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STAR WARS 9: 'End of the Force' by TS Caladan

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1STAR WARS 9: 'End of the Force' by TS Caladan Empty STAR WARS 9: 'End of the Force' by TS Caladan on Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:43 am


STAR WARS 9: 'End of the Force'

by TS Caladan

[author's note: If I am disappointed in a movie or series that is special to me, I challenge myself: Can I write something better? Google 'TS Caladan' with the titles: 'Diamond Eye' for a new James Bond film, 'The Engineers,' for a Prometheus sequel, 'Bladerunners,' 'Men of Steel,' 'Starwalkers,' for a Star Trek parody as well as 'Orville.' Also, look up 'TRONA.' Now, here's how I would have written Star Wars #9].

[opening scroll]:

     The Light Side of the Force can no longer utilize Kyber crystals as a power source. Dark Side is no longer fueled by Diorite crystals. Fighters, blasters and light-sabers of both sides do not function.
     Under orders from the giant Snoke, the Sith develop another alternative energy source from rubies. Dark Side war-factories return to production and create laser-weaponry. The Sith once more threaten an imbalance in the Force.
     As a galaxy prepares for a new wave of war...
     A special family reunites on a water-world within a strange dimension of White Space: a 'theatre' stage that determines future reality...
STAR WARS 9: 'End of the Force' by TS Caladan 5aabb9404c1b8

     Luke Skywalker called it: "Manduhar." His secret hideaway. No one was supposed to know that Manduhar existed. The water-world of a million islands had a diameter of 873,422 miles. The Super-Planet was merely one of an astronomical number of 'rogue" planets, and a relatively small one at that. A bright, infinite universe, more like a dimension, contained the Super-Planets.
     Space was WHITE, filled with light and energy and frequencies and glowed brilliantly. Suns, stars were not needed for life to thrive - yet, oddly, there was no life in the infinite dimension of titanic, rogue planets...
     Until a young Luke Skywalker, fell through a "rabbit-hole" or time/space rift and discovered an entire world to play with~

     In another universe altogether, the Great Bendu of the Grey opened its tired eyes. The neutral giant of the Force had existed since the beginning of time. The grey, un-charged creature received an important message from the Nine Whills. An audience had been granted. The Great Bendu wondered: "Why? Why now? After all this time?"

     War-factories, weapon-production facilities, under the control of the Sith, pumped out reasonably effective methods of death and destruction based on the energy of rubies. Fighters, drones and blasters were the first weapons that rolled off robotic assembly lines. Bigger, better means of annihilation were promised in future for the Dark Side.
     Alliance systems and Ranger forces had been attacked on numerous fronts. Stations were 'dead.' Useless vehicles and countless colonial lives were lost because:
     The Light Side failed to develop a new power source in time.
STAR WARS 9: 'End of the Force' by TS Caladan 5aabb94933c8a

     Blue-skinned Admiral Thrawn in white and gold uniform, was once more perched on a Sith cruiser's observation deck. The victorious Admiral again was alone and communed with his faint 'aura' and Master, the giant Snoke.
     The Admiral laughed a deep laugh as he and Snoke witnessed Sith battalions, with intense red lasers, that plowed through and decimated fleets of Ranger and Alliance ships in space. Thrawn expected high praise for the war-effort and immanent defeat of their enemy. He couldn't wait and said to the giant: "My Lord! You may not be aware of the latest reports from our Mystics. They have confirmed, before our agents, the blue pulsar that we feared would turn the world into pacifists. You know, the one we failed to destroy?"
     Snoke was very upset. The creature of dark shadows shouted: "Yes! It beats bloody crimson now! The galaxy will feel its ill-effects in time. This is supposed to please me?"
     The Admiral was supremely confused. His eyes enlarged, "M'Lord. If you will enlighten me? Why are you...?"
     Snoke angrily explained, "Because if you insects knew anything? NONE of this matters in the balance! All that matters is: Will the girl turn or will she not?"
     "What girl?"

     Po Dameron ran toward his Z-Wing fighter upon the station's launch bay. He wore a dark blue flight-suit and white helmet. The man received his orders and prepared for a test: How well will the new ship respond adapted to "battery" power?
     Ranger fleets were stranded, offenses were powerless. Alliance scientists developed an "electric" source of energy. In time (Alliance did not have), space-crafts that served the Light would move again, but not soon. Rangers were months away from large-scale production of electric weapons and power systems.
     Po charged his Z-Wing. The vehicle blasted off the launch bay with 80% of its normal power. Dameron called in to the station com-center that was surrounded by 80% of its usual shields. "Sluggish. I would describe the feel. Responds slow..."
     "Copy that," replied Ranger Tico over the radio monitor. "Try the hyper-drive."
     "I was about to." The pilot hit the switch.
     After a momentary delay, the fighter streaked at warp exactly as it would have with Kyber crystals.
     The monitor suggested, "I wouldn't tax the turbos too much, not initially. I'd bring it home, Ranger."
     "Will do, Rose." 
     Dameron brought the craft out of hyperspace, abruptly...
     When he did, the vessel happened to have been close to a small moon with a Sith outpost.
     "Oh, shit! Great luck, Po." the man said to himself. He immediately struck the switch for 'hyper' and...and...nothing! Po hit it again and realized he'd have to wait a bit for warp-speed. Then...
     He noticed a movement from the dark outpost.
     A single Sith fighter, from a whole squadron of stationary fighters, powered up and sped toward him.
     "Not good." Po tried normal sub-light and it functioned. "Good." His ship accelerated and was followed by the Sith vessel. "Well. I have some power. Sending only one ship? I see they've underestimated me. Ah. Ha. Now. If I can only find a few rocks to hide behind? I can whack'm with 80%."
     The fighters traded wild weapons-fire: deep red power beams from the Sith and yellow rays from the Ranger. They missed.
     There were more energy blasts as they approached a group of meteors.

     Later. In another star system, a black garrison of Sith starships aligned. Behind Admiral Thrawn's fleet were 187 drones. Many tested their ruby weapons and randomly fired. When the death-devices were in proper order and ready...
     The war-Admiral gave the signal and a message to his top, military advisor: an orange Darwig. He smiled and said: "There's no such thing as over-kill."
     The massive black fleet uniformly vanished into hyperspace. The whereabouts of Luke Skywalker's "little hideaway" was universally known by the Dark Side. 
     Admiral Thrawn thought, "Why not send our warships to destroy the island and also acquire an infinite universe in the process? Another world to conquer, eh?"
     Snoke's energy was pleased. The aura around Thrawn echoed, "Good work, Admiral. The world tilts our way."
     "Finally." Thrawn smiled in relief.

     Phasma, in her green-armored suit, yelled, "Let me introduce you to the KILLER! You boys wanted to find her...and now, you have! Meet Morta. Ah, ha, ha, haaaa."
     Morta (Rey) wore a tight, black jumpsuit and leaped off the water-vehicle. She landed onshore in one great stride.
     Phasma jumped also. She was right behind Morta.
     Fire was in their eyes. Both brunette and blonde ignited powerful, ruby, light-sabers!
     'Bwaaaang!' 'Bwaanngg!'
     Scarred Morta's crazy first words were: "Hi, Uncle Luke! Who's the kid?"
     The deadly scarlet beams extended to six feet in length. There was going to be a war after all...
[One more reminder that Ben Solo is played by actor Ryan Gosling and not actor Adam Driver].
     Ben Solo immediately pulled a piso-electric blaster from his belt he'd saved for a time when "power was down." He looked at Morta and recognized the gorgeous girl from his dreams and projections. Phasma's face was unknown to the Ranger. Ben turned to Luke and asked a question he should have asked earlier, "Uncle Luke. Where's your light-saber?"
     Skywalker was tense and in a combative stance. He replied, "Do you remember seeing me with one since I've returned?"
     Ben said, "Ah. No. Huh. Odd."
     Luke expressed, "They're useless."
     "Ours aren't, lover," Plasma commented.
     The ladies swung their weapons again. 'Wooooaanngg!' 'Wwooaaannggg!'
     The four participants prepared for battle.
     The ladies lunged forward.
     Ben fired his blaster.
     Every yellow ray was deflected by the two red beams, absorbed.
     Luke was lost in thoughts and stood motionless.
     More blasts were blocked by the two sabers, which created weird sounds. 'Treennngg!' 'Traaasssss!' 'Treaanngg!'
     Ben's blaster was spent. He pulled the trigger again and again. Nothing came out of the barrel.
     Phasma screamed: "Let's END this!" She charged ahead to slice Luke to pieces.
     Skywalker raised his hands. Out of his hands, shot powerful, blue-energy bolts! They smashed into the gals with such force, they were tossed into the ocean of Manduhar.
     Luke turned to his nephew and stated, "We don't use the Force, Ben. We are the Force."
     Phasma and Morta ran back to the grass beach. They were wet and mad.
     Luke remembered a distant dream that wasn't a dream. He remembered Phasma when she was much younger, smaller and beautiful. He was rocked to the core when he realized Phasma was Ova and exactly who Rey (Morta) was.
      Phasma raised her hand and stopped Morta who intended to attack the bearded man. The woman eased the girl's mind. Phasma turned to Luke and asked, "You sure you want to show the boy everything, lover?"
     Luke's blue eyes stared into Morta's angry, blue eyes. They were the same. He answered Phasma with, "She'll know too. She'll know the truth about you, Phasma. What YOU did when you were...Ova. She'll know everything!" Luke turned to the young girl. "You're not Morta. I gave you your name. Your name is REY!"
     Ben remained dazed and expressed, "Rey? Luke? No one supposed to be here in this whole bloody universe, but us. How'd they get here? Who are they?"


     A bizarre pause had happened for a number of reasons:
1.  The extreme, 4-way psychic encounter of related minds~
2.  The clear, pink, 7-sided, Diorite crystal rods that had grown to more than 20 feet in height over the isle's grasslands~
3.  Destiny~
4. The strange dimension of no star systems and only White Space~
5.  The will of the Whills~
     Luke, Phasma, Rey and Ben's minds contained true [and false] memories and psychic thoughts. Each had the answers for the others in mental pictures. Their minds collided and were one collective mind.

     First. From Ova, an incredible dream-memory was viewed by all. A very young and beautiful Ova, slowly, ever so slowly, paddled a sleek watercraft along calm waters with a long oar under a white sky. She was directed (through the micro-wormhole) to this place by the Dark Side. She was directed from the other side of the galaxy to her first encounter with Luke Skywalker, ages ago.
STAR WARS 9: 'End of the Force' by TS Caladan 5aabe7b91b16e

     The image of slim Ova, the Siren, as she casually paddled along miles of a clear ocean, got smaller and smaller. She neared shoreline in the distance. A large, faint energy-aura, nearly 30 feet high, was seen around the dark figure. The outline was the outline of the giant Snoke, the motivator. The giant from another dimension possessed an avatar in the 'game.' Her name was Ova.

     Second. From Ben Solo, fantastic thoughts of anger and rage! There was Rey, Jakku scavenger, the wanted mystery girl of magic, 'killer of his mother and father!' She was beautiful, even with the scar. She wanted to kill him!
     Ben desperately wanted to "destroy her spirit."

     Third. From Rey or Morta, she was given or partially understood, for the first time, who actually abandoned the very young child on Jakku and who her parents really were. She and the others viewed:
     The inside of a Sith transport ship. The girl saw the real face of the pilot. Luke did not deposit her "like garbage" without the least bit of concern for her...her mother did. Luke's face as 'transporter' pilot changed to Phasma's face as pilot.
     The vision revealed the evil face that was Ova's laughing face. She had not yet become 'Phasma,' tool and one Hand of the giant Snoke.
     "Mother?" Rey expressed in shock.
     All four were stunned at the revelations. One more vision, a timeless flashback of reality mixed in their minds, before any more fighting happened...

     Fourth. From Luke Skywalker, long before he was a full Jedi warrior, before he discovered his quiet, tranquil, universe of white contemplation, he called Manduhar. The four of them viewed:
     Young Luke left Dantooine in the Millennium Falcon. Only R2D2 was onboard. Days ago, he'd turned off the auto-aim device, used his own inner (blue) Force and destroyed Darth Vader's Death Star. He remained 'high' from the fresh experience. It wasn't everyday that one 'saved the day,' shattered the Empire and brought a ray of light and hope to the galaxy.
     Luke hit the 'hyper-drive' and the Falcon departed sub-space in a brilliant flash. He wanted (pulled) to explore a certain sector of uncharted space. He didn't know why. Hardly anything happened within a region of a trillion miles. Very few creatures or colonies were in the remote area.
     The Falcon returned to normal space in another part of the galaxy, a dull one. 
     "What calls me?" Luke asked no one.
     He received a reply from R2. It was an unexpected and very strange thought: 'Bwee tree too bweeet!' ("Fate seeks Child of Destiny").
     Luke was puzzled by the droid's response. He replied, "Child of Destiny? I am? Hmm. Maybe I am?" He smiled, proud of himself.
     It was perfectly natural for early Jedi Skywalker to trust his feelings. He was unsure why he traversed through an extraordinarily boring and unpopular sector.
     "There must be a reason I'm here," he whispered to himself. He scratched his clean-shaved face.
     Luke's next thoughts were of his buddy, Han. He and Leia were altogether entirely too close, as far as he was concerned. He loved the Princess also. Skywalker couldn't get the girl out of his mind, her wonderful spirit and beautiful body.
     Luke believed: The future held the 'key.' All will be known, in time.
     "Weee woooo!" ("There's a...") R2 transmitted...
     The Millennium Falcon struck an invisible phenomenon directly in its path: a micro-wormhole! The spherical rift, doorway, corridor or vortex, changed the spaceship's trajectory and, basically, the whole universe itself...
     Instantly, the spacecraft, Skywalker and R2 were flung into a super-bright dimension, which didn't exist as a part of the galaxy they'd just left.
     "R2! Where are we?"
     The blue and silver 'canister' rotated its top portion. Lights flashed. It bounced a few times. It squealed loud, electronic sounds that Luke interpreted as...
     "Lost! Could be alternate dimension? Different physics. No suns! No solar systems!"
     Luke replied, "That's weird. Oh. Hey. Can we get back?" Luke had faith in the 'little guy.' His voice contained no fear.
     In so many bleeps and beeps, R2 informed him: "I have a fix on the wormhole. It's stable. We can return to same point in space and time, anytime."
     "Wonderful." Luke relaxed. Then he quickly got excited, yelped loudly with joy and confidence as if he'd won another great victory. He asked himself, "Could this be a priceless treasure, meant only for me? Child of Destiny. Ha. Well. I wanted to explore now, didn't I, R2?"
     'Weeet!' ("For sure").
     Luke examined the view and the monitor screens. "All right. Let's see what's out here?"
     Sensors onboard the Falcon recorded an infinite universe completely unheard of and unbelievable. No suns, no distant star systems, nebulae or phenomena of any kind in the entire dimension or whatever it was! Space itself was lit! Light, frequencies, magnetism and flows of full EM spectrums of energy were everywhere~ Space seemed excited, alive and busted with power and resonance!
     Pioneer Luke's New World went on forever and contained a large number of scattered, "rogue" planets that travelled random, chaotic courses. Suns were unnecessary if space was LIGHT. The universe was not a black, empty vacuum.   The universe was White Space, bright and filled with super-power.
     Luke noticed an oddity on a monitor screen, one more mystery. From nearby scans to distant scans, there was absolutely no signs of intelligent life. Very strange. Why all the space if there was no life anywhere to enjoy it? Luke Skywalker felt very alone; he had an entire universe all to himself.
     Luke was also ecstatic when he realized this brilliant realm stood outside-of-time. Skywalker could actually experience more time, add time to his life if he stayed here and did not go back, completely separate from the frozen/static universe he came from.
     The Falcon veered toward one of the rogue mega-planets, as if it knew its destination. They inconspicuously soft-landed on one of a million small isles. This particular one had green grass beaches, pink crystals and stone ruins! Why this tiny isle?" Out of millions of islands, isles and continents, Fate brought him here.   Why? Luke asked himself. Because there were ancient ruins?
     Luke and R2 exited the Falcon's door, near the grass shoreline and a stone pathway.
     White light shone down from above.
     "Ruins? Thought I was alone? Anyone here, R2?"
     "Zeeeet!' R2's scans resulted in zero life.
     Luke stepped upon the crude road of a lost civilization. He took more steps. He followed the road to wherever it led, under a light that never darkened.
     R2D2 followed next to the Jedi, along the grass contours and not the road.
     Luke felt as if he was in a fantasyland. He expressed, "Perfect place to think and meditate. Ha. My kingdom! Sir Luke. Ha." Luke pulled out his light-saber.
     The blue light was green. It surprised the young man. "Green? It was never green before? What does green mean?"
     Luke sliced a few of the horizontal track of trimmed stones. They easily broke apart, ahead of him, as if made from a soft substance. "Khybers still work in this world, I see." He pushed the button and the intense emerald beam disappeared. He returned the weapon to his belt.
     Skywalker asked, "R2. So it's Fate...we will meet?"
     Later. The granite path took Luke and the droid to a grove of crystal formations, not far from a serene lagoon. In the background, on other hills, were other clusters of the same pink, mineral rods, only not as large as the grouping that attracted the sensitive Jedi.
     Luke believed the mineral was a cloudy Rose Quartz because of the pink in the whiteness (matrix). But he never knew of a Rose crystal that grew in 7-sided rods before. There were blue waters, green grasses, white skies and pale-pink crystal rods 10 feet high. Bizarre.
     Skywalker gave a small order to R2: "Dear friend. Would you mind terribly...returning to the ship? I think...I think I want to be alone here, R2? Okay?"
     R2 was surprised and tweeted: 'Wooooo.' It didn't see that coming. The good, little droid obeyed and rolled along the grass surface, back the way they came.
     "Don't get lost, now! Ha."
     When R2 couldn't be heard by Luke, it tweeted to itself the equivalent of: "Want to be alone? We couldn't BE more alone!"
     Time passed.
     Many thoughts circled Luke's mind. Questions. What was this place? Who cut the stones? Was it Deja vu? Had he been here before in a passed life? If the whole dimension was mega-hidden, incredibly secluded, remote, unknown to a soul? "How could I've been here before?"
     "You were. We were here before. A very long time ago." Suddenly a young and tender, lady's voice answered Luke's question.
     How could his Jedi senses have not been aware that a gorgeous, blonde girl with a perfect, young body, with hardly any clothes on, paddled her way to shore on a narrow watercraft via a long, thin oar? She had big, green eyes.
     Skywalker jumped three feet into the air. His deep serenity was pleasantly disturbed. Who was this beautiful girl? Was she a vision? A dream? Was she real? Did he conjure her into being with his mind? How could anyone be in this place, of all places? Scans showed that no one was on any of the giant planets in this bright universe.
     She dropped the oar down upon clear, rhythmic waves.
     The long, thin, gondola watercraft eased into the grass beach, gently.
     The waif from heaven stepped on land and walked closer, slowly, seductively. Emerald eyes looked into azure eyes. She declared, "It's you."
     Luke was amazed. Did he recognize her from a different time, long ago?
     Both were immediately in love.
     The girl perfectly mirrored the instant attraction. She smiled. (Luke knew) She was Fate. He was here for her.
     It took seconds. Luke remembered what the girl said. He repeated: "We've been here before?" 
     The angel bathed in white light from above. She replied, "Yes. I have much to tell you, Luke. Ha." She laughed an innocent laugh. She hugged and kissed him, passionately.
     Luke was extremely happy. He smiled wildly like a crazed youngling. "I don't know your name. What's your name?"
     Her pretty, red lips smiled again. She once more kissed him hard. She broke from the kiss and answered: "Ova."
     Skywalker again indulged his feelings and responded just as passionately as she did.
     They grabbed at each other's clothes and tore them off. On a grass beach, under white skies, next to a grove of pale/pink crystals, Luke and Ova made love...
     When everyone's vision cleared and they saw what was in front of them in the now...
     "Morta!" Phasma yelled to her daughter. It was as if the woman's magic spell on the girl had been broken.
     Rey shouted back, "Get away from me you, bitch! You set me up! What kind o' mother have YOU been?"
     "Ah." Phasma ignited her laser-saber. 'Bwwaaaanngg!' The deadly beam was blood red.
     Rey smiled at Luke for the first time. She threw her saber to him and said with knowledge, feelings and affection, "Here! Father!"
     Luke smoothly caught the weapon and smiled back at the girl, warmly.
     Ben just realized, "Father?"
     Luke told Ben, psychically: She didn't kill your mother and father. She wasn't even the saboteur!
     Solo was surprised and exhaled, "Really?"
     "Show her, Ova. Show your daughter how you set her up!" Luke insisted. He made a fist.
     Snoke's puppet expressed, "Why not?" The woman touched a button that initiated the head part of her green, metal suit. It was holographic. Phasma changed the image to a number of faces (that included Luke) and then stopped on Rey's face.
     "Ben," Luke asked. "...What assassin would leave a trace of her face? Unless..."
     Solo finished the statement: "Unless she wanted us to see it."
     "Aah!" Rey was outraged. Her mother had been against her and used her the whole time. The girl threw her arms out and punched the air. The non-contact punch landed.
     Phasma was jolted backward, knocked to the ground with a sore chin. She rubbed the side of her face, Rey's face. Her weapon flew out of her hand and turned off. Phasma turned off the head-hologram and the face of the leader of the stormtroopers returned. The woman jumped to her feet in a flash. She screamed, "It's not over!" The laser-saber sprang back into her hands and ignited. 'Bwaang!' She turned to Ben. "To my nephew, the Ranger...your best friend. Your best friend is dead!"
     "What?" Ben responded in fear.

     Ranger Po Dameron flew his battery-powered Z-Wing into an asteroid field. His fighter was followed closely by a black Sith fighter.
     Inside the cockpit of the Sith vessel, a top stormtrooper pushed the trigger on his toggle and fired red lasers at the moving target. He wore black armor. "Finn" rose quickly up the ranks. He was Phasma's pride and joy. He had the most 'kills' among fighter pilots. Finn loved the sport of Alliance extermination. "Haa!"
     Po's ship was struck again. Shields were down to 20%. He was sure his fighter wouldn't survive another hit. The Ranger bobbed and weaved between asteroids with great skill. At each twist and turn, the Sith craft maintained a close pursuit.
     Finn's fighter was fully-charged, while the Ranger's ship was nearly out of power.
     Po couldn't help it; his ship stalled. The wild chase in-between a cluster of rocks in space terminated.
     Finn's ship blasted Po's fighter and caused a brilliant, colorful explosion. Ranger and ship disintegrated into zillions of small particles.

     In real time, back on a small isle of the Manduharan ocean, in a universe of White Space...
     Ben Solo collapsed on the grass beach. He felt the death of his good friend a short time after he felt the death of his father, light-years away, in a weird dimension.
     Phasma wasn't the horrible Viper behind everything. She was only the "Hand" of the horrible Viper behind everything.
     Luke comforted a shaken Ben and placed a gentle hand on the boy's head. The action only delayed his anger.
     Rey stared into the eyes of Luke and Ben. She also saw rage and anger in front of her. She wanted to kill, murder her mother!
     Ben got to his feet. He looked straight up at the white sky and sensed...
     The four of them were not alone.
     Something approached from high above.
     Phasma grinned at the three, who were now solidly against her. "Ah. Told you...it's not over!" she shouted.
     Luke's strong mind asked Rey and Ben: Would you handle the problem?
     Their minds silently asked him: How?
     Master Jedi answered: With your powers, of course.
     Ben and Rey smiled, lovingly, at each other as if they were brother and sister. Actually, they were cousins. At the same time, they leaped into the electrified air and easily flew fast like excited 'fire-birds.'
     Luke turned and faced his old lover he'd forgotten. He'd also forgotten about Rey, under the witch's spell. He even named the future-child. Luke remotely knew or felt the birth of his daughter, yet remained completely unaware of her existence.
     [Dark, cloudy blemish in the pink crystal matrix faded into clarity].
     Luke imagined: Aunt Leia would have loved Rey.
     "So...we're alone?" the wrinkled 'snake' of a woman said, seductively. "Here. At the end of the Rainbow, where it all began?"
     Luke replied, "You mean, the end of the Force?"
     Phasma went forward to embrace him. She stopped when Luke stepped backward.
     "Get away from me, hag!" Skywalker shouted in anger.
     Phasma swung her laser-saber in front of his face. 'Bwaannngg!'
     Luke tightened his fist. He crushed the silver handle of the weapon and destroyed it, like he did the other one.
     "No!" she cried. It fell to the ground.
     "Now it's over," Luke told her with authority.
     Ben Solo and Rey Skywalker flew through whiteness like a super-man and a super-girl.
     The aperture or event horizon of Luke's micro-wormhole into the bright world of rogue planets, was quite small. They understood that Admiral Thrawn and the massive Sith armada couldn't penetrate the stable rift. Only the smallest of drones fit through the tiny corridor in space.
     Ben and Rey were exhilarated! They had great fun as they used their telekinetic powers and smashed drone after drone that entered the micro-wormhole. They produced piles and piles of Sith rubble in the charged atmosphere.
     Minutes passed...
     Squadrons of black drones were pulverized by two strong wielders of self-power. All 187 of the death-machines were blasted into little pieces!
     The sight of the beautiful boy and girl was fantastic. They glided through the air with grace and elegance. Ben and Rey kissed in mid-flight. Then. They flew back down to the grass isle of crystals and stones.

     Nine ancient, amorphous entities or 'travelers' and 'recorders' known on higher planes as "Whills," have gathered at a time of galactic equinox. A very special time of perfect balance...
     And perfect destruction.
STAR WARS 9: 'End of the Force' by TS Caladan 5aabb95dabbc2
STAR WARS 9: 'End of the Force' by TS Caladan 5aabb98dc76d1

     The Whills held a private audience with the Great Bendu of the Grey. From the beginning of Time, the neutral creature in the Middle had to realize the inevitable, ultimate resolution (or de-resolution)? Time of the Bendu must end.
     The old Bendu materialized via teleportation within a mystic circle drawn by the audience of the Nine.
     Twenty-seven eyes opened and 'listened' intently to the esteemed 'neutron balance.'
     One of the Nine telepathically communicated: You must accept your oblivion. Your fate, Bendu.
     "Why must I?"
     Another Whill imposed the thought: Your sacrifice is necessary. War of Polarities must cease, for everyone's stability.
     Ancient Bendu acted like a frightened child. It knew of Snoke's fate. The Grey felt the icy chill of oblivion and feared. It feared for the first time. It asked, "Why? You will tear me apart!"
     A Nine thought: There will be no you to tear apart, Bendu.
     The creature pleaded, "Nothing...in-between?"
     A somber Whill expressed: Nothing in-between.
     The great Bendu slowly saw the light and changed to acceptance. It had a good/bad, balanced life. It stated to the small crowd, "Nothing will be a new experience for me. Good-..."
     It was gone.

     The universe divided, copied and, similar to an amoeba, reproduced! Two universes broke away from the other easily, seamlessly, painlessly. One parallel world was matter and the opposite (mirrored) world was anti-matter. One world contained the dominant, military might of the Sith Empire with a Deathstar, plus a Republic of rebels and a red pulsar of hate at its heart. The other universe glowed brighter, was more colorful, had no 'star wars,' but did have a Life-Sphere and a blue pulsar of love at its heart.

     In the blue world, at the moment, Luke rested on a hill among flowers that overlooked waterfalls and an ocean of another planet, his new home ("Shera Prime"). Skies were purple. Grass was green. The air was clean.
     Wrinkled, bearded Luke felt young again. He was very pleased how everything turned out in the end. He knew it would somehow work. Skywalker looked over to another hilltop across the way:
     There, Ben and Rey played with R2 and tossed the BB8 shells to each other in absolute joy. R2 didn't complain and enjoyed being tossed about. The cousins got along, splendidly. They weren't Supers anymore; they couldn't fly or use telekinesis. No more Force.
STAR WARS 9: 'End of the Force' by TS Caladan 5aabb9916293a

     A person slowly approached Luke from behind. He was a small person and leaned up against a rock. The blonde child smiled and surprised Luke with the words: "May the Energy be with you, Luke."
     Skywalker was startled. He quickly got up and turned toward the boy. "My God."
     The child laughed. "Ha, ha. Not even close." Anakin Skywalker also rose to his feet. He smiled up at his son. His appearance totally confused Luke. Anakin wore the robes he wore in the beginning. There was no blue energy-aura as Luke had seen around Master Yoda and Obi-wan. The child was ALIVE!
     Luke sputtered and choked a bit. "F-Father. How can it be you? You're alive. It's like...you're my son."

STAR WARS 9: 'End of the Force' by TS Caladan 5aabb99580541
     "Ha. Ah, I was, Luke. Recorder-crystals have our personal histories and much more. And. I was your enemy. Ben was my father. She (Rey) was my mother, and your mother. In one life, you and Leia weren't siblings; you were married. And on and on it went, ha."
     Anakin hugged his son. He seriously explained, "Also intricately, intimately connected to our...our family. Ah. Here. At the end of the Rainbow."
     "Huh?" Luke had tears in his eyes. He profoundly felt every word.
     They both understood. Old Luke and young Anakin embraced and cried in each other's arms.
     "Tell me...everything, father."
     "Of course. Now I can. There's time," the child replied.
     "Good." Luke was even happier than he was before. He asked in wonder:
"What happened to the world, father?"
     Anakin let go of the hug and told him, "Imagine taking a magical potion and dividing into two people, good and bad. The universe split in two, son. This is the good place."
     Luke smiled and expressed, "Home."
     "Oh. Wait! Another surprise for you..."
     "What?" Luke asked. What could be next?
     "Wait until you see who's coming to the Bluvato dinner tonight, son."
     Both laughed big laughs and embraced again.
     In a minute, Anakin changed his expression. "Luke. I have something serious to tell you."
     Skywalker paused and lost his sweet face. His blues eyes got larger. For a few seconds, he worried. "Damn. What is it?" Then he heard his father's words:
     "You've not only saved me, son. Now. You've also saved your daughter. Luke. You weren't the Child of Destiny. She was."
     Luke smiled and held his father's hand.

     From the other hilltop, across the way...
     Ben and Rey finished the 'droid toss' and walked over to the porch of their dwelling. The cousins were in love and understood other lifetimes where their souls had intimately intertwined.
     They sat down, relaxed, kissed and laughed.

STAR WARS 9: 'End of the Force' by TS Caladan 5aabb99a11f2e
     "Rey. Do you see that?"
     The girl's face turned from his face and spied across the valley. "Huh! That's odd, wouldn't you say, Ben? I wonder who the little boy is with uncle Luke? Looks familiar, almost. You know?"
     Ben responded: "Ah. No. No I don't."
     R2D2 had the last word: 'Bweeeeet!'

The End of TS Caladan's Star Wars trilogy, #7, #8 & #9.

Author's analysis of 'A New Threat,' 'Balance of Power' & 'End of the Force'

     My version 'borrowed' elements from 'The Force Awakens,' such as...
1. Luke Skywalker had gone missing on an isle of an ocean-planet. My view had him on a very different planet and in a different world. Unlike the theatrical film, my Luke was in most of Star Wars #7, #8 & #9. Luke shared a number of scenes with Han and Ben Solo.
2. Rey, desert-scavenger from Jakku, was Luke's daughter, but we only discover that fact in the climactic scene of the third film (story). Rey's character was changed into an 'instrument' of the Dark Side: a lost soul who needed redemption.
3. [Ryan Gosling & not Adam Driver]. Ben was Han and Leia's son, but there was never a Kylo or the 'Knights of Wren.' Ben Solo's dark character was changed into a heroic one, who was successfully trained by Luke on the ways of the Jedi.
4. In my story, Leia Solo is killed off quickly - a murder mystery that sets the events in motion. She was never a 'General' or held political office since Ben's birth. She was always there for the special boy and greatly helped in Ben's successful training and use of the Light Side.
5. Phasma in green armor, head of Sith stormtroopers, played a vital role in my story. By the end of the trilogy, we learn that Phasma (Ova), at a young age, seduced Luke, who had 'forgotten' the experience. Skywalker eventually realizes Rey is his daughter and Phasma is Rey's mother.
6. George Lucas created the "Whills," chroniclers of the Star Wars universe. This version had the Whills as the Fates that determined future events or reality. The Grey Bendu in the Middle ('Clone Wars') was shown in two scenes.

     George Lucas often stated in interviews: "Star Wars wasn't about spaceships and aliens, it was a soap opera about the Skywalker family."
     The new dynamic of Rey as Luke and Phasma's daughter is intriguing. Her parentage is clearly answered at the end. Phasma or Ova's evil influence, which was Snoke's evil influence, had always been a part of the girl. Rey realized her mother set her up as Leia and Han's assassin and #1 Enemy of the Alliance as well as the saboteur.
     Ben Solo sees Rey as the 'girl of his dreams' and as the killer, until he understands the truth. He comes to know that Rey was innocent.
     Rey was made to believe Luke abandoned her on Jakku, when it was really Phasma, her mother.
     Since there have been such emphasis on Death Stars and Planet-Killers, I wanted to create the opposite: What is a Life Star and how could it be achieved? I took a natural, blue pulsar in space and secretly enhanced it a billion times! So an invisible pulse or sweet song played behind everything in the galaxy and generated and broadcasted 'good feelings.'
     My story contains Sith militias that have developed a greater power from Diorite crystals, rather than the old Khyber crystals used by both sides. The Whills saw the imbalance and did something about it: A major confrontation or space battle at the Beacon [pulsar] had begun between Sith forces, armed with the superior crystals, and combined forces of Ranger and Alliance...
     Sith cut through Alliance spacecraft easily. Too easily. The 'Battle at the Beacon' was suddenly halted by the Whills. The Nine ended the war when they rendered all power crystals useless.
     So concludes SW#8, 'Balance of Power,' along with the death of Han Solo.
     I enjoyed how nearly all of my Star Wars #9 was a personal family battle between father (Luke), mother (Phasma), daughter (Rey) and nephew/cousin (Ben) on the island.
     Everything was instantly revealed and known by 4 psychic minds as they looked into the memories for the answers they sought.

     The final resolution scene was very strange: Anakin (ex-Darth) was a living child who greeted an old Luke Skywalker. Was it a dream? Were they dead and this was the afterlife? Was it in Luke's universe of White Space? Or simply a new timeline after the world split in two?
     At the end, Ben Solo was also happy and was in love with redeemed cousin Rey.
     Star Wars fans would enjoy young Anakin who emotionally told Luke: "You've not only saved me, son. Luke. Now. You've also saved your daughter..."
     It was supreme fun to write new, different, fan-friendly storylines for Star Wars' third trilogy. Hope readers like my spin~
TS Caladan

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