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I AM by Ines Radman

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1I AM by Ines Radman Empty I AM by Ines Radman Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:55 am



March 18, 2018 Ines Radman 

This journey that we are on was forgotten when we entered into this physical world. In other words, we forgot why we are here.
So, why are we here? Is this a question you ponder about or have figured it out?
I am Soul, this body I use to have my human experience is called Ines. I am immortal, eternal, infinite and have always been. When you really truly start to believe this, things change on a huge scale.
On my journey, having learned and understood that I am here for a purpose, I could never understand why I choose this body. Over time and constant questioning of higher self I learned that we don’t choose the body. We choose the parent and with that, we take on the genetics of our earthly parents. Even if we were to choose a physical body to use, there is no guarantee that we would live a long life if that is what we choose because so many factors come into play.
We enter the newly conceived child at different stages. We can enter at the time of conception, during the pregnancy or even during birth. This answered my questions about why I would choose a deformed body to live in. Maybe that was my purpose, to have an experience of being deformed and experiencing pain and suffering? Maybe the Soul that was my earthly mother wanted to experience giving birth to a 10 lb baby. This was the reason why I was born with Congenital Scoliosis, this body simply didn’t have enough room in the womb and probably stayed in one position  until birth. She did tell me that it took her 5 days to give birth to me. Being born in a communist country with very little technology was dangerous, but we made it.
So, going back to this body and I as a Soul. What do we actually choose and what do we actually experience? How successful is our goal to experience? These are answers I don’t know because so many factors depend on the outcome. I may be doing what I should be doing, but people around me are not able to fulfill their goals and experiences they chose to  have here.  Perhaps and most likely, I made a deal with the Soul that was my earthly mother to have this experience together.
In a way, this reality has to be a construct if we are to experience what we came to experience. If that is the case, then this construct was purposely designed for Souls to come and have a human experience. It would make sense that we are enclosed in this prison planet to keep those out that aren’t part of the Human Experience. We can assume that we are the only planet of Humanoids, therefore, Souls enter a human body to have this human experience. If we were to open it up to any Soul or any Body; then it would no longer be the human experience, right?
I have learned over the last 40 years that the less I think of myself as a human, the more in tune I am with everything around me. I have become the observer and one thing that is very difficult to do and which I consider to be the Holy Grail of Earthly Life is ” disattachment”.
What does that mean? I can only tell you what I think it is because I have been burdened by this since the time my children were born. I questioned myself as a mother because I didn’t freak out, I didn’t miss my kids, I didn’t run after them to keep them from falling into a imaginary hole, I was glad to get away for a few hours and didn’t think about them. This was confusing to me because I do love my children but couldn’t understand why I wasn’t so possessive of them.  Even today I see parents obsessed with their kids, while I never had that feeling then or today.
As a child living at home until I left at the age of 16 in Canada, my parents constantly moved. We were never in one place more than a few years. I did the same after leaving home. In fact, I got very antsy being in one place for a year. Was this from my parents moving or from the fact that I was already in tune with my goals here and didn’t attach to anyone. This goes for me even today. I have many friends, but I’m not attached to any of them and that includes my partner whom I love very much but when we are separated, I don’t miss him.
I may never know for sure but what I am sure is that the Older the Soul, the more in tune it is with nature and it’s not attached to anyone or anything because it intuitively knows that this experience will come and go and it will go on to new adventures.
Let’s look at people that are very sick and know they are dying. Most fear death like the plague. Those that belong to religious institutions or believe in gods believe that if you are good you will go to heaven and if you are bad, you will go to hell. How silly is that? The point is that most fear death because they don’t know what is waiting for them on the other side and because they consider their life here to be the one and only one.
Those that don’t fear death, probably had an enlightening experience in their lifetime which helped them understand better. Had I not died and gone to heaven for 12 minutes, would I writing this today? Would I know who I am today without that experience? You don’t have to have an NDE to come to that conclusion but it sure helps. It’s like having a cheat sheet in your hand while you are searching for the truth. That cheat sheet helps you be more focused because you already had that experience and are now verifying it through information.
I am an old Soul/spirit. An old soul simply means that it has had many many experiences. This body I occupy is called Ines. By feeling this way, I have changed a lot in this lifetime. Like a car you drive, your body requires maintenance, new parts and cleaning. Your car needs gasoline, oil, filters and tuneups, so does the body. We can then more realistically take responsibility for illness because it’s obvious we didn’t service this body well enough. When seeing yourself from that perspective, the reality changes. I no longer feel angry about constant wars and rumors of wars. I can laugh at the great American Puppet Show going on right now as ” disclosure” takes place. What is coming to the surface now is disclosure. It was never about Aliens or ET’s, it was about the secrets being disclosed.
I love this life, this human experience because I get to choose how to live it. I’m here for a short while, I get to play the human game and once I’m done, I get to go back home. You can’t play this game being attached to people or things. Material things are part of the human condition and that usually means that you’re either a very young soul not yet understanding why you are here, or you like many others, went rogue because you weren’t strong enough to break through that temptation.
Not everyone completes their lessons or experiences, but it’s not true that we have to come back and re-experience or reincarnate. That goes for those that believe in reincarnation and get caught in the Karma trap. I wrote about this many times. In fact, I’m preparing my partner now to think about this. Once he crosses over, he must believe and think that he’s going home. I often tell him that he not only needs to know his human life but he also needs to know his transition and where he will go from there. You don’t want to go to the light, it’s a trap. Simply practise thoughts about ” going home”, so when the time comes, you will go home wherever that may be. I believe that we all have different homes and that we were not all created in one reality but many of them.
I am Spirit/Soul; I am eternal, immortal, infinite and beautiful. This body is called Ines, this body is holding up well, I guess I still have a lot of things to experience.

Thanks to Ines at: https://wearelightbeings.wordpress.com


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