOTINGS LIKE THIS ONE Shooters know these assault-style rifles maximize casualties. According to Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), these atrocities are Congress’ fault. And Trump’s proposed budget would cut millions from the gun background check system. [HuffPost]
LAS VEGAS AUTOPSIES REVEAL THE BRUTAL HORROR OF MASS SHOOTINGS “Media coverage often serves to sanitize the graphic, uncomfortable reality of these tragedies. Maybe we don’t deserve the privilege of that comfort.” [HuffPost]

Thanks to: https://dearkitty1.wordpress.com

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Florida School Shooter Posted Disturbing Social Media Pictures, Including With MAGA Hat

News Commentary
By Jim E | February 15, 2018 9:43AM

Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? DWCg2v8WAAEZGlV

The numbers have finally been tallied from yesterday’s gruesome school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The total isn’t good: 17 people lost their lives at the hands of Nikolas Cruz. Now we face the uncomfortable task of asking “why?” Why did this happen? Why did Cruz go on a military-like shooting rampage through his former school? What clues were there that should have alerted the authorities?
After all, Cruz is just 19 years old. At first glance, he doesn’t appear to be the kind of person who snaps and goes on a shooting spree:
It’s been reported that Cruz was a loner at high school, that he didn’t have many friends, and that his mother’s death last year may have sparked a downward spiral in emotional health. President Trump tweeted this morning about Cruz’s previous and alarming behavior:
Cruz’s social media postings are providing further insight into his deranged mind, and some of his thinking behind the shooting. Take a look at some of his social media postings:
Here is a picture of Cruz’s Instagram page:
Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? Cruz-1518704421
Many are pointing out that Cruz’s clothes suggest an ISIS influence. But on his own postings, he joked about killing Islamists, so it’s unclear if that’s a tangible connection to make.
Likewise, it’s being widely reported that Cruz is a Trump supporter because his Instagram profile featured him wearing a MAGA hat.
Here is an image of the "MAGA" hat from Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz's Instagram account
Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? DWFT4fwU8AA8AD2

This is also a flawed assumption. It’s clear from what we know now that Cruz was a highly disturbed individual. No politics motivated his desire to kill over a dozen of his former classmates.

FBI agents were warned about Nikolas Cruz’s plans to become a “professional school shooter” months ago, according to a YouTube vlogger who noticed a sick comment on one of his videos. http://nydn.us/2EuXHhG 
Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? DWFASP3VAAA15H3
Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? DWFASOuUQAAKtTy

This is a sick, sad situation. The victims and families should be given our prayers at this time, even if liberals find such a practice worthless.

Thanks to: https://thepoliticalinsider.com




Parkland School Shooting, David Bowie, Illuminati Ritual Magick, and Occult Predictive Programming
Posted By Isaac Weishaupt on Feb 15, 2018

David Bowie’s 2013 album called The Next Day featured a song called Valentine’s Day. The song has an unfortunate message in that it’s about a man who shoots up a school, which is precisely (and tragically) what happened on February 14th, 2018 in Parkland, Florida. The point of discussion today is to consider the ideas of ritual magick and projecting one’s will into the universe, and the very real effects it could have if practiced by the “Illuminati”…

The Lyrics: A Closer Examination
Bowie’s song clearly discusses the trials of high school and the issues one particular boy goes through that leads to his assault on his peers:
Valentine told me who’s to go
Feelings he treasured most of all
The teachers and the football stars
It’s in his tiny face
It’s in his scrawny hands
Valentine sold his soul
He’s got something to say
It’s Valentine’s day
The rhythm of the crowd
Benny and Judy down
Valentine sees it all
He’s got something to say
It’s Valentine’s day
Valentine told me how he feels
If all the world were under his heels
Or stumbling through the mall
It’s in his tiny face
It’s in his scrawny hands
Valentine knows it all
He’s got something to say
It’s Valentine’s day
Valentine, Valentine
Valentine, Valentine
It’s in his scrawny hands
It’s in his icy heart
It’s happening today
Valentine, Valentine
It’s in his scrawny hands
It’s in his icy heart
It’s happening today
Valentine, Valentine
The song specifically says “It’s happening today” meaning the school shooting will happen on Valentine’s Day. The video also shows him emulating a gun and the shadow of one on the wall.
Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? David-Bowie-Valentines-Day-gun-
Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? David-Bowie-Valentines-Day-gun-shadow
The Effects of Magick and Predictive Programming
When I wrote my first book, I discussed the concept of “predictive programming.” It’s the idea that entertainment implants an image or idea into the mass consciousness and over time it eventually plays out in reality.

Since that first book I’ve studied much more on the occult (or the “Illuminati”) and it seems that ritual or ceremonial magick plays a crucial role in their beliefs. This is the idea of focusing and projecting one’s will such that it can manifest in reality. We see these ideas in New Age doctrine like the “Law of Attraction” (*note that the New Age was started by Helena Blavatsky).
So it seems that predictive programming could very well be a form of ritual magick manifestation. When the Hermetic teachings of “As Above So Below” gets utilized, it means that the magician on earth can rearrange the cosmos and influence reality.
Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? As-Above-So-Below
What I’m postulating here is that Bowie may have inadvertently caused a ripple in the time-space such that it manifested in the real world- much like the plot of  The Cloverfield Paradox.

Furthermore- Bowie recorded this song at the “Magic Shop” in New York. It’s a curious choice of name since ritual magick holds such beliefs in projecting an idea into the universe and allowing the macrocosm to make it reality.
He also recorded his next (and final) album called Blackstar in this studio as well. The black star is a reference to Saturn and the occult references are vast for this subject- a subject that my guest on the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast, Mark Devlin, knows much about (we discussed Bowie in the second half of the show).
Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? CTAUC-Podcast-logo-small
I certainly don’t know that Bowie caused this, and I’m confident he wouldn’t have wanted this; but the main takeaway I’d like to consider is the very real power of intention, mental emanations, and ritual magick. If one is to practice these “Laws of Attraction” it could have very real effects. This means that all of the talk of “Illuminati” conspiracy theories need to be considered more seriously.
The media has a good way of discounting these theories of the occult and the “Illuminati,” but the fact remains that they exist and they do indeed get utilized…
Rest in peace to all the victims of this tragedy.
Thanks again for all your support! If you want to stay connected please sign up for my free email newsletter which will get you updates on all groundbreaking revelations of occultism in entertainment (as well as occasional free giveaways)!

Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? Isaac-Weishaupt-profile-2
Website publisher of IlluminatiWatcher.com and top 5% Amazon author of THE DARK PATH; Isaac Weishaupt has been on the leading edge of conspiracy theories surrounding the elusive “Illuminati” and its infiltration of the entertainment industry. Using examples of familiar pop culture and works of entertainment, Isaac has been speaking and writing about the occult from a unique perspective that seeks to understand the big agenda while helping others along the way.
Isaac hosts the “Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture” podcast (supported by the IW Patreons) as well as being the monthly Illuminati expert on BLACKOUT Radio. He has been a featured guest on Dave Navarro’s “Dark Matter Radio,” Richard C. Hoagland’s “Other Side of Midnight”, SIRIUS/XM’s The All Out Show, The HigherSide Chats, Freeman Fly’s “The Free Zone”, Mark Devlin’s “Good Vibrations”, VICE, COMPLEX magazine, and many more radio shows and podcasts. His fresh perspective and openly admitted imperfections promotes the rational approach to exploring these taboo subjects and conspiracy theories.

Thanks to: https://illuminatiwatcher.com




Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? 1518658836_1-org
Florida school shooting: Students seen fleeing for safety from Valentine’s Day massacre
VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE: Here’s why the Florida high school mass shooting was a false flag black operation

Immediate Demands for Gun Control

All the usual Democrats, who have attempted to gut the Second Amendment over many years, were tweeting the urgency to strip Americans of their right to bear arms while the crime scene was in the early stages of investigation.

Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? 180214174939-16-florida-high-school-shooting-0214-large-169
PARKLAND, FL – FEBRUARY 14: People are brought out of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after a shooting at the school that reportedly killed and injured multiple people on February 14, 2018 in Parkland, Florida. Numerous law enforcement officials continue to investigate the scene. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

FALSE FLAG PROOF:  The following MSM video indicates the accused shooter was talking to a  former student in the hallway right after shots rang out.

VIDEO:  Second Shooter Confirmed at Florida High School

State of the Nation
Really, how suspicious is that?!  Calls for draconian G U N  C O N T R O L measures before all the shots are fired?
The Democrats are always looking to distract from their naked criminality associated with Russiagate, FISAgate, DossiergateIntelgate, Emailgate, Weinergate, etc.  The list of their treasonous scandals really does go on and on…and they know it.
What better way to divert the attention of the American people than to shoot up yet another high school…deep in dark blue country.
The Deep State criminal cabal responsible for all of these school shootings knows just when and where to carry them out to quickly change the national conversation.  And especially to change the subject from their most explosive and unparalleled crime spree known as FISAgate.[1]
RED ALERT: FISAgate Proves Deep State Will Do ANYTHING To Remove Trump
Of course, the whole fake Russiagate conspiracy will eventually be pinned on the entire Democratic leadership.  Bad actors (read: traitors to the American Republic) like Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters et al. all colluded in order to remove Trump from office based on an outrageous series of malicious lies.  Each of them knew that it was the Democratic Party that committed crimes of treason, not Trump.  And that it was not Russia, but the United Kingdom that fabricated the fake intel and false dossier. See: It wasn’t Russia that tried to fix the 2016 U.S. presidential election; it was the British.

Location, Location, Location

Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? Screen-Shot-2018-02-15-at-5.30.22-AM

KEY POINT: That a high school was selected in President Trump’s own back yard in South Florida makes it very difficult for him to avoid the highly politicized parental backlash that is sure to manifest.  The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida is less than 40 miles south of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago luxury resort that functions as Trump’s Camp David.  How convenient for the perps to have shot up a school located in Broward County, perhaps the most ultra-liberal county south of the border.  Clearly, every single detail of this [SHOCKING] mass shooting was well thought out in advance in order to have maximum impact.  And so it has!  But not without serious blowback on the Deep State decision-makers.


The timing of the Florida high school shooting is too perfect not to be a false flag operation executed to deflect attention away from the Democrat’s unprecedented spate of serious scandals.  It was also designed to take away the guns — THIS YEAR — which the DEMs cannot do fast enough.  They know that at least half of the U.S. citizenry is onto their stealthy and surreptitious Purple Revolution.  And they can see the “torches and pitchforks” (and guns) slowly approaching their sanctuary cities.
BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America
As long as the patriots and conservative side of the body politic (i.e. the Right) are fully armed as many are, the Democrats really do have a LOT to worry about.  Hence, their concerns are not unfounded.  The serial lawbreakers — from the Obamas and Clintons on down — really do face existential threats.  The truth movement not only wants to “lock her up”, they want gallows for the whole lot of them.

Gun Control via Shock and Awe

Ever since Obama first took office there has been a steady stream of mass shootings right up to this very day.  In this manner, the behind-the-scenes perpetrators are constantly applying the “Chinese water torture” to the American consciousness.  With each successive school shooting, more parents are fearful about the plight of their children.  After all, you never know when and where the government’s next mind-controlled terrorist(s) will strike.
The globalists believe that it’s only a matter of WHEN a critical mass of citizens will rise up and demand the outlawing, and subsequent confiscation, of guns.  Any populace, no matter how aware they are of the true back story, would likely give into this tactic.  However, with the Internet running at full tilt 24/7, the ruling elites greatly underestimate the resolve of the patriot movement.
Yes, it’s quite evident that the liberal side of the political equation can be quite easily manipulated by this incessant fear-mongering.  As a matter of historical fact, the liberal, progressive, and left-wing members of the Democratic Party have been [FASTIDIOUSLY] socially engineered to give up their guns and take them away from everyone else.  These hard-core Cultural Marxists will not rest until this objective is accomplished for their Bolshevik masters.
However, the faithful Christians and conservatives, freedom-loving Libertarians and Tea partiers, no-nonsense Republicans and constitutionalists, etc. are an altogether different matter.  The NRA members, veterans, hunters, militiamen, police and other gun owners are particularly determined not to be disarmed.  And their numbers are growing by the day.  Therefore, the more TPTB resort to “shock and awe” via domestic terrorism, the more these horrific shootings will come back to bite the CIA-directed and FBI-protected co-conspirators. See: FBI WAS WARNED, FAILED TO ACT

Screaming for gun control while the crime scene was still hot

How obvious was this false flag operation that so many Democrats all tweeted in unison the need for immediate gun control?
The following link contains a partial list of those Democratic politicians who were on Twitter while shots were practically still being fired.

KEY POINT: That’s not to say that no one was shot and/or killed during this mass shooting.  Because of how scripted these false flag operations can be, it’s almost impossible to discern between what is real and what is hoax.  Because whether any part of this shooting was staged drama or as real as can be, it still serves to traumatize those involved…even the body politic.  In this fashion the perps are creating a national epidemic of PTSD which can be triggered at will by the power elite.

Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? Obama-vows-executive-action-second-amendment-gun-control-933x445

Assault Weapons

That the alleged  gunman opted to use an “AR-15-style semiautomatic rifle and had multiple magazines” is a dead giveaway, as it is in virtually all of these school shootings.
If the Left, but especially the Washington establishment and international banking cartel, are afraid of any type of weapon on the street, it’s this type of assault rifle.  The NWO globalist cabal knows that any country, whose citizens are so armed, can never be effectively ruled by the dictatorship they strive to impose on the American Republic.

*NWO = New World Order

It’s of paramount importance for every U.S. citizen to understand that it was Obama who signed the latest version of the NDAA.  That unconstitutional and wholly illegitimate legislation conferred the illicit power upon the Executive Branch to stage false flag operations against We the People in order to address matters of heightened national security.  ‘Legalizing’ black ops like yesterday’s Parkland, FL massacre permits them to be utilized as psyops, which are key to the globalist’s fear-mongering NWO agenda.
“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense


The U.S. Federal Government does not possess the lawful authority to arrogate power unto itself to indiscriminately injure, wound, maim, paralyze, incapacitate or kill American citizens.  Case closed!
Ergo, the government has irreparably broken the social contract and violated the public trust that once existed.  Likewise, the sacred covenant between the governed and the government — unequivocally established by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights — has been irreversibly voided.  What, then, will the American people do about it?
Donald Trump sailed into office on the aspirations of the patriot movement.  The patriots demanded that he take back the country from those who stole it.  The US government has been held hostage since 1913, but now the hostages are being killed Right and Left.
There is now ONE response, above all others, that is necessary to short-circuit to this rapidly deteriorating state of affairs.
Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? Prayforamerica
State of the Nation
February 14, 2018
Editor’s Note:
Regardless of whether this mass shooting was all hoax and no reality, a combination of both, or totally authentic and with no fakery, the SOTN staff offers our deepest condolences to all the families affected by this deliberately staged tragedy in Parkland, Florida.  In other words, real or otherwise, these black ops are routinely staged by corporate production managers and their government overlords within the U.S. Intelligence Community.  Those responsible from central casting are sure to employ mind-controlled patsies and genuine victims of violence (and/or crisis actors) who never knew they were but unwitting actors in another NDAA gun-grabbing plot.  After all, aren’t the shooters always doped up with powerful psychoactive pharmaceutical drugs?  And, isn’t there a psychiatrist forever attending to the various psychiatric illnesses of the quite unfortunate villain?

Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? Nikolas-cruz
Alleged gunman Nikolas Cruz — Why do these folks always look the same?

Thanks to: http://themillenniumreport.com




Florida - Valentines Day False Flag Event?? 27336809_2077715635782026_8039817802343433352_n



There is a video circulating of a girl who said she knows Cruz. The school was being evacuated and she was actually leaving the school with him and she heard shooting so as usual he was not alone and as usual he might not even be involved but another patsy.



No matter now, the FBI was warned about this gun loving moron back in September, by Instagram, twit, face, but blew it off- And this is what we all have to look forward to in the future? Guns DON'T kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, so let's get that str8 right now- A loaded gun can lay on a counter, or table, for days, weeks, months, or years on end, and will NOT kill anyone, BUT...Pick the fucker up, pull the trigger, and it is going to kill someone, someplace, somewhere, sometime.....Common sense will tell some people that, but then again, common sense is a RARE commodity for a lot of people in this day and age, all because of certain circumstances that allow or force people to think the way they do......No doubt in my mind, this was a false flag event, designed to try AGAIN to take people's guns away, and try to get rid of the 2nd amendment-



Reader sends video of Broward County student who says she was leaving the high school with Nicolas Cruz as additional shots were fired
Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 15-Feb-2018 13:44:51

It sounds like Cruz was a pre-selected fall guy, and probably was not involved in the shooting. The young lady apparently accepts the official line that Cruz was a shooter, though she saw no evidence of that at the time, and even in the unlikely event that he was, she is very definite that he was not the only shooter. She did not seem to think it unusual that Cruz was there, despite reports that Cruz had been expelled. In fact she said the problems that Cruz had were in middle school.

I don't have a way to embed this, since the reader did not provide a link to the original 8chan post that contained it, just the link to the video itself. However it should play if you click on it:




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