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Empathic Sensitivity vs Egoic "Sensitivity"

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Empathic Sensitivity vs Egoic "Sensitivity"

*As always, what is written here is meant to be shared.
Blessings. Serena, Lady of the Woods

I am writing again, though my last article I haven't published yet because I have to include the alien theme into it, but it is truly about the vampirism of ones vital essence as I've been referring to it for years.

Sensitivity: Egoic/Survival instinct vs Heart Connectivity to All

Many "people" claim they are "sensitive." We must break this down, what does it mean to be "sensitive" in the first place? It is another abused vague umbrella term to describe a heightened survival mechanism/self protective mechanisms vs a completely different meaning/function of a divine connectivity to all living things.

Empathic Sensitivity vs Egoic "Sensitivity"  Gaia_mandala

They are completely different "sensitivities" derived from completely different sources.

Other true "sensitivities" are emotional, psychic, and spiritual sensitivity all which comprise a vast difference in how they function to what they are sensitive to, which all fall into the category of the "connectivity to all living things". Each one a post on its own.
But I want to focus on the egoic sensitivity which is not a true "sensitivity" but a survival instinct vs the empathic sensitivity which is connectivity, the real one. And this is prime difference and purpose of this post.

Egoic/Hive Mind "Sensitivity"

The egoic "sensitivity" is a fake personality, an imposter of a human being which is all about the self and self preservation, an ''its all about me'' type of being, which functions from the (hive) mind vs the "connectivity to all living things" sensitivity which are true functions of the heart, skin, organs of the entire biology and soul of a true human being and which amounts to a vast variety of senses and purpose of such for cosmic knowledge, oneness, wisdom and the continuation of Divine Life from the micro of self to the macro of the All.

Egoic/narcissistic (and alien) people will say they are sensitive and they are right (in a sense), though they are speaking purely from the ego, and the ego is sensitive to many things that perceives threat to its fake personality (disorder). Mind you some real humans can operate from the ego due to damage and huge fears, traumas and planetary interference, and they are dysfunctional but human. But the egoic/imposter/alien functions from this ego/hive mind because that is all they have and they are the most dangerous. Its complicated and convoluted.

*Note: I do not believe the ego is a bad thing per se, but it is the tool which the un-divine functions from as primary, a tool they have weaponized. Whereas the divine functions and most desires to function as primarily from heart and connectivity. In this post its about ego used as a weaponized tool that is faking "sensitivity".

Keep in mind also if the egoic one has A.D.D. or any other disorder their fake "sensitivity" will be even more exaggerated or more acute. 

They will be "sensitive" indeed, to criticism, scrutiny, lack of worship, honest debate, wiser people, etc etc. You get the point. However, and this is where it can get tricky.....they can and do get emotional and can cry......but take note of what makes them cry.......it will always be something that takes away anything they perceive as theirs, or, pure self pity. Anything that may take away what they feel they "possess" can cause them to get "emotional" and either lash out or cry. This does not mean ''sensitivity/connectivity", it means they are "losing something their mind perceives as theirs" being lost or taken, something that serves them. But it will be about them.
And yes, the ego has emotions though they are all negative based, such as anger, pride, intolerance, self importance, megalomania, blame, frustration, etc etc.....these are negative emotions that belong to the ego only. The heart/soul do not possess these. The heart/soul possess hundreds of refined feelings and emotions of tolerance, receptivity, openness, honest inquiry, forgiveness, altruism, love, joy, kindness.
The egoic (alien) will never question themselves and don't you dare question them either. But they will make you question yourself. Their inner fears will be projected as a hostility and intolerance (and some kind of warning onto you either verbally or energetically/subliminally), and you will regretfully go ''inside and do your inner work''. They can either remain defensive or become fawning depending on situation and relationship.

And so they will be perceived as "sensitive".
They are not true sensitives, they are survivalistically sensitized.
Their "sensitivity" can be and usually is well rehearsed by observation and mimicry.

They will be "sensitive" to anything that may diminish how they are perceived, or anything that may put to their light their self image, whether that image is overly high or overly low, it is usually one or the other. Anything that will expose them as functioning from a purely mental state will make them sensitive. Instinctively they are aware it is a lesser state. Anyone who criticizes what they do, will make them "sensitized", but it is not a true sensitivity. All this is the function, a mechanism of the ego for self protection. It is a Self Protective Alarm System, SPAS, that alerts them to anything that may expose them as something that is purely mental/egoic/narcissistic (alien), and not as being of the divine/oneness/heart.
This egoic "sensitivity" is obvious when you pay attention and listen with knowledge of these vast differences, with what you are dealing with.

They can be tested and I highly recommend this.

Are you speaking to an egoic talking head or are you speaking to a loving empathic being who is connected to all things? You must know who/what you are dealing with or it can cost you a great deal of suffering. And this is one reason why empathic abilities are traits of real human beings. WE must get smart about this. Its taken me decades to start seeing this for what it is. I have been too slow.

These egoic ones are operating from a survival instinct that is self protective as well as being incognito.......though again, for perfect "plausible deniability" which is explained in my article coming up......they are not fully aware that they are working in hiding. It is unconscious instinct, survival instinct. Something they lack must not be discovered so this survival instinct is well hidden and well protected and well disguised. They need you, you don't need them. But they can't tell you what they're after.
Depending on how much they have to hide will reflect on how "sensitized" they are to being discovered......or to what lengths they will go to, to remain hidden, or to what lengths they will go to threaten whoever threatens them. If they are psychopathic they can threaten your life. Or if they are "merely" narcissistic they will resort to cunning stealth abuses. They're programmed to be able to, in a nano second, strategize how they can and will crush you in some way. They can go from an outwardly "behaviorally loving" person, to a "I will crush you" intolerance to inquiry. But in no way will they allow any perceived threat large or diminutive go unpunished. They can go from being the "do gooder" to the one who will not stop at anything to destroy who got in the way of their stealth acquisition.
They are easily brought to aggression, insult, and indignation if you question even the slightest thing they say to you whether it be fact, or even opinion. To feign "respect" they can appear to tolerate a difference of opinion by blowing you off quietly. Or not quietly. They have no inner authenticity.
All that enters their mind is perceived as data to be processed in their goal of self preservation.
The hive mind is akin to the borg, assimilate and destroy.

The hive mind thrives on thoughts of survival and anyone who can contribute to them.
The connected one thrives in feeling connected and QUALITY of life.
The hive mind thinks.
The connected one feels.

 Connectivity To All Living Things Sensitivity

The real "sensitive" ones possess, and rightly so, a sensitivity to all living things that is inclusive by the nature of their love. They will be sensitive about what they hear on the news, they can be upset or disturbed about events in a friends life, they can be sensitive to animals, plants, trees, the weather, solar storms, everything and all of these things in their experience of life will affect them and change them....why? because there is something wrong with them (as narcissists will say) ? NO, because there is something right with them. These are beings CONNECTED, and they are connected because their soul is connected to all living things, plants, animal, human (or non human), anything that lives and breathes, they will be sensitive to, responsive to and have feelings for and with. The egoic one will not, they will only have feelings for themselves and those who can serve them in some way. They can even appear to serve you, in order to have something from you which ultimately serves them, even if it is merely you make them look good. And truly they use you as an arm piece or partner up with you somehow for exactly that reason for who will suspect them of being an imposter when an authentic is by their side? They will help you because they have something to gain from it.

True "sensitivity" is the hallmark sign of a true humane being, not merely human, but humane. These sensitivities comprised of hundreds or thousands of super fine diaphanous network of connections, are the natural state of being, it is what makes us a part of a ubiquitous grandiosity, a greater whole and which gives us many wonderful feelings of being creative and beautiful, a benevolent force of life with other life forms, to helping us to feel we are not alone. So quickly you ask, then why do we feel so alone? Because we are outnumbered by a vast population of fake ''people'' who do not possess senses of true "sensitivity", who live from the hive survivalist mind and who are in fact vampiric of the inner connectivity web that is the gossamer plasmic fabric of life that weaves all the living ones together. And they are destroying that......individually unconsciously but collectively, consciously, synergistically, where the greater numbers of them increase their noxious effects upon the whole.
The connected one knows it possesses authenticity and inner wisdom and wants to share it but will wait for someone to be interested and ask. They do not impose their beliefs or knowledge, they wait for receptive sharing. They are gentle in how they handle others thoughts and feelings, considering the effect they will have on others and this requires true sensitivity.

Disclaimer: Not All Humans Will Be Empaths And So Caution Must Be Used To Discern

Not every humane being is empathic. And not all true humans are sensitive either because those functions can be shut down. So they are living in a diminished state.
Empathy is however, the natural ability of true humans and so many are still evolving in re-possessing this ability. Some are bereft of empathy for many reasons from being closed off which can be self imposed or imposed by others, to interference from trauma, to a closing down the heart, to sinister frequencies being broadcast onto the earth, etc etc. So while you may be organically empathic, you have been shut down, or will reclaim these abilities of empathy for reconnection when it is understood what you are dealing with and you willingly do work to retrieve it. If you do so, you will be armed against what seeks to parasite from you.
Awareness and self healing can turn empathy on, I believe, if there is a true desire heartfully and cellularly to be reunited to all living things, which is a beautiful thing in a beautiful world of love and self love. Admittedly it is no fun on this planet, or in this plane of existence I should say but when you find other empaths, the sharing is intensely wonderful and far exceeds any apparent exchange.
It is however the best tool we have to learn about what has infested this world, all the fake people who live here, imposters of humanity, whilst equally the best tool to learn about the beauty of what it means to be a true humane being and all the magnanimosity that comes with being humane, connected to all Life both on planet and off.

Empaths and sensitives are the canary in the mine. The canary in the mine is the way shower.....is the warming system for those who are clueless about what is all around them. What you can't smell or sense, the sensitive canary does. Listen carefully to and cherish that sensitive canary.

Posted by  Lady of the Woods

Thanks to: http://serenaladyofthewoods.blogspot.com


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